News:  Freemans Journal, 7-Sep-1798 Abstract of Pardon & 
Amnesty Bills

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Pardon And Amnesty Bills, Now Under The Consideration Of The 
Irish Legislature.

The Preamble of the Pardon Bill, which relates to the State 
Prisoners in custody, sets forth that these persons having 
avowed themselves guilty of High Treason have humbly 
besought his Majesty to order all further prosecution of 
them to cease, on condition of their transportation, 
banishment, or exile to such foreign country, not being at 
war with his Majesty, as to his Royal wisdom shall seem 

Here follows a list of persons in custody;-

Thomas Brady, of Tigroney, Co. Wicklow, Miner.

Michael Mulhall, town of Wicklow, Plasterer.

John Dorney, Tiglin, Wicklow, Slater.

Richard Byrne, Calverstown, Kildare, Bricklayer.

Joseph Davis, City of Dublin, Cutler.

Patrick Madden, City of Dublin, Huxter.

Farrell Cuffe, Edenderry, King's County, Schoolmaster.

John Lacy, City of Dublin, Founder.(Sounder)?

John Castles, of Curtubber, Co. Roscommon. Land surveyor.

John Kinkead, of Carvanreagh, Co. Tyrone, Farmer.

Robert Goodman, City of Dublin, Sawyer.

Rowland Goodman, City of Dublin, Slater.

Denis Carthy, City of Dublin, Writing Clerk.

John Gorman Kennedy, City of Dublin, Brewer.

Samuel Neilson, of Belfast, Antrim, Merchant.

Matthew Dowling, City of Dublin, Attorney-at-Law.

Henry Banks, City of Dublin, Cabinet-Maker.

Rev. John Barrett, City of Dublin, Popish Priest.

Edward Crookshank Keane, City of Dublin, Attorney-at-Law.

Patrick Byrne, City of Dublin, Printer and Bookseller.

John Young, Belfast, Antrim, Innkeeper.

William Housten, City of Dublin, Dentist.

John Keenan, Lisburn, Antrim, Taylor.

Thomas Russell, Belfast, Antrim, Esq.

Francis Meagher, Stamp-Office, Dublin, Gent.

John Greene, City of Dublin, Pipe Maker.

Prisoners confined in his Majesty's Gaol of Newgate.

John Lynch, City of Dublin, Merchant.

Patrick Devane, Ballymun, Dublin, Farmer.

Israel Milliken, Belfast, Co. Antrim, Muslin Manufacturer.

Daniel Tolann, Belfast, Muslin Spinner.

Thomas Addis Emmet, City of Dublin, Barrister.

William James M'Nevin, City of Dublin, Doctor of Physic.

Henry Jackson, City of Dublin, Iron Founder.

John Sweetman, City of Dublin, Brewer.

George Cummins, Town of Kildare, Apothecary.

Ed. Hudson, jnr, City of Dublin, Dentist.

T. Reynolds, Culmullen, Co. Meath, Farmer.

Rev. James M. Bushe, City of Dublin, Popish Priest.

Richard Dillon, City of Dublin, Linen Merchant.

Christ. Marren, Colestown, Meath, Farmer.

Peter Bannen, Rathmines, Queen's County, Farmer.

Hampden Evans, Mount Evans, Dublin, Esq.

James Rose, Windy Harbour, Dublin, Calico-Printer.

Thomas Dry, City of Dublin, Clothier.

Robert Neilson, Belfast, Painter.

John Harrison, Belfast, Nailer.

Alexander Astly, Belfast, Publican.

John Kennedy, Belfast, Cutler.

Peter Ivers, Town of Carlow, Carpet Maker.

Laurence Kelly, Mountmellick, Queens County, Farmer.

James Hassey, Belfast, Taylor.

Joseph Cuthbert, Belfast, Taylor.

Henry Speers, Belfast, Wollen Draper.

Robert Redfern, Belfast, Sadler.

Prisoners Confined in his Majesty's Gaol of Kilmainham.

Arthur O'Connor, City of Dublin, Esq. Barrister.

John Comyn, Leighlin Bridge, Carlow, Apothecary.

Richard O'Reilly, Newtown Mount Kennedy, Wicklow, Miller.

John Swiney, City of Cork, Wollen-Draper

Laurence Griffin, Tullow, Carlow, Shopkeeper.

