News:  Freemans Journal 4 Nov 1882 - Evicted Tenants Fund, 
Mansion House

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy

Grants were made to evicted tenants as follows:--

James Busteed, 7 in family, evicted 13th Sept 1882. Estate 
of N. Colium.

*Catherine Burns,

James Burns, 2 in family,

James Robinson, 2 in family

Thos. Burns, 7 in family

Ellen Gallagher, 7 in family

Bessie O'Brien, 6 in family

Catherine O'Brien, 6 in family

All evicted August 18th 1881, by Richard Hall, Kilcoo, 
Kiltyclogher, Co. Fermanagh.*

Patrick Kernan, evicted Sept. 15th 1881, 9 in family, by 
Colonel King Harman.

Michael Lennon, 26th April 1881, 3 in family,

Peter Shakim/Shakin, evicted 26th Sept 1881, 4 in family by 
Robert O'Brien.

Wm. Masterton, evicted August 8th 1882, 9 in family,

James Masterton, evicted August 8th 1882, 3 in family,

Patrick Masterton, evicted August 8th 1882, 2 in family,

Patrick M'Vina, evicted August 8th 1882, 7 in family,

Moyne, Arva, County Cavan, on the Estate of H.W.White.

Michael Kelly, evicted April 4th 1882.

Walter Kelly, evicted April 4th 1882.

Durrow, Queen's County, Rev. George Ayres, landlord.

Michael Concannon, evicted Jan. 17th 1882 by Sturgeon Major.

John Connell,

Pat Brady, evicted April 12th 1882,

Henry King, evicted Jan. 17th 1882,

John Kielly, evicted Jan. 17th 1882,

John King,

John Kean, evicted 12th April 1882,

Patrick Regan, evicted 12th April 1882,

John Kean, (Curneen), evicted June 6th 1882,

Thomas Kelly, evicted 17th Jan 1882,

Michael Scanlan, evicted 12th April 1881,

Pat Freeman,

Catherine Curley, Evicted Jan. 17th 1882,

William Costelloe, evicted May 13th 1882,

John Hunt, evicted 17th Jan. 1882,

Patrick Falleen, evicted Jan. 18th 1882,

Michael Jennings, evicted Jan. 18th 1882,

Thomas Hegarty, evicted Jan. 18th 1882,

Claremorris, Co. Mayo, on the estate of Isidore M. Bourke.

Catherine Carty, Deerpark, evicted March 31st 1882, 7 in 

Margaret Kenny, evicted October 20th 1882,

Honor Casey, Deerpark, evicted March 31st 1882, 3 in family.

Boyle, Co. Roscommon, on the estate Colonel King Harman.

Edward Moloney, Downeen, evicted 1st July 1880, 9 in family, 
Stoneville, Roscarberry, Co. Cork, evicted by W. Bleazby.

Richard Higgins and Mrs Andrew Conway, The Neale, 
Claremorris, Co. Mayo. Lord Ardilaun, Landlord, Captain 
Boycott, Agent.

Patrick Cormack, Lissary, evicted June 14th 1880, 9 in 
family, Landlord, James Groarke.

James Byrne, evicted July 1st 1882, 10 in family, by J. 
Ormsby Lander.

James Baxter, evicted 28th March, 1882 by Mrs O'Beirne, 
Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim.

Jeremiah Crowley, 9 in family, Killarney on the estate of 
Lord Kenmare.

*Michael Tarpey, evicted in 1879, 8 in family,

John Roche, evicted 1879, 7 in family.

Mr. Williams, Birmingham, Landlord.*

Stephen Colgan, evicted 28th Nov. 1881,

Bernard Colgan, evicted 28th Nov. 1881,

John Devery, evicted 28th Nov. 1881,

Landlord H.S. Potts.

Thomas Clement, evicted 23rd 1881, Clogher, King's County, 
by P.K. Thompson.

Eugene Doody, 3 in family,

Bartholemew Quirke, 2 in family.

N. Cotter, 8 in family.

Mrs M'Enery, 7 in family.

Tim Neligan, 11 in family.

J.J.Colbert, 7 in family. Evicted Jan 9th 1882

J.E.Connell, 7 in family.

Michael Casey, 5 in family.

Edward Connell, 8 in family.

J J Connell, 9 in family,

Michael Dillane, 10 in family,

Daniel M'Enery, 6 in family,

Richard Wolfe, 4 in family,

Honora Connor, 8 in family.

John M'Carthy, 10 in family.

Denis Connors, 8 in family,

Patrick Flynn, 8 in family.

J.N. Colbert, 7 in family. Evicted Jan 9th 1882.

J.J. O'Connor, 9 in family,

All on the estate of the Rev. Conyngham Ellis, Abbeyfeale, 
Co. Limerick, all evicted between 21st and the 22nd August 
1882, except for the two Colbert's.

The meeting then adjourned until next Wednesday.

Same Date,

Land League huts for evicted tenants.

Clones, Friday.

Today a great demonstration took place at Rosslea, the 
occasion being the removal of one of the huts of the Ladies 
Land League from the town land of Dernawilt, where it had 
been up to a short time since in the occupation since 
Christmas last by an evicted family. The hut was conveyed to 
the farm of Mullindava, and erected to give shelter to the 
Widow Connolly and family, whose house was thrown down on 
Tuesday last. Contingents with bands attended from 
Derryneece, Magherarney, Smithborough, and the Rosslea 
National Flute and Brass Bands headed the procession.

Evictions in County Down.

Belfast, Friday.

On Wednesday last John Hogan and Patrick Murray, of the town 
land of Clannaraghan, near Castlewellan, tenants of Edward 
and Henry M'Cartan, merchants of Newry, were evicted. Both 
tenants, like most of their neighbours, are in England 
trying to raise a few pounds to tide their families over the 
winter. Hogan's family of four young children are prostrate 
with measles, but were turned out nevertheless. In charity 
some neighbours gave them shelter. Both holdings are 
mountain land, and the rent is largely in excess of the 
poor-law valuation. In each case a years rent was tendered 
and refused. On Friday last Patrick Morgan of Slieveanisky, 
who is also in England, and who held under Earl Annesley, 
was evicted with his wife and 8 of a family. The woman and 
children are at present lodged in a friendly neighbour's