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Page 113:
Novr 29th 1799               The Hon'ble Mellygore Creighton, sister to the Earl of Erne.
Dec'r 12th                   Simon Kayng, Feaugh.
Jan'y 10th 1801              Mary, daughter of Robt Coulter, Legmacaffrey.
March 6th                    Cath'e Ormston, Feugh.
Do 15th                      Robt, son of Robt McGloughlin, Drumraine.
Do 19th                      John Smyth, Broth'r of George, Sheeny.
Do 27th                      John, son of James Darling, Cornobrass.
Do 31st                      John Hicks of Bunn.
April 12th                   Rpbt Elliott, Clinowla.
Do 13th                      Mary Bruce, Feugh.
Do 20th                      Wm Darby, son of Johnston, Clinkee.
July 1st                     Polly Borland alias Teaug, L.K.Green.
Do 27th                      James Jones, Blind Mann, Cullien.
Augst 3d                     Jane Gould, Quivy.
Do 23d                       James Daly, Sen'r, Clones.
Nov'r 26th                   Wm Gould, old man of Drumbroughas.
Dec'r 10th                   Anne, wife of Jas Layng, Feugh.
Jan'y 26th 1802              Wm, son of Alex'r Elliott, Cruny.
March 9th                    Moses Gordon, Rabit Island.
Do 25th                      John Darling, Sen'r, Drumbroughas.
Do 26th                      Dolly Kettle, Coragh.
April 26th                   James McSharry, N.T.B'r.
June 6th                     Mary Layng, daught'r of Jas, Aghnahinch.
Oct'r 2nd                    George Armstrong, son of Robt, Coran.
Feb'y 10th 1803              Esther West, wife to Wm, Feugh  (Robinson ?)  (sic).
July 5th                     Simon Armstrong, Derrghoo.
Do 19th                      Jane Doggan, wife to Thos, Drumraine.
Augst 27th                   Rich'd Smyth, Derrycorby.
Septr 11th                   Eliz'th, wife to Wm Thompson, Cornbrass.
Do 29th                      Mr Wm Coulson, N.T.B'r.
Nov'r 11th                   Robt Nealer, Do.
Feb'y 4th 1804               Mr John Rosborough, Do.
April 29th                   Anne, wife to Rich'd, Drumboughane.
May 2d                       James Bird, Mullaheavy, p'h of C[     ].
Do 18th                      John Armstong, Newtown Butler.

Page 114
Sept'r 6th 1805              Jno Armstrong, Derrahoolahan.
Do 12th                      Letitia, daught'r of Christ'r Coulson, Gub.
Oct'r 12th                   Jane, wife of James Presley, Parson's Green.
Nov'r 6th                    Wm Clindinnen, Sen'r, Killycharnan.
Dec'r 1st                    Anne, wife to Morrison, Lisnashellidy. (sic)
Do 25th                      Wm Gould, Sen'r, Cornobrass.
Do 30th                      Mary, daught'r to Lant Coulson, Doohat.
Jan'y 4th 1806               James Mayne, N.T.B'r.
Feb'y 9th                    Mr John Corry, N.T.B'r.
March 16th                   Mary, wife to Rich'd Kells, Bunn.
Do                           Grace, wife to Wm Elliott, Clinowla.
May 2d                       Eliz. Smith, son to George, N.T.B'r. (sic)
Do 4th                       Jane, daught'r to Wm Drury, Anaghmore.
June 11th                    Anne, daught'r to Thos Moore, Clenkee.
July 30th                    Eliz'th, wife of James Jones, Anaghmore.
Sept'r 27th                  Jane Lanktree, daught'r to Jno, N.T.B'r.
Oct'r 4th                    Thos, son of Thomas Coulter, Legmacaffry.
Do 11th                      Jane Jones, widow of Jas, Cullion.
Feb'y 7th 1807               Thos Doogan, Drumraine.
March 10th                   Thos Gould of Corlatt.
April 15th                   James Layng, Drumrallah.
June 29th                    Mary, widow of Thos Bruster, Acheroosky.
July 2d                      Mary, wife to Chas Forster, N.T.B'r.
Nov'r 14th                   Jas Dogherty, Killacharnan.
Do 21st                      And'w West, Feugh.
Do 28th                      Jane, daught'r of Wm, Cornobrass.
Dec'r 3d                     Anne, daught'r of Thos Allen, L.K.G'n.
7th                          Jane, daught'r of And'w West, Feugh.
19th                         Mary, widow of Wm Armstrong, L.K.G'n.
24th Do                      John Morrison of Lisnashillidy.
26th                         John Ormston, Bohora.
Do 29th                      Betty Taylor, Kilgarret.

