News:  Freemans Journal, 9-Oct-1841 Repeal in America. Brooklyn. NY

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The following are the names of the individuals who 
contributed towards the best of all objects, Repeal, and 
likewise the place of their former residence.The people of 
America consider the cause in which we are all engaged as 
one we owe to religion and virtue.

Francis Kelly, Tyrone.

Michael Ash, Kerry.

William E. Fitzgibbon, Tipperary.

Patrick M'Guiritty, Monaghan.

James Giratty, Longford.

Richard Farrell, Longford.

James Dolan, Westmeath.

Michael Fitzgibbon, Tipperary.

Bernard Judge, Longford.

John Lynch, Donegal.

Patrick Flynn, Kerry.

James Hickey, Clare.

Thomas Cain Coy, Derry.

James M'Gavahan, Fermanagh.

P. Sullivan, City of Cork.

Christopher Farrell, Longford.

John M'Cauly, Westmeath.

Christopher Reynolds, Longford.

M. M'Donald, Innishowen, Co. Donegal.

Anthony M'Garvey, Innishowen, Co. Donegal.

James Quin, Londonderry.

James Durham, John Doherty, both Co. Donegal.

Michael Harvey, Donegal.

Michael Donohoe, Derry.

Denis Byrne, Sligo.

Thomas F. Leslie, City of Dublin, aged 11 years.

Robert Leslie, and William Leslie, Both of the City of 

Ann Eliza Hickey, Clare.

Catherine Hickey, Clare.

Thomas M'Namara, Clare,

Margaret M'Namara. Clare.

Thomas Farrell, James Conlan, J. Doherty, William Clarke, 
all of Longford.

Philip Moore, Monaghan.

John Moore, Monaghan.

John Moran, Clare.

W. Dooly, Westmeath.

T. Houlahan, Limerick.

James Galvin, Westmeath.

Michael Dooley, Westmeath.

J. Gillick, Meath.

W. Lynch, Longford.

W. McKenna, Derry.

Edward Quigley, Wexford.

Francis Brady, Longford.

Hugh Baxter, Cavan.

Patrick Curly, Monaghan.

Patrick Boyle, Cavan.

Patrick Timmins, Fermanagh.

John Farrell, Longford.

Edward O'Brien, Waterford.

John F. Hayes, Wexford.

Thomas F. Hayes, Wexford.

George W. Hayes, Wexford.

Joseph W. Hayes, Wexford.

William Duffy, Wexford.

James Condon, Limerick.

Rosanna Boyle, Tyrone.

William Walters, Longford.

Daniel Harkin, Donegal.

Peter M'Loughlin, Innishowen, Donegal.

Patrick Duncan, Longford.

Peter Kane, Roscommon.

Jeremiah O'Neill, Cork.

James Moran, Longford.

Patrick Lawlor, Kildare.

Michael M'Kerger, Kildare.

John Winters, Longford.

Patrick Gill, Westmeath.

Charles Timmy, Jnr. Westmeath.

John Doherty, Longford.

James Leckey, Kilkenny.

William Doherty, Donegal.

John Sullivan, City of Cork.

George Baines, Armagh.

John Murray, County Meath.

Patrick M'Guire, Kilmore, Co. Cavan.

Arthur F. Hayes, Wexford.

John Ash, County Kerry.

Thomas Mullady, Westmeath.

Thomas O'Brien, Mayo.

John Lynch, City of Dublin,

James Downey, City of Kilkenny.

P.H. Lennon, Longford.

Owen M'Entee, Monaghan.

Patrick Fox, Longford.

Charles Harvey, Donegal.

John Riely, Cavan.

Michael Carroll, Cavan.

E. Harvey, Donegal.

P. Walters, Sligo.

Philip Reily, Longford.

Francis Langly, Callen, Co. Kilkenny.

Richard Holden, Wexford.

J. Hanly, Roscommon.

Philip M'Entee, Monaghan.

Patrick Merrick, Mayo.

Thomas M'Glin, Longford.

James Corcoran, Tipperary.

Thomas Mulligan, Longford.

Edward Clark, Longford.

John M'Grady, Donegal.

James Murphy, Longford.

Christopher Keenan, Longford.

John Hogan, Mayo.

Mrs A. M'Guire, Killmore, Co. Cavan.

Laurence Kain, Longford.

Morris Garvey, Kerry.

John A. O'Brien, Kilkenny.

Mrs Mary Kelly, Tyrone.

James Byrne, Sligo.

Simon Ash, Co. Kerry.

Edward Condron, Wexford.

James Garson, Longford.

Richard Meany, Kilkenny.

Michael Dignin, Roscommon.

Thomas Fox, Longford.

John Doherty, Donegal.

Miss Mary Dally, Miss Bridget Dally, Patrick Dally, Susan 
Clarke, Daniel Clarke, and Mary M'Guire, all from Bundoran, 
Co. Donegal.

Michael M'Colgan, Donegal.

Michael Brennan, Longford.

Bridget Farrell, Galway.

Thomas Riely, Longford.

Christopher Reynolds, Longford.

John Mulheism,?(as per paper), Longford.

Thomas Noon, William Connolly, Thomas Brady, all from 

R. Furlong, Wexford.

William O'Brien., Mayo.

Hugh M'Nevin, Galway.