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Slater'S Commercial Directory Of Ireland

     Is a small incorporated market and post town and 
parish, partly in the baronies of Clare, Dunkellin and 
Kilconnell, but chiefly in that of Athenry, county of 
Galway, 121 miles w. by s. from Dublin and 14 E. from 
Galway, ans is on the Midland Great Western railway. This 
place, anciently called Athneri, is said to have derived its 
name from Athna-Raigh, 'the King's Ford,' or 'the abode of a 
king.' Sir James Ware considers it to have been the chief 
town of the Anteri; and at a remote  period it was 
surrounded by walls, with round towers fifty yards apart, 
which indicate it to have been a place of considerable 
importance. The ruins of the walls and towers, together with 
a castle, called the 'King's Court,' as it is considered to 
have been the residence of one of the provincial kings, and 
which was a building of great defence, are still to be seen. 
The ruins of a Dominican abbey here, from its antiquity and 
style of architecture, are the admiration of all strangers. 
It was founded by Myler De Birmingham, second baron of 
Athenry, in 1241, and was dedicated to St. Peter and Paul. A 
Franciscan friary was also founded here by the Earl of 
Kildare, in 1464. In 1577 the two sons of the Earl of 
Clanricarde, renouncing their submission to Elizabeth, 
assembled their partisans, and succeeded in reducing the 
town to a state of complete ruin. In this state it continued 
till the year 1584, when it was to a great extent re-built; 
but in 1596 the northern Irish invested it, and again it was 
reduced to ashes. From this time, though it had formerly 
held a second rank in the county, it never recovered its 
ancient importance. The Dominican friars, who, under the 
protection of the O'Dalys, of Caronkelly, took up their 
abode at Eskee, about three miles from the town, still 
continue to flourish there. They have built a very neat 
chapel and a college. There are also National schools there, 
wherein 800 of the children of the poor are daily educated, 
100 of whom are provided with food. The town is situated in 
the midst of a tolerably fruitful soil, though there is a 
considerable quantity of unreclaimed bog in the 
neighbourhood. The magistrates regulate the affairs of the 
town, for which purpose they held a petty sessions once a 
fortnight. The places of worship are a Protestant Episcopal 
church, a remarkably neat building and one belonging to the 
Roman Catholics, a plain slated edifice. There is a 
constabulary barrack, a dispensary and a National school. A 
chalybeate spring is much resorted to. The markets are held 
on Fridays and Mondays, and the fairs (which are but poorly 
attended), are May 5th, July 2nd, and October 20th. In 1861 
the population of the parish was 3,881 and in 1871, 3,639, 
of which number the town contained 1,194.

POST OFFICE. Athenry, Ann Rush, Post Mistress - 
Letters from Dublin, England, Scotland, &c. arrive at twelve 
night and half-past one afternoon, and are dispatched 
thereto at twenty minutes past twelve night and twelve noon. 
Letters from Tuam, Hollymount, Castlebar and Westport, 
arrive at twelve night and are dispatched thereto at the 
same time.    Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings 

