News:  Freemans Journal 9 Aug 1882 - Ladies Land League

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy

Since our last meeting 82 evictions have taken place. Most 
of these took place in July 1882, and 6 in August.

Clonoulty Branch. Co. Tipperary.

Joanna English, 9 in family.

Mathew Gilbert, 13 in family,

John Byrne, 6 in family.

All on the estate of Viscount Hawarden, evicted July 1882, 
none readmitted.

Rathkeale Branch, Co. Limerick.

Michael Buckley, 5 in family. Evicted 19th July 1882, 
Landlord-Jeffrey O'Sullivan, Lackandara,?, not readmitted.

Mrs Mulcahy, 6 in family, evicted 14th July 1882, Landlord- 
Gerald Blennerhasset.

Ennistymon Branch, County Clare.

John Keane, evicted 13th July 1882, Landlord-George 
Stackpoole Mahon, Corbally, Co. Clare, not readmitted.

Clonguish Branch, Co. Longford.

James Cosgrove, 8 in family,

Bridget Reilly, 8 in family,

Evicted 19th July 1882 by Mr. Galbraith, Omagh, not 

*Burncourt Branch, Co. Tipperary.

Honoria Cleary,

Michael Maher, 4 in family,

Pat O'Brien, 4 in family,

Evicted 25th July 1882, by Robert Murdock, not readmitted.

Patrick Anglim, 5 in family,

James Keating, 4 in family.

Evicted 25th July 1882 by Lady Margaret Charteris, 
readmitted as caretakers.*

Rathangan and Cleariestown, Co. Wexford.

Patrick Wyse, 6 in family, evicted 27th July, 1882 by Thomas 
Boyd, not readmitted,

Clonguish Branch, Co. Longford.

James M'Gurk, 3 in family, evicted 19th July 1882 by A. 
Bole, not readmitted.

Patrick M'Avey, evicted 19th July, 1882 by Colonel Musters, 
not readmitted.

Clonakilty Branch, County Cork.

Ellen O'Leary, 2 in family, evicted July 20th 1882, by the 
Earl of Bandon, not readmitted.

Ballymoate, Co. Sligo.

Thomas Corcoran, 2 in family,

Thomas Cryan, 4 in family,

Evicted 26th July 1882, by Col. King Harmon, admitted as 

*Longford Branch.

Francis Corr, 4 in family,

Laurence Corr, 7 in family.

Evicted 21st July 1882, by Galbraith, Omagh, not readmitted.

Pat Tohill, 6 in family,

Pat Reilly, 9 in family,

Pat Ginty, 9 in family,

Evicted 20th July 1882, by Col King Harman, not readmitted.

Mrs Ann Hogan, 1 in family, evicted 4th March 1881.*

Midleton Branch, Co. Cork.

Denis Twomey, 6 in family, evicted 11th July 1882, bt 
Captain Sarsfield, not readmitted.

Moneygall Branch, Co. Tipperary.

James Kennedy, 7 in family, evicted 19th July, 1882, by Mr. 
Stackpoole, not readmitted.

Mullingar Branch, Co. Westmeath.

John Carney, 4 in family, evicted 12th July 1882, not 

Glangevline Branch, Co. Cavan.

Chas M'Govern, 7 in family,

Widow A Dolan, 6 in family,

Philip M'Manus, 9 in family,

Evicted between 18th-20th July 1882 by the Earl of Annesley, 
not readmitted.

Shanagolden Branch, Co. Limerick.

Wm. O'Donovan, 10 in family, evicted 11th July 1882, by Lord 
Guillamora, not readmitted.

Doe Branch, Co. Donegal.

Johnnie Gallagher, 4 in family, evicted June 30th 1882 by 
A.J.R.Stewart, Ards, readmitted.

Skibbereen Branch, Co. Cork.

Patrick Sullivan, 8 in family, evicted June 13th 1882, by R. 

Killoe Branch, Co. Longford.

John Lenon, 5 in family, evicted 19th July 1882, by Mrs. 
O'Flaherty, London, not readmitted.

Colloney Branch, Co. Sligo

Michael Bourke, 4 in family, evicted 20th March 1882, by 
Alex Wethers, Ballisodare, not readmitted.

Castlecomer Branch, Co. Kilkenny.

