Church: FERMANAGH, Marriages recorded in Newtownbutler Wesleyan Methodist Circuit 1869 - 1935
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Key F/A=Full Age
(dec'd)= deceased

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CHURCH                             MARRIAGE    GROOMS       GROOMS             AGE    STATUS     OCCUPATION                ABODE                                      GROOMS FATHER             OCCUPATION         BRIDES                               BRIDES        AGE         STATUS      OCCUPATION          ABODE                                          BRIDES FATHER                OCCUPATION             MARRIED/               LICENCE/       WITNESSES
				   DATE	       SURNAME      FORENAME                                                                                                                                               FORENAME                             SURNAME                     																     REGISTERED BY          BANNS
Wesleyan Chapel, Galoon            4/5/1869    GURD         George             F/A    Bachelor   Shopkeeper                Stradbally, Parish of Stradbally           William Gurd	        Farmer             Eleanor                              FARQUHAR      Full age    Spinster    not listed          Clonkirk cottage, Parish of Clones             Robert Farquhar              Farmer     	     James Edwards          Licence        Robert Farquhar & James Wherry
Wesleyan Chapel, Galoon            12/12/1870  MILLIGAN     William            F/A    Bachelor   Draper                    Diamond Gardens                            William Milligan	        Farmer             Margaret                             GIBSON        Full age    Widow       not listed          Diamond Gardens                                Robert Phibbs                Farmer     	     James Edwards          Licence        Thomas Earls & Thomas Wiley?
Wesleyan Chapel, Galoon            27/5/1873   WILEY        Thomas             30     Bachelor   Methodist Minister        Clones, Parish of Clones                   David Wiley	        Farmer             Ellen                                ARMSTRONG     28          Spinster    not listed          Drumguiff, Parish of Aghalurcher               George Armstrong             Farmer     	     James Edwards          Licence        William Thompson & James Forster
Wesleyan Chapel, Galoon            6/9/1873    GRAHAM       Christopher        F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Drumbad, Parish of Galoon                  Christopher? Graham       Farmer             Elizabeth                            NIXON         Full age    Spinster    not listed          Clonatty, Parish of Clones                     George? Nixon                Farmer     	     Robert Hamilton        Licence        Ralph Plunkett & John Nixon
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     5/5/1880    FARREN       John               F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Naveny (Navenny?), Parish of Stranolar     John Farren	        Farmer             Caroline                             SOUTH         Full age    Spinster    not listed          Killalahard, Parish of Galloon                 James South                  Farmer     	     M. Hynes               Licence        John Lynn & Fanny Farren
Wesleyan Chapel, Galoon            4/8/1880    PRITCHARD    John               F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Briscarnagh, Parish of Currin              Joseph Pritchard	        Farmer             Sarah                                GILROY        Full age    Spinster    not listed          Leitrim, Co. Fermanagh                         James Gilroy                 Farmer     	     M. Hynes               Licence        Christopher Adams & Maggie Jane Gilroy
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     20/7/1881   DOGHERTY     Elliott            F/A    Widower    Farmer                    Colman (Coleman?), Parish of Drummully     Thomas Dogherty	        Farmer             Margaret                             GRAYDON       Full age    Widow       not listed          Colman (Coleman?), Parish of Drummully         Joseph Ganley                Farmer     	     H.T. Roulston          Licence        M.Hynes & B.J. Hynes
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     16/9/1881   WILSON       James              F/A    Bachelor   Blacksmith                Lisrace, Co. Fermanagh                     Thomas Wilson	        Farmer             Jane                                 DONALDSON     Full age    Spinster    not listed          Ternahinch (Tirnahinch), Parish of Clones      Robert Donaldson             Farmer     	     H.T. Roulston          Licence        George Wilson & Charlotte Donaldson
