News:  Freemans Journal, 6-Aug-1841 Repeal Philadelphia. 
Part 2

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The following are the names of the Friends of Ireland in 
Philadelphia, who subscribed the magnificent sum of 200/., 
noticed in Monday's proceedings at the Association.

 Alexander Lawton, Cork.
 John O'Neill, Cork.
 Patrick Campbell, Tyrone.
 Patrick Brisland, Donegal.
 Charles McGuinness, Londonderry,
 Cornelius McDermott, Donegal,
 Francis Kelly, Enniskillen.
 John Quinn, Donegal.
 John Murray, Meath.
 James M'Gettigan, Donegal.
 Francis M'Mullen, Derry,
 Patrick Murphy, Meath.
 Pat Rafferty, Bandon.
 Timothy Cronin, Bandon.
 Martin McDermott, Donegal.
 James Milligan, Antrim.
 Mrs Mary Hurley, Limerick.
 James Cunningham, Tyrone.
 John Murphy, Tyrone.
 John Kelly, Derry.
 Michael Doherty, Tyrone.
 John Lahy, Cork.
 James Dougherty, Tyrone.
 Patrick O'Connor, Tyrone,
 Henry O'Connor, Tyrone.
 Charles Daly, Cork.
 Philip Maguire, Fermanagh.
 Francis M'Stocker, Antrim.
 Edward Crossin, Donegal.
 Miss Catherine Carr, Donegal.
 Miss Margaret Wilson, Donegal.
 Miss Catherine Furis, Donegal.
 Miss Debby Muday, Roscommon.
 Michael Harkin, Donegal.
 Thomas O'Hara, Derry.
 Nicholas Rossiter, Wexford.
 Daniel Delany, Tipperary.
 Michael Lanagan, Donegal.
 Thomas Mullin, Derry.
 John Mullin, Snr. Derry.
 Isaac Mullin, Derry.
 John Mullin, Derry.
 Denis Houston, Donegal.
 Edward Carr, Monaghan.
 James Philips, Tyrone.
 Thomas Love, Enniskillen.
 Edward Dooney, Enniskillen,
 John Love, Enniskillen.
 Wm. Quinn, Tyrone.
 Owen Clarke, Fermanagh.
 Patrick Gilles, Cavan.
 Patrick M'Knorr, Cavan.
 Thomas Reilly, Cavan.
 Patrick Donoghue, Donegal.
 Thomas Reilly, Cavan.
 James M'Gill, Antrim.
 John Quinn, County Tyrone.
 Patrick M'Develt, Tyrone.
 Dan Stuart, Antrim.
 James Greene, Derry.
 Patrick M'Gee, Leitrim.
 William Harbeson, Derry.
 Charles Malone, Derry.
 Samuel Glenn, Donegal.
 Michael Henry Tobin, Tyrone.
 James Harvey, Tyrone.
 James Pollock, Tyrone.
 Edward Carns, Leitrim.
 James M'Menamy, Donegal.
 Patrick Mullen, Tyrone.
 Owen M'Kenna, Monaghan.
 Michael T. O'Callaghan, Cork.
 Miss Catherine Smith, Cavan.
 Miss Susan Nelis, Donegal.
 Miss Gorman, Cumnee, Derry.
 Patrick Jordan, Donegal.
 Matthew Carr, Armagh.
 Patrick Shales, Armagh.
 James Fleury, Derry.
 William Crossin, Donegal.
 Bernard Gaffney, Armagh.
 Miss Mary Carbery, Monaghan.
 Robert Kelly, Derry.
 Archibald M'Mullen, Antrim.
 James Maynes, Tyrone.
 Patrick Maynes, Tyrone.
 Cornelius Ryan, Cork.
 George Thornhill, Cork.
 John Sweeny, Donegal.
 John Gorman, Ballyshannon.
 Patrick Hughes, Callan, Donegal.
 Michael Dougherty, Donegal.
 John Dempsey, Cavan.
 Michael M'Menomy, Tyrone.
 Patrick Meehan, Tyrone.
 Michael Murphy, Cork.
 Patrick Hegan, Longford.
 Wm. Ashe, Dublin.
 Thomas Molloy, Westmeath.
 Thomas Carren, Monaghan.
 Henry McGann, Duncannon.
 John Appleby, Donegal.
 Patrick Devlin, Derry.
 Thomas Kelly, Derry.
 Sarah J. Lamont, Derry.
 Mary Gallagher, Donegal.
 Patrick James, Cork.
 Arthur Byrnes, Tyrone.
 Michael McGrath, Fermanagh.
 Thomas Murphy, Fermanagh.
 Alice F. Boland, Sligo.
 Mary Ann Murray, Derry.
 Mary Ann Curtain, Cork.
 Catherine J. Ring. Cork.
 Margaret M'Ilhenny, Donegal.
 John L. Gorman, Antrim
 J. Donagh, Antrim.
 Laurence Cullen, Wicklow.
 Thomas Keogh, Dublin.
 Thomas O'Keeffe, Kildare.
 Catherine Green, Donegal.
 John Keenan, Athlone.
 Cornelius O'Donnell, Donegal.
 Thomas Dunphy, Kilkenny.
 William M'Dermott, Donegal.
 Cornelius M'Mahon, Cavan.
 Terence Maron, Cavan.
 Michael Brady, Cavan.
 Charles Brady, Cavan.
 Edward Brady, Cavan.
 James Johnson, Down.
 John Carroll, Meath.
 Chalkely Burns, Kildare.
 T.J. Cummiskey, Tyrone.
 James Rafferty, Tyrone.
 James Hanrahan, Tipperary.
 Thomas Kennedy, Tipperary.
 William Ryan, Tipperary.
 P. Morris, Fermanagh.
 Miss Brady, Fermanagh.
 Daniel Dorgan, Cork.
 Jeremiah M'Carthy, Clonakilty, Cork.
 Alexander Doherty, Derry.
 James Develin, Antrim.
 Daniel Fegan, Armagh.
 Ann Gallagher, Sligo.
 Sarah Murray, Sligo.
 James Mullen, Derry,
 John Cassidy. Meath.
 Catherine Carr, Derry.
 Thomas Kelch, Meath.
 Patrick Hickey, Carlow.
 Thomas Fegan, Longford.
 W. Kernan, Fermanagh.
 James M'Caffry, Fermanagh.
 John Sullivan, Bandon.
 Richard Donacliff, Bandon.
 James Healy, Derry.
 Philip Treacy, Derry.
 John Anglim, Tipperary.
 James O'Neill, Derry.
 Luke Ratigan, Roscommon.
 William Cooney, Waterford.
 Neil Dougherty, Donegal.
 Robert Smith, Derry.
 Patrick Smith, Derry.
 William Dougherty, Derry.
 James O'Kane, Derry.
 Bartholomew Cranston, Mayo.
 Patrick Sharon, Queen's County.
 Edward McNally, Tyrone.

