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Judges of Assize for the Leinster Circuit, at the Assizes to 
be held in Clonmel, on Tuesday the 25th day of March 
next-Dated this 28th day of Feb. 1817.

Thomas KECK.
Both confined in the Gaol of Clonmel.

The following are the Creditors of Thomas KECK.
FRANKLIN, John, of Tipperary.
SLATTERY, Edmund, of Tipperary, Chandler.
ACHESON, William, Clonmel, Merchant.
WALSH, Thomas of Killenaule, Shopkeeper.
KILBRIDE, Ann Cappawhite, Shopkeeper.
LALOR, John of Tipperary, Merchant.
KANKANY, John of Templemore, Farmer.
*BYRNE, Laurence, Baker.
SMITH, John, Cartwright.
WOODWARD, Rev. H. Clerk.
CODY, Michael, Grocer.
MAHER, John, Innkeeper.
CONNORS, Edmund, Publican.
HADNETT, William, Carpenter.
BYRNE, Wm. Shopkeeper.
M'CELLand, Robert, Printer and Glazier.
SHAW, George, Bootmaker.
WALSH, John, Carpenter.* All of the town of Fethard, Co. 

The following are the Creditors of Thomas HARDICKER.
*MINNETT, William.
SHORT, James.
KELLY, Edward. *All Merchants of the City of Dublin.
GLINN and WATSON, or their Assignees, of the City of Dublin. 
HARDICKER, John of Ballinderry.
FERGUSON, Robert, of Limerick, Merchant.
HOGAN, Michael, of Conegagown.
EGAN, Denis, of Killaloe.
MARTIN, Rev. James, of Killaloe.
MARA, Patrick, of Long-Lane.
GORMAN, Thomas, of Luskane.
LAHY, John, of Derry-brien.
STONES, Martin, of Woodward.
KELLY, John of Woodward.
HOGAN, Edmond, Woodward.
GORMAN, Patrick, of Cappagh.
LYNES, John of Sragh.
MAHON, Michael of Cappagh.
SHOUGHNESSY, James of Silverstream.
COGHLAn, James of Terryglass.
KENNY, Patrick, of Clondegoff.
ANDERSON, Joseph, of Limerick.
CULLY, Caud, of Limerick.
GOING, Thomas, of Santicruse. Deceased or his executors or 
HASKETT, William, of Burrisokane.
TINDLE, Edward, Borrisokane.
DARCY, Patrick, Killaloe.
KILLEEN, Mrs of Banagher.
BUCKLEY, Patrick, of Shannon-Harbour.
CARROLL, Michael of Newlawn.
COSTELLO, Mathew of Ballinderry.
KENNEDY, Mich, Insolvent's Landlord.
EGAN, Dan, of Borrisokane.
MAHER, William, of Ballinderry.
MONK, James, of Dublin.

Judges for the Assizes for the North East Circuit, at an 
Assizes to be held in Carrickfergus, in the County of Antrim 
to be heard on our said Petitions. Dated this 28th day of 
Feb, 1817.
*SHEILL, John, Snr.
O'HEALE, Charles..
SHEILL, John, Jnr.
CHRISTY, Archibald.
BROWNE, Andrew.
WHITE otherwise WHYTE, John.
GREEN, Henry. * All confined in the Gaol of Carrickfergus.

The following are the creditors of John SHEILL, Snr.
M'CAN, Fergus, Dunany.
BLACK, John, Churchtonlagh.
GRIBBON, Thomas and Daniel, Gortreahy.
M'KENNY, John, Monygrand.
M'KENNY, Archibald, Kilrea.
DOUGHERTY, James, Listreham.
M'CULLAGH, Francis, Carnfinton.
GREENE, Archibald, Executors, Churchtonlagh.
MOONEY, Patrick, Gurtnereagh.

The following are the creditors of Charles O'Heale.
M'CAN, Francis, Dunany.
BLACK, John, Churchtonlagh.
M'GOURLICK, James, Carnfinton.
M'KENNY, John, Monygrand.
JOHNSTON, John, Portglenene.
JOHNSTON, William, Mayhoy.
JOHNSTON, Sam, Mayhoy.
MULHOLLAND, Denis, Dreen.
M'MULLAN, Patrick, Dreen.
HENRY, Henry, Dreen.
M'ALICE, Denis, Dreen.
ADAIR, John, Dreen.
M'CULLAGH, Francis, Carnfinton.
JOHNSTON, Wm., Mayhoy.
FARRELL, James, Malligan.
MALLEN, John, Malligan.
COURTNAY, Wm., Portglenone.

THE FOLLowing are the creditors of John ShEILL, Jnr.
M'CAN, Francis, Dunany.
BLACK, John, Churchtonlagh.
JOHNSTON, John, Portglenone.
JOHNSTON, Wm., Mayhoy.
GRIBBIN, Thomas, Gortreaghy.
GRIBBIN, Daniel, Gortreaghy.
FERRIN, James, Magilligan.
MALLEN, Margaret. Magilligan.
MOONEY, Pat, Gortreahy.
M'CULLAGH, Francis, Carnfinton.
DOUGHERTY, James, Lishuban.
M'GOURLICK, James, Carnfinton.
----, Kenny, Ballynevin.
M'KENNY, John, Monygrand.
HEALE, Charles, Dreen.
DERAGH, Richard, Rosshankin, .
GREENE, Archibald, Churchtonlagh.

