Fermanagh - Galloon Marriage Register Index, 1798-1830

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Fermanagh Index


File contributed by:  David Armstrong


SURNAME             FORENAME          DATE             SPOUSE 			     NOTES

.....               Thos              1809.04.08       Jane Greaves
......                                1809.02.13       .....
.....INSON                            1807.09.00       Jane Kerr
                    Thomas            1828.01.18       Anne Goold
                                      1823.12.07       Elizabeth Clinton             Entry crossed out
ACKESON             Catherine         1827.02.19       John Smyth
ADAMS               Elinor            1815.10.24       Wm Hicks
ADAMS               Francis           1806.02.18       Henrietta Clingan
ADAMS               Francis           1811.08.27       Thirza Clarke                 of Monaghan
ADAMS               Francis           1829.08.10       Matilda Armstrong
ADAMS               Henrietta         1812.04.23       Jas Liddle
ADAMS               Lucinda           1829.04.07       Samuel Morrow
ADAMS               Robt              1803.01.01       Mary Armstrong                of Aghavia
ADAMS               Sarah             1804.02.17       Thos Plunket
ALLEN               And'w             1813.09.10       Alice Lang
ALLEN               Anne              1805.11.15       John Ridley
ALLEN               Anne              1823.02.06       Oliver Warner
ALLEN               James             1809.12.05       Anne Coulson
ALLEN               Jane              1828.03.21       Arthur Dickson
ALLEN               John              1823.05.02       Ellen Hagan
ALLEN               Margery           1813.12.28       Jas Lang
ALLEN               Margery           1828.10.10       William King
ALLEN               William           1827.09.27       Florinda Lang
ALLEN               William           1829.04.14       Elisabeth Argue
ALLWELL             Jas               1814.12.11       Sarah Irvin                   of Drumcrin
ANDERSON            Edw'd             1814.10.28       Margt Forster                 of Aghalurcher
ANNEW               James             1829.06.17       Hanna Frickleton
ANNON               Wm                1809.10.06       Sarah Logan                   of Aghavea
ARCHDAL             Wm                1809.11.15       Eliz'th Winford               of Templetate
ARGUE               Elisabeth         1829.04.14       William Allen
ARGUE               Jane Anne         1828.01.01       James Gillespie
ARMSTONG            Cath'e            1815.01.02       Henry Wood
ARMSTONG            Elizabeth         1822.02.27       Abraham Kells
ARMSTONG            John              1826.11.03       Frances Moore                 of Sevanlinlae, Kilmore Dioc.
ARMSTRONG           Alicia            1825.06.08       Charles Foster
ARMSTRONG           Anne              1813.11.26       James Scott
ARMSTRONG           Anne              1828.08.21       James Wade
ARMSTRONG           Anne              1828.11.17       William Bryans
ARMSTRONG           Cath'e            1802.02.28       Miles Burk
ARMSTRONG           Elinor            1810.12.14       George Moore
ARMSTRONG           Elinor            1811.04.05       Thos Welsh
ARMSTRONG           Elinor            1812.02.19       Nath'l Clarke
ARMSTRONG           Elisa             1828.01.28       John Thompson                 of Ahalurcher
ARMSTRONG           Elisabeth         1829.01.07       George Armstrong
ARMSTRONG           Elisabeth         1829.06.24       Edward Haselton
ARMSTRONG           Elizabeth         1824.05.04       Robt Johnston
ARMSTRONG           Eliz'th           1802.03.11       Wm Thompson
ARMSTRONG           Eliz'th           1817.03.01       John Elliott
ARMSTRONG           Francis           1802.10.01       Jane Williams
ARMSTRONG           George            1829.01.07       Elisabeth Armstrong
ARMSTRONG           James             1824.09.24       Jane Delap
ARMSTRONG           James             1828.10.24       Prudence Scarlet              of Clones
ARMSTRONG           Jane              1802.04.06       Thos Coulter
ARMSTRONG           Jane              1802.06.17       James Jones
ARMSTRONG           Jane              1812.07.24       Wm MacCligan
ARMSTRONG           Jane              1816.03.13       Wm Kearns
ARMSTRONG           Jane              1829.07.17       John Armstrong
ARMSTRONG           Jas               1816.04.11       Jane Forster                  of Galloon
ARMSTRONG           John              1803.04.19       Anne Coulter
ARMSTRONG           John              1829.07.17       Jane Armstrong
ARMSTRONG           Margt             1814.08.30       Thos Hogg
ARMSTRONG           Maria             1816.01.24       George Pollock
ARMSTRONG           Mary              1803.01.01       Robt Adams
ARMSTRONG           Mary              1810.11.13       Rich'd Reilly
ARMSTRONG           Mary              1813.02.27       Thos Blond
ARMSTRONG           Mary              1813.05.03       Jas Little
ARMSTRONG           Mary              1822.08.22       John McCelvey
ARMSTRONG           Mary              1829.03.12       Samuel Armstrong
ARMSTRONG           Matilda           1829.08.10       Francis Adams
ARMSTRONG           May Anne          1828.03.04       Thomas Howe
ARMSTRONG           Robt              1804.07.09       Eliz. Coulter
ARMSTRONG           Robt              1809.06.15       Margt Dunlap                  of Aghavea
ARMSTRONG           Samuel            1829.03.12       Mary Armstrong
ARMSTRONG           Sarah             1812.06.10       Abraham Taylor
ARMSTRONG           Sarah             1813.03.12       Joseph Pogue
ARMSTRONG           Sarah             1828.04.18       William Magahy
ARMSTRONG           Thomas            1829.10.27       Arabella Ormston              of Clones
ARMSTRONG           Wm                1804.08.14       Cath'e Fleming                of Clones
ARTHURS             John              1829.04.07       Anna Maria Shaw
ATTWELL             Richard           1823.09.15       Sarah West
ATWELL              Samuel            1828.03.14       Sarah Bussell
ATWILL              Mary              1827.10.08       Robert Cottnam
AYLMUR              Eliza             1807.10.24       Robt Lang
BAKER               John              1812.02.01       Sarah Noble                   of Drumlane
BEATTY              Anne              1826.09.08       James McMahon                 of Clones
BEATTY              Jane              1813.03.19       Sam'l Evans
BEATTY              John              1825.09.26       Margaret Martin
BEATTY              Margaret          1827.06.11       William Pratt
BEATTY              Robt              1810.04.09       Jane McCartney                of Clones  ?
