Irvinestown Presbyterian Church Marriages 1848-1934, County Fermanagh, Ireland
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MARRIAGE      GROOMS            GROOMS        AGE     STATUS          OCCUPATION            ABODE                           GROOMS FATHER            OCCUPATION             BRIDE'S                  BRIDE'S       AGE	 STATUS         OCCUPATION           ABODE                       BRIDES FATHER            OCCUPATION       MARRIED/            WITNESSES
DATE          FORENAME		SURNAME																	    FORENAME		     SURNAME
25/5/1848     Charles	        HAMILTON      Full    Bachelor	      Farmer	            Aughills? (Oghill?)	            James Hamilton	     Farmer	            Margaret 	             HENDERSON	   Full  Spinster	not listed	     Lisnahanna	                 James Henderson	  Farmer	   William James Guy   James Henderson & James Hamilton
18/9/1848     John              GRAHAM        Full    Widower         Farmer                Drumiah                         not listed               not listed             Isabella                 WILSON        Full	 Spinster       not listed           Glenall                     not listed               not listed       William James Guy   Christopher Wilson & John Chittick
7/5/1849      Andrew            DIXON         19      Bachelor        Servant               Cabragh                         Andrew Dixon             Farmer                 Catherine                HENDERSON     18	 Spinster       not listed           Cabragh                     Christopher Henderson    Farmer           William James Guy   Joseph Brown & James Brown
14/6/1852     John              GIBSON        30      Bachelor        Merchant              Tempo                           John Gibson              Merchant               Mary                     RUTLEDGE      30	 Spinster       not listed           Badoney (Bodoney?)          Samuel Rutledge          Farmer           James Reid Dill     James Rutledge & John Gibson
22/5/1854     William           MILLER        29      Bachelor        Ordinance Surveyor    Ederney (Ederny?)               William Miller           Farmer                 Mary                     MCKENZIE      28	 Spinster       not listed           Ardrosan                    Dougle McKenzie          Sea Captain      William James Guy   John Hamilton & William Fletcher
10/7/1854     Robert            CRAIN         50      Widower         Labourer              Drumcreen                       William Crain            Farmer                 Catherine                MCLAUGHLIN    40	 Widow          not listed           Biagh???? (Beagh?)          Francis McLaughlin       Farmer           William James Guy   Robert Jolly & James Anderson
28/11/1854    Alexander         LEGHORN       36      Bachelor        not listed            Drumkeen                        George Leghorn           Farmer                 Marharet                 WHITE         30	 Spinster       not listed           Drumkeen                    Henry White              Farmer           William James Guy   Thomas Keys & James Anderson
2/4/1855      James             FLETCHER      47      Bachelor        Farmer                Cullaghmore                     John Fletcher            Farmer                 Prudence                 SUTHERLAND    46	 Widow          not listed           Whitehill                   John Sutherland          Farmer           William James Guy   James Guy & Sarah Campbell Guy
26/12/1855    William           JOHNSTON      32      Bachelor        Farmer                Relagh                          James Johnston           Farmer                 Mary Jane                SOMERVILLE    22	 Spinster       not listed           Makony?? (Makenny?)         William Somerville       Farmer           William James Guy   James Guy & Sarah C. Guy
13/5/1856     James             HENDERSON     30      Bachelor        Farmer                Lisnahanna                      James Henderson          Farmer                 Sarah                    WILEY         28	 Widow          not listed           Saloon (Salloon?)           Joseph Wiley             Farmer           William James Guy   George Henderson & Sarah Jane Brien??
26/9/1856     James             WILSON        22      Bachelor        Farmer                Garvagh                         Andrew Wilson            Farmer                 Elizabeth                ALLEN         20	 Spinster       not listed           Monekee (Moneykee?)         William Allen            Farmer           William James Guy   James Duffy & Robert Wilson
24/12/1856    William           CUNNINGHAM    Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Drumskinney (Drumskinny?)       Andrew Cunningham        Farmer                 Marianne                 MARTIN        Full	 Spinster       not listed           Moneykee                    Gerrard Martin           Farmer           James Reid Dill     Robert Allen & Andrew Cunningham
9/3/1858      John              HENDERSON     22      Bachelor        Farmer                Laughterush (Loughterush?)      James Henderson          Farmer                 Dorothy                  BETTY         22	 Spinster       not listed           Kinine??                    John Betty               Farmer           William James Guy   Nathaniel?? Musgrove & George Henderson
13/7/1858     Joseph            HOEY          24      Bachelor        Farmer                Lattenderry????                 John Hoey                Farmer                 Bessie                   JOHNSTON      28	 Spinster       not listed           Lowtherstown                James Johnston           Grocer           William James Guy   John (illegible) & D. Graham???