 Miss Anne McQuaid, Tyrone.

 Miss Ellen O'Brien, Tyrone.

 Miss Catherine Campbell, Donegal,

 Michael Dougherty, Donegal.

 John O'Brien, Tyrone.

 Francis Turner, Cork.

 Benjamin Redmond, Down.

 Mark M'Neil, Derry.

 Charles Todd, Tyrone.

 Stephen Lyne, Cavan.

 James Tierney, Cavan.

 Miss Mary Sauchran, Cavan.

 Miss Mary Cunningham, Cavan.

 Edward M'Nulty, Cavan.

 John Lynch, Cavan.

 Patrick Smith, Cavan.

 Thomas Farrell, Cavan.

 Francis Fitzpatrick, Cavan.

 John Nowlan, Cavan.

 Michael Fitzpatrick, Cavan.

 Emma Treanor, Tyrone.

 Sarah Cullen, Donegal.

 Margaret Braceland, Donegal.

 Miss M'Nally, Tyrone.

 Mary Agnes M'Grawn, Donegal.

 Miss Anna Friel, Donegal.

 Mary Gorman, Donegal.

 Mary Meehan, Donegal.

 Margaret Hagarty, Donegal,.

 Michael Delahunty, Tipperary.
 John Dougherty, Derry.

 John Kane, Derry.

 Patrick Sweeny, Jnr. Longford.

 Mathew Quinn, Newtown Stewart.

 Edward M'Culloch, Donegal.

 Daniel Moon, Donegal.

 Rosanna Lafferty, Donegal.

 Ann Lafferty, Donegal.

 Elizabeth Farren, Donegal.

 Mary Curry, Donegal.

 Margaret M'Mealy, Monaghan.

 Catherine Bradley, Donegal.

 Eliza Doherty, Donegal.

 Malachi Gale, Snr. Queen's County.

 W. M'Keever, Derry.

 John Healy, Wexford.

 B. Colgan, Tyrone.

 Owen Mullin, Cavan,

 Bernard Ginnity, Louth.

 John Farrell, Derry.

 John Doherty, Derry.

 Daniel Doran, Derry.

 Jeremiah Fitzgerald, Tipperary.

 Daniel M'Cullen, Derry.

 Philip Kehoe, Wexford.

 Sarah M'Nulty, Tyrone.

 James Hassan, Derry.

 Edward Quinn, Derry.

 John Gillian, Donegal.

 William Doherty, Derry.

 Daniel Farren, Derry.

 Jeremiah Gilland, Donegal.

 P. M'Laughlin, Donegal.

 Andrew C. Craig, Coleraine.

 Neil McGurk, Derry.

 Michael Curran, Carlow.

 Patrick Conway, Tyrone.

 George Lawrence, Derry.

 James P. Conway, Killarney.

 Michael Scannell, Killarney.

 John Scannell, Killarney.

 James Moriarty, Killarney.

 Thomasd Savin, Killarney.

 Miss Margaret Gugerty?, Randalstown, Meath.

 James Hennessey, Castletown Roche, Cork.

 Pat M'Aleer, Tyrone.

 Patrick Keely, Meath.

 John C. Kearney, City of Dublin.

 Philip Tramer, Cavan.
 Edward Harkins, Donegal.
 Michael Kelleher, Cork.
 Terence M'Manus, Roscommon.