BEATTY              Robt              1814.12.02       Eliz'th Hall
BEATTY              Robt              1817.02.01       Sarah Beatty
BEATTY              Sarah             1808.08.30       Wm Forster
BEATTY              Sarah             1817.02.01       Robt Beatty
BEATTY              Sarah Anne        1822.10.16       John Gibson
BEATTY              Thos              1812.01.30       Rebecca Irvin                 of Drumcra
BELL                Fanny             1813.06.12       Jas Logden
BELL                Sam'l             1811.07.17       Mary Graham
BEST                Henry             1805.02.11       Hannah McDowell               of Anna
BEVIS               Jas               1818.03.03       Mary Bryans
BIGGINS             Gerard            1809.02.14       Eliz'th McQuade
BIRD                Adam              1808.07.26       Margt Collins
BIRD                John              1828.01.25       Mary Wadsworth
BIRD                Mary              1804.04.10       Wm Morton
BLAKELY             Pat               1812.04.07       Anne Pratt
BLANE               Margt             1804.06.22       James Crawford
BLOND               Thos              1813.02.27       Mary Armstrong                of 12th Foot
BOHANNAN            Anne              1804.07.09       Wm Lang
BOHANNAN            Anne              1807.02.20       Phillip Corrigan
BOHANNAN            Jno               1811.08.17       Jane Thompson
BOWS                Francis           1817.01.23       Jane Bryans                   of Clones
BOWS                Francis           1825.06.21       Hannagh Elliot
BOYLE               Catherine         1822.10.22       George Leslie
BOYLE               Jane              1816.02.14       John Kettle
BOYLE               Jno               1809.08.11       Eliz'th Elliott               of Aghavea
BOYLE               John              1806.01.06       Eliz'th Redich                of Killievan
BRADSHAW            James             1830.01.19       Susanna Teasy                 of Currin
BREDIN              Christ'r          1803.06.03       Anne Hutchinson               of Clones
BRIANS              Elinor            1803.01.10       Christ. Coulson
BRIANS              Sarah             1803.01.04       Wm Liddle
BRIDE               William           1827.04.16       Sarah Corbitt
BRITTAIN            William           1829.03.16       Elisabeth Rennick
BROOK               Eliz'th           1817.01.26       Wm Faithful
BROWN               Alice             1812.03.27       Wm Wilson
BROWN               Allice            1815.01.03       Robt McGuire
BROWN               Anne              1812.06.05       Hugh McGuire
BROWN               Eliz'th           1802.08.06       Jared Gregg
BROWN               Eliz'th           1803.01.17       Allen Moore
BROWN               James             1805.08.28       Margt Dogherty
BROWN               James             1806.08.12       Alice Graham
BROWN               James Gifford     1822.07.11       Jane Moore
BROWN               John              1808.05.13       Prudence Bushell
BROWN               Mary              1807.09.09       John Gregg
BROWN               Sarah             1815.03.05       Wm Thompson
BROWN               Wm                1819.12.22       Sarah Coulter
BRYANS              Angel             1829.03.24       John Smiley
BRYANS              Darky             1825.04.22       Thos Lyster
BRYANS              Eliz'th           1812.01.24       John Rutlidge
BRYANS              Jane              1812.03.28       Wm Elliott
BRYANS              Jane              1817.01.23       Francis Bows
BRYANS              Jas               1813.10.21       Jane Liddle                   of Derralee
BRYANS              Letitia           1805.04.09       George Clingan
BRYANS              Mary              1818.03.03       Jas Bevis
BRYANS              William           1828.11.17       Anne Armstrong
BRYANS              Wm                1817.02.21       Elinor Gardiner
BUCHANNAN           John              1814.07.13       Eliz'th Doonan
BURK                Miles             1802.02.28       Cath'e Armstrong
BURNSIDE            Arch'd            1801.10.31       Anne Coulter                  of Clones
BUSHEL              Anne              1802.03.20       Jas Coulter
BUSHEL              Sarah             1806.01.26       John Doogan
BUSHELL             Edw'd             1804.02.02       Eliz'th Jones
BUSHELL             Elinor            1816.09.20       John Climenger
BUSHELL             Hannah            1818.10.27       Jas Elliott
BUSHELL             Jane              1806.08.30       James Wedlock
BUSHELL             Prudence          1808.05.13       John Brown
BUSSELL             John              1827.12.31       Margaret Little
BUSSELL             Sarah             1828.03.14       Samuel Atwell
CAHIL               Anne              1801.12.01       James Roy
CAIN                William           1821.05.01       Elizabeth Corbet
CAMPBELL            John              1814.10.04       Margt McAvoy                  of Aghalurcher
CAROTHERS           George            1814.06.24       Jane Layng                    of Aghalurcher
CASSIDY             Conlon            1817.06.26       Mary Irvin
CHAPMAN             John              1804.12.14       Lydlia Liddle                 of Clones
CLARK               James             1821.09.07       Jane Little                   of Currin
CLARKE              And'w             1817.02.06       Eliz'th Jobb                  of Aghavea
CLARKE              John              1816.09.16       Margt Johnston                of Anna
CLARKE              Nath'l            1812.02.19       Elinor Armstrong
CLARKE              Teresa            1829.04.06       James Wilson
CLARKE              Thirza            1811.08.27       Francis Adams
CLARKE              Wm                1818.04.11       Anne Liddle                   of Curran
CLENNING            Margaret          1823.11.18       Thos Rooney
CLIMENGER           John              1816.09.20       Elinor Bushell                of Wincy
CLINALY             Jane              1814.08.23       Jas Morton
CLINDINNEN          Mary              1813.04.20       And'w Cluff
CLINGAN             Cath'e            1803.08.02       Robt Forster
CLINGAN             George            1805.04.09       Letitia Bryans                of Aghalurcher
CLINGAN             Henrietta         1806.02.18       Francis Adams
CLINGAN             Jane              1826.10.23       George Mitchell
CLINGAN             Jane              1827.10.20       John Cooper
CLINGAN             Mary              1803.09.30       John Taylor
CLINGAN             Mary              1810.11.19       Simon Cross
CLINGAN             Mary              1817.05.03       Thos Montgomery
CLINGAN             Robt              1822.07.29       Sarah Nealer
CLINGAN             Susanna           1802.10.01       John Faucet
CLINGING            Eleanor           1825.10.17       John Montgomery
CLINTON             Elizabeth         1823.12.07                                     Entry crossed out
CLOYD               Wm                1804.02.14       Lucy Coulson                  of Aghabog
CLUFF               And'w             1813.04.20       Mary Clindinnen               of Derryvolan
CLUFF               Rich'd            1809.01.18       Sarah Elliott                 of Derravallan
COGGINS             Rebecca           1825.07.08       Andrew Thompson
COLE                Wm                1819.06.01       Rebecca Robinson              of Clones
COLLINS             Cath'e            1811.01.16       Wm Jones
COLLINS             Margt             1808.07.26       Adam Bird
COLLINS             Mary              1803.01.06       And'w Fleming
COLTOR              Margaret          1824.11.16       John Johnson
CONALLAN            Alice             1807.05.26       James McDonald
CONOLLY             Robert            1829.11.07       Jane Halliday
COOPER              John              1827.10.20       Jane Clingan
CORBET              Elizabeth         1821.05.01       William Cain
CORBITT             Sarah             1827.04.16       Willam Bride
CORRIGAN            Phillip           1807.02.20       Anne Bohannan
COTTNAM             Robert            1827.10.08       Mary Atwill                   of Anna, Kilmore Diocese
COULSON             Anne              1809.12.05       James Allen
COULSON             Christ.           1803.01.10       Elinor Brians
COULSON             Eliz'th           1814.03.08       Jas Kerry
COULSON             Irvin             1815.05.20       Robt Darling
COULSON             John              1821.10.21       Mary Anne Hagan
COULSON             Lucy              1804.02.14       Wm Cloyd
COULSON             Margt             1808.11.10       Rich'd Phillips
COULTER             Anne              1801.10.31       Arch'd Burnside
COULTER             Anne              1803.04.19       John Armstrong
COULTER             Anne              1810.08.05       Jas Johnston
COULTER             Eliz.             1804.07.09       Robt Armstrong
COULTER             Jane              1813.11.30       James Moore
COULTER             Jane              1814.09.01       Thos Coulter
COULTER             Jas               1802.03.20       Anne Bushel
COULTER             Robt              1819.10.01       Phebe Robinson
COULTER             Sarah             1819.12.22       Wm Brown
COULTER             Thos              1802.04.06       Jane Armstrong
COULTER             Thos              1814.09.01       Jane Coulter                  of Clinaly
COULTER             Wm                1802.04.01       Isabella Liddle
COUPLES             Hugh              1828.07.03       Eliza McAdam
COURTNEY            David             1825.03.02       Elizabeth West
COURTNEY            Margt             1815.02.21       Sam'l Johnston                of Galloon
COURTNEY            Thomas            1828.08.22       Margaret West                 of Drummully
CRAWFORD            Francis           1810.05.03       Mary Smyth
CRAWFORD            James             1804.06.22       Margt Blane                   of Curran
CRAWFORD            Jane              1819.11.00       Edw'd Jackson
CRAWFORD            John              1810.08.21       Elinor Elliott
CRAWFORD            Samuel            1825.03.04       Sarah Gardner
CREASHLAN           William           1821.01.12       Jane Thompson                 of Aghavay
CROSS               Simon             1810.11.19       Mary Clingan
CROZIER             Fanny             1814.09.22       Alex'r Hudson
DALY                John              1816.09.04       Anne Madole
DALY                William           1826.05.08       Eliza Stinston
DANE                Christ'r          1818.03.20       Polly Shervin
DANES               Nicholas          1828.04.10       Anne Kernan                   of Killallen, Kilmore Dioc.