1/6/1859      George            ELLIOTT       40      Bachelor        Farmer                Coolback                        Andrew Elliott           Farmer                 Molly                    BRATTON       26	 Spinster       not listed           Scallon (Scallen?)          James Bratton            Farmer           William James Guy   James Guy & Robert Brown
8/11/1860     Thomas            NELSON        23      Bachelor        Farmer                Makeny (Makenny?)               Andrew Nelson            Farmer                 Mary                     MOFFIT        25	 Spinster       not listed           Makeny (Makenny?)           John Moffit              Farmer           William James Guy   William Somerville & James Stuart
4/6/1861      James             HENDERSON     36      Widower         Farmer                Lisnahanna                      James Henderson          Farmer                 Eliza                    MOSGROVE      22	 Spinster       not listed           Lisnahanna                  John Mosgrove            Farmer           William James Guy   Thomas Somerville & Charles Hamilton
15/6/1861     Joseph            ARMSTRONG     30      Bachelor        Labourer              Woodhill                        John Armstrong           Labourer               Jane                     SPRATT        22	 Spinster       not listed           Coolback                    William Spratt           Farmer           William James Guy   James Guy & E. Guy
9/1/1863      John              LOGAN         20      Bachelor        Farmer                Killymendon                     John Logan               Farmer                 Amelia                   CRAIN         22	 Spinster       not listed           Drum-----????               Robert Crain             Farmer           William James Guy   Thomas Logan & Robert Barkley
17/1/1867     Robert            GRAY          24      Bachelor        Farmer                Tully                           John Gray                Farmer                 Sarah Jane               MCMORRIS      Not	 Spinster       not listed           Drumbo                      Thomas McMorris          Farmer           William James Guy   Robert Hamilton & James McMorris
21/11/1867    Robert            HAMILTON      30      Bachelor        Carpenter             Glenall                         Robert Hamilton          Farmer                 Margaret                 FORBES        27	 Spinster       not listed           Tullyclay (Tullyclea?)      James Forbes             Merchant         William James Guy   John Maxell (as record) & Joseph Hamilton
9/4/1868      James             SPROUL        22      Bachelor        Farmer                Coolaness                       John Sproul              Farmer                 Jane                     WATSON        20	 Spinster       not listed           Drumadraghy                 William Watson           Farmer           William James Guy   William John Watson & Charles Haran
4/5/1870      James             MCCALLAN      28      Bachelor        Scutcher              Ballinamallard                  Hugh McCallan            Scutcher               Mary Ann                 HETHERINGTON  26	 Spinster       not listed           Ballinamallard              James Hetherington       Labourer         William James Guy   Ellen??? Guy & Ann McGee
14/10/1870    George            MOFFIT        58      Widower         Farmer                Sidare (Sidaire?)               Andrew Moffit            Farmer                 Isabella                 CAMPBELL      48	 Widow          not listed           Sidare (Sidaire?)           Francis Campbell         Farmer           William James Guy   James (illegible) & Ann McGee
16/5/1871     Michael           GLYNN         30      Bachelor        Schoolmaster          Liscreevan (Liscreevin?)        John Glynn               Farmer                 Mary                     KENNEDY       25	 Spinster       not listed           Liscreevan (Liscreevin?)    John Kennedy             Farmer           William James Guy   William Kennedy & Ann Somerville
6/7/1871      Jeremiah          BELL          30      Bachelor        Farmer                Drumbulkin (Drumbulcan?)        Walter??? Bell           Farmer                 Mary                     KENNEDY       20	 Spinster       not listed           Drumbulkin (Drumbulcan?)    William Kennedy          Farmer           William James Guy   Edward??? Bell & Robert Keys
18/9/1871     Christopher       FRAZER        25      Bachelor        Farmer                Augharany??? (Agharainy?)       Christopher Frazer       Farmer                 Ann                      RAMSAY        26	 Spinster       not listed           Drumchrin                   John Ramsay              Farmer           William James Guy   J. (illegible) Guy & William James Guy
5/10/1871     Daniel            CAMPBELL      25      Bachelor        Land Steward          Baragh                          John Campbell            Farmer                 Jane                     COLLINS       21	 Spinster       not listed           Saloon (Salloon?)           William Collins          Farmer           William James Guy   Samuel Armstrong & Francis Anderson
