Church: FERMANAGH, Marriages recorded in Grogey Methodist Circuit 1868 - 1937
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Key: *=As Record  (decd=deceased) Meth = Methodist

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CHURCH                                MARRIAGE      GROOMS               GROOMS           AGE           STATUS      OCCUPATION                ABODE                                                    GROOMS FATHER		OCCUPATION      BRIDES NAME                 BRIDES        AGE      STATUS     OCCUPATION              ABODE                                                   BRIDES                   OCCUPATION           MARRIED/            LICENCE/    WITNESSES
				      DATE          NAME		 SURNAME                                                                                                                                                                                            SURNAME                                                                                                           FATHER       				     RECORDED BY	BANNS
Wesleyan Chapel, Drumlaghy            14/10/1868    William              MORTON           Full age      Bachelor    Currier & Leather Dealer  Knockrow (Knockroe?), near Swalinbar                     William Morton		Farmer          Eliza Jane                  GEDDES        Full     Spinster   not listed              Drumcard, Parish of Killesher                           George Geddes            Farmer               John Scott McDade   Licence     William Donaldson & Alexander Ellis?
Wesleyan Chapel, Drumlaghy            6/2/1872      John                 NICHOL           Full age      Bachelor    Wesleyan Minister         Circuit of Manorhamilton, No fixed residence             Robert Nichol		Farmer          Alice                       LITTLE        Full     Spinster   not listed              Mullinaveagh (Mullanavehy?), Parish of Killesher        Glover Little            Farmer               James Edwards       Licence     Richard Duke & Andrew Veitch
Wesleyan Chapel, Drumlaghy            5/9/1872      John                 WILSON           Full age      Bachelor    Farmer                    Garvary, Parish of Garvary                               James Wilson		Farmer          Susan                       JOHNSTON      Full     Spinster   not listed              Monabawn? (Moneenbane?), Parish of Kinawley             Thomas Johnston          Farmer               Thomas Greer   	not listed  William Wilson & William Wallace
Wesleyan Chapel, Drumlaghy            28/6/1873     Robert Samuel        LEE              Full age      Bachelor    Wesleyan Minister         Athy                                                     Joseph Lee		Mill Worker     Matilda                     MOFFITT       Full     Spinster   not listed              Derrygiff                                               Thomas Moffitt (decd)    Farmer               A. Fullerton   	Licence     Andrew John Brady & Mary Brady
Wesleyan Chapel, Drumlaghy            16/12/1873    Hugh                 JOHNSTON         Full age      Bachelor    Farmer                    Mooneenbawn (Moneenbane?)                                Thomas Johnston		Farmer          Mary Anne                   MOORE         Full     Spinster   not listed              Clintymullin?                                           Robert Moore             Farmer               Thomas Foster       Licence     William Patterson & John Elliott
Wesleyan Chapel, Drumlaghy            18/6/1884     Stuart               GREEN            Full age      Bachelor    National School Teacher   Drumduff, Parish of Killesher                            James Green		Farmer          Mary Louisa                 GEDDES        Full     Spinster   National School Teacher Drumduff, Parish of Killesher                           Thomas Geddes            Farmer               Thomas Orr   	Licence     Samuel Geddes & Sarah Geddes
Wesleyan Chapel, Drumlaghy            15/7/1884     Richard              MORTON           Full age      Bachelor    Farmer                    Knockroe                                                 William Morton		Farmer          Sarah                       HICKS         Full     Spinster   not listed              Greenan                                                 John Hicks               Farmer               Thomas Orr   	Licence     Richard Good & Mary J. Hicks
Wesleyan Chapel, Drumlaghy            4/11/1885     John                 EDWARDS          Full age      Bachelor    Farmer                    Cavantillycormick, Parish of Magheracross                William Edwards		Farmer          Elizabeth                   LITTLE        Full     Spinster   not listed              Mullinavigh? (Mullanavehy?), Parish of Killesher        Glover Little            Farmer               John Nichol   	Licence     James Dalton & Martha Veitch