DARLING             Jane              1801.12.24       John Shersin
DARLING             Rich'd            1816.01.19       Sarah Jones
DARLING             Robt              1815.05.20       Irvin Coulson
DELAP               Jane              1824.09.24       James Armstrong
DICKSON             Arthur            1828.03.21       Jane Allen
DOGHERTY            Gerard            1820.09.08       Anne Gardiner
DOGHERTY            Margt             1805.08.28       James Brown
DOGHERTY            Margt             1808.02.18       Thos McAvoy
DOOGAN              Anne              1807.09.06       Francis Egerton
DOOGAN              Elinor            1802.02.28       Robt Ferguson
DOOGAN              John              1806.01.26       Sarah Bushel
DOOGAN              John              1829.04.15       Margrat Scarlett
DOONAN              Anne              1807.02.27       David Scarlet
DOONAN              Eliz'th           1814.07.13       John Buchannan
DOONAN              Robt              1808.01.30       Elinor Hutchinson
DOWNEY              Cath'e            1806.10.11       Daniel Lunng
DOWNY               James             1828.12.16       Jane McKiever
DUFFY               Francis           1820.03.14       Elinor Teaug                  of Co. Cavan
DUGGAN              Sarah             1817.03.22       Wm Irvin
DUNLAP              Margt             1809.06.15       Robt Armstrong
DUNN                John              1806.02.12       Margt Frickleton              of Aghavea
EARLY               Jeremiah          1814.10.16       Mary McDonnell                of Armagh
EBBIT               Jane              1810.01.27       Johnston Johnston
EBBIT               Mary              1814.07.27       Thos Henry
EGAN                Wm                1805.06.19       Elinor Logan                  of 17th Dragoons
EGERTON             Francis           1807.09.06       Anne Doogan                   of Clones
EGERTON             Jno               1812.10.03       Magdalene Robinson
ELLIOT              Hannagh           1825.06.21       Francis Bows
ELLIOT              Jane              1825.06.24       John Forster
ELLIOTT             Anne              1816.08.02       Thos Miller
ELLIOTT             Anne              1816.08.16       Rich'd Forster
ELLIOTT             Chas              1806.07.09       Isabella Robinson             of Drumcrin  ?
ELLIOTT             Elinor            1810.08.21       John Crawford
ELLIOTT             Eliz'th           1809.08.11       Jno Boyle
ELLIOTT             Eliz'th           1810.03.07       Jno Little
ELLIOTT             Jane              1807.10.11       Archy Kettle
ELLIOTT             Jane              1815.02.10       Sam'l Mitchell
ELLIOTT             Jane              1827.05.23       William Rea
ELLIOTT             Jas               1813.03.14       Eliz. Moore
ELLIOTT             Jas               1818.10.27       Hannah Bushell
ELLIOTT             John              1817.03.01       Eliz'th Armstrong             of Clones
ELLIOTT             Joseph            1808.07.05       Anne Jones                    of Kilmore
ELLIOTT             Margt             1804.01.07       Alex'r Moore
ELLIOTT             Mary              1827.12.26       James McVity
ELLIOTT             Sarah             1808.05.19       George Nichol
ELLIOTT             Sarah             1809.01.18       Rich'd Cluff
ELLIOTT             Wm                1812.03.28       Jane Bryans                   of Derryvaland
ENNISKILLEN         Mary              1811.06.05       Sam'l Little
EVANS               Sam'l             1813.03.19       Jane Beatty                   Sergt, 12th Foot
FAITHFUL            Wm                1817.01.26       Eliz'th Brook
FAUCET              James             1801.08.24       Sarah Liddle
FAUCET              John              1802.10.01       Susanna Clingan
FAUSSET             Elizabeth         1820.12.04       William Fausset
FAWCET              Samuel            1821.07.31       Jane West
FERGUSON            Alex'r            1820.02.21       Susanna Teaug
FERGUSON            Robert            1829.03.20       Bridget Jordan
FERGUSON            Robt              1802.02.28       Elinor Doogan
FITZPATRICK         Philip            1827.12.28       Bridget Robinson
FLEMING             And'w             1803.01.06       Mary Collins
FLEMING             Anne              1815.10.24       John Hannah
FLEMING             Cath'e            1804.08.14       Wm Armstrong
FLEMING             Elinor            1819.06.30       Chas Hinkson
FLEMING             Jane              1824.06.02       Hugh Hingoton
FLEMING             Mary              1804.08.28       Robert Gregg
FORESTER            Ann               1824.09.24       John Wiggins
FORESTER            Edw'd             1817.01.17       Margt McKeaver
FORSTER             Arthur            1810.03.06       Margt Morrison
FORSTER             Jane              1816.04.11       Jas Armstrong
FORSTER             John              1825.06.24       Jane Elliot
FORSTER             Margt             1814.10.28       Edw'd Anderson
FORSTER             Mary              1828.07.15       James Litle
FORSTER             Rich'd            1816.08.16       Anne Elliott                  of Aghavea
FORSTER             Robert            1812.09.04       Anne Gaudie                   of Clones
FORSTER             Robt              1803.08.02       Cath'e Clingan
FORSTER             Sarah             1810.04.28       Pat'k Quin
FORSTER             Sarah             1815.11.08       Wm Kennedy
FORSTER             William           1828.08.05       Elizabeth Nixon
FORSTER             Wm                1808.08.30       Sarah Beatty                  of Clones
FOSSETT             Wm                1816.01.30       Hannah Moore
FOSTER              Charles           1825.06.08       Alicia Armstrong
FOSTER              James             1829.02.17       Jane McClelland
FOSTER              John              1829.12.01       Margaret Murray
FOSTER              William           1820.12.04       Elizabeth Fausset             of Auchalurcher
FRICKLETON          Hanna             1829.06.17       James Annew
FRICKLETON          Hannah            1817.11.20       Sam'l Henderson
FRICKLETON          Margaret          1826.10.10       Christopher Robinson
FRICKLETON          Margt             1806.02.12       John Dunn
G.....              Thos              1810.11.27       Eliz'th McKeon                of Aghavea
GADDIS              Sam'l             1804.04.18       Mary Anne West                of Killeevan
GALLAGHER           Jno               1813.03.22       Mary Anne Welsh               of Scocrlanky ?