2/5/1872      George            MAYNES        30      Widower         Labourer              Drumsonis (Drumsonnus?)         James Maynes             Farmer                 Annie                    SHEPHERD      21	 Spinster       not listed           Bigh (Beagh??)              John Shepherd            Farmer           William James Guy   William J. Guy & Mary Maynes
25/10/1872    John              MITCHELL      28      Bachelor        Labourer              Laughly????                     Joseph Mitchell          Farmer                 Rebecca                  ARMSTRONG     21	 Spinster       not listed           Laughly????                 Johnston Armstrong       Farmer           William James Guy   William James Guy & Joseph W. Guy
26/11/1872    Thomas            CLUFF         35      Bachelor        Farmer                Derrynany (Derrynanny?)         Richard Cluff            Farmer                 Mary A.                  HAMILTON      30	 Spinster       not listed           Glenall                     Robert Hamilton          Farmer           William James Guy   Hugh Billy???? McPherson & Edward Robinson
7/8/1878      Robert John       ANDERSON      Full    Bachelor        Business              Strabane                        Richard Anderson         Farmer                 Fanny                    OLIVER        Full	 Spinster       not listed           Letterboy                   Colwell (as record)      Farmer           James Mckee         Robert Anderson & John Johnston
28/12/1881    Gilbert           PATERSON      Full    Widower         Gentleman             Aughinver (Aghinver?)           Gilbert Paterson         Gentleman              Elizabeth                GAMLEY???     Full	 Spinster       not listed           Aughinver (Aghinver?)       John Stewart Gamley???   Clergyman        James Mckee         Robert G. Glenn & Annie McKee????
9/3/1882      Thomas            INCH          Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Inchaney???? (Inchenny?)        William Inch             Farmer                 Sarah                    OLIVER        Full	 Spinster       not listed           Letterboy                   Caldwell Oliver          Farmer           James Mckee         James Bryson & Elizabeth Oliver
not listed    Henry             O' DONNELL    n/a     not listed      not listed            not listed                      not listed               not listed             Lizzie                   NELSON        Not	 not listed     not listed           not listed                  not listed               not listed       not listed          George Noble & Eliza Ann Mullin
6/9/1883      Richard           STEWART       Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Drumgarrow                      Henry Stewart            Farmer                 Sarah Anne               HENDERSON     Full	 Spinster       not listed           Lisnahanna                  James Henderson          Farmer           Archibald Beattie   John Mosgrove & Thomas Wilson
20/9/1883     Joseph William    GUY           Full    Bachelor        Business              Rosculban (Rosscolban?)         William James Guy        Clergyman              Anna E.                  MAY           Full	 Spinster       not listed           Rosculban (Rosscolban?)     Robert May               Farmer           Archibald Beattie   Henry Keys & Mary Jane May
18/7/1884     Willliam          STEVENSON     Full    Bachelor        Constable             Armagh                          George Stevenson         Farmer                 Margaret                 MAY           Full	 Spinster       not listed           Rosculban (Rosscolban?)     Robert May               Farmer           Archibald Beattie   Charles Whelan & Mary Jane May
19/9/1884     Thomas            NELSON        20      Bachelor        Scutcher              Ballinamallard                  John Nelson              Scutcher               Margaret                 LAW           21	 Spinster       not listed           Irvinestown                 John Law                 Labourer         Archibald Beattie   James A. Rollston??? & William Porter
6/4/1886      John              RIDDELL       29      Bachelor        Constable             Irvinestown                     Robert Riddell           Shopkeeper             Isabella                 IRVINE        Full	 Spinster       not listed           Drumharvey                  Thomas Irvine            Farmer           Archibald Beattie   Joseph Pratt & Edward Clarke
7/9/1886      Joseph            PRATT         Full    Bachelor        Constable             Ederney (Ederny?)               Abraham Pratt            Farmer                 Martha Catherine         OLIVER        Full	 Spinster       not listed           Letterboy                   Caldwell Oliver          Farmer           Archibald Beattie   George Armstrong Park??? & I. Park???
