Church: FERMANAGH, Marriages recorded in Springfield Methodist Circuit 1879 - 1928
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*All marriages by Licence

ROW     DATE            GROOMS NAME          GROOMS            AGE       STATUS      OCCUPATION                   ABODE                                      GROOMS FATHER			 OCCUPATION                           BRIDES NAME               BRIDES SURNAME             AGE       OCCUPATION                ABODE                                    BRIDES FATHER                OCCUPATION   MARRIED/RECORDED BY       WITNESSES
1       8/12/1879       John                 VEITCH            Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Derrygonnelly                              William Veitch			 Farmer                               Mary Jane                 GOARLEY                    Full age    Dressmaker                Druminure (Drumanure??)                  John Goarley                 Farmer	    John Johnston           James Thomson (ss record) & Isabella Gourley
2       19/3/1890       Hugh                 MACOURT           Full age  Widower     Farmer                       Drumderg, Parish of Mullaghdun             John Macourt			 Farmer                               Ellen                     PLUNKETT                   Full age    not listed                Cleens, Parish of Devenish               Robert Plunkett              Farmer	    John Coulter            George Brownlee & ary Anne Fearis
3       25/2/1891       Thomas John          DUNDAS            Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Springfield, Enniskillen                   James Dundas			 Farmer                               Emily                     BUCHANAN                   Full age    not listed                Rosscolton (Rosscoltan??), Enniskillen   Christopher Buchanan         Farmer	    John Nichol             William Harloe Dundas & Christopher Dundas
4       27/5/1891       George               ANDERSON          Full age  Widower     Farmer                       Killyveagh Glebe, Co. Fermanagh            David Anderson			 Farmer                               Susan                     ATCHESON                   Full age    not listed                Leighan, Co. Fermanagh                   David Atcheson               Farmer	    John Nichol             Edward Scott & James Elliott
5       4/12/1891       William John         DANE              Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Blaney West, Co. Fermanagh                 William Dane (deceased)		 Farmer                               Elizabeth Jane            KEYS                       Full age    not listed                Leighan, Co. Fermanagh                   Robert Keys                  Herd	    John Hadden             Robert Stinson & Thomas Cathcart
6       13/1/1893       James                ELLIOTT           Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Leighan, Co. Fermanagh                     Thomas Elliott			 Farmer                               Rebecca                   STINSON                    Full age    not listed                Drumanure, Co. Fermanagh                 James Stinson                Farmer	    John Wright             Thomas Elliott & Robert Stinson
7       3/4/1895        James                ELLIS             Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Drumhirk, Letterbreen                      William Ellis			 Farmer                               Eliza Jane                BROWN                      Full age    not listed                Mullygarry, Letterbreen                  William Brown                Farmer	    John Wright             John Dane & Jane Buchanan
8       1/5/1895        William              HAMILTON          Full age  Bachelor    Carter                       Derrygonnelly                              James Hailton			 Farmer                               Elizabeth                 MILLAR                     Full age    not listed                Derrygonnelly                            William Millar (dec'd)       Farmer	    John Wright             Patrick McCusker & Maggie Millar
9       26/8/1896       William Arthur       THOMPSON          Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Drumaraw                                   Joseph Thompson			 Farmer                               Sarah Ann                 BOYLE                      20          not listed                Killyveagh Glebe                         Samuel Boyle                 Farmer	    James Elliott           Robert Parker & Anna M. Eames
10      17/3/1897       Edward               PLUNKETT          Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Aughrim                                    William Plunkett			 Farmer                               Eliza Jane                LUCY                       Full age    not listed                Drumcondra                               Joseph Lucy                  Farmer	    James Elliott           Robert Gregg & Emily Lucy
