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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: October 11, 1795
Recorded: October 26, 2017

In the Name of God Amen I Hugh O'Flaherty of Enniskillen 
and County of Farmanagh Merchant finding my health a little 
impared but being of Perfect memory and understanding thanks 
be to Almighty God for it do settle & adjust my worldly 
concerns in manner following Viz First I bequeath my Soul 
to Almighty God and my body to be interred among my 
Ancestors and my funeral Expences to be paid by my Executors 
hereafter mentioned and after the payment of my said Debts I 
order my Executors to ake an Inventory of all my stock in 
trade with all my household furniture my outstanding Debts 
and all my Book Accounts with all my Bonds Cash and every of 
my Goods & Chattles & the same to sell by Auction Private 
Contract or as my said Executors may think most convenient & 
most  profitable And the same to be made in two equal shares 
and to my beloved Wife Hanna O'Flaherty I leave and 
bequeath the one half of the same also a house and Tenement 
I hold in Ballyshannon during her life and my dwellinghouse 
wherein I live during the Minority of my Son Hugh 
O'Flaherty now Aged on the fourth of November 1795 eight 
Years old she my said Wife to Cloath and Educate my said Son 
until he come of Age without any charge to him whatever and 
to my said Son Hugh O'Flaherty I leave & bequeath the other 
half or share and the same to be put to Interest by my 
Executors until he comes of Age and then to be put into his 
actual possession by my Executors together with my 
dwellinghouse wherein I now live and also all the Yearly 
profits arising to me out of the houses in the Town of 
Enniskillen and at my wife's decease if he survives her to 
have all and every my house and Tenement in the Town of 
Ballyshannon only reserving out of Wm Wilson's Tenement & 
house to my Brother John Flaherty the Yearly sum of two 
Guineas during said lease the same to commence two years 
after my decease and paid half Yearly and to my Niece 
Margaret O'Flaherty I leave and bequeath the sum of Five 
Guineas sterling and to my Niece Jane O'Flaherty I bequeath 
the like sum of Five Guineas sterling the same to be paid 
to Margret one Year after my decease out of Willm Wilson's 
Tenement and to Jane the Year following out of said Tenement 
as the rent becomes due or payable and if my said Brother 
John O'Flaherty shall die before Wm Wilson's lease be 
expired that the sd bequeathed sum of two Guineas shall go 
to the use of my said Son Hugh O'Flaherty and as to my 
Interest in an East India Ticket left me by my Uncle Bryan 
O'Flaherty I leave the one half to my said Brother if he be 
living at the time it may be recovered if not the whole to 
my Son and if my said Son shall die before he comes of age I 
order my Executors to make four equal shares of what his 
part may be and Pay to my said Wife one fourth of the same 
and to my said Brother one fourth share and to Margaret 
Stinson Wife to John Stinson Tobacconist Dublin one fourth 
part and to my Cousins Edward and John O'Flaherty Tobacco 
and SnuF Manufacturers Dublin one fourth share and Lastly I 
constitute ordain and appoint my trusty & well beloved 
Friends John Stinson Tobacconist Dublin and Wm Crooke 
Enniskillen Chandler & Thos Irvine Merchant Enniskillen my 
whole and sole Executors to this my last Will and Testament 
& revoking all will and wills by me formerly made do 
Constitute this my last In Witness whereof I have hereunto 
set my hand and seal this eleventh day of October in the 
Year of our Lord 1795 five Hugh O'Flaherty Signed sealed & 
acknowledged by the Testator in the presence of us Wm 
Crook//Robert Mc Clellan//Wm Maguire
22 July 1818 Administration with Will annexed to Hugh 
O'Flaherty William Crooke and Thomas Irvine the surviving 
Executors having renounced
PCC Prob11/606