10/1/1888     Samuel            SPROULE       Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Grannan????                     James Sproule            Farmer                 Anne                     BELL          Full	 Spinster       not listed           Drummaclara (Drummacalara?) Thomas Bell              Farmer           William Gallagher   Andrew Wilson & Mary J. Anderson
13/3/1888     James             YOUNG         Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Raws??                          James Young              Farmer                 Mary Jane                OLIVER        Full	 Spinster       not listed           Letterboy                   Caldwell Oliver          Farmer           Archibald Beattie   Thomas Knox & Mina?? Oliver
17/4/1888     Joseph William    MCLEAN        Full    Bachelor        Constable             Irvinestown                     David McLean             Farmer                 Eliza Jane               GINN          Full	 Spinster       not listed           Ballindullagh               William Ginn             Farmer           Archibald Beattie   Daniel McMorris & Arthur Ginn
27/12/1888    Samuel            MCKEE         Full    Bachelor        Doctor of Medicine    Belfast                         William McKee            Farmer                 Annie                    GLENN         Full	 Spinster       not listed           Ballindullagh               Robert G.                Glenn            James McKee         W.C??? Graham & Minnie Glenn
9/5/1889      Robert            PORTER        Full    Widower         Farmer                Knockroe                        Alexander Porter         Farmer                 Eliza Jane               BUCHANAN      Full	 Spinster       not listed           Inch Level                  William Buchanan         Farmer           Archibald Beattie   William Buchanan & Mary Buchanan
12/3/1891     John              IRVINE        Full    Widower         Farmer                Lurganboy                       Alexander Irvine         Farmer                 Jane                     MOORE         Full	 Spinster       not listed           Aghagaffart (Aghagaffert?)  William Moore            Farmer           Archibald Beattie   Wesley A. Crozier & Alec Moore
11/12/1891    Henry             O' DONNELL    21      Bachelor        Farm Stewart          Salary (Salry?)                 William O'Donnell        Servant                Lizzie                   NELSON        20	 Spinster       not listed           Ballinamallard              John Nelson              Scutcher         Archibald Beattie   George Noble & Eliza Ann Mullin
7/4/1892      Hugh              ELKIN         Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Aughaleague (Aghaleague?)       Daniel Elkin             Farmer                 Lizzie J.                HEWLETT       Full	 Spinster       not listed           Gortnessy (Gortinessy?)     Robert Hewlett           Teacher          James Wilson        William Semple & Sarah Young
28/4/1892     George            MCDONALD      Full    Bachelor        Constable             Londonderry                     Alexander McDonald       Farmer                 Jemima W.                OLIVER        Full	 Spinster       not listed           Letterboy                   F. Caldwell Oliver       Farmer           Archibald Beattie   James McDonald & Martha Pratt
13/10/1892    Robert            DUNDAS        Full    Bachelor        Shopkeeper            Enniskillen                     Moses?? Dundas           Shopkeeper             Mary Jane                ELLIOTT       Full	 Spinster       not listed           Coolback                    George Elliott           Farmer           Archibald Beattie   Martha Kenny & Agnes J. Beattie
5/6/1893      Robert            MONTEITH      Full    Bachelor        illegible             Cranny                          William Monteith         Farmer                 Matilda                  ROBINSON      Full	 Spinster       not listed           Ranilly (Ranelly?)          Andrew Robinson          Farmer           James D-----????    Mary Donaldson & Archibald Beatty
29/8/1895     Edward A.         BRIEN         Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Brookhill                       Robert Brien             Farmer                 Sarah                    MAYNES        Full	 Spinster       not listed           Drumsonnis (Drumsonnus?)    George Maynes            Farmer           Archibald Beattie   George Maynes & Maggie Maynes
10/9/1895     James             CONNOLLY      Full    Bachelor        Constable             Pettigo (Pettigoe?)             Charles Connolly         Farmer                 Ellen                    CLARKE        Full	 Spinster       not listed           Irvinestown                 Robert Clarke            Postmaster       Archibald Beattie   Hugh Clarke & Mary Clarke
11/2/1897     Alexander         MOORE         Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Keeran                          William Moore            Farmer                 Sarah Jane               MCFARLAND     Full	 Spinster       not listed           Aghagaffart (Aghagaffert?)  Alexander McFarland      Farmer           Archibald Beattie   John McFarland & Sarah Robb
9/7/1897      James             CLARKE        Full    Bachelor        Merchant              Irvinestown                     John Clarke              Farmer                 Eliza                    RAMSAY        18	 Spinster       not listed           Boyachin??? (Boyaghan?)     Ralph Ramsay             Farmer           Archibald Beattie   Benjamin Clarke & Maggie Ramsey (as record)
10/1/1899     John Robert       CROZIER       Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Lisnarrick                      Henry Crozier            Farmer                 Lizzie                   ROBB          Full	 Spinster       not listed           Ederney (Ederny?)           Charles Robb             Farmer           Archibald Beattie   William H. Crozier & Sarah Robb