GARDINER            Anne              1820.09.08       Gerard Dogherty
GARDINER            Elinor            1817.02.21       Wm Bryans
GARDINER            Elizabeth         1824.06.11       John McCleland
GARDINER            Jane              1806.02.16       Hamlet Morrison
GARDINER            Joanna            1816.01.19       Thos Hutchinson
GARDINER            Rebecca           1808.01.19       Francis Kettle
GARDNER             Sarah             1825.03.04       Samuel Crawford
GAUDIE              Anne              1812.09.04       Robert Forster
GIBSON              James             1824.04.28       Margaret Hamilton             of Carragalla, Leitrim
GIBSON              John              1822.10.16       Sarah Anne Beatty             of KilbracKan, Leitrim
GILLESPIE           James             1828.01.01       Jane Anne Argue               of Curran
GILLESPY            Alex'r            1820.03.14       Matilda Sharry
GILLIS              Anne              1815.05.31       And'w Tegart
GLENDINNEN          Thos              1803.01.15       Anne Veaitch                  of Killashandra
GOOLD               Anne              1828.01.18       Thomas .....
GOOLD               William           1828.02.18       Ellen Graham
GOULD               Jane              1809.01.27       James Jones
GOULD               Mary              1804.04.20       Robt Graves
GOULD               Mich'l            1812.05.15       Anne Jones
GOULD               Robt              1818.05.08       Fanny Irvin
GOULD               Wm                1814.07.08       Eliz'th Moore
GRAHAM              Alice             1806.08.12       James Brown
GRAHAM              Elinor            1817.01.20       Thos Nichol
GRAHAM              Eliza             1817.08.29       Edw'd Wilson
GRAHAM              Ellen             1828.02.18       William Goold
GRAHAM              Henry Wm          1807.09.10       Eliz'th A. Liddle             of 27th Foot
GRAHAM              Jane              1826.09.07       Thomas Ormston
GRAHAM              Jane              1827.02.27       William McDowell
GRAHAM              Lettice           1816.05.11       Wm Williamson
GRAHAM              Mary              1811.07.17       Sam'l Bell
GRAHAM              Prudence          1807.10.24       Wm Scarlet
GRAHAM              Robt              1805.01.25       Margt McKeon                  of Aghavea
GRAHAM              Robt              1805.02.07       Margt McKeon                  of Aghavea
GRAHAM              Sam'l             1816.04.04       Eliz'th Lanktrey
GRAHAM              Thos              1812.01.07       Mary Litle                    of Magheracross
GRAHAM              William           1828.07.18       Mary McCoy                    of Aghalurcher
GRAVES              Robt              1804.04.20       Mary Gould
GRAYDON             Anne              1826.09.20       Thomas Howe
GRAYDON             Edward            1827.03.02       Catherine Wallace             of Clones
GREAVES             Jane              1809.04.08       Thos .....
GREENLEES           John              1814.09.01       Eliz'th Johnston              of Aghalurcher
GREGG               Jared             1802.08.06       Eliz'th Brown                 of Drumerin
GREGG               John              1807.09.09       Mary Brown                    of Drumcrin
GREGG               John              1825.07.08       Alicia Lang                   of Drumcrin
GREGG               Robert            1804.08.28       Mary Fleming                  of Clones
GREYDEN             Joseph            1818.11.25       Anne Little
HAGAN               Ellen             1823.05.02       John Allen
HAGAN               Mary Anne         1821.10.21       John Coulson
HALL                Eliz'th           1814.12.02       Robt Beatty
HALL                Thos              1807.02.27       Mary Hicks                    of Aghavea
HALLIDAY            Jane              1829.11.07       Robert Conolly
HAMILTON            Margaret          1824.04.28       James Gibson
HANNA               Wm                1808.03.01       Jane Madowel                  of Drumlane
HANNAH              John              1815.10.24       Anne Fleming                  of Tedavnet
HANSBOROUGH         Anne              1807.09.06       George Scarlet
HARPUR              John              1828.08.22       Rosanna Plumsteel
HARPUR              Mary              1811.05.10       John Johnston
HASELTON            Edward            1829.06.24       Elisabeth Armstrong           Methodist Preacher of Clones
HENDERSON           George            1805.07.09       Jane Logan                    of Anna
HENDERSON           Jas               1805.03.30       Jane Parker
HENDERSON           Sam'l             1817.11.20       Hannah Frickleton
HENRY               Thos              1814.07.27       Mary Ebbit                    of Clones
HEWIT               Sarah             1815.12.12       Wm Thomas
HICKS               Edward            1828.11.17       Frances Smyth
HICKS               John              1829.07.07       Mary Hicks
HICKS               Margaret          1829.06.19       John Hinds
HICKS               Margt             1811.01.01       Joseph Johnston
HICKS               Mary              1807.02.27       Thos Hall
HICKS               Mary              1828.11.18       Robert Masterson
HICKS               Mary              1829.07.07       John Hicks
HICKS               Thos              1815.05.02       Anne Scarlet                  of Castle Tara
HICKS               Wm                1815.10.24       Elinor Adams
HINDS               John              1829.06.19       Margaret Hicks
HINGOTON            Hugh              1824.06.02       Jane Fleming                  of Cavan parish
HINKSON             Chas              1819.06.30       Elinor Fleming                of Diocese of Kilmore
HOG                 Wm                1805.08.14       Anne Wiggins                  of Aghabog
HOGG                Thos              1814.08.30       Margt Armstong                of Aghalurcher
HOWE                Thomas            1826.09.20       Anne Graydon                  of Aghabog
HOWE                Thomas            1828.03.04       May Anne Arrmstong            of Clones
HUDSON              Alex'r            1814.09.22       Fanny Crozier                 of Enniskillen
HUGHES              Lucinda           1823.06.15       William Langtree
HUNSON              Eliz'th           1812.12.06       Sam'l Wiggins
HUTCHINSON          Anne              1803.06.03       Christ'r Bedin
