News:  Assorted Births, Marriages & Deaths 19 October 1832

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On the 17th inst, at Killiney, Co. Dublin, Mrs Henry 
SCOVELL, of a son.

On Sat. last, at Clonlea Glebe House, the lady of the Rev. 
W. Agar ADAMSON, of a son.

On Monday last, the lady of John BERNARD, esq., late Mayor 
of Cork, of a daughter.

On Friday, in Mallow, the lady of H. BINGHAM, esq., of a 


On the 17th inst, at Booterstown Church, John GEORGE, esq., 
jnr. Barrister-in-Law, to Sarah Rosannah, eldest daughter of 
Isaac M. D'OLIER, Esq.

On Tuesday last in Belfast, Thomas READ, Esq., M.D., of 
Coleraine, to Harriet Helena, daughter of the late Rev. 
James STURROCK?, Rector of Seapatrick, and granddaughter of 
the late Rev W. STURROCK?, Archdeacon of Armagh.

On Thursday last, Thomas MORRISON, Esq., Merchant, 
Downpatrick, to Miss Christian NEEPER, third daughter of 
Alexander NEEPER, Esq., Ballee?.

On the 13th inst, at Youghal, Garret BARRY, Esq., M.D. to 
Anna Maria, relict of the late Lieut. Warrington, of the 6th 

On the 16th inst in St. Peter's Church, William ABURROW? 
esq. of Hampshire, to Frances, eldest daughter of Richard 
SMITH, Esq., of Rathmines, in Dublin.

By Special licence, in Donnybrook Church, George NATZAN or 
NAIZAN, Esq, of St. Petersburgh, Surgeon, to Mrs BROWNE, of 

On the 17th inst, W. Monk GIBBON, Esq., of Sandymount, to 
Anne, youngest daughter of the late John BOXWELL, Esq, of 
Sarshill, Co. Wexford.

On the 13th inst, at West Bromwich, Loftus Anthony BRYAN, of 
this city, Esq, to Marianne, daughter of W. IZON, Esq., the 
Lodge, Staffordshire.


On Saturday, at Glenkeen Glebe, Co. Tipperary, Helena 
HEDGES, wife of the Very Rev Dean MAUNSELL, and sister of 
Robert Hedges EYRE, Esq., Macroom Castle.

On Saturday, at Kingstown, of cholera, aged 70, Major Henry 
LESLIE, of the Fermanagh Militia, and brother-in-law of the 
Rev. James ELLARD, of Fairyfield, Co. Limerick.

At the residence of his daughter, Mrs. T. BOLES, Bent Ball, 
Esq., aged 80 years, formerly of Rocksh****, Co. Cork, late 
Captain of the 63rd Regiment, and one of the few surviving 
officers who served in the revolutionary war in America.

In August last, of cholera, at York, Upper Canada, James 
CATHCART, Esq, Member of the Royal College of Surgeon's, 
London, grandson to the late Mr. Gabriel CATHCART, of 
Magherafelt, Co. Derry.

On the 8th inst, at Dover, Henrietta, wife of Captain George 
MATHIAS, 79th Highlanders.

On the 9th of Sept., in Florence, after a fever of 21 days, 
the Rev.J. P. RUSSELL, only child of Mrs. B. Murphy, of 
Barrack Street, Cork. (Spelling as per paper).