News:  Freemans Journal 1 Jun 1886. Ladies Land League, 
Evicted Tenants Fund

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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy


At a meeting of the Ladies Land League on Tuesday the 
following statement was read;-

Miss Lynch announced-We have received notice since last 
meeting of 133 evictions, of these 117 took place in the 
present month, May 1882.

CARROROE Branch, County Galway, reports 89 evictions as 

Coleman Wallace, 6 in family, evicted 16th May 1882, 
Landlord-Mrs Kirwan, Blindwell, Tuam, not readmitted.

Thomas Griffin, 3 in family,

James Griffin, 3 in family.

Martin Griffin, 8 in family,

Stephen Griffin, 7 in family.

Peter Griffin, 11 in family.

Dan Mullen, 6 in family.

John Sullivan, 5 in family.

Philip Sullivan, 7 in family,

Redmond Sullivan, 6 in family.

Patt Keane, 5 in family,

Coleman Keane, 8 in family,

Thomas Keane, 8 in family.

Biddy Flaherty, 3 in family.

Terry M'Donagh, 4 in family,

John Connolly, 7 in family,

Patt Sullivan, 3 in family.

John M'Donagh, 6 in family.

John M'Donagh, 5 in family.

Patt. Landy.

Patt Donoghue, 9 in family.

Daniel Hernon, 3 in family.

Patt Kennedy.

Pat Coyne, 12 in family.

Bab Connolly, 11 in family.

Mrs Thos. Connolly, 11 in family.

Redmond M'Donagh, 12 in family.

Patt Folan, 2 in family.

Widow Biddy Folan, 8 in family.

Murthoy Folan, 9 in family.

Michael Folan, 7 in family,

John Folan, 6 in family.

Barty Flaherty, 7 in family.

M. Walsh. 4 in family.

Paul King, 7 in family.

Matt Manion, 11 in family,

John Lee, 4 in family.

Biddy Fallon, 3 in family.

Thomas Fineghty, 9 in family.

Pat Connolly, 7 in family.

Michael M'Donagh, 5 in family.

Peter Folan, 7 in family.

Peter Folan, jnr. 7 in family,

Peter Folan, snr, 4 in family.

Martin Landy, 7 in family.

Pat Flaherty, 8 in family.

Pat Flahorty*, 10 in family,(spelling on paper).

Pat Flaherty, 7 in family,

Pat Flaherty, 11 in family.

Terry Malley, 2 in family.

Mrs Myles Flaherty, 9 in family.

Coleman Connolly, 7 in family,

Martin Lee, 7 in family.

John Lee, 3 in family.

Michael Connolly, 2 in family.

Frank Larkin, 5 in family.

Peter Toole, 2 in family.

John Flaherty, 4 in family.

John Flaherty, 9 in family.

Pat Flaherty, 7 in family.

John Flaherty, 11 in family.

All above evicted same date, same Landlord, not readmitted 
as caretakers.

(Number after name is how many in each family.)

Michael Wallace, 9

Michael Wallace, 10

Peter Griffin, 9

Antony Keane, 6

John Keane, 11

Widow L. Flaherty, 6

Festus McDonagh, 9

John Connolly, 11

Matthias Morgan, 10

Redmond Mattey, 9

Mathias Scanlon, 4

Michael Landy, 4

Michael Coyne, 8

Wm. Flaherty, 4

Pat Kelly, 5

Pat Thornton, 9

Pat Geavy, 12

Coleman Connor, 6

Michael Joyce, 11

Widow Malley, 5

John Walsh, 5

John Walsh, 2

Coleman Flaherty, 11

Coleman Flaherty, 5

Michael Flaherty, 7

All evicted same day, same Landlord, admitted as caretakers.

BALLYDEHOB Branch Co. Cork.

6 evictions as follows--- (Number after name is how many in 

Henry O'Mahony, 5, evicted 24th May 1882, Landlord-Judge 
Townshend, Dublin.

James Driscoll, 4, evicted 23rd May 1882, Landlord-Dr. 
Arthur Baldwin, Dublin, not readmitted.

Jeremiah Connolly, 8, evicted 23rd May 1882, Landlord-Dr. 
Arthur Baldwin, Dublin, not readmitted.

Timothy Hayes, 9, evicted 23rd May 1882, Landlord-Dr. Arthur 
Baldwin, Dublin,

John Sullivan, 5.

Jeremiah Gallagher, 6, Landlord--Judge Townshend, Dublin.

