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Slater'S  Directory Of Ireland

A Market town, in the parish and barony of its name, county 
of Galway, is 109 w. by s. from Dublin, 23 east from 
Galway,and 26 south by east from Tuam; pleasantly situated 
on the banks of Loughrea Lake, the water of which is said to 
be supplied by seven distinct springs, called the 'Seven 
Sisters.' Its length north-westward is one mile and a half, 
its extreme breadth on mile and its area comprises about 
seven hundred and sixty acres. It is said to contain no fish 
but pike, and its water to be unfit for culinary purposes. 
Loughrea was formerly garrisoned, and the remains of its 
walls are yet visible; there are also the remains of an old 
castle, and a monastery-the former erected by the Earl of 
Ulster at an early period, the latter founded for Carmelite 
or white friars by Richard de Burgh, in the year 1300; 
adjoining it a very neat chapel has been erected, through 
the exertions of the Rev. Miles Gannon. There is also a 
convent for nuns of the Carmelite order, founded about the 
year 1680, and removed to its present site in 1829, when the 
building, including a chapel, was erected, under the 
direction of the prior of the abbey at a cost	of £5,000, 
defrayed from the funds of the nunnery. On the north side of 
the town is a fine gravelled walk, called the Mall, shaded 
by lofty trees, which forms a delightful promenade. The 
town, which is the property of the Earl of Clanricarde, who 
resides at Portumna, consists of several streets, many of 
the houses of which are neat and well built. The government 
of the town is seated in a seneschal, who holds a memorial 
court occasionally; and in a court-house, erected in 1821, 
general sessions are held twice a year, and petty sessions 
once a week. The other public secular buildings are a 
barrack, a bridewell, a linen-hall, and a workhouse. There 
are two branch banks, an extensive and long-established 
brewery, two tanneries, six corn mills, and three hotels-the 
latter all situated in Main-street, which is the principal 
business thoroughfare. The parish church is a handsome 
edifice with a fine steeple, erected in 1821. The Roman 
Catholic chapel, lately rebuilt, is a noble and commodious 
structure, with a tower containing one large bell. The 
principal charitable institutions are a dispensary, and 
several schools for the education of the poor. A mechanics' 
institute, which has lately been established, is in a 
flourishing state. The market days are Thursday and 
Saturday-the former is the principal. Fairs, February 11th, 
May 25th, August 20th and December 5th. The population of 
the parish, in 1841, was 7,152 and that of the town 5,458 

POST OFFICE- Main street, Guy Armstrong, Postmaster. Letters 
from Dublin and various parts arrive every morning at twenty 
minutes past eight, and are despatched thereto every evening 
at eighteen minutes before five, and are despatched thereto 
every morning at twenty minutes past eight.

Letters from Gort arrive every afternoon at ten minutes past 
four, and are despatched thereto every morning at half past 
eight-Letters from Woodford arrive (by foot messenger) every 
afternoon at twenty minutes past five, and are despatched 
thereto every morning at half past eight.


Blake Henry, Esq. Dartfield
Blake John Henry, Esq. Rathville
Blake Martin K., Raford
Blake Thomas Esq. Brooklong
Bricknell Jethro John, Esq. J.P.
Bricknell Mrs. Mary, Bride st.
Brunskill Rev. John, Abbey View
Burke Denis, Esq, Fortlands
Burke Dominic Joseph Brown, Esq.
     Killimer Castle
Burke James Hardiman, Esq. St.
Burke James Ulick, Esq. Carokeen
Burke Sir John, Bart. Marble Hill
Burke John , Esq. Lake View
Burke the Misses, Cross st
Burke Patrick, Esq. Ballybroder
Burke Thomas, Esq, Ballydugan
Clarke Hyacinth Esq, Curraroe Lodge
Coen Right Rev. Thomas, D.D.P.P.
     and Bishop of Clonfert, Bride st
D'Arcy James, Esq, Eden Hill
D'Arcy, Robert, Esq. Woodville
Daly Denis, Esq. Dunsandle
Daly James, Esq. Castle Daly
Deane Miss Margaret, Kelly lane
Dennis Jno. Esq, Carraroe, Bookeen
Dolphin Oliver, Esq. Turoe
Dolphin Paul, Esq. Moor st
Dolphin Peter, Esq. Deansfort
Fahey Rev. William, Friary
Farrell Charles, Esq. Dalystown
Gabbott Rev. Henry, Main st
Gannon Rev. Miles, friary
Hemsworth Capt. Thos. Barrack st.
Lynch Wm. Power, Esq. Eden Hill
Lynch Charles Esq Cross st.
Lynett Miss Eleanor Cross st
M'Dermott Michael, Esq. Streamstown
Macklin Rev. John P.P. Moor st
Mahony George Esq. Bararck st
Molony Rev John, Main st
Nolan John Daly, Esq. New Park
O'Brady The Honble. and Rev.
     William, Killinan
O'Reilly Rev. Peter, friary
Persse Burton, Esq. Moyode Castle
Persse Dudley, Esq. Roxborough
Persse Holt Henry, Esq. Castleboy
Pigott Captain Henry, Eagle Hill
Pigott Captain William, Main st
Ridge the Misses, Bride st
Skerrett Patrick, Esq. Cross st
Smyth James, Esq. Mason brook
Whelan Rev. Joseph H. R.C.C.
     Dunkellin street
White Mrs. John, Dunkellin st