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     22/1/1884   HUTCHINSON   Robert             F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Conckera, Parish of Galloon                John Hutchinson	        Farmer             Rebecca                              HUTCHINSON    Full age    Spinster    not listed          Clonumphry, Parish of Galloon                  Robert Hutchinson            Farmer     	     M. Hynes               Licence        William Forster & Maggie Allen
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     4/6/1884    SEWART       Edward             F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Cornanaff, Parish of Bailieborough         Andrew Stewart	        Farmer             Margaret                             RODEN         Full age    Widow       not listed          Corvaghan, Parish of Drummully                 John Gregg                   Farmer     	     Alexander Elliott      Licence        Thomas William West & Maggie Roden
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     15/8/1884   PRITCHARD    James              F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Cloncallick, Parish of Drummully           Francis Pritchard	        Farmer             Alice                                MAGUIRE       Full age    Spinster    not listed          Derryelvin, Parish of Drummully                William Maguire              Farmer     	     Alexander Elliott      Licence        Robert Roberts & Susan E. Maguire
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     4/11/1885   CLARKE       John               F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Drumavale, Parish of Currin                Jonathan Clarke	        Farmer             Susan                                MAGUIRE       Full age    Spinster    not listed          Derryelvin, Parish of Drummully                William Maguire              Farmer     	     William Lovett         Licence        James Robinson & Katie? A. Maguire
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     15/6/1886   ROBINSON     James              F/A    Bachelor   Merchant's Assistant      Clones, Parish of Clones                   John Robinson	        Farmer             Elizabeth Colquhouse  (Colquhoun?)   ROBINSON      Full age    Spinster    not listed          Clones, Parish of Clones                       William Robinson             Draper     	     M. Douglas             Licence        James Wilson? Parkhill & Kate C. Robinson
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     5/7/1887    NIXON        John               F/A    Widower    Farmer                    Clonatty, Parish of Clones                 George Nixon	        Farmer             Evangeline                           JOHNSTON      Full age    Spinster    not listed          Drumady, Parish of Clones                      James Johnston               Farmer     	     M. Douglas             Licence        Thomas G. Patterson & Sara A. Gorr
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     23/5/1889   ELLIOTT      James              F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Tanity Bog, Parish of Clones               William Elliott	        Farmer             Margaret J.                          JOHNSTON      Full age    Spinster    not listed          Drumady, Parish of Clones                      James Johnston               Farmer     	     James Carson           Licence        Hamilton Elliott & Sara P. B. Johnston
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     25/11/1889  ARMSTRONG    Thomas             F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Annaghmore Glebe                           Martin Armstrong	        Farmer             Susan                                REED          Full age    Widow       not listed          Drummully, Parish of Drummully                 John Pringle                 Farmer     	     Robert Knox            Licence        Robert Maguire & M.E. Cooke
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     27/3/1890   GREY         John Robert        F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Oghills, Parish of Killadeas               John Grey		        Farmer             Katherine Ann                        MAGUIRE       Full age    Spinster    not listed          Derryelvin, Parish of Drummully                William Maguire              Farmer     	     Robert Knox            Licence        Irvine B. Grey & Lizzie Jean Maguire
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     16/9/1890   DOONAN       William            F/A    Bachelor   Carpenter                 Drummins Glebe, Parish of Clones           Nathaniel Doonan	        Farmer             Margaret J.                          WILSON        Full age    Spinster    not listed          Lisrace, Parish of Clones                      William Wilson               Blacksmith     	     James Carson           Licence        John McMahon & Rachel Wilson
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     10/8/1898   JOHNSTON     James Fleming      F/A    Bachelor   Merchant                  Brookborough                               Josiah Johnston	        Farmer             Janettelene Augusta                  WEST          Full age    Spinster    not listed          Clinelty? (Clonelty?), Newtownbutler           James West                   Farmer     	     James Carson           Licence        Joseph J. Johnston & M.E. Maud West
