Church: Pettigo Presbyterian Church Marriages, County Fermanagh & Donegal Ireland, 1846-1871
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MARRIAGE     GROOMS             SURNAME      AGE    STATUS     OCCUPATION       ABODE                GROOM'S FATHER       FATHER'S       BRIDES        BRIDES           ABODE               BRIDES FATHER           JOB	 MARRIED          WITNESSES
10/3/1846    John               ROBINSON     40     Widower    Farmer           Gortenessy           Christopher Robinson Farmer         Catherine     WACHOB           Drumlongfield       Thomas Wachob           Farmer	 Simon Nelson     Francis (illegible) & William Robinson
19/3/1846    Andrew             KING         Full   Young man  Farmer           Drumagallagh         John King            Farmer         Jane          JOHNSTON         Rushan              Lancelott??? Johnston   Farmer	 Simon Nelson     Alicia McGir & Mary Nelson
18/4/1846    John               STRONG       Full   Young man  Farmer           Newpark              Archibald Strong     Farmer         Seragh        BURN????         Tievemore           Joseph Burn????         Farmer	 Simon Nelson     George Knox & Henry Ellis
8/10/1846    Walter???          ROBINSON     Full   Young man  Farmer           illegible            not listed           Farmer         Elizabeth     FREEBURN         Rosmore             William Freeburn        Farmer	 Simon Nelson     Thomas M----???? & (illegible) Brannigan
17/12/1846   James              HAMILTON     Full   Young man  Farmer           Tievemore            Robert Hamilton      Farmer         Mary J.       BARTLEY          Grouse Lodge        John Bartley            Farmer	 Simon Nelson     Michael Morrison & William Hamilton
11/2/1847    Irvine             MARTIN       Full   illegible  Farmer           Kimid (Kimmid?)      Kitt Martin          Farmer         Mary???       GREEN            Drumchrin           David Green             Farmer	 Simon Nelson     John Smyth & illegible
16/11/1847   William            IRVINE       22     Young man  Farmer           Claw????             Robert Irvine        Farmer         Elizabeth     CLINTON          Tullylark           James Clinton           Farmer	 John Donaldson   John Rutledge & George Rutledge
2/3/1848     Charles            JOHNSTON     Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Skey???? (Skea?)     Aurley???? Johnston  Farmer         Susana        MOORE            Rushian             Robert Moore            Farmer	 John Donaldson   Charles McCutcheon & John McCartney
15/6/1848    Robert             SPROULE      Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Ganna----????        Oliver Sproule       Farmer         Sarah         JOHNSTON         Cullion             Robert Johnston         Farmer	 John Donaldson   William J. Moore & James Hamand???
17/11/1848   Mathew             KYLE         Full   Widower    Farmer           Setaskelty           not listed           Farmer         Ellen         REID widow       Kimid (Kimmid?)     not listed              Farmer	 John Donaldson   Oliver Edwards & James Henderson
28/8/1849    Francis            HENDERSON    21     Bachelor   Coachman         Middlebrook          William Henderson    Constabulary   Maggy???      ABRAHAM          Middlebrook         Robert Abraham          Farmer	 John Donaldson   Andrew Strong & Margaret Abraham
16/11/1849   George             ALLINGHAM    23     Bachelor   Farmer           Boa Island           George Allingham     Farmer         Rebecca       ROBINSON         Kimid (Kimmid?)     Robert Robinson         Farmer	 John Donaldson   Wilkin Irvine & William Allingham
7/5/1851     John               DONALDSON    Full   Bachelor   Clergyman        Pettigo (Pettigoe?)  William Donaldson    Farmer         Laura Matilda GIVIN            Pettigo             John Givin              Gentleman    John illegible   Hamilton A. Baxter & George Marshall
