News:  Freemans Journal, 4 Dec 1843, Albany Repeal Association

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The Mass Meeting at the Capitol.

Thursday evening last, being the evening designated by the 
last meeting of the "Albany Irish Repeal Association, for 
holding a mass meeting of the friends of Irish Freedom and 
the rights of man".

The following were subscribers to the appeal.

William Mahony, Cork.

Thomas R. Courtney, Kilkenny.

James McNamara, Kilkenny.

John Ready, Clare.

William Gray, Longford.,

*Henry Smith,

John Dillon,

John Barker,

John Kearney,

Michael Kearney,

John M'Culla, all Tyrone*

Patrick M'Cormick, Limerick.

Thomas Ryan, Tipperary.

Luke Reilly, Cavan.

John M'Elroy, Tyrone.

Jas. M'Donagh, City of Dublin.

James Cooney, Limerick.

Edmund Droyer, Tipperary.

Daniel Tierney, Tipperary.

James Hagan, Derry.

Philip M'Kiernan, Cavan.

Thos. Fitzpatrick, Cavan.

*Mathew Noonan,

Keran Tracey,

Thomas Cullom,

Peter Rooney.

John W. Van Buren,

Robert Cushman,

Dan Boyle, all Cavan.*

Mrs Mary Grogan, Queen's County.

Mrs Elizebeth Boyle, Cavan.

Mrs Catherine Murphy, Wexford.

Mrs Margaret Condon, Tipperary.

Mrs Catherine A. Courtney, Dublin.

Ellen Ryan, Cavan,

On the motion of Mr. Martin, three hearty cheers were given 
for the gentlemen who addressed the meeting--three more for 
Old Ireland, O'Connell, and repeal---and yet three more for 
the land we live in.

On the motion of J.T. Gough, the meeting adjourned, and on 
leaving the park, the cheering was renewed and kept up with 
enthusiasm for several minutes.