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Married on Monday the 21st Feb., at Ballinacourty, James 
MURPHY of Grange, in the County of Tipperary, Esq., to Miss 
Ann Longan, daughter of the late R. LONGAN, Esq.

Monday 21st Feb., at Cork, Pierce Creagh, Esq., to Miss L. 
LEESON, and on the same day, Andrew DRINAN, to Miss Margaret 

At St. Anne's Church, Cork, Mr. John L. ROSS, Merchant, son 
of the late Gibs ROSS, Esq., to Miss Susan MERRICK, daughter 
of Mr. Thomas MERRICK, of Great Britain Street, Clothier.

In Ely Place, George James REEVES, Esq., Captain in his 
Majesty's 18th Regiment of foot, to Miss CRAMMER.

At Mullingar, Thomas CURRAN, Esq., Merchant, at the advanced 
age of 76, to Miss DELLAMER, of Maltyfarum, age 18 years.

Thomas GLANNEN, of Watling Street, to Miss Ellen O'REILY, of 
Ballinclough, Co. Meath.

Edward RYAN, of Corkennstown, Co. Kildare, to Miss KEOUGH, 
eldest daughter of John KEOUGH, of Mount Jerome, Co. Dublin.

At Borneo in the West Indies, T. HUNTER, Esq., son of Mr. 
William HUNTER, late of Beccles, to Lady Honoria PELHAM, a 
lady in possession of 100,100/-.

Mr. Richard M'AULEY, to Miss Catherine DOYLE, both of Fade 

Sam COATES of Mount Prospect, near Rathangan, to Miss 
RAWLINS, daughter of the late Robert RAWLINS, Esq., of this 

William Farren, of Eccles-street, to Miss Eliza WILLIAMS, 
youngest daughter of Thomas WILLIAMS of Belvedere-Place.

Near Kilcullen, Co. Kildare, Mr. MOORE, to Miss PERKINS, 
daughter of General Perkins.

At Limerick, Richard DEAN of Forte, Co. Kilkenny, to Miss 
CANTER, daughter of the late Richard CANTER.

John Joseph BOURCHIER, of Kilballyowen, to Miss HOGG, 
daughter to the late Mr. William HOGG.

Lord William Bentinck, to the Hon., Miss Acheson, daughter 
of Lord Gosford.


After a few days illness, Mr. James MOORE, of College Green, 

In Rutland Street, Summerhill, Mrs Mary ARCHER.

In Stephen-Street, Mrs KENNEDY, wife of Mr. John KENNEDY.

On his way home from Paris where he had been for several 
months, Thomas BROUGHALL, Esq.

Suddenly, the Hon. James TONSON, brother to Lord Riversdale.

In Blackhall Place, Miss Eliza Worthington, third daughter 
of Lord Worthington.

Aged 87, Mr. Thos. KING, formerly and eminent brewer, in 

In Jamaica, Capt Bover, of his Majesty's ship, Blenheim, 
just after her arrival there from Spithead, of the yellow 

Captain PARRY of the Royal Navy.

At Paris, the 4th inst, the lady of Sir Alex GRANT.

On the 25th ult, at Lisbon, Daniel CEATE, Esq., late an 
eminent Merchant of Dublin.

Last Wed., Edward ROWLAND, Esq., Mayor in the City of Cork 

At his house in William Street, Limerick, Michael ROCHFORD, 

At Ennis, John TYMONS, of Riverston.


John WADE, of Dublin, Silk Manufacturer, to surrender the 
7th and 8th March and the 7th April.

John DUFF, of Mount Caulfield, Co. Armagh, Linen Bleacher, 
to surrender the 7th and 10th March, and the 7th April.

Peter MURPHY, of New Row, Dublin, Flax Dresser, to surrender 
the 8th and 9th March, and on the 9th April.

Peter WADE, of Dublin, Silk Manufacturer, to surrender the 
9th and 10th March, and the 9th April.

(Spelling as per Newspaper.)