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            24/11/1887    Richard              GOOD             Full age      Bachelor    Farmer                    Furnaceland                                              John Good		Farmer          Mary Jane                   HICKS         Full     Spinster   not listed              Greenan                                                 John Hicks               Farmer               Gabriel J. Spence   Licence     Robert Good & Annie Hicks
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            24/5/1888     Thomas               POLLOCK          Full age      Widower     Farmer                    Furnaceland                                              John Pollock		Farmer          Mary                        LUNNY         Full     Spinster   not listed              Stumpys Hill                                            Richard Lunny            Farmer               Gabriel J. Spence   Licence     Henry Maynes & Maggie J. Forde
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            17/6/1891     John                 LITTLE           Full age      Widower     Farmer                    Mullinaragh?                                             Glover Little		Farmer          Charlotte Grace Mariah      GEDDES        Full     Spinster   not listed              Drumeard? (Drumard?), Florencecourt                     George Geddes (decd)     Farmer               John Coulson   	Licence     Thomas J. Murphy & Georgina Geddis
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            13/5/1896     William              RICHARDSON       Full age      Bachelor    Farmer                    Beagho, Lisbellaw                                        Antony Richardson	Farmer          Jane                        WALLACE       Full     Spinster   not listed              Moher, Kinawley                                         Henry Wallace            Farmer               Daniel B. Hewitt    Licence     Johnston Walker & Maggie Jane Wallace
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            17/4/1901     Arthur               BUCHANNAN        Full age      Bachelor    Shop Assistant            12 & 13 High Street, Enniskillen                         Arthur Buchannan (decd)	not listed      Sarah Jane                  BROWN         Full     Spinster   not listed              Tonagh, Kinawley                                        William J. Brown         Valuator             William Bryans      Licence     E. Rooney & Maggie Brown
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            19/3/1902     Thomas               CHAMBERS         Full age      Bachelor    Farmer                    Lismoonly?, Florencecourt                                Andrew Chambers (decd)	Farmer          Margaret                    JOHNSTON      Full     Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Killyblane, Florencecourt                               John Johnston            Farmer               William Bryans      Licence     Emma Fawcett & George Monaghan
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            2/10/1902     Thomas               TAYLOR           Full age      Bachelor    Farmer                    Greenan, Cultiagh, Co. Fermanagh                         John Taylor		Farmer          Mary Jane                   HICKS         Full     Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Greenan, Cultiagh, Co. Fermanagh                        George Hicks (decd)      Farmer               William Bryans      Licence     Willie Reynolds & Chloe Ann Howden
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            16/2/1904     John George          HANNA            Full age      Bachelor    Farmer                    Killaghaduff, Parish of Kinawley                         Alexander Hanna		Farmer          Margaret Anne               CLEMENTS      18       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Gortenacauley? (Gortnacally?), Parish of Killesher      Daniel Clements          Farmer               John Wright   	Licence     William Storey & Sarah Jane Brown
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            24/8/1904     Charles              PIERCE           Full age      Bachelor    Carpenter                 19 Wellington Place, Enniskillen                         Henry Pierce		Contractor      Catherine                   FRAZER        21       Spinster   not listed              Drumclownish (Drumclounish?), Florencecourt             Robert Frazer            Farmer               John Wright   	Licence     Robert Frazer & Annie Elizabeth Good
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            27/6/1907     Johnston             CRAWFORD         22            Bachelor    Farmer                    Drumroosk, Kinawley                                      William Crawford		Farmer          Martha                      FORDE         29       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Stumpys Hill, Swalinbar                                 Adam Forde               Farmer               Daniel B. Hewitt    Licence     William ? & Alice E. Parkes?
