News:  Freemans Journal 11 Oct 1841. Young Men's Repeal 
Association, Newark

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy

The Young Men's Repeal Association of this city held a 
meeting, pursuant to adjournment, at the Universalist 
Church, Clinton Street, on Wednesday evening.

The meeting was attended by an immense number of the most 
respectable citizens of Newark, and so crowded was it that 
numbers were unable to obtain admittance.

The meeting was addressed by Messrs Ledwith of Newark, and 
James B. O'Donnell of New York, after which the following 
subscriptions were received.;---

*William Starrs, Tyrone,

Patrick G. Fox, Queen's County.* 5 dols. Each.

*John Higgins, snr, Derry,

James McNamara, Co. Clare.

Mark Corbitt, Wicklow.* 2 dols each.

*John Ledwith, Dublin,

Samuel kelly, Co. Down,

James Dooner, Longford.

Thomas Kain, Londonderry,

Peter Carthy, Louth,

Denis Dixon, Wexford.

Philip Sherry, Cavan,

Michael McVay, Donegal,

William McVay, Donegal.

Mrs Daniel Sweeney, Cork, (Immense cheering).

Samuel Stevens, Longford.

William Wilson, Antrim,

John Cromley, Londonderry.

John Moore, Longford.

Patrick Yarnall, Kildare.

James Todd, Westmeath.

Edward O'Hara, Louth.

Ns. Thornton, Louth.

William Donnolly, Longford.

Thomas Purden, Westmeath,

James Elliott, Londonderry,

Michael Farmington, Wicklow,

Owen Sweeney, Donegal.

Patrick Tenley, Cavan,

James Clarke, Meath,

Thomas O'Connor, Meath,

Barney O'Connor, Meath.

Patrick Durning, Donegal.

Syl. Colgan, Dublin.

George Hayes, Kildare.

Nicholas Kealey, Meath.

Fd. Keirney, Tyrone,

John Deery, Tyrone,

James Humphreys, Dublin,

Patrick Brady, Cavan,

John Warren, Tipperary.

Nicholas M'Guire, Longford.

James Brady, Wicklow,

Edward O'Rourke, Cavan, 1 Dol each.*

*Peter Nerney, Longford,

Patrick Coyle, Cavan, 50 cents each.*

John Tighe, Dublin, 25 cents.