News:  Freemans Journal, 22-Jul-1842 Detroit Repeal 

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Zina Pitcher, Mayor of the city of Detroit for two 
years-term just expired-wealthiest man in Michigan, native 
American, 1 dol. 36 cents.

D.G. Jones, late Senator of the State, native American, 15 
M. Kundig. C.P. District Attorney and counsel, Switzerland, 
2 dols.
James A. Van Dyke, Judge of Probate, Native American. 5 
George A. O'Keeffe, Cork.
H.H. Emmons, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Native 
American, 5 dols.
A.T.M'Reynolds, Counsellor, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone.
Charles H. Stewart, Dublin City, 15 dols.
Mrs Jane Stewart, Dublin City,
Miss Jane Stewart, Dublin City.
Miss Mary Stewart, Dublin City.
M. W. Gray, Mayo.
William Gray, Mayo.
Daniel and John O'Callaghan, Cork.
Thomas Gallagher, Mayo.
Hugh O' Beirn, Leitrim County.
James Sherlock, Dublin.
Michael Douherty, Newry.
Denis O'Brien, County Kilkenny,
Francis Leyden, Roscommon.
John Lyster, Roscommon.
Ellen Symes, King's County.
Michael P. Doyle, County Armagh.
Mary Ann M'Curry, County Armagh.
Charles M'Cosker, M.D. County Tyrone.
Patrick Hollan, County Tyrone,
Edward B. Donelly, Co. Tyrone.
Michael Gallagher, Co. Mayo.
John M'Manman, Co. Mayo.
Denis Mullane, Co. Cork.
Alexander Ledbetter, Co. Cavan.
Miss M. Hayes, Tipperary.
Daniel M'Intyre, Armagh.
James Kavanagh, Tyrone.
John Woods, Meath.
Andrew Myler, Co. Wexford.
Maurice Nagle, Co. Cork.
Edward O'Hara, Armagh.
John Murphy, Carlow County.
William Fitzpatrick, Kilkenny.
William Nesbitt, Antrim.
Edward Gray, Mayo.
James Gallagher, Tyrone.
Very Rev. V. Badin, V.G. France.
P.M. Philips, Monaghan,
Patrick Connolly, Monaghan.
Michael Kavenah, Dublin City.
Edward Baker, Monaghan,
Catherine Baker, Monaghan.
William O'Callaghan, Co. Cork.
Michael Garland, Co. Cork,
Matthew Wallace, Kilkenny,
Peter Tate, Tipperary.
John Ryan, Limerick.
James Fitzmorris, Tipperary,
Bridget Meyler, Wexford.
Henry Shortt, Dublin.
George Dawson, Scotland.
Frederick M. Greehy, Co. Waterford.
Roderick O'Connor, Antrim.
John Brenan, Roscommon.
Owen Fane, Roscommon.
James Leddy, Cavan.
James M'Carthy, Cork,
John Daly, Cork.
Wm. Bradley, Donegal.
Daniel Briesline, Tipperary.
James Kelly, Tyrone.
Catherine Sheehy, Cork.
Margaret Nagle, Wexford.
Thomas Leddy, Cavan.
Margaret Kenny, Galway.
Mrs Margaret Ryan, Limerick.
Jonathan Fergan, Bandon, Co. Cork.
Denis Lanigan, Kilkenny.
Michael Darmody, Kilkenny.
Thomas Sullivan, Cavan.
John Larkin, Tipprary.
John Collins, Tyrone.
Laurence Woods, Meath.
John Long, Cork.
Con. Douherty, Tipperary,
Jeremiah O'Callaghan, Cork.
Peter Hand, Cavan.
John Handrehan, Clare.
Charles Bartly, Sligo.
Patrick Cain, Clare.
John M'Guire, Tyrone.
John M'Carthy, Roscommon.
Thomas Shaughnessy, Limerick.
Patrick Keveny, Roscommon.
Daniel M'Manman, Donegal.
*Association of Youths in Mr. O'Brien's Acadamy-
John M'Nesby, President.
Michael P. Doyle, Treasurer,
Henry M'Nesby and Thomas Shannessy, Vice Presidents.
Edward Baker, Secretary.
Michael O'Brien,
William Barrett,
John Fitzpatrick,
James O'Brien,
Nelson Longland.
Owen M'Nesby.
Patrick Shannessy,
E. Brennan.
Patrick Leadon,
Denis Leadon.
Thomas O'Neill,
John O'Neill.*
Daniel Caughlin, Cashel.
Rev. Mr. Callin, Wexford.
Brian Hopkins, Limerick.
Robert Packinham, Tyrone.
John Kelly, Dublin.
James Brennan, Queen's County.
Denis Kelly, Cork.
C. Daly, Kerry.
John Griffin, Kerry.
Michael Minton, King's County.
Charles McCarthy, Cork.
Matthew Woods, Meath.
Nancy O'Connor, Kerry.
Miss Shea, Cork.
Sarah Hand, Cavan.
Michael McLoughlin, Leitrim.
Mrs Mary Tierney, Dublin,
John O'Brien, Meath.
John Keating, Dublin.
Thomas Leonard, Louth.
Patrick Lamb, Louth.
Detroit Female Repeal Society.
Mrs Sherlock,
Miss Kilroy,
Mrs Denin,
Mrs Brenan,
Mrs Gormanly,
Miss Burk.
Mrs Cole,
Mrs Lenon,
Miss Simms,
Mrs Phelan,
Mrs Myler,
Miss Gallagher,
Miss Coyle,
Mrs Jordan,
Miss Doyle,
Mrs Nagle,
Mrs M'Intyre,
Mrs Connolly,
Mrs Crough.
Miss M'Curry,
Mrs Murphy,
Miss Shortt,
Miss Kavenny,
Miss M'Mahon.
Mrs Handcock.
Miss Gorman,
Miss Dillon,
Miss Murphy,
Miss Hogan,
Mrs Baker.
Mrs Hobson,
Mrs Bacon.
Miss Dunivan,
Mrs Larkins.
Mrs Twomey,
Miss Harrington,
Mrs Fitzpatrick,
Mrs Chaignan,
Mrs Merrigan,
Miss Hughes,
Mrs Jones.
Hugh Flinn, Sligo,
John Manning, Queen's County.
Dr. Carroll, Cork.
William Keating, Tipperary.
Nathaniel M'Sweeney, Kerry.
Michael Toomy, Kerry.
Thomas Green, Pallas Green.
Alexander M'Briat, Tyrone.
Michael Egan, Tipperary.
John Glanden, Kilkenny.
Michael O'Neill, Kerry.
Robert Montgomery, Cavan,
Michael Canada, Cork.
Robert Cook, Sligo.
Michael Maher, Carlow,
John Corcoran, Longford.
Pierce Spratt, Waterford.
Roger Carey, Clare.
Martin Rush, Dublin.
Michael M'Mahon, Limerick.
James Kelly, Down,
Patrick Quinn, Limerick.
Sergeant Wallace, Kilkenny.
Humphry Leary, Cork.
John Dougherty, Cavan,
James Brady, Monaghan.
Edward Murphy, Kerry.
Cornelius O'Flynn, Kerry.
Patrick Crowe, Co. Tipperary.
Charles Bartley, Sligo.
Mrs Faye, King's County.