The following are the creditors of Archibald CHRISTY.
*RUSSELL, Robert.
MOORE, Thomas.
ALEXANDER, Widow.*All of Belfast.
*DALY, John.
COURTNAY, Wm. Both from Portlenone.*
*M'ADAM, James.
DAVIS, Patrick.
SPENCE, Wm. All from Belfast.*
CASEMENT, Roger, Ballymena.
MOORE, James, Belfast.
M'KEAN, Thomas, Tuberhanley.
MURRAY, James, The Executors of, Ballymena.

The following are the creditors of Andrew BROWN.
IRWAN, John, The Executors of.
STEWART, James and Co.
STEWART, Thomas L. All of Belfast.*
M'GALPIN, Hugh, Ballyhill.
KENNON, Wm., Ballyskulty.
CRAWFORD, Agnes, Ballymather.
KILPATRICK, Henry, Cunneavy.
WRAY, Samuel, Cunneavy.
BROWN, Sam, Kicross.
WILSON, Margaret, Stradehavern.
MOOREHEAD, Hugh and Jos., Belfast.

The following are the creditors of John SPEERS.
Casement, Roger, Ballymena.
*M'ADAM, James.
SMITH, Samuel.
M'COSH and Irwan.
GETTY, Robert.
JOY, Henry.
M'ADAM, George.
M'ADAM, John.
ATKINSON, Richard.
LYNDSAY, Edward.
M'ADAMS and M'CLEARY. All from Belfast*.
*EDWARDS, Benjamin, The late.
EDWARDS, Hugh and Ben.
CHAIN and YOUNG. All of Ballymaccourt.*
THOMPSON, Samuel, London. The heirs of
KNOX, Robert. Castlereagh.
CLARKE, James, Ballymena. The heirs of.
BROWNE, James. All of Portglenone.*

The following are the creditors of John Russell.
MULHOLLAND, Hugh, Ballymena.
RUSSELL, Jane. Ballymena.
HILL, George, Larnee.
LEDLIE, Alexander, Antrim.
LOGAN, John, Ballymena.
MOOREHEad, Joshua, Belfast.
SMITH, John, Glogeghoy.
MORRE, John, Ballymena.
WALLACE, Robert, Belfast.
M'ALISTER, Alexander, Ballycastle.
BULLAGH, James, Ballymena.
M'MULLEN, John, Belfast.
COLEMAN, Thomas, Belfast.

The following are the creditors of John WHITE, otherwise 
CLARKE, John, Lisburn.
GARRETT, Robert, Lisburn.
M'CONNELL and Co. Thomas, Comber.
BELL, John, Belfast.
WAITMAN, William, Lisburn.
KENNEDY, Widow, Lisburn.
MILLER, Davis, Lisburn.

The following are the creditors of Henry GREE.
WILSON, James, Ballymarly.
CASEMENT, Roger, Ballymena.
DAVISON, Abraham, Kellswater.
RIFORD, Lewis, Belfast.
BELL, William, Ballylesson.
STRAIN, John, Liminary.
M'DONNELL, John, Liminary.
CRANRY otherwise CRANEY, James, Ballyclong.
STEVENSON, George, Liminary.
O'HARA, The late Charles, Liminary.
ARTHURS, James. Kells.

From the Assizes to be held in Maryborough in and for the 
Queen's County, on Monday, the 24th March next, at the hour 
of ten o'clock in the forenoon of the said day.
Dated this 28th day of February 1817.
William MAHER.
Peter WHELAN. Both confined in the Gaol of Maryborough.

The following are the creditors of William MAHER.
*CAHILL, John, Rossann, Queen's County.
WADDY, Cadwallader, of the city of Dublin, detaining 
*LEA, Michael, or his rep. Ballylihane.
WELDON, Rev. Arthur, of Rahen.
KELLY, William,Coolenaule.
M'AULEY, Denis, Maryborough.
DUNNE, Thomas, Farnans.
BROWN, Patrick, Kilcrufse.* All Queen's County.
DILLON, William, Athy, Co. Kildare.
PEPPER, John, Athy, Co. Kildare.
PURCELL, Hugh, Cloneen, Co. Kilkenny.
BURROWES, Charles, Town of Carlow.

The following are the creditors of Peter WHELAN.
PRICE, John, Castletown, Queen's County, Detaining Creditor.
*HORAN, Patrick, Coolnalacka?.
QUIGLEY, Sally, Coolnalacka?.
MOORE, Michael, Coolnalacka?.
CORCORAN, William, Tummuck.
BUDDA, Thomas, Tummuck.
HAWKSWORTH, John, Forest.
WHELAN, Patrick, Mountrath.
MARNELL, Michael, Castletown.
HARTE, Charles, Castletown.
DEA, William, Cuddagh.
WHELAN, Thomas, Cuddagh.
CAHILL, James, Stradbally.
SHEA, William, Dunamace.
BRENNAN, ?, Barnakill. All in the Queen's County.*

Judges for the Assizes for the North West Circuit to be held 
in Omagh, in and for the County of Tyrone, on Saturday 23rd 
of March next. Dated this day 28th of Feb. 1817.
John LETTS, confined in the Gaol of Armagh.
The following are the creditors of John LETTS.
JACKSON, Robert, of Armagh, Insolvent's detaining creditor.
MACAN and KEILY, Messrs, Armagh.
THOMPSON, William, of Irvinstown, Co. Fermanagh.
*SLOAN, George.
SLOAN, Thomas.
JOHNSTON, Archibald.
KERR, William.
GREER, Edward.
CREERY, William.
HUNTER, Alice. All of County Tyrone*.

All spellings as per newspaper.