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     14/12/1898  LUDLOW       John               F/A    Widower    Merchant                  Loughrea?                                  John Ludlow	        Farmer             Anne Jane                            GRAYDON       Full age    Spinster    not listed          Piper Hill, Newtownbutler                      William Graydon              Farmer     	     James Carson           Licence        John Heaslip & Martha Granston
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     27/11/1900  FAWCETT      John James         F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Kilnacran?, Parish of Galloon              John Fawcett (dec'd)      Farmer             Mary Anne                            MCCLURE       Minor       Spinster    not listed          Derrycorby, Parish of Galloon                  John McClure                 Farmer     	     John Coulter           Licence        Robert Fawcett & Elizabeth McClure
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     29/10/1902  MOFFATT      George             F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Drumcor, Clabby                            Galbraith Moffatt	        Farmer             Isabella                             PRESLEY       Full age    Spinster    not listed          Annaghmullin, Drummully                        John Presley                 Farmer     	     Albert E. Glanville    Licence        John Banford & Jane Presley
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     7/11/1902   ARMSTRONG    William            F/A    Bachelor   Rural Postman             Newtownbutler, Co. Fermanagh               Robert Armstrong	        Workman            Essie                                JONES         Full age    Spinster    Chapel Keeper       Newtownbutler, Co. Fermanagh                   Noble Jones                  Labourer     	     Albert E. Glanville    Licence        Thomas Forster & Mary Jane Jones
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     8/6/1904    KEITH        James              F/A    Bachelor   National School Master    Clones                                     Richard Keith	        Gentleman          Margaret Mary                        MAGILL        Full age    Spinster    not listed          Clones                                         John Magill                  Methodist Minister      John Magill           Licence        Richard Keith & Janie Magill
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     12/6/1905   MULHOLLAND   James              F/A    Bachelor   Coach Painter             Cara Street, Clones                        John Mulholland	        Labourer           Elizabeth                            FERGUSON      Full age    Spinster    not listed          Cara Street, Clones                            Henry Ferguson               Labourer     	     John Magill            Licence        Thomas Dawson & Alice Ferguson
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     8/11/1907   KENNEDY      Frederick          F/A    Bachelor   Railway Platelayer        Cara Street, Clones                        John Kennedy	        Painter            Isabella                             MORGAN        Full age    Spinster    not listed          Derrybrack?, Drummully                         William Morgan               Railway Platelayer      J. Cullen             Licence        James Morgan & Jane Morgan
Methodist Church, Galloon          30/3/1908   GREGG        John William       F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Carravaghan, Clones                        John Gragg	        Farmer             Margaret                             CARTER        Full age    Widow       not listed          Whitehall Street, Clones                       William Presley              Farmer     	     J. Cullen              Licence        Thomas Earls & Mary A. Goulding
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     1/10/1909   PRITCHARD    James Joseph       F/A    Bachelor   Evangelist                Ballymoney, Co. Antrim                     John Pritchard	        Farmer             Mary Anne                            GOULDING      Full age    Spinster    not listed          Annaghmullin, Drummully                        Edward Goulding              Farmer     	     Samuel G. McIntyre     Licence        Thomas w. Goulding & Sara Togue
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     26/1/1910   COALTER      William James      F/A    Bachelor   Merchant                  Ballinamallard, Co. Fermanagh              Thomas Coalter	        Farmer             Mary Elizabeth                       DRENNAN       Full age    Spinster    not listed          Newtownbutler, Co. Fermanagh                   James Drennan                Farmer     	     Samuel G. McIntyre     Licence        Archibald Pinkerton & Kathleen M. Clinton
