News:  Freeman'S Journal. 7-Dec-1882 Mansion House Evicted 
Tenants Fund

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A meeting of the above committee was held yesterday in the 
Mansion House.

Grants were awarded to the following evicted tenants;-

John Caby, Ballyerna, Kilmaly, Co. Clare, 9 in family, 
evicted 24th June 1881, by J.W. Townsend. Grant £2.

W. Ryder, P. Niland, and John Martin, tenants evicted by 
Rev. Dean West at Clarenbridge, County Galway.

Nicholas Cooney, Kinnegad, Co. Westmeath, 12 in family, 
evicted by Mrs. M.A. Tyrell, Grange Castle, Kildare. Grant 
£10 to provide shelter.

John Kiernan, Boyle, 10 in family, evicted 31st Oct. 1882 by 
Lady Louisa Tennison, Grant £3.

John Higgins, Boyle, 2 in family, evicted 3rd November 1881 
by Colonel King-Harman. Grant £3.

Cappawhite Local Committee, grant to provide shelter for two 
of Dowling's evicted tenants.

Francis M'Nally, Gortlettera, County Leitrim, evicted 16th 
March 1881, by W.H.White, Cloonegrange.Grant £2.

Edward Tucker, Templederry, 10 in family, evicted 10th Oct. 
1882 by Lord Dunally, grant £5.

Cornelius Ryan, Thurles, 12 in family, evicted 4th May 1882, 
by Colonel Cooper, Northampton, grant £5.

Patrick Sullivan, Drimaleague, 8 in family, evicted 13th 
June 1882 by Richard Beamish, grant £5.

James Cadigan, Ballyemly, Co. Cork, 9 in family, evicted by 
Walter R. Atkin, Yarmouth, England, grant £5.

*John Quirke, 2 in family, evicted 26th April 1882.

Darby Doody, 15 in family, evicted 3rd March, 1882.

Johanna Curtin, 10 in family, evicted 3rd March 1882.

John Keeffe, 3 in family, evicted 3rd March 1882.

Denis Murphy, 11 in family, evicted 3rd March 1882.

William Quirke, 2 in family, evicted 3rd March 1882.

All evicted by Edward Stamer O'Grady of 105 St. Stephen's 
Green, Dublin.*