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Pigot'S Directory Of Ireland

     A Port town, and fair town in the county of Galway, and 
province of Connaught, is eighty-four miles west by south of 
Dublin, eighteen south-east of Tuam, and twenty east by 
south of Galway. The town is pleasantly situated on the 
banks of a beautiful lake, which is five miles in 
circumference, and extends over a surface of not less than 
1220 acres. This lake is said to be supplied by seven 
distinct springs, called the seven sisters. Loughrea was 
formerly garrisoned and the remains of its walls are yet 
visible. A new church was erected here in 1821, which is a 
handsome edifice with a fine steeple; and the Catholic 
chapel is a good slated building. Here are also the remains 
of an old castle, and a monastery for Carmelite or white 
friars, said to have been erected by Richard de Burgh, Earl 
of Ulster, in the year 1300; and adjoining to it a very neat 
chapel. The other public buildings are the two barracks, one 
for cavalry the other for infantry; the linen hall; and the 
court house erected in 1821, in which the sessions are held 
twice a year, and a court for the recovery of debts once a 
week. The charitable institutions are a dispensary, and 
several schools for the education of the poor. On the north 
side of the town is a delightful gravel walk overshadowed by 
lofty trees; it is the promenade of the place, and for its 
beauty not exceeded by any in this part of the kingdom. 
Loughrea is the property of the Earl of Clanrickard, who 
resides at Portumna. The government of the town is vested in 
a seneschal. There are no manufactories, but an extensive 
market is held on Thursday, and another for meat on 
Saturday. The fairs are on the 11th of February, the 25th 
and 26th of May, the 20th of August and the 5th of December. 
Population near 8000.

Church Lane-Postmaster, Mr. Thos. Clutterbuck. The mail is 
sent to Dublin daily at two in the afternoon by the Galway 
mail, and returns daily at twelve. The Gort and Ennis mails 
arrive at eleven, and are despatched at a quarter past 
twelve by horse. Office hours from seven in the morning till 
eleven at night.

Blake Peter, esq, Corbally            
Bricknell J.J, esq, J.P.              
Brown Denis, esq.                     
Butler Major                          
Burke Sir John, Marble-hill           
Burke John, esq, Clareville           
Burke J.H., esq St Clerans            
Burke Wm. Esq, Ballydugan             
Coen Rev. Thomas                      
Daly Arthur Henry, esq, Ballydavid    
Daly Dominick, seq, Mount Pleasant    
Daly Hyacinth, esq, Bride-st          
Daly James, esq, M.P. Dunsandle       
Daly Malachy, esq. Mount Pleasant     
Daly Malachy esq, Kaford              
Daly Thos., esq                       
D'Arcy John esq, Kiltolla           
D'Arcy Robt. Esq. Woodville         
Dolphin Henry Joseph, esq., Summer-hill                    
Donahan M, esq., Ballydonelan       
Galvin Rev. Peter P.C.              
Gannon Rev. M, Convent              
Hemsworth Capt. Bridge              
Hemsworth Wm. esq.                  
Herne Edmund, esq, Hernsbrook       
Joynt Captain                       
Kelly John, esq, Carrow             
Kelly Pat, esq, Hollyhill           
Kilkelly Daniel, esq. Lisedneta     
Kilkenny John, esq.                 
Kilkinton Rev. J., Riverville       
Lambert James, esq, Creggaelara     
Macklin Wm, esq.
McDermott ___, esq, Ramore
McHugo Walter, esq. Grousehill
McNevin Daniel esq.
Medicott Rev. Saml.
Morgan Chas., esq, Monksfield
Persse Burton, esq, Persse Lodge
Persse Robt, esq, Roxborough
Persse Rt. Parsons, esq, Castleboy
Pierse, Capt. Barrack
Pigott Captain
Power Dav. B. esq, Cottage
Rathbone Richd. Esq, Ballymore
Silk Edmund, esq, Seneschal, Church-lane
Smith James, esq.
Smith John, esq.
Usher ____, esq, Eastwell