HUTCHINSON          Elinor            1808.01.30       Robt Doonan
HUTCHINSON          Forster           1814.06.17       Mary Kerr                     of Drumgoon
HUTCHINSON          James Trench      1807.02.09       Jane Moore
HUTCHINSON          Jane              1821.03.30       Geo. Ramsey
HUTCHINSON          Jas               1814.02.10       Anne Kennedy
HUTCHINSON          Mary              1829.09.08       Joseph Johnston
HUTCHINSON          Thos              1816.01.19       Joanna Gardiner
IRVIN               And'w             1820.01.14       Cath'e Robinson
IRVIN               Cath'e            1805.02.01       Edw'd Eidich
IRVIN               Fanny             1818.05.08       Robt Gould
IRVIN               George            1802.11.10       Mary Thompson
IRVIN               Jas               1817.05.19       Elinor Johnston               of Clones
IRVIN               John              1813.09.06       Jane Gould
IRVIN               Mary              1817.06.26       Conlon Cassidy
IRVIN               Rebecca           1812.01.30       Thos Beatty
IRVIN               Rebecca           1829.03.00       Samuel Litle
IRVIN               Robert            1828.12.30       Martha Litle
IRVIN               Sarah             1814.12.11       Jas Allwell
IRVIN               Thos              1806.02.14       Anne McClean
IRVIN               Wm                1817.03.22       Sarah Duggan
IRWIN               Thos              1801.09.04       Jane Liddle
JACKSON             Edw'd             1819.11.00       Jane Crawford                 of Aghalurcher
JACKSON             Jno               1802.03.07       Margt Wiggins
JOBB                Eliz'th           1817.02.06       And'w Clarke
JOHNSON             John              1824.11.16       Margaret Coltor               of Clones
JOHNSTON            Elinor            1817.05.19       Jas Irvin
JOHNSTON            Eliz'th           1814.09.01       John Greenlees
JOHNSTON            Francis           1816.02.09       Eliz'th Widdes                of Clones
JOHNSTON            James             1802.08.31       Mary Ridich                   of Clones
JOHNSTON            James             1814.10.19       Margt Johnston                of Clones
JOHNSTON            James             1829.02.20       Eliza Litle                   of Clones
JOHNSTON            Jas               1810.08.05       Anne Coulter                  of Clones
JOHNSTON            John              1804.08.04       Francis Robinson
JOHNSTON            John              1811.05.10       Mary Harpur
JOHNSTON            Johnston          1810.01.27       Jane Ebbit                    of Aghavea
JOHNSTON            Joseph            1811.01.01       Margaret Hicks                of Clones
JOHNSTON            Joseph            1829.09.08       Mary Hutchinson               of Clones
JOHNSTON            Margt             1814.10.19       James Johnston
JOHNSTON            Margt             1816.09.16       Ann Clarke
JOHNSTON            Robt              1824.05.04       Elizabeth Armstong            of Clones
JOHNSTON            Sam'l             1815.02.21       Margt Courtney                of Galloon
JONES               Anne              1808.07.05       Joseph Elliott
JONES               Anne              1812.05.15       Mich'l Gould
JONES               Bell              1812.02.12       John Robinson
JONES               Eliz'th           1802.01.29       Robt Jones
JONES               Eliz'th           1804.02.02       Edw'd Bushell
JONES               Elliott           1828.08.08       Anne Little
JONES               James             1802.06.17       Jane Armstrong
JONES               James             1809.01.27       Jane Gould
JONES               John              1815.05.15       Eliz'th Wadsworth             of Castle Tara
JONES               Mary              1811.08.05       Thos Wiggins
JONES               Robt              1802.01.29       Eliz'th Jones
JONES               Robt              1803.05.09       Anne Williamson
JONES               Sarah             1816.01.19       Rich'd Darling
JONES               Wm                1811.01.16       Cath'e Collins
JORDAN              Bridget           1829.03.20       Robert Ferguson
JORDAN              Henry             1812.11.12       Martha Pritchard              of Curran
KEARNS              Wm                1816.03.13       Jane Armstrong                of Curran
KELLS               Abraham           1822.02.27       Elizabeth Armstrong           of Currers
KELLS               John              1824.03.22       Mary Morrison
KELLY               Anne              1804.12.18       Math'w Maze
KELLY               Joseph            1823.04.07       Mary Smith
KENNEDY             Anne              1814.02.10       Jas Hutchinson
KENNEDY             Eliz'th           1805.09.20       Pat McDonald
KENNEDY             Mary              1819.05.13       John McManus
KENNEDY             Wm                1815.11.08       Sarah Forster                 of Clones
KENNY               George            1829.05.29       Mary Wallace                  of Ahavea
KERNAN              Anne              1828.04.10       Nicholas Danes
KERR                Elisa             1829.06.17       John North
KERR                Jane              1807.09.00       .....inson
KERR                Margt             1809.03.05       Henry Maze
KERR                Mary              1814.06.17       Forster Hutchinson
KERR                William           1828.05.09       Mary West
KERRY               Jas               1814.03.08       Eliz'th Coulson
KETTLE              Archy             1807.10.11       Jane Elliott
KETTLE              Eliz'th           1812.07.29       Wm Robinson
KETTLE              Francis           1808.01.19       Rebecca Gardiner
KETTLE              Jane              1814.01.12       Jas Wilkin
KETTLE              Jane              1814.02.08       Jas Nixon
KETTLE              John              1816.02.14       Jane Boyle
KETTLE              Susanna           1815.04.22       John Rennick
KIDNEY              Robt              1812.09.07       Mary Logan                    of Aghalurcher
KING                Cath'e            1802.04.06       John Nixon
KING                James             1805.09.08       Barbara Nixon                 of Finsonia ?
KING                William           1828.10.10       Margery Allen                 of Anna, Kilmore Diocese
KITTLE              Mary              1803.04.14       Abraham Shersin
KNOX                James             1806.02.11       Rachel McDowel                of Oerney  ?
