News:  Freemans Journal, 5-Dec-1843 New York Repeal 

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The meeting of the New York Repeal Association was held in 
the Tabernacle on Friday evening.

These were the following subscribers:--

BROPHY, Timothy, Mountmellick.
BURKE, John, Cork.
CARLIN Denis, Tyrone.
CARROLL, Edward, Westmeath.
CARROLL, Thomas, Kilkenny.
CASSIDY, Francis, Westmeath.
CASTLES, Michael, Cavan. 16th Donation.
CLARK, John, Louth.
COLLINS, Maurice, Cork.
COMER, Michael, Mayo.
CORLEY, Andrew, Louth.
CORLEY, Stephen, Athlone.
COWAN (or COWEN), John, Town of Armagh.
COYLE, Owen, Longford.
CUMMINGS, John, Cork.
CUMMINGS, Patrick, Kilkenny.
CURRAN, Owen, Cork.
DOWNEY, William, Cork.
DOYLE, Luke, Mayo.
DUFFY, Patrick, Monaghan.
EGAN John, Mayo. 2nd Donation.
ENNIS, John, Westmeath.
FINN, Hugh, Sligo.
FITZGERALD, James, Bandon.
GIVNEY, Peter, Westmeath.
GOODWIN, Francis, Tyrone.
GORMAN, John, Tyrone.
GREALEY, W.H., Athlone.
HALL, James, Louth.
HOGAN, Francis, Derry.
HOWE, Michael, Portumna, Galway.
KELLY, Daniel, Tipperary.
KERRIGAN, Hugh, Balleek?, Fermanagh.
LEE, Hugh, Leitrim.
LYNCH, James, Galway.
MAGUIRE, Patrick, Fermanagh.
MAGUIRE, Thomas, Leitrim.
MAHON, John, Dublin.
M'ALPIN, Patrick, Limerick.
M'CAHILL, Bryan, Cavan.
MEEHAN, John, Longford.
MILES, Patrick, Louth.
M'KENNA, Patrick, Tyrone.
M'KENNA, Wm. Tyrone.
M'LAUGHLIN, George, Donegal.
M'LEAN, Thomas, Sligo.
M'MAHON, Hugh, Cork.
M'MAHON, J. Limerick.
M'MILLAN, Daniel, Antrim.
M'PARLEN, Bernard, Armagh.
MULHEARN, Edward, Westmeath.
MURPHY, Bernard, Cavan.
MURPHY, James, Longford.
NOONAN, Patrick H. Limerick.
O'BRIAN?, Timothy, Cork.
O'BRIEN, Timothy, Cork. 6th Donation.
O'CONNOR, Thomas, Monaghan.
O'HANLON, James, Clare.
O'MEARA, John, Tipperary.
O'MEARA, M.J.R., Dublin.
O'NEILL, O., Westmeath.
PENNY, Hugh, Westmeath.
PHELAN, M., Kilkenny.
QUIN, Patrick, Tipperary. 4th Donation.
REYNOLDs, Edward, Mayo.
ROWE, Edward, Westmeath.
WALSH, John, Kilkenny.
WARREN, John, Sligo.
WHITE, Edward, New Ross, Wexford.

All spelling as per paper.