News:  Freemans Journal 21 Oct 1882. Evicted Tenants Fund, 
Mansion House

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy

The usual weekly meeting was held yesterday and the 
following grants were made to evicted tenants.

Widow Duffy, evicted Oct. 1880, 3 in family, Doonadoba, 
Ballycastle, Co. Mayo. Evicted by Miss Gardiner.

Michael M'Auliffe, evicted June 1882, 7 in family, 
Templanine,? Co. Limerick

Patrick Sullivan, evicted Sept 18th 1882, Castletownbere, 
Co. Cork, on the estate of Lord Bantry.

*Michael Delany, 11 in family.

Patrick Kelly, 10 in family,

Edward Duffe, 7 in family,

John Kennedy, 2 in family.

John Hogan, 5 in family,

All evicted in June 1882, Abbeyleix, Queen's County, on the 
estate of Lord De Vesci.*

Daniel Crowley, The Glens, Killarney on the Kenmare Estate.

Mrs Carroll, evicted April 16th 1882, Roundwood, Co. 
Wicklow, by Mr. Frizell, Castlekevin.

**John Leahy. 5 in family,

Harry Moore, 6 in family,

Evicted 5th Oct. 1882 on the estate Major Armil.*

*Nicholas Cooney, 14 in family,

John Smith, 4 in family,

Pat Cumiske, 3 in family.

Evicted 5th Oct. 1882 on the estate of Mary Anne Tyrell.

All from Kildangan, Kinnegad, Co. Westmeath.**

Denis Hayes, evicted 2nd Oct. 1882, 9 in family, 
Templeathea, Co. Limerick, on the estate of Wm. Colbert.

Patrick Kean, evicted 11th Oct. 1882, 9 in family, 
Kilreacle, Craugawell, County Galway, by W.F.Bourke, 

Richard Fitzgerald, twice evicted, 7 in family, Kilteely, 
Co. Limerick on the estate of the Earl of Sandwich.

Mrs Wiseman, Dundalk, Co. Louth.

Thomas Byrne, evicted 6th May 1882, Blessington, Co. 
Wicklow, on the estate of the Marquis of Waterford.