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Source:  St Patrick's Well

St Patrick's Holy Well

This Sacred well was a Lughnasa site ( an accent harvest 
festival setting). Past generations held that St Patrick 
came here and christened it. the Stations are made from the 
last Sunday in July to 15th August, they are traditionally 
performed in bare feet. the church ruins (may be 10th 
Century) opposite are part of the stations. The estimated 
yield of the water is 600 gallons per minute. Cures are said 
to be wrought for nervous disorders and stomach ailments.

A history and Pilgram's manual may be obtained from the 
Leonard family at the bungalow opposite.

Pilrams unable to go through the water in bare feet may say 
prayers at the 'Eve of the Well" i.e. The starting point.

Lough MacNean Tourism Initiative. 

Additional Comments:
The local tourism board is alledgedly starting Pilgrimage 
that will appeal to hikers, bikers and others to attract 
people such as though that hike the Camino Santiago in 
Spain. It is stunningly beautiful area and would be a 
wonderful path.