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Source: National Archives London
Written: February 12, 1822
Recorded: February 17, 2020

Extracted from the Registry of His Majestys Court of 
Prerogative in Ireland 
In the Name of God Amen I William Gamble of Duros in the 
County of Fermanagh Seign do make this my last Will and 
Testament in manner following Whereas my Agents Messrs 
Elmsley and Stooks in London furnished me with an Account 
current balance in my favour one thousand two hundred and 
six pounds ten shillings Ster of that sum I leave and 
bequeath to my Son David Gamble the Interest of three 
hundred and fifty pounds during his natural life and after 
his decease the said sum of three hundred and fifty pounds 
to be paid his Son William Gamble with a discretionary power 
however in my Executor hereafter named to pay any part or 
the whole of the said three hundred and fifty pounds on 
taking their joint receipts if he shall think it forward 
their mutual Interests I leave also to my Grandson Joe 
Gamble of Durosspoint Son to the beforenamed David Gamble 
Two hundred pounds I also bequeath to my son William Gamble 
One hundred and fifty pounds To my daughter Anne Humphrys of 
Drogan One hundred pounds To each of my three daughters 
namely Sarah Henderson of Irvinestown Rachel Irwin of 
Coolgarran and Media Rutledge the Wife of James Rutledge one 
hundred pounds to be disposed of by them by Will or 
otherwise notwithstanding the Coverture of their respective 
husbands and for which their own receipts only shall be 
sufficient To the four Daughters of Edward Breen of 
Aughalsagne my Grandchildren twenty five pounds each the 
above legacies to be paid only out of the before named 
Balance of one thousand two hundred and six pounds ten 
shillings as to the rest residue or remainder of my property 
of what kind soever or wheresoever I leave it and bequeath 
it to my before named son William Gamble of Duross whom I 
also nominate and appoint my Sole Executor to this my last 
Will and Testament hereby revoking all Wills or Will by me 
at any time heretofore made In Witness hereof I hereunto put 
my hand and seal this twelfth day of February one thousand 
eight hundred and twenty two William Gamble
(Attestation Clause)
Baptist Scott _ James Frith _ Samuel Gamble
Proved at London 21 April 1825
PCC Prob11/1697