GENTRY AND CLERGY                               

Blake Rev. M Athenry                            
Blake Peter, Esq, J.P. Hollypark                
Bodkin Robert, Esq, Annagh                      
Clarke James, Esq, J.P. Graig Abbey             
Cullinan Mr. John, Mount Brown                  
Irvine Robt, Esq, Town House, Athenry           
Joyce John, Esq, Athenry                        
Lambert Francis E, Esq, Moor park               
Lambert Giles Eyre, Esq, Knocbrack              
Lambert Walter, Esq, J.P. Castle-Ellen          
Lopdell John J, Esq, J.P. Raheen Park           
M'Cay Mr. Hector, Mulpit                        
M'Donagh Denis M, Esq, Athenry                  
O'Brien Rev. John Patrick, Athenry              
Persse Burton , Esq, D.L. &J.P. Moyode Castle   
Richardson Nicholas G, Esq, J.P. Tyaquin        
Smyth Lawrence, Esq, Caherfinsker               
Trousdell William B.P., Esq, Aughrim park       
Walker Rev. Samuel,M.A. Athenry                 
NATIONAL SCHOOL - Thomas O'Reilly,              
master; Sarah Dolan, mistress                   
Brodrick Margaret                               
Kelly Michael                                   
M'Kean Michael                                  
Ryan John
ULSTER BANK (Branch) - Draws on                 
Prescott & Co. London - James Corry,            
Madden Thomas                                   
Murphy Michael                                  
Connor Michael                                 
Fallon Patrick                                 
Brodrick Peter & John (builders)               
Mannion Thomas (& cartwright)                  
Walsh Michael                                  
Brodrick Margaret                              
Dillon John S                                  
M'Donoagh Matthew                              
In the Parish of Athenry                       
Barrett Joseph  ;  Mitchel Edward              
Hennelly Michael  ;  Mitchel Patrick           
Irvine Robert  ;   Mitchel Anthony             
Kelly Raymond  ;  O'Connor Gerald              
M'Cay Hector  ;  Porteous David                
M'Donagh Denis  ;  Smyth William
PRUDENTIAL (life) - Morgan Fahy, Athenry       
THE EDINBURGH (life) - Denis M. M'Donagh, Athenry       


Barrett Joseph                                 
Brodrick Margaret
Brodrick Michael                               
Blackall & M'Donagh (& flour dealers)
Dillon John S                                  
Fahy Morgan
Gill William                                   
Kelly Bridget
Kelly Thomas R                                 
Nolan Bernard                                  
Smyth Samuel
Sweeny Joseph
Watson Francis T


Barrett Joseph
Blackall & M'Donagh (wine & spirit
Brodrick Michael
Cloonan James
Dillon John S
Dooley Patrick
Dunleavy Patrick
Fahy Morgan
Joyce Peter
Kelly Bridget
Kelly Thomas R
Kinneen Patrick
Kinneen's Hotel (posting house),
Timothy Kinneen
Larner Lawrence
Nolan Bernard
Nolan Richard
Railway Hotel, Anne Kavanagh
Ryan James
Smyth Samuel
Sweeny Joseph
Wheelan Bridget


Blackall & M'Donagh (& hardware dealers)
Brodrick Michael
Sweeny Joseph

Blackall & M'Donagh, agents for Goulding's manures                                        
Burke Edward, saddler                          
Burke Maria, glass & china dealer              
Cannon Patrick, shopkeeper                     
Dillon John S, shopkeeper                      
Irvine Robert, oatmeal, &c, miller,            
Athenry, & chemical manure works, Galway       
Jordan Mark, bootmaker                         
Kinneen Timothy, high constable for barony of Athenry
Mahon Patrick, shopkeeper                      
PUBLIC BUILDINGS, OFFICES, &c.                 
PLACES OF WORSHIP                              
And Their Ministers                            
PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH - William D.Roe, rector                          
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (temporary) -Rev. Samuel Walker, M.A.                       
ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH - Rev. John Patrick O'Brien, P.P.                     
Constabulary Barrack - Edward Hayden, sergeant
Deputy Registrar of Births, Deaths &           
Marriages - Hector M'Cay                       
Blackall & M'Donagh


Leonard Henry J.W.


Caulfield Patrick
Flannigan Stephen

Dispensary - Henry J.W. Leonard, surgeon
Dominican Convent, Esker - The Very Rev. M. Blake, prior
Registers of Births, Deaths, & Marriages -Henry J.W. Leonard
Sessions House - Hector M'Cay, clerk

To WESTPORT, a Mail Car, at half-
past one morning, goes through
Tuam, Hollymount & Claremorris

On the Midland Great Western Line.
Station close to the town (on the north
side) - James Thompson Garven,
station master.