LANG                Alice             1813.09.10       And'w Allen
LANG                Alicia            1825.07.08       John Gregg
LANG                Florinda          1827.09.27       William Allen
LANG                Jas               1813.09.28       Martha Lang
LANG                Jas               1813.12.28       Margery Allen
LANG                John              1812.09.04       Mary Lisco
LANG                Martha            1813.09.28       Jas Lang
LANG                Robt              1807.10.24       Eliza Aylmur
LANG                Wm                1804.07.09       Anne Bohannan
LANGTREE            William           1823.06.15       Lucinda Hughes
LANKTREY            Eliz'th           1816.04.04       Sam'l Graham
LATIMER             Phebe             1815.05.20       George Nixon
LAYNG               Jane              1814.06.24       George Carothers
LAYNG               Simon             1814.12.30       Anne Robinson
LEARD               John              1818.11.02       Francis Welsh
LEE                 James             1827.12.19       Mary MaCiggan
LESLIE              George            1822.10.22       Catherine Boyle               of Clones
LIDDLE              Anne              1818.04.11       Wm Clarke
LIDDLE              Eliz'th A.        1807.09.10       Henry Wm Graham
LIDDLE              Isabella          1802.04.01       Wm Coulter
LIDDLE              Jane              1801.09.04       Thos Irwin
LIDDLE              Jane              1803.04.20       Gabriel Rutherford
LIDDLE              Jane              1813.10.21       Jas Bryans
LIDDLE              Jas               1812.04.23       Henrietta Adams
LIDDLE              Lydia             1804.12.14       John Chapman
LIDDLE              Sarah             1801.08.24       James Faucet
LIDDLE              Wm                1803.01.04       Sarah Brians
LIDDLE              Wm                1818.09.09       Eliz'th Noble
LISCO               Mary              1812.09.04       John Lang
LITLE               Eliza             1829.02.20       James Johnston
LITLE               James             1828.07.15       Mary Forster                  of Clones
LITLE               Martha            1828.12.30       Robert Irvin
LITLE               Mary              1812.01.07       Thos Graham
LITLE               Samuel            1829.03.00       Rebecca Irvin
LITTLE              Anne              1818.11.25       Joseph Greyden
LITTLE              Anne              1828.08.08       Elliott Jones
LITTLE              Eliz.             1812.10.23       Thos Wiggins
LITTLE              Jane              1821.09.07       James Clark
LITTLE              Jas               1813.05.03       Mary Armstrong                of Ballynavagart
LITTLE              Jno               1810.03.07       Eliz'th Elliott               of Aghavea
LITTLE              John              1805.09.29       Margt Stewart                 of 63rd Foot
LITTLE              Margaret          1827.12.31       John Bussell
LITTLE              Sam'l             1811.06.05       Mary Bryans                   of Enniskillen
LOGAN               Anne              1810.08.27       Jno Ridney
LOGAN               Elinor            1805.06.19       Wm Egan
LOGAN               Jane              1805.07.09       George Henderson
LOGAN               Mary              1812.09.07       Robt Kidney
LOGAN               Sarah             1809.10.06       Wm Annon
LOGDEN              Jas               1813.06.12       Fanny Bell                    of Castle Tara
LUNNG               Daniel            1806.10.11       Cath'e Downey
LYNN                James             1822.04.06       Elizabeth Morrison            of Clones
LYNN                John              1828.09.05       Margaret Morrison             of Drumholm, Raphoe Dioc.
LYSTER              Thos              1825.04.22       Darky Bryans                  of Clones
MACCLIGAN           Wm                1812.07.24       Jane Armstrong
MACIGGAN            Mary              1827.12.19       James Lee
MADOLE              Anne              1816.09.04       John Daly
MADOLE              Sam'l             1810.12.26       Cath'e Robertson
MADOWEL             Jane              1808.03.01       Wm Hanna
MAGAHY              William           1828.04.18       Sarah Armstrong               of Ahabog
MARRIN              Henry             1816.10.03       Jane Wilson                   of Clones
MARRON              Francis           1827.09.01       Mary Morrison                 of 12th Lancers
MARTIN              Margaret          1825.09.26       John Beatty
MARTIN              Susy              1801.04.03       Sam'l Wiggins
MASTERSON           Robert            1828.11.18       Mary Hicks                    of Clones
MAZE                Henry             1809.03.05       Margt Kerr                    of Aghavea
MAZE                Math'w            1804.12.18       Anne Kelly                    of Aghalurcher
MCADAM              Eliza             1828.07.03       Hugh Couples
MCALOON             Cath'e            1801.09.13       Pat'k Murphy
MCAVOY              Margt             1814.10.04       John Campbell
MCAVOY              Thos              1808.02.18       Margt Dogherty                of Aghavea
MCCAFFRY            Margaret          1826.11.02       William McClean
MCCANN              Jane              1827.02.09       Edward Wilson
MCCARTNEY           Jane              1810.04.09       Robt Beatty
MCCELVEY            John              1822.08.22       Mary Armstrong
MCCLEAN             Anne              1806.02.14       Thos Irvin
MCCLEAN             William           1826.11.02       Margaret McCaffry
MCCLELAND           John              1824.06.11       Elizabeth Gardiner
MCCLELLAND          Jane              1829.02.17       James Foster
MCCOY               Jane              1815.03.17       John Patterson
MCCOY               Mary              1828.07.18       William Graham
MCCREEFS                  39934       1826.08.14       Hugh McDonald
MCDONALD            Elizabeth         1821.09.23       Thomas Roberts
MCDONALD            Hugh              1826.08.14       May McCreefs
MCDONALD            James             1807.05.26       Alice Conallan
MCDONALD            Pat               1805.09.20       Eliz'th Kennedy
MCDONNELL           Mary              1814.10.16       Jeremiah Early
MCDOWEL             Rachel            1806.02.11       James Knox
MCDOWELL            Hannah            1805.02.11       Henry Best
MCDOWELL            William           1827.02.27       Jane Graham                   of Kilmore, Kilmore Diocese
MCELGAN             Mich'l            1809.12.19       Sarah Robinson
MCGUIRE             Catherine         1823.12.21       James Wallace
MCGUIRE             Hugh              1812.06.05       Anne Brown
MCGUIRE             Robt              1815.01.03       Allice Brown                  of Aghalurcher
MCKEAVER            Margt             1817.01.17       Edw'd Forester
MCKEON              Eliz'th           1810.11.27       Thos G.....