15/4/1902     John Robert       HENDERSON     Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Lisnahanna                      James Henderson          Farmer                 Sophia Jane              GREY          Full	 Spinster       not listed           Oghills                     John Grey                Farmer           Archibald Beattie   John R. Stewart & William G. Grey
1/7/1902      William           PATTERSON     Full    Bachelor        Merchant              Belfast                         David Patterson          Farmer                 Annie                    MCKEE         Full	 Widow          not listed           Ballindullagh               Robert G. Glenn          Farmer           Archibald Beattie   Jane???? McCullough & Maggie Glenn
9/4/1903      George            ARMSTRONG     21      Bachelor        Farmer                Druminchin                      Joseph Armstrong         Farmer                 Margaret Ann             RAMSEY        21	 Spinster       not listed           Boyaghan                    Ralph Ramsey             Farmer           Archibald Beattie   Robert Armstrong & Sarah Moore???
13/7/1903     Thomas            ELLIOTT       Full    Bachelor        Business              Cabra (Cabragh?)                John Elliott             Farmer                 Eliza Jane               HENDERSON     Full	 Spinster       not listed           Laughterush (Loughterush?)  John R. Henderson        Farmer           Archibald Beattie   William Johnston & Jane Mosgrove
19/7/1904     William           CROZIER       Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Gorteen                         John Crozier             Farmer                 Matilda                  WILSON        Full	 Spinster       not listed           Tullywillie????             Edward Wilson            Farmer           Archibald Beattie   William Nelson & Maggie Wilson
13/4/1905     William           MITCHELL      Full    Bachelor        Inspector, Great      Drumsonis (Drumsonnus?)         Irvine Mitchell          Farmer                 Sarah Jane               KENNEDY       Full	 Spinster       not listed           Irvinestown                 Andrew Kennedy           Farmer           Archibald Beattie   William J. Young & Maggie Kennedy
continued        "                "                                   Northern Railway
17/4/1905     James             CRAIG         Full    Bachelor        Timber Trade          Ballinamallard                  Joseph Craig             not listed             Kathleen                 ARMSTRONG     Full	 Spinster       not listed           Makeny (Makenny?)           Robert Armstrong         Farmer           Archibald Beattie   Joseph Craig & Margaret Armstrong
3/11/1905     George            LAW           Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Coolnagrane                     Andrew Law               Farmer                 Fanny                    MCMORRIS      Full	 Spinster       not listed           Cules                       John McMorris            Farmer           Archibald Beattie   John J??? Earlie???? & Martha Kenny
10/9/1907     James             HUNTER        Full    Widower         Farmer                Drum                            James Hunter             Farmer                 Annie                    MOORE         Full	 Spinster       not listed           Glassmullagh                Robert Moore             Farmer           George Brown        Charles Hunter & Henrietta McCall
10/8/1909     David             MCKEEN        31      Bachelor        Fisherman             Rossinan (Rossinnan?)           William McKeen           Fisherman              Mary Ann                 FLYNN         26	 Spinster       not listed           Kesh                        William Flynn            Railway Man      Archibald Beattie   James Tiernan & Sarah Bleakley
27/9/1911     James             NELSON        Full    Bachelor        Miller                Ballinamallard                  Thomas Nelson            Miller                 Charlotte                MEGAGHEY      20	 Spinster       not listed           Irvinestown                 Robert Megaghey          Labourer         Archibald Duff      Robert Megaghey & Norah Williamson
6/2/1913      Hugh              THOMPSON      23      Bachelor        Blacksmith            Ederney (Ederny?)               Edward Thompson          Blacksmith             Eliza Jane               HAMILTON      19	 Spinster       not listed           Tulnaguiggy                 Robert Hamilton          Farmer           Archibald Duff      George Montgomery & Jennie Birney
29/10/1913    Thomas            HALL          Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Tullyhamon (Tullyhommon?)       James Hall               Farmer                 Susan                    ELLIOTT       Full	 Spinster       Farmer               Drumawark                   John Elliott             Farmer           Archibald Duff      Martha Elliott & John Elliott
14/7/1915     William Irvine    ARMSTRONG     Full    Bachelor        Agent for Inglis      Drumwhinney (Drumwhinny?)       James Armstrong          Farmer                 Mary Ann                 KINGSTON      Full	 Spinster       Milliner             Pettigo (Pettigoe?)         William Kingston         Farmer           Archibald Duff      Gilbert??? Spence & Samuel Gibson
9/2/1916      Thomas            ARMSTRONG     Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Drumrush                        William Armstrong        Farmer                 Elizabeth                BARTON        Full	 Widow          not listed           Drumhu---????               John Johnston            Farmer           not listed          Catherine McCubbin & Alexander McLees????