11      2/6/1897        James Gardener       GAMBLE            Full age  Widower     Clerk of Works               Newington Avenue, Belfast                  James Gamble			 Builder                              Sarah Emily               GRAHAM                     Full age    not listed                Crawfords Hill, Enniskillen              James Graham                 Farmer	    James Elliott           John Gibson Gillespie & Anna Elizabeth Graham
12      29/11/1897      William              FAWCETT           Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Rosscolton (Rosscoltan??)                  Robert Fawcett			 Farmer                               Alice                     EATON                      Full age    not listed                Rosscolton (Rosscoltan??)                John Eaton                   Farmer	    William Caldwell        Christopher Buchanan & Sarah Eaton
13      11/10/1899      William John         GUTHRIE           Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Croaghan                                   William Guthrie			 Farmer                               Annie Eliza               GRAHAM                     Full age    not listed                Crawfords Hill                           James Graham                 Farmer	    D.B. Hewitt             Samuel Guthrie & Leah Graham
14      6/3/1900        William John         GREGG             Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Dromore                                    William Gregg			 Farmer                               Emily                     STINSON                    Full age    not listed                Samsonagh                                Robert Stinson               Farmer	    D.B. Hewitt             William Henry Eaton & Henrietta Stinson
15      14/11/1900      Christopher          CRAWFORD          Full age  Bachelor    Clerk                        New Street, Enniskillen                    John Crawford			 Farmer                               Lizzie                    RUTHERFORD                 Full age    not listed                Market Street, Enniskillen               James Rutherford             Farmer	    Pierce Martin           Joseph Cowan & Maggie Rutherford
16      20/2/1901       William Henry        EATON             Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Rosscolton (Rosscoltan??), Springfield     John Eaton				 Farmer                               Maggie                    BOTHWELL                   Full age    not listed                Drumhirk Upper, Springfield              Alexander Bothwell           Farmer	    D.B. Hewitt             Christopher Buchanan & Rebecca Dane
17      23/9/1902       William              LITTLE            Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Lockard, Ely                               Thomas Little			 Farmer                               Jane                      BUCHANNAN                  Full age    not listed                Mullygarry                               Richard Buchannan            Farmer	    Thomas Orr              Alfred E. Gamble & Sarah A. Buchanan
18      27/7/1905       Thomas               BEATTY            Full age  Bachelor    Merchant                     Derrygonnelly                              James Beatty			 Farmer                               Susan                     REID                       Full age    not listed                Dromore, Derrygonnelly                   Joseph Reid                  Farmer	    William W. Hutchinson   William Crozier & Katie Reid
19      27/9/1905       William              MCCULLAGH         Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Crawfords Hill, Springfield                John McCullagh			 Farmer                               Mary Jane                 GRAHAM                     Full age    not listed                Crawfords Hill, Springfield              James Graham                 Farmer	    William W. Hutchinson   Robert George McCullagh, Charlotte M. Graham & Thomas Dundas
20      24/11/1905      James                BEATTY            Full age  Bachelor    Servant                      Derrygonnelly                              James Beatty			 Farmer                               Alice                     REID                       Full age    not listed                Derrygonnelly                            Joseph Reid                  Farmer	    William W. Hutchinson   William T. Beatty & Katie Reid
21      26/9/1906       James                BEATTY            Full age  Bachelor    Railway Clerk                113 Dunluce Avenue, Belfast                James Beatty			 Station Master                       Margaret                  RUTHERFORD                 Full age    not listed                Drumskimly, Derrygonnelly                James Rutherford             Farmer	    Randaus??? Philips      William Beatty & Edith Rutherford
22      29/5/1908       James                CONNOR            Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Drummoghan, Drumcose                       James Connor			 Farmer                               Agnes                     EAMES                      Full age    not listed                Crawfords Hill, Springfield              William Eames                Farmer	    Robert Knox             Alfred Connor & Jennie?? Ella Betty???