Newtownbutler Methodist Chapel     26/4/1910   CARROTHERS   William            F/A    Bachelor   Coach Builder             Lisbellaw                                  Archibald Carrothers      Farmer             Anna Georgina                        WALLACE       Full age    Spinster    not listed          Carrickmore?, Newtownbutler                    William Wallace              Farmer     	     Samuel G. McIntyre     Licence        T. Alfred Graham & Elizabeth Carrothers
Methodist Church, Galloon          25/4/1911   FRAZER       John               F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Corratirrim, Blacklion                     James Frazer	        Farmer             Annie                                WESY          Full age    Spinster    not listed          Corraslee?, Newtownbutler                      John West                    Farmer     	     Samuel G. McIntyre     Licence        Andrew J. Latimer & Lillian R. West
Methodist Church, Galloon          16/9/1913   BAMFORD      Fredrick John      F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Lisnaroe?, clones                          Edward Bamford	        Farmer             Frances Elizabeth                    EARLS         Full age    Spinster    not listed          Clones                                         William Earls                Merchant     	     James Ritchie          Licence        James Presley (illegible) & Anne Jane Earls
Methodist Church, Galloon          17/9/1913   MCKEE        William James      F/A    Bachelor   Methodist Minister        Derraghroy?, Beragh, Co. Tyrone            George McKee	        Farmer             Martha Alice                         PRESLEY       Full age    Spinster    not listed          Annaghmullin, Co. Fermanagh                    John Presley                 Farmer     	     James Gibson           Licence        Isaac McKee & Mary Ellenor Presley
Methodist Church, Newtownbutler    11/6/1918   HAWTHORNE    Hugh Orr           F/A    Bachelor   Motor Engineer            Clones                                     Annen English Hawthorne   Farmer (dec'd)     Margaret Norah                       WILSON        Full age    Spinster    not listed          Dromady (Drumady?), Co. Fermanagh              James Wilson                 Farmer     	     Richard Green          Licence        Robert John Hawthorne & Florence Ganley?
Methodist Church, Galloon          25/6/1919   NEILL        William            F/A    Widower    Coach Builder             Cara Street, Clones                        William Neill	        not listed (dec'd) Sarah                                MOORE         Full age    Widow       not listed          Carntate, Clones                               William Kettle               not listed (dec'd)      Richard Green         Licence        John Boardman & Currie Moore
Methodist Church, Galloon          3/12/1919   JONES        Robert Alexander   F/A    Bachelor   Chemist                   Warrenpoint                                Robert Alexander Jones    Chemist (dec'd)    Lily                                 WEST          Full age    Spinster    not listed          Newtownbutler                                  John West                    Farmer (dec'd)          John Saunderson       Licence        Douglas Hugh Jones & Jeanie Frances West
Methodist Church, Galloon          23/3/1920   YOUNG        James              F/A    Bachelor   Grocer                    Fermanagh Street, Clones                   William James Young       Farmer             Minnie Frances                       COULSON       Full age    Spinster    not listed          Belmount, Clones                               Samuel Coulson               Farmer     	     J. Bradley Templeton   Licence        Harry? F. Young & Edie M. Coulson
Methodist Church, Galloon          7/4/1920    JOYCE        William James      F/A    Bachelor   Clerk                     Ballydoogan? (Ballydugan?), Portadown      Samuel Joyce	        Farmer             Minnie Eleanor                       DUNWOODY      Full age    Spinster    not listed          Kilacreen?, Saloo?                             Thomas? Dunwoody             Farmer     	     J. Bradley Templeton   Licence        Samuel Joyce & Matilda Dunwoody
Methodist Church, Galloon          6/4/1921    MOORE        George             F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Lisroon, Co. Fermanagh                     Robert Moore	        Farmer             Mary                                 THOMPSON      Full age    Spinster    Farmer              Cornabrass, Co. Fermanagh                      Samuel Thompson              Farmer     	     John Saunderson        Licence        Samuel moore & Janie Thompson