18/3/1916     William           STRONG        Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Glasskeerogh (Glaskeeragh?)     James Strong             Farmer                 Emily Kate               ROBINSON      Full	 Spinster       Natl School Teacher  Letter                      Hamilton J. Robinson     Clerk of         Archibald Duff      Margaret Maxwell??? & H.J. Robinson
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4/6/1918      Robert Henry      KANE          Full    Bachelor        Plumber               104 Disraeli Street, Belfast    John Kane                Cattle Dealer & Farmer Emma                     SCOTT         Full	 Spinster       Shop Assistant       Corner House, Ederney       William Scott            Farmer           Archibald Duff      Ethel M. Thompson & James Johnston
24/7/1918     Charles           HALL          Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Gortnaree, Pettigoe             James Hall               Farmer                 Sarah                    MCCUTCHEON    Full	 Spinster       not listed           Crilly, Pettigoe            James McCutcheon         Farmer           Archibald Duff      Sara Hall & Thomas Hall
28/2/1919     Edmund J.         MCMORRIS      Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Moynaghan, Irvinestown          John McMorris            Farmer                 Rachel M.                ORR           Full	 Spinster       Milliner             Irvinestown                 Robert Orr               Carpenter        Archibald Duff      Christopher Crowe & Annie E. Orr
2/7/1919      William           BROWN         Full    Bachelor        Farm Labourer         Ballycassidy, Ballinamallard    Irvine Brown             Farm Labourer          Margaret                 REID          Full	 Spinster       Housekeeper          Cranbrook?? Fivemiletown    Joseph Reid              Farmer           Archibald Duff      Sarah Reid & William Walmsley
13/11/1919    John              HILLIARD      Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Saessaskilty                    John Hilliard            Farmer                 Jessie                   ELLIOTT       Full	 Spinster       Housemaid            Cullion                     Isaac Elliott            Farmer           Archibald Duff      Sarah Johnston & Thomas Hilliard
26/11/1919    Robert            PATTON        Full    Bachelor        Railway Signalman     Bundoran                        John Patton              Labourer               Eliza Jane               O'DONNELL     19	 Spinster       Cook                 Salry                       Henry O'Donnell          Labourer         Archibald Duff      Lizzie Booth & William Patton
15/10/1921    Joseph Frederick  DUNCAN        Full    Bachelor        Merchant              Drumquin                        Andrew Duncan            Merchant               Eva                      SPILLANE      Full	 Spinster       School Mistress      Ederney (Ederny?)           William Spillane         Policeman        Archibald Duff      Emily Walsh & Samuel Turner
11/7/1922     John              FARRELL       Full    Bachelor        Railway Labourer      Drumcullion, Ballinamallard     John Farrell             Farmer                 Annie                    CUTHBERTSON   Full	 Spinster       not listed           Formal (Formil?), Clonelly  William Cuthbertson      Caretaker        Archibald Duff      Cassie Fyffe & Robert Cuthbertson
14/3/1923     Thomas James      ELLIOTT       Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Kimmid, Pettigo (Pettigoe?)     William Elliott          Farmer                 Sarah                    BRIMSTONE     Full	 Spinster       not listed           Derrybrick, Clonelly        Andrew Brimstone         Farmer           Archibald Duff      Isabella J. Virtue & David William Elliott
9/9/1926      Robert Henry      GUEST         Full    Bachelor        Merchant              Pettigo (Pettigoe?)             William Guest            Farmer                 Martha Catherine         KENNEDY       Full	 Spinster       not listed           Mill Street, Pettigo        Andrew Kennedy           Farmer           J.W. Collins        Gladys Bishop & Robert B. Neville???