28/5/1851    James              TOOTE??      22     Bachelor   Labourer         Rossharbour          William Toote??      Stone Mason    Ellen         MILLS            Rossharbour         Robert Mills            Shoemaker    John Donaldson   Robert Mills & Henry??? Creighton
19/11/1851   William            YOUNG        Full   Bachelor   Police Constable Maguiresbridge       Francis Young        Farmer         Ann           JOHNSTON         Beleek (Belleek?)   David Johnston          Innkeeper    John Donaldson   William Shaw & Robert Donaldson
23/11/1852   Thomas             ROBINSON     Full   Widower    Labourer         Brookhill            Francis Robinson     Farmer         Ann           FOSTER           Tawnawanny??        James Foster            Farmer	 John Donaldson   Christy Foster & Andrew Strong
30/6/1853    William            KNOX         19     Bachelor   Farmer           Kilmore              Christopher Knox     Farmer         Margaret Jane CUTHBERTSON      Drumlongfield       Josiah Cuthbertson      Farmer	 John Donaldson   John Maxwell & Fanny Maxwell
11/8/1853    James              HAMILTON     20     Bachelor   Labourer         Inniskil             Hugh Hamilton        Farmer         Fanny         MAXWELL          Drumlongfield       Ja---???? Maxwell       Farmer	 John Donaldson   William Knox & John Cuthbertson
21/9/1853    John               BARTON       21     Bachelor   Farmer           Drumkeeran           George Barton        Farmer         Rebecca       REID             Tievemore           James Reid              Farmer	 John Donaldson   James Reid & Ephraim Gibson
27/3/1854    Nathaniel          ALLEN        Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Scarvagherin         James Allen          Farmer         Ann Jane      ALEXANDER        Crew??              Andrew Alexander        Farmer	 John Donaldson   Jason Carson & John Givin
27/4/1854    John               BLACK        Full   Bachelor   Shepherd         Bilheiry????         Thomas Black         Farmer         Elizabeth     OGLE             Kilmore             James Ogle              Farmer	 John Donaldson   William Ogle & William Ellis
12/6/1854    William            MOORE        Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Dromore              Robert Moore         Farmer         Mary Jane     RANKIN           Edenasop            Richard Rankin          Farmer	 John Donaldson   Arthur Johnston & Richard o'Donnell
20/6/1854    William            ABRAM        Full   Bachelor   Labourer         Middlebrook          William Abram        Labourer       Mary          FITZPATRICK      Fincashel           Robert Fitzpatrick      Farmer	 John Donaldson   Thomas Abram & Margaret Abram
1/9/1854     William            AIKEN        Full   Bachelor   Labourer         Drumrush             William Aiken        Farmer         Jane          WHITE            Clenaweal           Victor White            Farmer	 John Donaldson   John Spence & William Crummer
27/11/1854   Francis            GRAHAM       Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Portnablythe??       Richard Graham       Farmer         Letitia       MILLS            Aughnablayney       Samuel Mills            Smith	 John Donaldson   Robert Mills & Francis or Frances Mills
15/12/1854   Adam               READ         19     Bachelor   Farmer           Tievemore            John Read            Farmer         Catherine     READ             Tievemore           James Read              Farmer	 John Donaldson   Thomas Brandon & William John Read
18/1/1855    James              ARMSTRONG    Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Woodyhill            James Armstrong      Farmer         Mary          MILLS            Portnablythe?       James Mills             Farmer	 Robert Davidson  William Little & John Quin
8/2/1855     William            MEALEY       Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Drumnagallagh        Simon Mealey         Farmer         Eliza         READ             Grouse Lodge        Adam Read               Farmer	 John Donaldson   John Read & Thomas Taylor??
