News:  Freemans Journal, 17-Sep-1844 Repeal-Detroit

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy

To Daniel O'Donnell, Esq. M.P.

Sir--The Detroit repealers beg leave respectfully to 
accompany their address by a mite of contribution towards 
the fine imposed on you, and solicit the favour of being 
allowed to participate in its payment. They would remit more 
largely, but are aware that others will also claim a like 
privilege. I am directed therefore to send you £20, and to 
solicit your acceptance of it towards the above object. We 
lately send 100/., to the Repeal Association, and within the 
past year another sum of 55/. Should there be any objection 
to our present request on your part or otherwise, we beg of 
you to apply it at your own discretion.

I have the honour, Sir, to be your humble servant.

H.H. Emmons,

Corrres. Sec. Detroit Repeal Association.

Contributers to the £20 send.

C.H.Stewart, Dublin.

Denis Mullane, Mallow, Co. Cork.

Michael Dougherty, Newry.

James Fitzmorris, Clonmel.

Dr. James C. White, Mallow.

James J. Hinde, Galway.

John O'Callaghan, Braney, Co. Cork, one of the 1798 
Patriots. (This could be Blarney).

F.M. Grehie. Waterford.

Michael Mahon, Limerick.

George Gibson, Detroit.

Christopher Cone, Tyrone,

John Woods, Meath.

Mr. and Mrs Hugh O'Beirne, Leitrim.

James Leddy, Cavan.

John Wade, Dublin,

Denis O'Brien, Co. Kilkenny.

James Collins, Omagh, Tyrone.

Charles Moran, Detroit.

Michael Kennedy, Waterford.

Cornelius Dougherty, Tipperary.

Thomas Sullivan, Cavan.

Daniel Brislan, Tipperary.

James Higgins, Kilkenny,

Denis Lanigan, Kilkenny,

John Sullivan, Mallow.

Terence Reilly, Cavan,

John Manning, Queens County.

John Bermingham, Clare.

Patrick MacTierney, Cavan.

Hugh O'Flynn, Sligo.

James Gallagher, Tyrone,

Thomas Leddy, Cavan.

Thomas O'Connor, Antrim.

Edward Gallagher, Tyrone,

John MacManman, Mayo.

John Brennan, Roscommon.

William Butler, Queen's County.

Cornelius O'Flynn, Kerry.

Thomas Collins, Waterford.

William Fitzpatrick, County Kilkenny.

William Gray, Mayo.

Michael Kennedy, Waterford.

Masters Richard and James O'Beirne, Leitrim.

Edward Gallagher, Tyrone.

Henry Murphy, Waterford.

John MacLaughlin, Mayo.

The address to Mr. O'Connell, was signed by the following 
gentlemen, officers of the Detroit Repeal Association:

George A. O'Keeffe, President.

Denis Mullane, William O'Callaghan, J.A. Van Dyke, John 
O'Callaghan, and Daniel Coglan, Vice Presidents.

H.H. Emmons, Corresponding Secretary.

A. O'Madden and James Collins, Recording Secretary.

Charles H. Stewart, Treasurer.