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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: October 2, 1829
Recorded: April 25, 2019

Extracted from her Majesty's Court of Prerogative in Ireland
In the Name of God Amen I James King of Knock Galleymore in 
the County of Fermanagh being of sound mind and memory do 
make and Publish this my last Will and Testament which is to 
hold in force in manner following that is to say I first 
direct that all my just debts and funeral expences shall be 
paid and whereas I have left four thousand pounds to my dear 
Son Gilbert King as a provision for him on his marriage by 
handing over to Trustees named in his marriage settlement a 
mortgage for three thousand pounds on Mr Fox a bond of five 
hundred pounds of the late Lord Tyrarolys (?) and five 
hundred pounds in the 5 Pr Ct Stock and whereas I have 
heretofore purchased a Troop in the 4th Dr Guds for my dear 
son John King which together with a mortgage for two 
thousand pounds on the Estate of Croasdale Molony Esq I have 
settled upon him on his marriage as in his marriage 
settlement more particularly states And Whereas under and by 
virtue of my marriage settlement bearing date the 19th day 
of May 1783 the sum of six thousand pounds was vested in 
Trustees for the use of the Children of said marriage in 
such shares and proportions as I should by my last Will and 
Testament direct limit and appoint I now dispose of same 
pursuant to such power in the following manner I leave and 
bequeath the sum of four thousand pounds part of said sum of 
six thousand pounds to my beloved daughter Catherine King 
and I leave the sum of eight hundred pounds other part 
thereof to each of my Sons Gilbert and John King and I leave 
to my Son Gilbert King the residue of said sum of six 
thousand pounds being four hundred pounds in trust that he 
the said Gilbert King shall and will place out at interest 
the said sum of four hundred pounds the interest of which is 
to be paid for my daughter Elizabeth King's use during her 
life and after her death I leave the said sum of four 
hundred pounds to my son Gilbert King and his Heirs I leave 
to my son John King two hundred pounds to be added to the 
above eight hundred to make up one thousand pounds I leave 
and bequeath to my beloved daughter Catherine King a 
mortgage for five thousand pounds which I have on the Estate 
of Sir Henry Brooke of Colebrooke I leave to my sons Gilbert 
and John King the profit rent of £89 being the profit rent 
out of the Lands of Cara in the County of Fermanagh In trust 
that they shall pay and apply the same for the maintenance 
and use of my daughter Elizabeth King during her life and 
after her decease I leave and bequeath such profit rent to 
my son Gilbert King and his Heirs I also leave him and his 
Heirs All my Plate wishing him to accommodate my dear Sister 
in law and my daughter Catherine with what they may require 
for their present use whereas I am entitled under the Will 
of my late brother Sir Gilbert King to the different farms 
therein mentioned in the County of Leitrim I bequeath the 
same to my son Gilbert King and his Heirs and all my 
interest therein I bequeath the House and Demesne of 
Knockballymore together with Hay Oats and Implements of 
husbandry on said Demesne together with all the furniture 
and wine to my Son John King the Stock I wish to be equally 
divided between him and my son Gilbert which I am sure they 
will settle amicably I give to my dearly beloved sister in 
law Lady Catherine Creighton as a small token of my regard 
the sum of five hundred pounds as also the furniture and 
Wine which may belong to me at the time of my decease in the 
House Gt Geo. St. Dublin I also leave to my said sister in 
law and my daughter Catherine the House linen at K B More I 
also leave them my Carriage Carriage Horses and Harness I 
request my Executors will pay to my faithful Servants James 
Kennedy and Edward Rowland one year's wages over and above 
what wages may be due to them at the time of my decease I 
hereby appoint my son Gilbert King Residuary Legatee I wish 
that my remains may be deposited in Lord Erners family vault 
in N E Butler where my dear Wife's remains were sent I 
hereby nominate and appoint my dear Sister in Law Lady 
Catherine Creighton and my brother in law the Honble John 
Creighton Executors of this my last Will and Testament to 
which I subscribe my name and affix my seal this second day 
of October 1829 James King _ witness present James Kennedy _ 
Edward Rowland
9 May 1835 Administration with Will annexed to Revd Gilbert 
King the Son the Executors the Honorable John Creighton and 
Lady Catherine Creighton Spinster having renounced
PCC Prob11/1816