7/8/1855     Charles            WEST         Full   Widower    Pensioner        Pettigo (Pettigoe?)  Charles West         Farmer         Elizabeth     STINSON          Drumsawna???        Robert Stinson          Farmer	 John Donaldson   Thomas Oliver & Thomas Mulligan
5/10/1855    James              JOHNSTON     Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Letter               Robert Johnston      Farmer         Elizabeth     MILLS            Aughnablayney       James Mills             Farmer	 John Donaldson   Robert Mills & James Catheart (as record)
30/12/1855   Francis            BRANDON      Full   Bachelor   Labourer         Letter               Francis Brandon      Farmer         Martha        MCJUTIN??        Letter              Samuel McJutin??        Farmer	 John Donaldson   James Deritt& Michael Young
5/2/1856     John               MCKINLEY     26     Bachelor   Farmer           Derravone??          William McKinley     Farmer         Jane          IRWIN            Letter              David Irwin             Farmer	 John Donaldson   John Keenan & William Graham
5/2/1857     James              MAXWELL      Full   Bachelor   Stone Mason      Greaghmore           John Maxwell         Farmer         Serah         TAGGART          Grouse Lodge        Samuel Taggart          Farmer	 Joseph Lone      James Beatty & William Maxwell
23/12/1857   John               AIKEN        30     Bachelor   Farmer           Kilmore              William Aiken        Farmer         Eliza         CRAIG            Drumnascue          John Craig              Farmer	 John Donaldson   Thomas Ross & Mary Aiken
11/3/1858    Thomas             BRANDON      Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Mullinmeen           Mathew Brandon       Farmer         Elizabeth     READ             Tievemore           James Read              Farmer	 John Donaldson   Christopher Loan & James Dougherty
3/5/1858     John               CRAIG        Full   Widower    Farmer           Ballinabrana??       John Craig           Farmer         Ann Jane      MCCORMICK        Drumnascue          David McCormick         Farmer	 John Donaldson   James McCormick & Sarah McCormick
12/4/1858    John               LOGAN        Full   Widower    Farmer           Drumcrin??           Andrew Logan         Farmer         Mary          WHITE            Clenaweal           Victor White            Farmer	 John Donaldson   William Aiken & John Read
9/7/1858     James              IMMERY??     Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Killen               James Immery??       Farmer         Prudence      WHITE            Clenaweal           Victor White            Farmer	 John Donaldson   Charles Semple & Joseph Woods
25/11/1858   James              WOODS        Full   Widower    Stone Mason      Derravick????        George Woods         Farmer         Margaret      EDWARDS          Letter              John Edwards            Farmer	 John Donaldson   John McCollough & Laura M. Donaldson
2/6/1859     George             PATTERSON    Full   Widower    Farmer           Drumnincahon         Lancelot Patterson   Farmer         Margaret      GRAHAM           Newpark             Charles Graham          Farmer	 John Donaldson   Charles Graham & Andrew Duncan
29/7/1860    Thomas             READ         20     Bachelor   Farmer           Tievemore            Johnston Read        Farmer         Mary          ABRAHAM          Portnablythe??      Robert Abraham          Farmer	 John Donaldson   James Maxwell & John Read
23/5/1860    Robert             WARK         Full   Bachelor   Labourer         Aughnablayney        Samuel Wark          Farmer         Ann           JOHNSTON         Margy????           Christopher Johnston    Farmer	 John Donaldson   William Graham & Mary Keenan
2/10/1860    William            PORTER       Full   Bachelor   Shoemaker        Goland               William Porter       Farmer         Mary Ann      READ             Grouse Lodge        Adam Read               Farmer	 John Donaldson   Laura M. Donaldson & Catherine Houston
11/4/1861    Samuel             CRAWFORD     Full   Widower    Shoemaker        Letter               David Crawford       Farmer         Margaret      SMITH widow      Letter              John Gallagher          Farmer	 John Donaldson   Ann Robinson & Laura M. Donaldson
9/6/1862     James              HAMILTON     Full   Widower    Farmer           Drumlongfield        Hugh Hamilton        Farmer         Margaret      STRONG           Newpark             Andrew Strong           Farmer	 John Donaldson   Andrew Strong & Charles Graham
3/10/1862    John Ball or Bell  MCGROTTY     Full   Widower    Gentleman        illegible, England   John McGrotty        Gentleman      Alicia Mary   GIVIN            Brookhill           John Givin              Gentleman    John Donaldson   John Givin & Samuel Leary
4/12/1862    Thomas             FRASER       Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Rushen               William Fraser       Farmer         Eliza         TAGGART          Grouse Lodge        Samuel Taggart          Farmer	 Joseph Lowe???   John Donaldson & William Stewart
23/12/1862   Robert             HEWLETT      Full   Bachelor   Schoolmaster     Donegal              Joseph Hewlett       Farmer         Sarah         MCINTOSH         Pettigo             David McIntosh          Farmer	 John Donaldson   James Smullen???? & Eliza Smullen????
23/6/1863    Jeremiah           STUART       22     Bachelor   Tailor           Laghey               George Stuart        Tailor         Catherine     HOUSTON          Pettigo             George Houston          Sewing Agt   John Donaldson   Joseph M--ley???? & Robert M--ley????