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            25/3/1909     Alexander            HASSARD          29            Bachelor    Farmer                    Borim, Swalinbar                                         John Hassard		Farmer          Margaret Anne               MORTON        23       Spinster   not listed              Greenan, Swalinbar                                      Richard Morton           Farmer               James C. Waugh      Licence     W.S. Morton & Annie Elizabeth Good
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            5/4/1909      Andrew               KERR             Full age      Bachelor    Farmer                    Aghnaloo, Wheathill, Blacklion                           Andrew Kerr		Farmer          Mary Jane                   JOHNSTON      28       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Moneenbawn, Swalinbar                                   John Johnston            Farmer               James C. Waugh      Licence     Andrew Bowles & Lillie Clements
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            19/4/1912     Alexander            ABERCROMBIE      Full age      Bachelor    Creamery Manager          Edenmore, Florencecourt                                  William Abercrombie	Farmer          Helena                      FLEMING       Full     Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Drumduff, Florencecourt                                 William Fleming          Farmer               Edward White   	Licence     James Sheridan & Violet Sheridan
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            28/7/1915     William Thomas       SCOTT            36            Bachelor    Commercial Traveller      13 East Bridge Street, Enniskillen                       Thomas Scott (decd)	Farmer          Ethel Elizabeth             BROWN         26       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Tonagh, Kinawley                                        W.J. Brown               Farmer & Valuator    Alex M. Ludlow      Licence     (illegible) (Illegible) & Myra? Brown
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            4/7/1917      Alfred               ELLIOTT          23            Bachelor    Farmer                    Corrardreenan? (Corrardreen?), Florencecourt             Andrew Elliott (decd)	Farmer          Mary Alice                  ABERCROMBIE   27       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Drummackabranagher (Drummmacabranagher?) Florencecourt  William Abercrombie      Farmer               Alex M. Ludlow      Licence     Glover Abercrombie & Florence Elliott
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            18/9/1919     Robert               ELLIOTT          23            Bachelor    Farmers son               Greentown, Florencecourt                                 William Elliott		Farmer          Myra Caroline               BROWN         24       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Tonagh, Kinawley                                        William James Brown      Farmer               James Johnston      Licence     Albert Abercrombie & Margaret Brown Moore
Methodist Church, Coolcrim            28/1/1920     William Hugh         FLEMING          27            Bachelor    Farmer                    Drumduff, Florencecourt                                  William Fleming		Farmer          Catherine Elizabeth Violet  BROWN         20       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Drumgague, Florencecourt                                Stewart Brown            Farmer               James Johnston      Licence     Alfred Walmsley & Sarah Geddes Brown
Florencecourt Meth.Church, Coolcrim   7/7/1920      Thomas Alfred        GREGG            28            Bachelor    Farmer                    Tattenamona, Brookeborough                               William Gregg		Farmer          Alice                       ROONEY        26       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Gortnakelly?, Florencecourt                             Thomas Rooney            Farmer               James Johnston      Licence     Ernest Agnew Weir & Mary Frances Rooney
Florencecourt Meth.Church, Coolcrim   16/11/1920    Henry                NIXON            53            Bachelor    Farmer                    Cornahowla (Cornahawla or Cornahoule?                    Henry Nixon		Farmer          Mary Frances                ROONEY        32       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Gortnakelly, Florencecourt                              Thomas Rooney            Farmer               James Johnston      Licence     George Farlow & May Rooney
Florencecourt Meth.Church, Coolcrim   15/12/1920    William Glover       ABERCROMBIE      39            Bachelor    Creamery Manager          Tullycreevy, Monea                                       William Abercrombie	Farmer          Elizabeth Jane              ROONEY        22       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Gortnakelly, Florencecourt                              Thompson Rooney *        Farmer               James Johnston      Licence     Albert Hugh Abercrombie & May Rooney