15/9/1927     John Robert       CRAWFORD      Full    Bachelor        Compositor            7 Castle Street, Enniskillen    Thomas Crawford          Railway Employer       Mary Ellen               CRAIG         20	 Spinster       Compositoress        Townhill, Irvinestown       James Craig              Sawyer           J.W. Collins        Isabella Craig & George Crawford
26/1/1928     Joseph Thomas     VIRTUE        Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Carn, Pettigo (Pettigoe?)       Joseph Samuel Virtue     Farmer                 Mary Kathleen            READ          18	 Spinster       not listed           Drumnascue, Pettigo         James Read               Farmer           J.W. Collins        Mary E. Porter & William Porter
22/2/1928     Joseph            YOUNG         Full    Widower         Farmer                Dooish                          Robert Young             Farmer                 Lizzy Jane               ANDERSON      Full	 Widow          not listed           Ferney                      Thomas Knox              Farmer           W.S. Heron          Ernest Wallace & Winnie Boothe
13/9/1928     Thomas            HILLIARD      Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Gortnessy (Gortinessy?)         George Hilliard          Farmer                 Elizabeth                ARMSTRONG     Full	 Spinster       not listed           Movarne (Movarran?)         Nixon Armstrong          Farmer           W.S. Heron          Robert W. Gillespie & Maggie McCutcheon
11/1/1929     Nelson            O'DONNELL     Full    Bachelor        Labourer              Ballinamallard                  Henry O'Donnell          Labourer               Eva                      MITCHELL      Full	 Spinster       not listed           Ballinamallard              James Mitchell           Station Master   J.W. Collins        Fred Nixon & Minnie Boothe
3/4/1929      Frank             SCHOLES       Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Mullyknock, Tempo               James Scholes            Farmer                 Margaret Ann             GRAY          Full	 Spinster       not listed           Scallen, Irvinestown        William Gray             Farmer           J.W. Collins        Daisy Keys & William Elliott
6/2/1930      Thomas Henry      JOHNSTON      Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Tievemore, Pettigo              William Johnston         Farmer                 Emily                    NICHOLL       Full	 Spinster       not listed           Tievemore, Pettigo          John James Nicholl       Farmer           J.W. Collins        Ethel Nicholl & David Nicholl
27/2/1930     John              HALL          Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Aughnahoo (Aghnahoo?)           John Hall                Farmer                 Fanny                    READ          Full	 Spinster       not listed           Clover Hill, Pettigo        Arthur Read              Farmer           J.W. Collins        Mary Read & James Hall
14/8/1931     Hugh Moore        COULTER       Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Drumcrin                        John Coulter             Farmer                 Margaret Jane Elizabeth  HAMILTON      20	 Spinster       not listed           Corlave, Clonelly           Joseph Hamilton          Farmer           James M. Clyde      Robert Hamilton & Jeannie Moffitt
26/11/1931    William Irvine    KEYS          Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Drumbulkan, Irvinestown         Henry Keys               Farmer                 Elizabeth                BLEAKLEY      Full	 Spinster       not listed           Main Street, Irvinestown    Nicholas Bleakley        Farmer           James M. Clyde      Henry Keys & Eveline Bleakley
23/12/1932    Robert            WILSON        Full    Bachelor        Farmer                Stranahone??? Lack              Robert Wilson            not listed             Henrietta                KYLE          Full	 Spinster       Teacher              Lack                        Samuel Kyle              Merchant         James M. Clyde      Kenneth N. Emery & Elsie McKee
25/5/1933     Thomas            CUTHBERTSON   20      Bachelor        Farmer                Glenacarn, Clonelly             John James Cuthbertson   Farmer                 Susanna                  NICHOLL       17	 Spinster       not listed           Tievemore, Templecarn       John James Nicholl       Farmer           James M. Clyde      William J. Armstrong & Ethel Nicholl
25/1/1934     George            WRIGHT        Full    Bachelor        Merchant              Aughnacloy, Tyrone              George Wright            Merchant               Martha B.                DUNDAS        Full	 Spinster       not listed           The Bungalow, Irvinestown   John Dundas              Farmer           James M. Clyde      William Wright & Ann McCullough