Bridget Byrne, 3 in family,

Laurence Dudn, 10 in family,

Margaret Bryan, 6 in family,

James Byrne, 9 in family,

Mary Brenon, 3 in family,

William Shirley, 1 in family,

John Bradley, 8 in family,

William Tyndall, 13 in family,

Evicted 24th July 1882 by Captain Humphrey, readmitted as 

Coone Branch, Co. Kilkenny.

William Brenon,

William Tyndall, 13 in family,

Margaret Bryan, 6 in family,

James Byrne, 9 in family,

Laurence Dwan, 10 in family,

William Shirley,

Bridget Byrne, 3 in family.

Evicted 24th July 1882, by Hugh Humphreys, readmitted.

Sneem Branch, Co. Kerry.

Thomas Sullivan, 8 in family, evicted 22nd July 1882, not 

Killoe Branch, Co. Longford.

Patrick Reilly, 6 in family.

John Lynch, 3 in family.

John Molloy, 6 in family,

Laughlin Prunty, 2 in family.

Peter Molloy, 2 in family.

Evicted 27th July 1882, not readmitted.

Knockanore, Co. Waterford.

Michael Baldwin, 9 in family, evicted 30th June 1882.

Newtonhamilton, Co. Armagh.

Patrick Feehan, 5 in family, evicted May 1882, evicted by 
Rev. Richard Johnston, not readmitted.

Mullingar Branch, Co. Westmeath.

John Hacket, 4 in family, evicted 20th July 1882, by Mrs 
Kilpatrick, readmitted as caretaker.

Ballinagh, Co. Cavan.

Thomas Kiernan, 9 in family, evicted 5th July 1882, by 
Alexander Nesbitt, not readmitted.

Carrigallen Branch, Co. Leitrim.

Jane Price, 4 in family, evicted 18th July 1882, by W. 
Latouche, not readmitted.

Abbeyleix Branch, Queen's County.

John Kennedy,

Patrick Kelly, 9 in family,

John Hogan, 5 in family,

Evicted 28th July 1882 by Lord De Vesci, not readmitted.

Ballinagh Branch, Co. Cavan.

Michael Goldrick, 7 in family, evicted 26th July 1882, by 
Earl Annesley, readmitted as caretaker.

Duagh Branch, Co. Kerry.

Jeremiah M'Carthy, 3 in family, evicted 20th May 1882, by 
John Meade, not readmitted.

Drunlease Branch, Co. Leitrim.

Mr. M'Givney. 13 in family,

Patrick White, 5 in family.

Evicted 6th June 1882, by George Lane Fox, not readmitted.

Gortnahoe Branch, Co. Tipperary.

Bryan M'Donnell, 8 in family, evicted July 26th 1882, not 

Mullingar Branch, Co. Westmeath.

Esther Mulready, 3 in family, evicted 1st August 1882, by 
John Swift, readmitted.

Urlingford Branch, Co. Kilkenny.

Dr, Joseph McNamara, 2 in family.

Thomas Kennedy, 6 in family,

Dan Kavanagh, 8 in family.

Evicted 25th July 1882, by Lord Mountgarrett.

Clonoulty Branch, Co. Tipperary.

Thomas Johnson, 2 in family, evicted 1st August 1882, by 
George Posnett, 3 Hume St. Dublin, not readmitted.

Edgeworthstown Branch, Co. Longford.

Robert Moore, evicted 1st August 1882, by Richard Whyte, 
Clonwhelan, Edgeworthstown, not readmitted.

Cork Branch,

James Cadigan, 9 in family.

Evicted 5th August 1882 by Walter Robert Atkins.

Claremorris Branch, County Mayo.

John Kean, 9 in family, evicted June 16th 1882, by Isidore 
Bourke, Curraleigh, not readmitted.

Ballymoate Branch, Co. Sligo.

John and Michael Brown, evicted 7th Aug. 1882, by Lieut. Co. 
A. Duke.

Not readmitted.

Longford Branch.

Mary Killameade, evicted 5th August 1882, by the Earl of 

Myles Lynch, 6 in family, evicted 2th July 1882, by 
Galbraith, Omagh.

Thomas Griffin, 3 in family, evicted 11th April 1882, by 
Tobias Peyton. J.P.