MCKEON              Margt             1805.01.25       Robt Graham
MCKEON              Margt             1805.02.07       Robt Graham
MCKIEVER            Jane              1828.12.16       James Downy
MCMAHON             James             1826.09.08       Anne Beatty                   of Clones
MCMAHON             Mary              1802.06.21       Robert Stokes
MCMANUS             John              1819.05.13       Mary Kennedy                  of Clones
MCQUADE             Eliz'th           1809.02.14       Gerard Biggins
MCVITY              James             1827.12.26       Mary Elliott                  of Clones
MERTON              Sarah Anne        1826.02.17       George Sherry
MILLER              Thos              1816.08.02       Anne Elliott
MILNE               Eliz'th           1825.11.07       James Tarleton
MITCHELL            George            1826.10.23       Jane Clingan                  of Magheracross
MITCHELL            Sam'l             1815.02.10       Jane Elliott                  of Longwill, Co. Tyrone
MONTGOMERY          John              1825.10.17       Eleanor Clinging
MONTGOMERY          Thos              1817.05.03       Mary Clingan                  of Kinaly
MOORE               Alex'r            1804.01.07       Margt Elliott
MOORE               Allen             1803.01.17       Eliz'th Brown
MOORE               Allice            1808.11.28       John Moore
MOORE               Anne              1808.07.27       John Wood
MOORE               Eliz.             1813.03.14       Jas Elliott
MOORE               Elizabeth         1822.12.30       William Morrison
MOORE               Eliz'th           1814.07.08       Wm Gould
MOORE               Frances           1826.11.03       John Armstrong
MOORE               George            1805.11.06       Prudence Moore                of Ematris
MOORE               George            1810.12.14       Elinor Armstrong
MOORE               Hannah            1816.01.30       Wm Fossett
MOORE               James             1813.11.30       Jane Coulter
MOORE               Jane              1807.02.09       James Trench Hutchinson
MOORE               Jane              1811.01.06       James Morrison
MOORE               Jane              1822.07.11       James Gifford Brown
MOORE               John              1808.11.28       Allice Moore
MOORE               Margt             1801.12.11       Thos Moore
MOORE               Margt             1807.09.06       Wm Moore
MOORE               Prudence          1805.11.06       George Moore
MOORE               Samuel            1826.05.10       Jane Tye
MOORE               Thos              1801.12.11       Margt Moore
MOORE               Wm                1807.09.06       Margt Moore
MOORE               Wm                1814.01.21       Mary Thomson
MORRISON            Elinor            1819.09.13       Jas Walker
MORRISON            Elizabeth         1822.04.06       James Lynn
MORRISON            Hamlet            1806.02.16       Jane Gardiner
MORRISON            James             1811.01.06       Jane Moore
MORRISON            Jane              1824.08.10       James West
MORRISON            Margaret          1828.09.05       John Lynn
MORRISON            Margt             1810.03.06       Arthur Forster
MORRISON            Mary              1809.01.12       John Pierce
MORRISON            Mary              1824.03.22       John Kells
MORRISON            Mary              1827.09.01       Francis Marron
MORRISON            Miriam            1824.02.11       Wm Thompson
MORRISON            William           1822.12.30       Elizabeth Moore
MORROW              Samuel            1829.04.07       Lucinda Adams                 of Clones
MORROW              Thos              1810.09.04       Anne Peters
MORTON              Elinor            1805.10.12       Rich'd Morton
MORTON              James             1821.05.29       Dorothy Robinson
MORTON              Jas               1811.03.15       Margt Wallace
MORTON              Jas               1814.08.23       Jane Clingan                  of Clinaly
MORTON              Mary              1828.09.10       Thomas Wray
MORTON              Rich'd            1805.10.12       Elinor Morton                 of Kinaly
MORTON              Wm                1804.04.10       Mary Bird
MULLAN              Isabella          1816.02.11       Bern'd Murphy
MURPHY              Bern'd            1816.02.11       Isabella Mullan
MURPHY              Pat'k             1801.09.13       Cath'e McAloon
MURRAY              Margaret          1829.12.01       John Foster
NAILER              Sarah             1804.12.04       George Robinson
NEALER              Sarah             1822.07.29       Robt Clingan
NICHOL              George            1808.05.19       Sarah Elliott
NICHOL              Sarah             1820.02.11       Wm Ward
NICHOL              Thos              1817.01.20       Elinor Graham                 of Clones
NIXON               Barbara           1805.09.08       James King
NIXON               Cath'e            1806.04.15       Arch'd Noble
NIXON               Elizabeth         1828.08.05       William Forster
NIXON               George            1815.05.20       Phebe Latimer                 of Clones
NIXON               Jas               1814.02.08       Jane Kettle
NIXON               John              1802.04.06       Cath'e King                   of Clones
NOBLE               Arch'd            1806.04.15       Cath'e Nixon                  of Aghavea
NOBLE               Eliz'th           1818.09.09       Wm Liddle
NOBLE               George            1808.02.05       Jane Wilson                   of Clones
NOBLE               Sarah             1812.02.01       John Baker
NORTH               John              1829.06.17       Elisa Kerr                    of Anna, Kilmore Diocese
ORMSTON             Arabella          1829.10.27       Thomas Armstrong
ORMSTON             Thomas            1826.09.07       Jane Graham
PARKER              Jane              1805.03.30       Jas Henderson
PATTERSON           John              1815.03.17       Jane McCoy                    of Aghalurcher
PETERS              Anne              1810.09.04       Thos Morrow
PETERS              Susy              1815.10.16       George Sharry
PHILLIPS            Rich'd            1808.11.10       Margt Coulson                 of Ematris
PIERCE              John              1809.01.12       Mary Morrison                 of Clones
PLUMSTEEL           Rosanna           1828.08.22       John Harpur
PLUNKET             Thos              1804.02.17       Sarah Adams                   of Curran
POGUE               Eliz'th           1813.07.24       Jas Rosborough
POGUE               Joseph            1813.03.12       Sarah Armstrong               of Anna
POGUE               Thos              1804.03.11       Alice West                    of Anna
POLLOCK             George            1816.01.24       Maria Armstrong               of Killeevan
PRATT               Anne              1812.04.07       Pat Blakely
PRATT               William           1827.06.11       Margaret Beatty
PRITCHARD           Martha            1812.11.12       Henry Jordan
QUIN                Pat'k             1810.04.28       Sarah Forster
RAMSEY              Geo.              1821.03.30       Jane Hutchinson               of Clones
REA                 William           1827.05.23       Jane Elliott
REDICH              Eliz'th           1806.01.06       John Boyle
REECKY              Robt              1818.10.31       Eliz. Wade                    of Clones
REEKY               Anne              1814.02.08       John Wiggins
REILLY              Rich'd            1810.11.13       Mary Armstrong                of Aghalurcher
RENNICK             Elisabeth         1829.03.16       William Brittain
RENNICK             John              1815.04.22       Susanna Kettle
RIDICH              Edw'd             1805.02.01       Cath'e Irvin
RIDICH              Mary              1802.08.31       James Johnston
RIDLEY              John              1805.11.15       Anne Allen                    of Drumlane
RIDNEY              Jno               1810.08.27       Anne Logan                    of Aghalurcher
RINICH              Eliz'th           1807.05.09       Thos Spinks
ROBERTS             Thomas            1821.09.23       Elizabeth McDonald            Sgt, 55th Foot
ROBERTSON           Cath'e            1810.12.26       Sam'l Madole
ROBINSON            Anne              1806.02.12       James Sharry
ROBINSON            Anne              1814.12.30       Simon Layng
ROBINSON            Bridget           1827.12.28       Philip FitzPatrick
ROBINSON            Cath'e            1820.01.14       And'w Irvin
ROBINSON            Christopher       1826.10.10       Margaret Frickleton           of Templemore, Kilmore Dioc.
