Fermanagh - Yearly Rent Roll - Lease of Lives 1778

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Report Of The Commissioners On The Established Church  1868. 
Yearly Rent Roll Of The Estate In The County Fermanagh, 
Belonging To The Governors Of Vaughan'S Charity, Erected And 
Endowed Under The Last Will And Testament Of George Vaughan, 
Esq. Deceased. Tubbrit School. 

Cornacrea.           John WILSON.                 £6.10.      MERVYN ARCHDALL, son of MERVYN ARCHDALL, Esq. of Castle Archdall.                         
Crullen.             Chas and Sam SPROULE.        £24.7.6.    GEORGE SPROULE the Lessee, JOSEPH and CHARLES SPROULE, sons of CHARLES SPROULE.           
Drumcurrin East.     Art. Johnston, Ed. LIPSETT.  £11.0.6.    EDWARD LIPSETT, son of EDWARD LIPSETT, the Lessee.                                        
Drumcurrin South.    Anth. Lipsett, Geo. BARTON.  £10.8.10.   JOHN JOHNSTON, son of ROBERT of Stoneville. JOHN BARTON, son of GEORGE,the Lessee.        
Drumcurrin North.    Edward JOHNSTON.             £9.19. 5.   JOHN, GEORGE, and LANCELOT JOHNSTON, sons of EDWARD, the lessee.                          
Cloncl Rock.         John GUIN.                   £16.10.0.   GUSTAVUE GUIN, son of JOHN GUIN, the lessee.                                              
East by Doorah.      David IRVINE.                £17.2.11.   ARTHUR, son of Rev. HOWARD ST. JOHN, and WM. IRVINE, Grandson of DAVID, Lessee.           
South. Doorah.       William IRVINE.              £16.11.10   WILLIAM, the Lessee, WILLIAM son of Lessee, ARTHUR, son of Rev. HOWARD ST. GEORGE.        
North Doorah.        Robert CAMPBELL.             £13.9.0.    WILLIAM, son of Lessee. JOHN son of WILLIAM NEILSON, of Cosbystown, age 12 years.         
Camplony.            James SQUARE.                £34.9.0.    ARTHUR, son of Rev. HOWARD, ST. GEORGE.                                                   
Great Caddy.         John HUMPHRYS.               £16.6.3.    Mervyn, WILLIAM, and Edward Archdall, sons of Mervyn Archdall, Esq.                       
Drumrush and Island. Robert JOHNSTON.             £40.15.0.   ALEXANDER and JOHN, sons of Robert, the lessee.                                           
Little Doorah, East. Will STEWART, Tho. IRVINE.   £24.3.0.    WILLIAM ARCHDALL, Son of MERVYN, and ARTHUR, son of Rev. HOWARD ST. GEORGE.               
Doorah Middle.       Robert ARMSTRONG.            £19.8.1.    ROBERT ARMSTRONG, the lessee.                                                             
Letterkeen.          Ger. BRANDON.                £17.4.1.    Lieut General ARCHDALL, and ARTHUR, son of Rev. HOWARD ST. GEORGE.                        
Letterkeen East.     John AIKEN.                  £16.14.8.   JOHN, son of JOHN the Lessee.                                                             
Letterkeen West.     James MCGRATH.               £20.12.3.   ARTHUR, son of the Rev. HOWARD ST. GEORGE.                                                
Letterkeen North.    George WILSON.               £18.5.9.    JAMES and GEORGE, son of the Lessee.                                                      
Meaves Hill.         Henry BROOKE, Esq.           £18.1.0.    HENRY BROOKE, son of GUSTAVUS BROOKE, Esq.                                                
Druncloona.          Rob. and John ARMSTRONG.     £13.18.2.   CHRISTOPHER, son of ROBERT, the Lessee.                                                   
Feddans East.        Robert SPROULE.              £16.16.3.   ROBERT, the Lessee. ROBERT and CHARLES, his sons.                                         
Feddans West.        Wm. and Hu. KEYS.            £20.4.7.    ARTHUR, son of Rev. HOWARD ST. GEORGE.                                                    
Little Feddans.      John DEAZLEY.                £9.14.3.    THOMAS, son of JOHN, the Lessee.                                                          
Letterbay.           Chas. and Hu. KEYS.          £52.0.0.    Lieut General ARCHDALL. THOS COGHRAN of Drumboney, aged about 8 years.                    
Portanode.           Alex Young, Pat QUIN.        £35.2.0.    MERVYN ARCHDALL, of Castle Archdall, and WILLIAM, his son.                                
*Sconce Hill.                                                 
Rabbet Island.       Charles SPROULE.             £9.19.6.    Rev. Dr. HOWARD ST. GEORGE, and ARTHUR, his son.*                                         
Hare Island.         Robert JOHNSTON.             £15.15.0.   ALEXANDER and JOHN, his sons.                                                             
Muckrush.            Hugh WILSON.                 £30.10.6.   ANDREW, son of GEORGE MITCHELL, of Ballydolagh, Co. Fermanagh.                            
Roscah.              Wm. ACHESON.                 £12.14.1.   WILLIAM, the Lessee. JOHN BARTON, son of ALEXANDER, gone to America.                      
*Mill and Tenement.                                           
Kesh.                Wm. and Guy ACHESON.         £18.0.0.    WILLIAM GRAHAM, age 12, son of THOMAS. DAVID GREGG, age 24, of Pettigo.*                  
Customs of Kesh.     William ACHESON.             £7.5.0.     Lease to WILLIAM ACHESON for 21 years, from the 1st May, 1799.                            
*Roscolban.                                       £8.5.0.     Of these three, we receive a Chief Rent only, being leases for ever.                      
Clareview.                                        £4.12.0.    The Leases purchased by GEORGE VAUGHAN. Esq.                                              
Drumnarullagh.       All Fee Farms.               £1.0.4.     

The Leases for lives all bear the same date, namely 20th 
Jan. 1778. They are leased for three different lives:, None 
of these leases have fallen, as may be seen in the above 
return of the surviving lives. HUGH TUTHILL. Rector of the 
Parish of Drumakeeran, Govenor and Chaplain.