Methodist Church, Galloon          28/9/1921   MORTON       William J.         F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Shancory (Shancorry?), Belturbet           John Morton	        Farmer             Mary Jane                            JOHNSTON      Full age    Spinster    not listed          (Illegible), Belturbet                         James Johnston               Farmer     	     John Saunderson        Licence        Joseph H. Ingram & Felix Robinson
Methodist Church, Galloon          12/10/1921  MCNUTT       John               F/A    Bachelor   Bank Manager              Ballybay                                   John McNutt	        Merchant           Edith May                            EARLS         Full age    Spinster    not listed          Newtownbutler                                  William Earls                Merchant     	     John Saunderson        Licence        Dorrington James Boyle & R.E. Earls
Methodist Church, Galloon          26/4/1922   MAYNE        William            F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Golan, Clones                              John Mayne	        Farmer             Elizabeth                            HALL          Full age    Spinster    not listed          Ballagh, Lisnaskea                             William Hall                 not listed     	     John Saunderson        Licence        James Armstrong & Margaret Woods
Methodist Church, Galloon          14/9/1922   STEWART      Richard            F/A    Bachelor   Special Constable, R.U.C. Lisnaskea, Co. Fermanagh                   William Stewart	        Farmer             Eveleen                              MCDINNIN      Minor       Spinster    not listed          Crocknagowan, Lisnaskea                        William George McDinnin      Farmer     	     W.J. Rooney            Licence        W.J. Mitchell & May Woods
Methodist Church, Galloon          19/9/1922   FORSTER      William Samuel     F/A    Bachelor   Special Constable, R.U.C. Londonderry                                William Forster	        Farmer             Rebecca Jane                         GOOD          Full age    Spinster    not listed          Magheraveely, Clones                           William Good                 Merchant     	     W.J. Rooney            Licence        Alfred George Forster & Mary Christie
Methodist Church, Galloon          8/12/1922   BYRON        Stewart            22     Bachelor   Special Constable         Newtownbutler, Co. Fermanagh               James Byron	        Grocer             Anna Maria                           TAYLOR        27          Spinster    not listed          Landbrock?, Newtownbutler                      Alexander Taylor             Farmer     	     W.J. Rooney            Licence        Gerald Priestly & Sarah Angelena Taylor
Methodist Church, Newtownbutler    24/10/1923  HAMILTON     William            F/A    Widower    Farmer                    Eaglemount, Lisnaskea                      William Hamilton	        Farmer             Jane                                 DYER          Full age    Spinster    not listed          8 Church Street, Enniskillen                   Gwynne Dyer                  Farmer     	     W.J. Rooney            Licence        Hugh Montgomery & Sarah Frances Dyer
Methodist Church, Galloon          23/8/1927   CALDWELL     John               F/A    Bachelor   Farmer                    Killynamph, Lisnaskea                      Samuel Caldwell	        Farmer             Sarah Louisa                         DAWSON        Full age    Spinster    not listed          Mullabredin, Newtownbutler                     Mark Dawson                  Farmer     	     W.M. Wilson            Licence        Hamilton Caldwell & Adelaide Elizabeth Dawson
Methodist Church, Galloon          6/6/1928    MILLS        James              40     Bachelor   Farmer                    Cornamuckly, Magheraveely                  William Mills	        Farmer (dec'd)     Lizzie                               HOWE          35          Spinster    not listed          Annaheel (Annagheel?), Magheraveely            James Howe                   Farmer     	     James Johnston         Licence        Robert Marshall & Annie Howe
Methodist Church, Galloon          13/4/1931   ALLEN        Hugh Montgomery    F/A    Bachelor   Dealer                    Fawney, Lisnaskea                          William Allen	        Farmer (dec'd)     Sarah                                COULTER       Full age    Spinster    not listed          Fawney, Lisnaskea                              William Coulter              Labourer (dec'd)        Frederick McIvor      Licence        Richard Samuel Morris & Frances E. McIvor
Methodist Church, Galloon          23/4/1935   FARRELL      William            32     Bachelor   Salesman                  Lisnaskea                                  not listed	        not listed         Adelaide E.                          DAWSON        32          Spinster    School Teacher      Mullynaburtlan, Lisnaskea                      Mark Dawson                  Farmer     	     William Bryans         Licence        James McMullen & Doris a. Dawson