ROBINSON            Dorothy           1821.05.29       James Morton
ROBINSON            Francis           1804.08.04       John Johnston
ROBINSON            George            1804.12.04       Sarah Nailer
ROBINSON            Isabella          1806.07.09       Chas Elliott
ROBINSON            John              1812.02.12       Bell Jones
ROBINSON            John              1820.01.31       Esther Sharry
ROBINSON            Magdalene         1812.10.03       Jno Egerton
ROBINSON            Phebe             1819.10.01       Robt Coulter
ROBINSON            Rebecca           1819.06.01       Wm Cole
ROBINSON            Sarah             1809.12.19       Mich'l McElgan
ROBINSON            Wm                1812.07.29       Eliz'th Kettle
ROONEY              Thos              1823.11.18       Margaret Clinning             of Kinally, Kilmore Diocese
ROSBOROUGH          Jas               1813.07.24       Eliz'th Pogue                 of Aghalurcher
ROSS                Alex'r            1816.10.25       Mary Wiggins                  of Clones
ROY                 James             1801.12.01       Anne Cahil
RUTHERFORD          Gabriel           1803.04.20       Jane Liddle                   of Ennis Mc Saint
RUTLIDGE            John              1812.01.24       Eliz'th Bryans                of Aghavea
RYAN                William           1822.07.02       Margaret Tarleton             of Aghalurcher
SCARLET             Anne              1815.05.02       Thos Hicks
SCARLET             Anne              1818.07.09       Jas West
SCARLET             David             1807.02.27       Anne Doonan
SCARLET             George            1807.09.06       Anne Hansborough
SCARLET             Prudence          1828.10.24       James Armstrong
SCARLET             Wm                1807.10.24       Prudence Graham
SCARLETT            Margrat           1829.04.15       John Doogan
SCOTT               James             1813.11.26       Anne Armstrong                of Clones
SHARRY              Esther            1820.01.31       John Robinson
SHARRY              George            1815.10.16       Susy Peters
SHARRY              James             1806.02.12       Anne Robinson
SHARRY              Matilda           1820.03.14       Alex'r Gillespy
SHAW                Anna Maria        1829.04.07       John Arthurs
SHERRY              George            1826.02.17       Sarah Anne Merton
SHERSIN             Abraham           1803.04.14       Mary Kittle
SHERSIN             John              1801.12.24       Jane Darling
SHERVIN             Polly             1818.03.20       Christ'r Dane
SMILEY              John              1829.03.24       Angel Bryans                  of Drummully
SMITH               Mary              1823.04.07       Joseph Kelly
SMYTH               Frances           1828.11.17       Edward Hicks
SMYTH               John              1827.02.19       Catherine Ackeson             of Drumlane, Kilmore Dioc.
SMYTH               Mary              1810.05.03       Francis Crawford
SMYTH               Moses             1812.07.02       Jane Thompson
SPINKS              Thos              1807.05.09       Eliz'th Rinich                of Kill
STEWART             Margt             1805.09.29       John Little
STINSON             Eliza             1826.05.08       William Daly
STOKES              Robert            1802.06.21       Mary McMahon                  of Clones
TARLETON            James             1825.11.07       Eliz'th Milne
TARLETON            Margaret          1822.07.02       William Ryan
TAYLOR              Abraham           1812.06.10       Sarah Armstrong               of Calashill ?
TAYLOR              John              1803.09.30       Mary Clingan                  of Kinalty
TEASY               Susanna           1830.01.19       James Bradshaw
TEAUG               Elinor            1820.03.14       Francis Duffy
TEAUG               Susanna           1820.02.21       Alex'r Ferguson
TEGART              And'w             1815.05.31       Anne Gillis
THOMAS              Wm                1815.12.12       Sarah Hewit                   of Tedavnet
THOMPSON            Andrew            1825.07.08       Rebecca Coggins               of Aughava
THOMPSON            Jane              1811.08.17       Jno Bohannan
THOMPSON            Jane              1812.07.02       Moses Smyth
THOMPSON            Jane              1821.01.12       William Creashlan
THOMPSON            John              1828.01.28       Elisa Armstong                of Ahalurcher
THOMPSON            Mary              1802.11.10       George Irvin
THOMPSON            Mary              1814.01.21       Wm Moore
THOMPSON            Wm                1802.03.11       Eliz'th Armstrong
THOMPSON            Wm                1815.03.05       Sarah Brown                   of Clones
THOMPSON            Wm                1824.02.11       Miriam Morrison
TYE                 Jane              1826.05.10       Samuel Moore
VEAITCH             Anne              1803.01.15       Thos Glendinnen
WADE                Anne              1817.02.11       Thos Welsh
WADE                Eliz.             1818.10.31       Robt Reecky
WADE                James             1828.08.21       Anne Armstrong
WADE                Margt             1806.02.05       James Wiggins
WADSWORTH           Eliz'th           1815.05.15       John Jones
WADSWORTH           Mary              1828.01.25       John Bird
WALKER              And'w             1814.03.08       Abigal Bell                   of Aghavea
WALKER              Jas               1819.09.13       Elinor Morrison               of Kilsheery
WALLACE             Catherine         1827.03.02       Edward Graydon
WALLACE             James             1823.12.21       Catherine McGuire
WALLACE             Margt             1811.03.15       Jas Morton
WALLACE             Mary              1829.05.29       George Kenny
WARD                Wm                1820.02.11       Sarah Nicol
WARNER              Oliver            1823.02.06       Anne Allen                    of Clones
WEDLOCK             James             1806.08.30       Jane Bushell                  of Drumgoon
WELSH               Francis           1818.11.02       John Leard
WELSH               Mary Anne         1813.03.22       Jno Gallagher
WELSH               Thos              1811.04.05       Elinor Armstrong              of Clones
WELSH               Thos              1817.02.11       Anne Wade
WEST                Alice             1804.03.11       Thos Pogue
WEST                Elizabeth         1825.03.02       David Courtney
WEST                James             1824.08.10       Jane Morrison
WEST                Jane              1809.09.02       James Wiggins
WEST                Jane              1821.07.31       Samuel Fawcet
WEST                Jas               1818.07.09       Anne Scarlet
WEST                Margaret          1828.08.22       Thomas Courtney
WEST                Mary              1828.05.09       William Kerr
WEST                Mary Anne         1804.04.18       Sam'l Gaddis
WEST                Sarah             1823.09.15       Richard Attwell
WIDDES              Eliz'th           1816.02.09       Francis Johnston
WIGGINS             Anne              1805.08.14       Wm Hog
WIGGINS             James             1806.02.05       Margt Wade
WIGGINS             James             1809.09.02       Jane West
WIGGINS             John              1814.02.08       Anne Reeky                    of Clones
WIGGINS             John              1824.09.24       Ann Forester                  of Clones
WIGGINS             Margt             1802.03.07       Jno Jackson
WIGGINS             Mary              1816.10.25       Alex'r Ross
WIGGINS             Sam'l             1801.04.03       Susy Martin
WIGGINS             Sam'l             1812.12.06       Eliz'th Hunson
WIGGINS             Thos              1811.08.05       Mary Jones                    of Clones
WIGGINS             Thos              1812.10.23       Eliz. Little
WILKIN              Jas               1814.01.12       Jane Kettle                   of Clogher
WILLIAMS            Jane              1802.10.01       Francis Armstrong
WILLIAMSON          Anne              1803.05.09       Robt Jones
WILLIAMSON          Wm                1816.05.11       Lettice Graham                of Killeevan
WILSON              Edward            1827.02.09       Jane McCann                   of Anna, Kilmore Diocese
WILSON              Edw'd             1817.08.29       Eliza Graham                  of Kinally
WILSON              James             1829.04.06       Teresa Clarke
WILSON              Jane              1808.02.05       George Noble
WILSON              Jane              1816.10.03       Henry Marrin
WILSON              Wm                1812.03.27       Alice Brown                   of Curran
WINFORD             Eliz'th           1809.11.15       Wm Archdal
WOOD                Henry             1815.01.02       Cath'e Armstrong              of Castle Tara
WOOD                John              1808.07.27       Anne Moore                    of Castletard (sic)
WRAY                Thomas            1828.09.10       Mary Morton                   of Aghalurcher