Florencecourt Meth.Church, Coolcrim   6/1/1922      Alfred               WALMSLEY         35            Bachelor    Farmer                    Druminiskil (Druminiskill?), Macken                      John Walmsley		Farmer          Sarah                       BROWN         28       Spinster   Milliner                London House, Donaghadee                                Stewart Brown            Farmer               Percy S. Shipway    Licence     William Fleming & James S. Brown
Florencecourt Meth.Church, Coolcrim   9/4/1928      Thomas               ROONEY           34            Bachelor    Farmer                    Kinglass, Macken                                         Samuel Rooney		Farmer          Margaret E.                 LITTLE        31       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Mullinaveagh (Mullanavehy?)                             John Little              Farmer               William H. Cory     Licence     Alexander Rooney & Margaret Brown Moore
Florencecourt Meth.Church, Coolcrim   26/2/1930     Joseph Alexander     ROONEY           30            Bachelor    Farmer                    Gortnakelly, Florencecourt                               Thompson Rooney *	Farmer          Margaret Brown              MOORE         30       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Crummer, Derrylester                                    Robert Moore             Farmer               Thomas Jackson      Licence     Thomas William Rooney & Kathleen Florence Moore
Florencecourt Meth.Church, Coolcrim   9/12/1930     John Stewart         BROWN            35            Bachelor    Farmer                    Drumduff                                                 Stewart Brown (decd)	Farmer          Elizabeth Jane              ROONEY        34       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Kinglass                                                Samuel Rooney (decd)     Farmer               Thomas Jackson      Licence     John Rooney & Elizabeth Gertrude Boyd
Florencecourt Meth.Church, Coolcrim   25/6/1931     Albert Hugh          ABERCROMBIE      40            Bachelor    Farmer                    Druma---branagher? (Drummacabranagher?) Florencecourt    William Abercrombie	Farmer          Maud Gertrude               LATIMER       30       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Killybracken, Florencecourt                             John Latimer (decd)      Farmer               Thomas Jackson      Licence     John Arthur Geddis & Lilian M. Latimer
Florencecourt Meth.Church, Coolcrim   21/10/1931    Joseph               WIGGINS          40            Bachelor    Motor Lorry Driver        Water Street, Enniskillen                                Samuel Wiggins (decd)	Gardiner        Margaret Dorothy            JOHNSTON      31       Spinster   Farmer's daughter       Stumpys Hill, Kinawley                                  John Johnston            Farmer               William J. Ewart    Licence     Richard Johnston & Elizabeth Wiggins
Florencecourt Meth.Church, Coolcrim   12/10/1937    Robert Edgar         BRACKEN          Full age      Bachelor    Railway Clerk             Florencecourt                                            Arthur Edward Bracken	Gamekeeper      Lilian Alice                ABERCROMBIE   Full     Spinster   not listed              Florencecourt                                           Alexander Abercrombie    Creamery Manager     Thomas A. Hartley?  Licence     John (illegible) & Elizabeth Sarah Abercrombie

Sorted by Grooms Name:
ABERCROMBIE   Albert Hugh       25/6/1931
ABERCROMBIE   Alexander         19/4/1912
ABERCROMBIE   William Glover    15/12/1920
BRACKEN       Robert Edgar      12/10/1937
BROWN         John Stewart      9/12/1930
BUCHANNAN     Arthur            17/4/1901
CHAMBERS      Thomas            19/3/1902
CRAWFORD      Johnston          27/6/1907
EDWARDS       John              4/11/1885
ELLIOTT       Alfred            4/7/1917
ELLIOTT       Robert            18/9/1919
FLEMING       William Hugh      28/1/1920
GOOD          Richard           24/11/1887
GREEN         Stuart            18/6/1884
GREGG         Thomas Alfred     7/7/1920
HANNA         John George       16/2/1904
HASSARD       Alexander         25/3/1909
JOHNSTON      Hugh              16/12/1873
KERR          Andrew            5/4/1909
LEE           Robert Samuel     28/6/1873
LITTLE        John              17/6/1891
MORTON        Richard           15/7/1884
MORTON        William           14/10/1868
NICHOL        John              6/2/1872
NIXON         Henry             16/11/1920
PIERCE        Charles           24/8/1904
POLLOCK       Thomas            24/5/1888
RICHARDSON    William           13/5/1896
ROONEY        Joseph Alexander  26/2/1930
ROONEY        Thomas            9/4/1928
SCOTT         William Thomas    28/7/1915
TAYLOR        Thomas            2/10/1902
WALMSLEY      Alfred            6/1/1922
WIGGINS       Joseph            21/10/1931
WILSON        John              5/9/1872