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File contributed by: Rosalind Dunning February 9, 2020, 9:54 am


Source: National Archives London
Written: August 30, 1789
Recorded: February 9, 1790

Extracted from the Registry of His Majestys Court of 
Prerogative in Ireland In the Name of God Amen I Walter 
Bermingham of Portunna Castle in the County of Galway being 
of perfect sound Mind Memory and understanding Do make 
Publish and Declare this my last Will and Testament Whereas 
by my Marriage Settlement with my beloved Wife Ann 
Bermingham I did reserve to myself the power of Dividing and 
Apportioning the Lands and Heredits therein mentioned in 
such manner as I should think fit among my Children I do 
Will and Bequeath all the said Lands to Right Honourable 
Henry Grattan and Robert Guff of Roscommon not for their own 
use but In Trust to Convey to my beloved wife Ann Bermingham 
all and every power so reserved to me of Dividing and 
Apportioning said Lands saving to her Complete and entire 
her Jointure secured to her by said settlement I do Will and 
Bequeath to my said beloved wife Ann Bermingham All my Other 
Real or Personal Property of what kind soever which I shall 
die Possessed of and do make her my sole and Residuary 
Legatee in full Confidence she will use the same for the 
benefit and advantage of our long family and I do make and 
Appoint my Wife Ann Bermingham soel Exx of this my last Will 
and the said Ann Bermingham sole Guardian of my Children 
signed sealed Published and Declared this 30th Day of August 
1789 Walter Bermingham in the Presence of us and of each 
other Armst. J Kelly _ Augustine Duggan _ Sil. O'Halloran
Proved 19 February 1790
Proved at London 8 November 1797
PCC Prob11/1297