Clorin Eliza, Main-st                
Joyes -----, Main-st                 
O'Farrill Thos. Main-st              
Dolphin Hen. J. Summer-hill          
       & 39 Capel-st, Dublin         
McNiven Danl. & middle Garden-       
     st. Dublin                      
Ridge Jos. Henry, Bride-st           
Walsh Thos. Main-st.                 
Armstong Guy, Main-st                
Calnan Mames, Main-st                
Donohoe Michael, Main-st             
Greene Wm., Main-st                  
Patterson Cath., Main-st             
Thompson John, Main-st               
Richardson P.B. (and printers),      
Connolly John, Barrack-st           
Lynch James, Church-lane            
Madden John, Church-lane            
Oliver Wm., Bride-st
Young James, Main-st                
Egan Wm.
           CABINET MAKERS           
Coward Pat, Barrack-st              
Cunniff Thos. Main-st            
Davey Catherine, Main-st
Finnerty Ann, Main st               
Coglan James, Main-st               
Corcoran Humphrey, Main-st          
Cunniff Christopher, Main-st
Daly John, Main-st
Dorgan Thos. Main-st
Fahy Lawrence, Main-st
Kelly Mary, Main-st
Kerrigan Thos, Main-st
Oghan Mary, Main-st
Whyte John, Main-st

Carr Bell, Main-st
Broderick Sylvester, Main-st

Coghlan James, Main-st
Cowan Jeremiah, Main-st
Hickey James, Main-st
Madden John, Main-st
Whyte John, Main-st

Glennan John, Main-st
Keating Michael, Main-st
Lynch John, Main-st
Whyte John, Main-st

Clarke Thos., Church-lane             
Coglan James, Main-st                 
Corcoran Humphrey, Main-st            
Daly John, Main-st                    
Fahy Laurence, Main-st                
Fahy Thos, Main-st                    
Mulkern Thos., Main-st                
Whelan James, Main-st                 
        PAINTERS AND GLAZIERS         
Brown John, Barrack-st                
Flaherty John, Barrack-st             
Larkin Simon, Barrack-st              
Morrissy Thos., Bride-st              
Lynch Wm, Main-st                     
Mahony Jos, Barrack-st                
McDonnell Walter, Main-st             
Shadwell Thos. Barrack-st             
Carroll James                         
Clarke Wm.                            
Costello James, Barrack-st            
Cunniff John, Main-st                 
Deely Denis, Main-st                  
Dolphin Michael, Barrack-st           
Dolphin John, Main-st                 
Dunn Edmund, Main-st                  
Fahy Wm., Main-st                     
Hardy Elliott, Main-st                
Lawler Eliza, Main-st                 
Mahon John, Main-st                   
Molony John                           
Morrissy Thos, Bride-st
Mulkern Anthony, Main-st
Mullin Lawrence, Main-st
Murphy Wm., Main-st                 
O'Shaughnessy Mich., Bride-st       
Pendergast Thos., Main-st
Roland Miles, Bridge                
Sammon John, Main-st                
Strong Pat, Main-st                 
Cloran Edmund, Main-st              
Shadwell, John, Main-st
Daly John, Abbey-lane               
Kelly Barthow., Bride-st            
Lyons Dennis, Church-lane
Mulkern Owen, Main-st               
Bohan Catherine, Barrack-st         
Dolan John, Main-st                 
Maher Michael, Main-st              
Lynch John, Main-st                 
Cheevers Pat, Main-st               
Corcoran Humphrey, Main-st          
Mulkern, Wm., Main-st               
            WATCH MAKERS            
Larkin Denis, Main-st               
Nolan John, Main-st                 
Corcoran Humphrey, Main-st
Fahy Lawrence, Main-st
Whyte John, Main-st

Clarke Denis, timber merchant, Barrack-st
Davy Margt., drug dealer, Main-st
Mahon Andrew, confectioner, Church-lane
Smith Saml., nailor, Main-st
White Pat.,hat manufacturer

           EXCISE OFFICE
Mr. Michael Burke, collector
Mr. Michael Mulleny, pro-collector

            STAMP OFFICE
Mr. Wm. Kelly, distributor

DUBLIN- The Mail from the Coach-
office, Main-street, through Ballina
sloe, Athlone moat & Kinnegard, daily at
BELMOUNT, The Canal Coach, from
the Hotel, Barrack-street, on Tues-
days, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at
ten; and returns on Mondays, Wed-
nesdays, and Fridays, at half-past 3.
GALWAY- The Mail, from the Coach-
office, Main-st., daily at quarter be-
fore twelve.
GALWAY-The Canal Coach, from the
Hotel, Barrack-st. on Mondays, Wed-
nesdays and Fridays and returns on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.