News:  Freemans Journal, 4-Dec-1882 - Evicted Tenants Fund, 
Mansion House

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy


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A meeting of the above committee was held in the Mansion 
House on Saturday last, 2nd inst. Mr. Alfred Webb, T.C. in 
the chair.

The following grants were made:- (Number after name is the 
number in family)

John Kelly, 5, evicted 21st Nov. 1881.

Matthew Kilkenny, 5, evicted 13th Nov. 1881.

Bryan and Widow M'Guishin, evicted 22nd November 1881, joint 
holding, 6 in family.

Patt M'Gillian, 8, evicted 20th July 1881.

Mrs M'Glone, 5, evicted 8th Feb. 1882.

Frank M'Grath, 4, evicted 21st Nov. 1881.

Michael Keaney, 8, evicted 21st Nov. 1881,

Widow Mary Keaney, 3, evicted 9th Feb. 1882

John Keaney, 2, evicted 21st June 1881.

Larry Keaney, 6, evicted 21st Nov. 1882,

James Keaney, evicted 21st June 1882

Thomas Keaney, 9, evicted 21st June 1882.

Patrick Maguire, 5, evicted 8th Feb. 1882.

John M'Morrow, 5, evicted 21st Nov. 1881.

Patrick and John M'Morrow, Joint Holding, 6 in family, 
evicted 21st Nov. 1881.

Widow Maguire, 3, evicted 8th Feb. 1882.

James and John M'Guinness, joint holding, 7 in family.

Michael Maguire, 12, evicted 27th May 1881.

P. McGrath and Widow McGrath, 8 in family.

Michael Dolan, evicted 21st June 1881.

Widow Mary Dolan, 2, evicted 21st June 1881.

James Dolan, 5, evicted 21st June 1881.

W and T. Dermott, Joint holding, 11 in family, evicted 21st 
June 1881.

Widow M'Courty, Pat M'Courty, and John M'Courty, joint 
holding, 22 in families, evicted 23rd Nov. 1881.

Francis and Michael Maguire, joint holding, 6 in family, 
evicted 21st May 1881.

Bartley Mooney, 9, evicted 21st Nov. 1881.

Owen Scallan, 10, evicted 8th Feb. 1882.

Bryan and Wm. Gallagher, joint holding, 12 in family.

Terry Meehan, 10, evicted 21st Nov. 1882.

Ed. D. Rooney, 5, evicted 21st Nov. 1882.

Widow S. Rooney, 6, evicted 21st Nov. 1882.

Tom Flynn, 9, evicted 21st Nov. 1882.

Bryan Flynn, 6, evicted 21st Nov. 1882.

James Cullen, 8, evicted 21st Nov. 1882.

Widow Cullen, 1, evicted 21st Nov. 1882.

Mrs Thomas Cullen, 3, evicted 21st Nov. 1882.

Edward T. Rooney, 5, evicted 23rd Nov. 1881.

James M'Loughlin, 2,.

Widow Keaney, 3, evicted 23rd Nov. 1881,

Landlord Colonel Tottenham, Kiltyclogher, County LEITRIM.

John Hayden, Ballyragget, 7, evicted 7th June, 1882, on the 
estate of George Healy, Johnstown, County KILKENNY.

John Morris, Moonmore, Callan, evicted 15th April, 1882 by 
the trustees of Viscount Clifden's estate.

Thomas O'Brien, Sandyhill, Middleton, 8, evicted 22nd Nov. 
1882, Landlord Horace Turpin, Solicitor, Maryborough.

Daniel Kavanagh, Tincastle, Urlingford, 8, evicted 25th June 
1882, Landlord, Lord Mountgarrett.

*Maurice Fitzgerald, 8 in family,

Mrs Quirke, 5 in family,

Both evicted at Galbally, County TIPPERARY, by Lord Massy, 
on Feb. 2nd. 1882.*

John Hart, Cornastalk, Manorhamilton, Landlord, Colonel 

Thomas M'Loughlin, Manorhamilton, evicted last Sept. by Lord 

Felix M'Gowan, Cloonclare, Manorhamilton.