News:  Freemans Journal, 27 Dec 1845 Repeal Association - 
Boston, Mass

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The regular monthly meeting of the association was held at 
Amory Hall on Tuesday last. The Chair was taken by John C. 
Tucker, Esq., first Vice President.

The following names subscribed to the fund:-

A. Gaffney, Cavan.

W. Farrell, Cork.

J. Cain, Tipperary.

Margaret McCarthy, Tipperary.

Margaret M'Guire, Fermanagh.

P. Gould, Galway.

J. Begley, Clare.

J. Gallagher, Donegal.

Mary Durant, Galway.

Mrs Kennedy, Galway.

M. Fitzgerald, Queen's County.

B. Dolan, Roscommon.

J. Currey, Monaghan.

W. Currey, Monaghan.

D. M'Gowan, Donegal.

P. Rogers, Roscommon.

J. Connor, Cork.

W. Wallace, Cork.

D. O'Brien, Kerry.

T. Sullivan, Cork.

E. Freeman, Longford.

M. Collins, Longford.

J. Collins, Longford.

J. Sweeny, Longford.

Maurice O'Connell, Cork.

E. Callaghan, Cork.

M. Donovan, Cork.

B. Monaghan, Queen's County.

P. M'Kenna, Down.

P. Dinnis, Tyrone.

J. Mullen, Tyrone.

T. Stafford, Wicklow.

P. Monks, Meath.

P. M'Ardle, Armagh.

Thos. Welsh, Kerry.

J. M'Laughlin, Cork.

J. McJames, Fermanagh.

Patrick Fitzgerald, Cork.

William Cooney, Waterford.

D. Condon, Cork.

P. O'Connell, Cork.

C. Conlan, Cork.

John Murphy, Cork.

M. Mahony, Cork.

W. Flynn, Kerry.

R. Denivin, Cork.

C. Connor, Meath.

D. Kenny, Tipperary.

T. Graham, Dublin.

J. M'Donald, Leitrim.

M. Masterson, Longford.

C. Fagan, Longford.

D. Gleason, Tipperary.

J. Healy, Cork.

P. Bracken, Longford.

P. Fleming, Kilkenny.

O. M'Loughlin, Donegal.

P.C.Fleming, Cork.

M. Monks, Meath.

T. Wall, Tipperary.

T. Ball, Dublin,

J. Diggins, Cork.

M. Downs, Kerry.

P. Doyle, Wexford.

P. Cassidy, Longford.

D. Crowley, Cork.

J. Keating, Kerry.

M. Conlan, Cork.

T. Noonan, Clare.

S. Murphy, Carlow.

M. Powell, Galway.

P. Powell, Galway.

P. Egan, Longford.

M. Donovan, Cork.

C. Phillips, Monaghan.