News:  Freemans Journal 24 Mar 1883 - Evicted Tenants Fund, 
Mansion House

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy


A meeting of the above was held on Thursday, Alfred Webb, 
T.C. was in the chair.

The following grants were made to evicted tenants;---

Mrs Byrne, Raheenduff, Attanagh, Queen's County, 7 in 
family, and Michael Brannigan, same place, 10 in family, 
both on the estate of J. Cornwell Brady, of Myshall, Co. 

Denis Mulligan, Kilrea, Co. Longford, 4 in family, evicted 
by Henry Dopping, Kilrea, Co. Longford.

Patrick Cormac, Lissoy, Tobberclair, 9 in family, Landlord 
James Groarke, Streamstown.

Timothy Dwyer, Holyford, Co. Tipperary, 6 in family and 
Francis Ryan, same place, 6 in family, evicted by Thomas 
Dowling, Rathgar, Dublin.

Hugh Donohoe, Larkfield, Dring, 6 in family, Landlord, 
Colonel Hippenstal, Dring, Co. Longford.

Daniel Ryan, 9 in family, Denis Fahey, 8 in family, William 
Rankins, 3 in family, Ml. Riordan, 4 in family, Labourers to 
Patrick Walsh, Cappamore, Landlord, Walter M. O'Grady, Doon.

Amount voted to defray costs in connection with evicted 
tenants hut, Rhode, Kings County.

Mrs John Dalton, Edward Godsell, Patrick Dalton, Thos. 
Williams, and Mrs Mary Hourigan, evicted by Capt. Creagh, 
Aylesbury Road, Dublin.

Denis Gleeson, Glounaglough, Coachford, 8 in family, 
Landlord Mrs. J. Harding, Myrtle Hill House, County Cork.

John Dineen, Wamerslane, Bandon, 2 in family, Landlord, U.B. 
Scally, Kilbrittain, Bandon.

James Kadogur,?, Ballyemly, Douglas, 9 in family, Landlord, 
W.R.Atkin, Yarmouth.

Denis Murphy, Curraclough, Lisarda, 9 in family, Landlord, 
Sir Augustus Warren, Warrenscourt, Co. Cork.

P. Guinee, Timothy Guinee, Johanna Connor, Michael Connell, 
Margaret Collins, and Johanna Roach, on the estate of the 
Rev. Archdeacon Bland.