23      27/8/1909       Robert               BUCHANAN          38        Bachelor    Farmer                       Aughlish, Boho                             Arthur Buchanan			 Farmer                               Sarah Anne                BROWN                      28          Farmer's Dau.             Mullygarry, Letterbreen                  William Brown                Farmer	    Robert Knox             William John West??? & Florrie Reid
24      4/4/1917        Thoas Edward         JOHNSTON          Full age  Bachelor    Farmer                       Carrick, Derrygonnelly                     James Johnston (deceased)		 Farmer                               Annabella                 ACHESON                    22          Farmer's Dau.             Straniff (Sraniff??), Derrygonnelly      George Acheson               Farmer	    W. Telford Tennison     Edward H. Morrow & Eleanor Hassard
25      8/5/1918        William George       ACHESON           32        Bachelor    Farmer                       Straniff (Sraniff??), Derrygonnelly        George Acheson			 Farmer                               Louisa Caroline           HUNTER                     22          Farmer's Dau.             Conceroe (Concaroe??), Drumcose          John Hunter                  Farmer	    Thomas Walmsley         Thomas John Fiddis??? & Eveline B.V. Hunter
26      27/11/1919      Robert               MCCLELLAND        70        Widower     Farmer                       Sandhill, Derrygonnelly                    William McClelland (deceased)	 Farmer                               Anne Jane                 CROZIER (NEE BREEN)        42          Farmer's Dau.             Crawfords Hill, Enniskillen              William Breen                Farmer	    Thomas Walmsley         Richmond Dundas & Henrietta Dundas
27      6/10/1920       James                DANE              30        Bachelor    Farmer                       Moybrone, Letterbreen                      John Dane				 Farmer                               Elizabeth Rebecca         BUCHANAN                   28          Farmer's Dau.             Mullygarry, Boho Road, Enniskillen       Richard Buchannan            Farmer	    Thomas Walmsley         Robert Brown & May Ellis
28      12/3/1924       David Alexander      DONALDSON         29        Bachelor    Grocer                       Derrygonnelly                              David Donaldson			 Merchant                             Edith Adelaide            HUNTER                     22          Farmer's Dau.             Conceroe (Concaroe??), Drumcose          John Hunter                  Farmer	    Robert Haire            A.E. Ferguson & Victoria F. Hunter
29      4/6/1924        George Frederick     PLUNKETT          33        Bachelor    Farmer                       Brughas, Enniskillen                       Andrew Plunkett			 Farmer                               Rebecca Gertrude          DICKSON                    23          Farmer's Dau.             Donegal, Springfield, Enniskillen        John Dickson                 Farmer	    Robert Haire            Adele Laurie & Edward Dickson
30      20/4/1925       Nathaniel James      BLAKE             28        Bachelor    Conatable, R.U.C.            Newtownards Depot                          William Blake			 Farmer                               Grace Dorothy             FORD                       27          not listed                Derrygonnelly, Enniskilllen              Charles Ford                 Farmer	    Alex M. Ludlow          W.J.I. Thompson & J.V. Blake
31      29/4/1925       Robert               BROWN             27        Bachelor    Farmer                       Kilmore, Springfield                       John Brown				 Farmer                               Mary Jane                 ELLIS                      26          Farmer's Dau.             Drumherk (Drumhirk??), Letterbreen       James Ellis                  Farmer	    D.C. Hutchinson         John Brown & Maggie Ellis
32      17/9/1925       William John         WOODS             Full age  Bachelor    Methodist Minister           The Manse, Clonakilty                      Thomas Woods			 Gardener                             Lizzie Florence           COALTER                    Full age    Merchants Dau.            9 Paget Street, Enniskillen              Samuel Coalter               Merchant	    E. Whittaker            John Dickson & May Coalter
33      10/9/1928       Allan Porteous       ACHESON           32        Bachelor    Sergeant, Royal Artillery    Giltagh, Derrygonnelly                     Alexander William Acheson (dec'd)	 Retired Lieut. & Deputy Commissary   Charlotte Elizabeth       FORD                       34          Postmistress              Derrygonnelly                            Charles Ford                 Farmer	    Alex M. Ludlow          Nathaniel??? James Blake & Grace Dorothy Blake
34      26/9/1928       Robert               DUNDAS            33        Bachelor    Conatable, R.U.C.            RUC Barracks, Mountpottinger, Belfast      Hugh Dundas			 Caretaker                            Jennie                    EATON                      21          not listed                Derrygonnelly                            William Henry Eaton          Farmer	    Alex M. Ludlow          Willie Dundas & Maggie Frances Eaton

ACHESON         Allan Porteous        33
ACHESON         William George        25
ANDERSON        George                4
BEATTY          James                 20
BEATTY          James                 21
BEATTY          Thomas                18
BLAKE           Nathaniel James       30
BROWN           Robert                31
BUCHANAN        Robert                23
CONNOR          James                 22
CRAWFORD        Christopher           15
DANE            James                 27
DANE            William John          5
DONALDSON       David Alexander       28
DUNDAS          Robert                34
DUNDAS          Thomas John           3
EATON           William Henry         16
ELLIOTT         James                 6
ELLIS           James                 7
FAWCETT         William               12
GAMBLE          James Gardener        11
GREGG           William John          14
GUTHRIE         William John          13
HAMILTON        William               8
JOHNSTON        Thoas Edward          24
LITTLE          William               17
MACOURT         Hugh                  2
MCCLELLAND      Robert                26
MCCULLAGH       William               19
PLUNKETT        Edward                10
PLUNKETT        George Frederick      29
THOMPSON        William Arthur        9
VEITCH          John                  1
WOODS           William John          32