Agricultural School, Coscorrig-
     James M'Leland, master
Curran Ellen, (ladies'), Dunkellin st
Gibbons Budelia, Moor st
Gibbons Christopher, Cross st
M'Hugh John, Kell's lane
National School, Abbey lane-
     Murtah Hogan, master; Elizabeth
     Hogan, mistress
O'Brien John, Abbey lane
Parochial School, Pigott's lane-
     James Brown, master


Cloran John Joseph, Main st
Dolan Daniel, Main st
Hughes Thomas, Main st
Skerrett Edward, Main st


Geoghegan Jno. (& builder), Barrack
O'Brien Samuel, Dunkellin st


Banfield Andrew John, Bride st
Dolphin Henry, Summer Hill
Joyce William, Bride st
Macklin Joseph (land agent to the
     Sun Fire Assurance Co) Moor st
Ridge Joseph Henry, Bride st
Silk Edmund, Barrack st
Smyth John, Barrack st
Walshe Thomas, Mob Hill


Brennan Joseph, Barrack st
M'Hugo Patrick, Cross st


Armstrong Guy, Main st
Callanan Mary, Main st
Callanan Patrick, Main st
Cloran John, Main st
Dolphin Martin, Main st
Flynn John, Main st
M'Tigue John, Mob hill
Mungan John, Main st
Meercs Patrick, Mob hill
Sheil Patrick, Main st
Silk Robert, Main st


Dublin Banking Company, Main
     st.-Mr. John Stratford, manager
National Bank of Ireland, Main
     street (draws on Barnett's, Hoare
     & Co. London)- Mr. Jeremiah
    O'Leary, manager


Callanan John, Church lane
Fahey John, Cross st
Joyce Dominic, Bride st
Joyce Michael, Bride st
Moran Francis, Bride st
Nevin William, Barrack st


Kelly Thomas (and printer), Main st
Nolan Ann (stationer) Main st


Burke Martin, Chruch lane
Cain John, Bride st
Coen Thomas, Barrack st
Gibbons James, Church lane
Kelly John, Bride st
Madden Denis, Dunkellin st
Madden John, Kelly's lane
Oliver William, Mob hill
Tressy William, Bride st
Winter John, Mob hill
Young Eleanor, Main st
Young James, Main st


Fahy Lawrence, Lake side


Callanan Thomas, Mob hill
Fahy John, Main st
Fallon Paul, Main st
Haverty Paul, Main st
Hickey Patrick, Church lane


Brizil Nicholas, Moor st
Culleen Michael, Moor st
Culleen Peter, Moor st
Cunniffe Thomas, Barrack st
Hanley John, Bride st
Hanlon Willian, Athenry road


Delany John, Dunkellin st
O'Grady Martin, Church lane


Bermingham Margaret, Main st
Burke Michael, Main st
Burne Patrick, Main st
Cullanan Patrick, Main st
Davy Andrew, Main st
Davy Margaret, Main st
Donohoe Patrick, Main st
Fahy John, Main st
M'Carthy Patrick, Main st


Hardiman Calestus, Main st
Nevin John, Main st

See Linen Drapers & Haberdashers

(See also Public Houses)

Carroll Bridget, Main st
Lynch Thomas, Main st
Williams Maria, Main st


M'Carthy Patrick, Main st
Macklin Thomas, Main st
Madden John, Main st
Martin James, Church lane
Molloy Peter, Main st
Smyth Samuel, Main st


Finerty John, Kelly's lane
Hanrahan Hubert, Church lane
Keating Michael, Main st
Lynch John (& tinner), Barrack st
Young Jas (& shoe maker), Main st


Broderick Sylvester, Main st
Davy Margaret, Main st
Fahey Thomas, Main st
Hoyle Margaret, Main st
Kelly Patrick, Main st
M'Carthy William, Main st
Mulkern Thomas, Main st
O'Flyn James, Main st


Barrett James, Barrack st
Butler Richard John, West bridge
Butler Thomas, Athenry road
Gibbon John, Main st
O'Flaherty John, Church lane
Tierney John, Cross st


Armstrong Guy, Riverville
Daly Isabella, White Mills
Fallon John, Ballingarry
Killeen Edward, Ballingarry
Nevin Michael, Ballygasty
O'Brien Samuel, Cross st