6/8/1863     John               WRAY         Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Lawnlough??          John Wray            Farmer         Ann           ROBINSON         Carn                Joseph Robinson         Farmer	 John Donaldson   William Hilliard & Francis Wray
1/12/1863    James              WOODS        Full   Widower    Farmer           Derravick??          George Woods         Farmer         Mary          QUIN WIDOW       Kilmore             Frederick Rankin        Farmer	 John Donaldson   David McCormick & Sarah Johnston
28/6/1866    James              JOHNSTON     Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Kilmore              William Johnston     Farmer         Ann           HILLIARD         Drumawark           John Hilliard           Farmer	 John Donaldson   George Hilliard & John Fitzpatrick
22/8/1866    John               OLIVER       Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Turnaloob???         James Oliver         Farmer         Mary          REID             Mullinmeen          John Reid               Farmer	 John Donaldson   Joseph Humphris (as record) & Joseph Reid
1/9/1866     Robert             KELLY????    Full   Bachelor   Blacksmith       Pettigo (Pettigoe?)  Andrew Kelly????     Blacksmith     Sarah         JAMISON          Banagh              Robert Jamison          Farmer	 John Donaldson   William Lynch & Mary Jane Lynch
21/11/1866   William            GRAHAM       Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Newpark              Charles Graham       Farmer         Charlotte     PATTON           Drummakahon         Arthur Patton           Farmer	 John Donaldson   Charles Graham & Eliza Graham
14/1/1867    William John       READ         Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Grouse Lodge         Adam Read            Farmer         Maggie        JOHNSTON         Casheleny           William Johnston        Farmer	 John Donaldson   James Read & Robert Robinson
21/3/1867    William            JOHNSTON     Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Crevenish            Jerco-????Johnston   Farmer         Margaret      WILSON           Drumheriff          John Wilson             Farmer	 John Donaldson   John Read & Henry???? Beacom
21/6/1867    Thomas             READ         Full   Widower    Farmer           Tievemore            Adam Read            Farmer         Rebecca       NICAL widow      Rinkill??           John McCutcheon         Farmer	 John Donaldson   Alice Donaldson & Sarah Ann Donaghy
13/7/1868    John James         RULE         Full   Bachelor   Shopkeeper       Glenneely??          William Rule         Farmer         Mary          OGLE             Rossharbour         William Ogle            Farmer	 John Donaldson   John Ogle & Thomas Cascaden???
28/5/1868    Arthur             READ         Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Sesskilty            William Read         Farmer         Ellen         CATCHCART widow  Carne (Carn?)       George Cathcart         Farmer	 John Donaldson   John Cathcart & Adam Moore
14/8/1868    Johnston           STEWART      Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Gortnessy            Johnston Stewart     Farmer         Mary Jane     VIRTUE           Carne (Carn?)       Thomas Virtue           Farmer	 John Donaldson   Robert Robinson Snr. & Robert Robinson
17/3/1870    Robert             CRAWFORD     20     Bachelor   Labourer         Croagh               George Crawford      Farmer         Rebecca       REID             Grouse Lodge        Adam Reid               Farmer	 John Donaldson   Robert Cuthbertson & Alice M. Donaldson
7/4/1870     James              WILSON       Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Deranave             John Wilson          Farmer         Margaret      REID             Tievemore           James Reid              Farmer	 John Donaldson   Charles Wilson & Joseph Read
9/5/1871     Charles            HURST        Full   Bachelor   Farmer           Pulenarenny??        John Hurst           Farmer         Agnes         MCCLELLAND       Minclogen?          John McClelland         Shepherd     John Donaldson   Robert McClelland & George Crichton
29/5/1871    William            ANDERSON     Full   Bachelor   Police Constable Drumawark            George Anderson      Farmer         Hannah        STEPHENS         Drumawark           Robert Stephens         Farmer	 John Donaldson   Joseph Houston & Margaret Stephens
16/11/1871   William            HAMILTON     Full   Widower    Farmer           Rushin               William Hamilton     Farmer         Mary Jane     FUNSTON          Fincashell          Joseph Funston          Farmer	 John Donaldson   Robert Watson & John Tiernan