News:  Freemans Journal 23-Nov-1882 Evicted Tenants Fund

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A meeting of the above committee was held yesterday in the 
Mansion House, the Lord Mayor in the chair.

The following grants were made:-

Martin Farrell, Bushfield, Borris-in-Ossory, 3 in family, 
evicted Sept. 1882.

John Farrell, sub tenant of Martin Farrell.

David Walsh, Charleville, 8 in family, evicted Nov. 1879.

John Kavanagh and William Harrigan, Clondarrig, Maryborough, 
were granted £2.18.0., for law costs. They were served with 
an ejectment by Christopher Meredith, a farmer.

Peter Cooney, Gowel, Kilclare, Co. Leitrim, evicted March 
1882, Grant £3.

John Leahy, Coolahangane, Ennis, 7 in family evicted 28th 
March 1882.

*Owen Sweeny, 4 in family,

James Price, 5 in family,

P. Sweeny, 4 in family,

J. Hannon, 5 in family.

Ml. Hannon, 7 in family,

W. McDonough, 4 in family.

Mrs Ward.

Ml. Sweeny, 4 in family, evicted 30th June 1881.Tenants of 
Mrs Suffield, Dublin; George Robinson, Roundstone, Co. 

*P. Mullins, evicted 29th March 1882,

P. Mulloy, 10 in family.

P. Conroy, 7 in family.

M. Dundas.

J. Cahill, 8 in family.

T. M'Donagh, 6 in family.

T. Nee, 8 in family.

J. Cong, 6 in family.

Landlord M. Lynch, of Clifden.

To the foregoing tenants evicted at Clifden, a grant of 

P. Fitzpatrick, Ballycloven, Callan, 9 in family, evicted 
24th July, 1879. Grant £4.

Mr. Joseph Kelly, Thomas Street, for materials, etc, for 
wooden houses supplied by the Ladies Land League to evicted 
tenants, £570.

Mr. John Duggan, Beggarsbush, similar account, £130.

The consideration of other grants was deferred, and the 
committee adjourned to Saturday next, the 5th inst, at four