Cloran Henry, Bride st
Lynch Francis, Bride st
M'Donnell Walter, Main st


Bradley Denis, Kill's lane
Burke Patrick, Barrack st
Cosgrave Michael, Barrack st
Dimond John, Barrack st
Daly Bridget, Main st
Hanrahan Hubert, Church lane
Hardy Elliott, Mob hill
Haverty Michael, Barrack st
Hayes Mary, Main st
Healy Thomas, Bridet st
Heavy Michael, Dunkellin st
Horan Thomas, Main st
Lynch Ann, Main st
Moran Edward, Main st
Mulkern Mary,Main st
Pelley Mary, Main st
Scully Stephen, Church lane
Sheil John, Barrack st
Tarphy Mary, Main st


Fahy Timothy, Main st
Shadwell George, Mob hill


Armstrong William, Main st
Cahill John, Church lane
Callanan Mary, Main st
Cloran John, Main st
Donohoe Michael, Main st
Goodman Mary,Main st
Higgiston Patrick, Athenry road
Lloyd Elizabeth, Bride st
Mahon Patrick, Mob hill
Murphy William, Main st
Nevin John, Main st
O'Brien Mary, Main st
O'Geoghegan Mary, Main st
O'Loughlin Timothy, Main st
Quirke Laurence, Main st


Daly Martin, West bridge
Gore Anthony, Dunkellin st

See Physicians and Surgeons


Cahalan John, Moor st
Dolan John, Dunkellin st
Ford John, Galway road
Hall John, Church lane
Money Charles, Barrack st
Whelan Laurence, Abbey lane


Bohan Anne, Dunkellin st
Hanrahan Mary, Church lane
Moran Edward, Main st


Burke Joseph, Abbey lane
Lynch John, Barrack st


Lalor John, Mob hill
Mulkern Eleanor, Main st


Carter Samuel, Main st
Larkin Denis, Main st


Brown James, cabinet maker, Moor st
Clayton Wm, mail coach, office Bride st
Conroy James, clothes dealer, Main st
Cowen John, pawnborker, Main st
Coy James, tin-plat worker, Dunkellin st
Fahy James, cloth draper, Dunkellin st
Fahy Michael, dyer, Dunkellin st
Flynn Michael, wood card maker,
     Dunkellin st
Harlow Henry, glover, Main st
Hemsworth Michael, cooper, Bride st
Kelly Johannah, fent dealer, Main st
Kennedy James, gunsmith, Kelly's lane

Madden Stephen, commissioner for taking
    affidavits and master extra in chancery,
     Main street
O'Meara Eleanor, milliner & dressmaker,
     Main st
Staunton Patrick, earthenware dealer,
     Main st
Watkins Thomas, whitesmith, Galway road

And Their Ministers

Parish Church, Church lane- Rev.
     Samuel Medlicott, pastor, Guernsey,
     Rev. Henry Gabbott, curate, Main st
Roman Catholic Chapel, Cross st-
     Right Rev. Thomas Coen, D.D.
     parish priest and bishop of the
     diocess of Clonfert, Bridet st; Rev.
     John Molony, Main street, and
     Rev. Joseph Henry Whelan, Mob hill,
Abbey Convent and Friary-
     (Carmelite Order) Abbey lane-Rev.
     Miles Gannon, superior
Mount Carmel Convent-Mount
     Carmel-Julia Lynch, superioress


Ball and Billiard Rooms, Barrack st
Barrack (Constabulary), Barrack st-
     William Lew, inspector; Christopher
     German, sub-inspector
Barrack (Military), Barrack st-Captain
     Hughes, barrack master
Barrack (Revenue Police), Bride st-
     Thomas E. Langley, inspector; Barry
     Hewitt, Lieutenant.
Bridewell, Lake side-Maria Nether-
     cott, governess
Court House, Barrack st
Dispensary, Bride st-Henry Cloran,
     M.D., medical attendant
Excise Office, Moor street-Robert
     Young, superior
Fever Hospital, Mount Pleasant-F.
    Lynch, M.D. and W. M'Donnell,
    M.D., medical attendants.
Linen Hall, Barrack street
Mechanics' Institution, Main street
Stamp Office, Main street- Guy
     Armstrong, sub-distributor
Subscription News Room, at Mrs.
     William's Hotel, Main st


To Dublin, the Royal Mail (from
     Galway) calls at Lynch's Hotel every
     evening at five; goes through Ballina-
     sloe, Athlone, Monte, Kilbeggan,
     Beggar's Bridge, Kinnegad, Clonard,
     Maynooth and Leixlip.
To Ballinasloe, a Car, from Carroll's
     Hotel, every day at five.
To Ennis, a Car from Carroll's Hotel
     every afternoon (Sunday excepted)
     at one; goes through Gort
To Galway, the Royal Mail (from
    Dublin) calls at Lynch's Hotel every
     morning at eight-and a Car from
     Carroll's Hotel every afternoon at one