Galway - Persse Family, Washington Post, April 21, 1912

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     County Galway, Ireland, famous for the beauty of its
women, has an extremely charming representative at the
Dublin court this season in the person of Miss Olive PERSSE.
The PERSSE family is noted for its interest in sport, and
the present master of the Galway Blazers, the best known
fox-hunting pack in the three kingdoms is Miss Olive
PERSSE'S uncle.
     Although whiskey distilling was the origin of the
PERSSE fortune, the present representatives of the family
are considered county people of the best stamp, and Miss
PERSSE was presented at court this year. According to rumor,
the young court attaches lost no time in paying homage to
the beautiful Galway girl, and it is said that her
engagement to one of the Earl of Aberdeen's viceregal staff
is to be announced shortly.
     Some four years ago the PERSSE family had a clash with
the Land League, and Henry PERSSE, justice of the peace of
Woodville, County Galway, complained bitterly that he was
"the most persecuted man in Ireland.," being boycotted and
threatened by the league till he feared for his life.
Augustine BIRRELL, chief secretary for Ireland, declared
that the charges were exaggerated, but Mr. PERSSE went to
London and thrilled tory drawing rooms with the tales of his
sufferings, much as Lord ASHTON had done not long before.