BORNACOOLA Branch, County Leitrim.

Jane Reynolds, 6, Evicted 4th May 1882, Landlord-Colonel 
Clements, Lough Rynn, not readmitted.


Walter Francis Hayes, 6, evicted 23rd May 1882, 
Landlord-Richard King, not readmitted.

KINLOUGH Branch, County Leitrim.

*Philip M'Guire, 5

Widow M'Gowan, 6

James M'Nulty, 6

Evicted 25th May 1882, Landlord-Captain Barton, Waterfoot, 
Pettigo, Co. Donegal, All readmitted.

Thomas Farrell. 2, same date, same Landlord, not readmitted.

MILTOWN MALBAY Branch, Co. Clare.

Mrs Vaughan, 4, evicted 8th May 1882, Landlord-Mrs Moroney, 
Milltown House, not readmitted.

BASLICK Branch, County Roscommon.

Celia Byrne, 3, evicted 19th May 1882, Landlord-Roderick J. 
O'Connor, Wellington Road, Dublin.

DANGAN Branch,(In paper as Dangan but may be Drangan) Co. 

John Foley, 4, Evicted 23rd May, 1882, Landlord-Wm. Acton, 
not readmitted as caretaker.

BALLIMAHON Branch, King's County.

*John Williams, 6,

J. Flynn, 10,

Evicted 23rd May, 1882, Landlord-Robert J. Mooney, The Doon, 

Not readmitted as caretakers.*

BOYLE Branch, Co. Roscommon.

John Flanagan, 5 evicted 4th Oct. 1881, 
Landlord-King-Harman, readmitted.

KILLARNEY Branch, Co. Kerry.

*Cornelius Leary, 3, Evicted 28th Feb. 1882.

John Healy, 8, Evicted 6th May 1882.

Landlord Earl of Kenmare, neither readmitted as caretakers.*


John Troy, 5, evicted 17th Jan. 1882, Landlord-Mr. Vereker, 
Clyde Road, Dublin.

INCH Branch, Co. Tipperary.

*Cornelius Kennedy, 6,

Patrick Header, 10,

Margaret Gorman, all evicted 18th May, 1882, by George A. 
Ryan, Piccadilly, London, not readmitted.*

*CASTLEPOLLARD Branch, Co. Westmeath.

Mary Hand, 8, Not readmitted as caretaker.

Patrick Duffy, 3, Not readmitted as caretaker.

Christopher Fagan, 3, readmitted as caretaker.

Evicted 23rd May, Landlord-Richard Gradwell?.*

CROSNA Branch, Roscommon.

Thomas Harrington, 7, evicted 7th May, 1880 by Lady Louise 
Tennyson, Kilronan Castle, not readmitted.

FERIES Branch, County Kerry.

Timothy McMahon, 9 in family, Landlord Arthur Blennerhasset.

CONG Branch, Co. Mayo.

Bridget Murphy, 1, evicted 20th Nov. by Pat Foy, Cong, not 

TRALEE Branch, Co. Kerry.

Brian O'Brien, 4, evicted 15th August 1880 by George 
Hickson, not readmitted.


*Michael Mullane, 7, Evicted 8th Oct 1881,

John Shea, 11, Evicted 8th Oct 1881,

Landlord-Wm.H.Massey, Mount Massey, Macroom.*

COLUMBKILLE Branch, Co. Longford.

*Bridget Coyle, 5,

Denis Mulligan,4,

Evicted June 1881, by Henry Dopping.*

CONG Branch, Co. Mayo.

Sally Devany, 2, evicted 29th March, 1882 by Lord Ardilaun.

KILMACRENON Branch, Co. Donegal.

*Andrew Murray, 8, evicted 1st March 1882.

Catherine Sheils, 4, evicted 5th May 1882.

Mary O'Donnell, 2, evicted 10th May.

All evicted by Lord Leitrim.*

ROBERTSTOWN Branch, Co. Meath.

Anne Seymour, 3, evicted 19th May 1882, by Laurence Herbert 

DUNGARVAN Branch, Co. Waterford.

John Cleary, 2, evicted by Lord Fermoy.

DUNMANWAY Branch, Co. Cork.

John Burke, 7, evicted 18th May, 1882, by John Powell, 

CARDONAGH Branch, Co. Donegal,

Widow Anne Steele, 3, evicted 13th May 1882, by Richard 
Cochrane, Springhill.