Michael Flood, Newhall, Kildare, Miller.

Mich. Doyle, Kilcullen, Co. Kildare, Victualler.

William Sampson, City of Dublin, Esq. Barrister.

William Aylmer, Paintstown, Kildare, Esq.

Edward Fitzgerald, Newpark, Wexford. Esq.

Garret Byrne, Ballymanus, Wicklow, Farmer.

Edward Boyle, City of Dublin, Wine Cooper.

Hugh Ware, Rathcoffey, Kildare, Surveyor.

Joseph Cormick, City of Dublin, Goldsmith.

George Lube, Corkeranstown, Kildare, Grazier.

James Tiernan, Clane, Kildare, Grocer.

Andrew Farrell, Downings, Co. Kildare, Farmer.

Denis Farrell, Downings, Co. Kildare, Farmer.

Bryan McDermott, Hodgestown, Kildare, Farmer.

Michael Quigley, Rathcoffy, Kildare, Bricklayer.

John Reilly, Kilcock, Kildare, Shoemaker.

Patrick Hanlon, Ballynagapoge, Kildare, Farmer.

R. Daly, Sallins, Kildare, Inn-Keeper.

Peter Corcoran, Landanstown, Kildare, Gardener.

Patrick Mowney, Downings, Kildare, Farmer.

Thomas Andoe, Brackenstown, Kildare, Farmer.

James Smith, Leixlip, Kildare, Calico-Printer.

Patrick Lynch, Lucan, Dublin, Carpenter.

Patrick Macan, City of Dublin, Apothecary.

William Putnam McCabe, Belfast. Co. Antrim. Watchmaker.

Morgan Kavanagh, Esq.

Hugh Wilson, Late a clerk in the Bank of Messrs. Finlay, 
City of Dublin.

John Kilselagh, City of Dublin, Army-Accoutrement-Maker.

Patrick Byrne, Late Stewart of Wogan Browne, Co. Kildare.

John Chambers, City of Dublin, Printer.

James Geraghty, City of Dublin, Gentleman.

"And whereas his Majesty may, of his great clemency, be 
pleased to comply with such their humble suit, and it is 
necessary effectually to guard against any violation of such 
conditions as his Majesty may annex to any pardon which he 
may be pleased to grant to said persons, or to any of them, 
or to any other person or persons who are now or hereafter 
may be in the same predicament. Be it therefore enacted, 
that if any of the persons aforesaid, or any other person or 
persons to whom his Majesty shall be graciously pleased to 
grant his most gracious pardon for the said treasons, or any 
of them, before their trial and conviction respectively, 
shall at any time violate the conditions of such pardon,; or 
any of them, or being transported, banished or exiled as 
aforesaid, shall return, or come into, or be at large in any 
part of his Majesty's dominions in violation of the 
conditions of such pardons respectively, or shall 
voluntarily go into or continue in any part of the dominions 
of France, or the King of Spain, or any part of the Dutch 
dominions in Europe, or elsewhere, during the continuance of 
the present war, he, she, or they, so offending, shall be 
deemed traitors, attained of high treason, and shall incur 
all the pains and penalties to which they would have been 
subject if they had been convicted of treason by due court 
of law. And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, that 
in case any persons or person whatsoever shall knowingly aid 
or assist any such persons or person so pardoned, or to be 
pardoned, on the condition of transportation, banishment, or 
exile as aforesaid, in his, her, or their voluntary and 
unlawful returning or coming into Great Britain or Ireland, 
or voluntarily going into or continuing in any of the 
French, Spanish or Dutch dominions, aforesaid, during the 
present war, such persons, or person so offending shall be 
guilty of felony, and shall on conviction, suffer death, and 
forfeit in the case of felony without benefit of Clergy.

Any of his Majesty's subjects holding any communication or 
correspondence with those persons, to be guilty of felony 
and transported for life.

The next clause, which went to establish the legality of 
sentences of Military Courts, has now been modelled. The 
several persons banished in pursuance of such sentences, and 
in consequence of having taken up arms against his Majesty, 
if they return within the time limited, shall be deemed 
felons, and be transported for life.

The name of the persons banished and transported, to be 
filed in the Court of King's Bench, and all offences 
committed against this act to be tried in the said Court, or 
any other Court of competent jurisdiction within the