News:  Freemans Journal 20 Nov 1882 - Evicted Tenants Fund, 
Mansion House

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy

A Meeting of the above committee was held on Sat. 18th inst, 
in the Mansion House, the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, 
M.P. in the chair. Others present were Alfred Webb, Thomas 
Mayne, Alderman Meagher, William O'Brien, Edmond Leamy, and 
T.M. Healy.

Grants were made to the following--

Edward Bowe, Ballyuskill, Ballinakill, Queen's County, 
evicted 2nd August 1882, 9 in family, Landlord-Viscount De 

*M. Byrne, 9 in family,

J. Govan, 8 in family,

M. Govan, 5 in family,

Thady Govan, 8 in family,

Michael Halligan, 8 in family,

M. Byrne, 7 in family.

James Mullee, 6 in family.

Pat Walsh, 8 in family.

Thomas Malley, 7 in family.

James Malley, 9 in family.

D. Hegarty, 6 in family.

P. Mannion, 7 in family.

John Hunt, 6 in family.

Andrew Durken, 6 in family.

James Durken, 2 in family.

P. Keane, 6 in family.

James Regan, 5 in family.

Patrick Moran, 2 in family.

John Ring, 9 in family.

John O'Connell, 8 in family.

P. M'Tigue, 5 in family.

Thomas O'Connor, 4 in family.

John O'Connor, 4 in family.

Michael Begley, 6 in family.

John Keane, 9 in family.

All evicted on the 10th inst by Surgeon Major Isidore M. 
Bourke, off his estate at Curraleigh, Claremorris.*

*Cornelius Cleary, 4 in family,

Denis Ryan, 11 in family.

P. Walsh, 9 in family.

John Ryan, 1 in family.

Thomas Mahony, 6 in family.

All evicted 17th Aug. 1882 off the estate of Sir Henry 
Linges Keating, at Laggen-Town, Golden, Co. Tipperary.*

*Thomas Murphy, Rathmore, Co. Kerry, 5 in family, evicted 
1st Feb. 1882.

Thomas Fleming, Tureencahen?, 9 in family, evicted 24th May 

James Moynahan and Michael Moynahan, joint tenants, Banard, 
16 in family, evicted 12th Feb. 1881, off the estate of Lord 

Messrs J.J. Sullivan and Co. Capel Street, Dublin, cost of 
stoves, etc, for wooden huts erected to shelter tenants.