Page 115
Jan'y 17th 1808              Francis, widow of Robt Robinson, Feugh.
Feb'y 16th                   At Aghalurcher, Francis Adams, Doohat  X.
March 5th                    Lucy, widow of Thos Mc[     ]inea, N.T.B'r.
Do 8th                       Jane, wife to Jno West, Mullingoan.
Do 11th                      Robt Moore, Mulladinity.
Do 28th                      Mary, wife of Jaes Sharry's, Drumrallagh.
Do 29th                      John Payne, Castle Sanders.
July 1st                     James Jones, Sen'r of Cullien.
Do 27th                      Mary, daught'r of James West, Clinelty.
Nov'r 10th                   Widow Harburg, Newtown Butler.
Dec'r 2d                     Grace, daughter of Wm Winford, Cornobrass.
24th                         Robt Elliott of Drumboughana.
Jan'y 10th 1809              Jas Brown, son of Wm, Gortlen.
29th                         Hannah Bushell, old woman, a widow.
March 13th                   Bessy Bird, daughter of Jacj, Do, Killaclowney.
July 22d                     Bell, daughter of jack Beatty, Clinarue.
Augst 14th                   Rich'd Gold, Derrystetan.
Do                           Mr John Corry, A.M., N.T.B'r.
29th                         Sarah Armstrong, Derrahoolahan.
Sept'r 2d                    Robt Beard, Mullalehan, son of Wm.
10th                         Margt Redick, Artanagh, D. of Edw'd.
26th                         Archy Elliott of Drumrain.
Oct'r 16th                   Margt, daught'r of Do.
                             Jane Beatty, wife of Robt, N.T.B'r.
Dec'r 4th                    Wm Kells, Kilturk.
15th                         Beck Robinson, Feugh, old woman.
[  ]th                       James Jones of Cullien, old man.
                             Jas Hamilton of Butler's Bc. (sic)
Jan'y 26th                   James West, Clinelty.
27th                         Wm Moore of Clinkee.
Feb'y 14th                   Molly Coulson, Killalahard, widow.
28th                         Rich'd Ward, Kilturk.
                             Cath'e Gorry, daught'r of Mr John's, N.T.B'r on Whitson Monday.
30th                         Polly Teasly, Curravaghen, of Jane.

Page 116
July 6th [1810]              Mary Kells, Derrymacrow.
12th                         Sally Jones, Mullinahorn, daughter of Jack.
22d                          Peggy Morrison, wife of Jas, Lisnashillidy.
Sept'r 5th 1810              Judith Welsh, wife of Mr Jas of Corlat.
21st                         Henry Armstrong, son in law to Henry Courtney, Clon[     ].
30th                         Jane McGloughlin, old woman, Drumraine.
Oct'r 10th                   Sally Gram, daughter to Jno, Sandholes.
24th                         Thos Irvin, son in law to And'w Corrismore.
Jan'y 30th 1811              Elinor, wife to Mr Wm, L.K.G'n. (sic)
Feb'y 27th                   Henry Jones, lame old man, Cullien.
March 30th                   Thos Clindinnan, Sergt of Yeoman, Kullacharrey.
22d                          Jane Cooper, Kivey, Co. Cavan.
28th                         Jane Welsh, daughter to Mr Joe, Corlat.
April 10th                   Jane Dixon, servt to G'e Kerr, Feugh.
May 20th                     Jane Barry, old beggar woman.
June 15th                    Margt, wife of Wm Darling, Cornobrass.
22d                          Jane, wife of Jno Widdis, Lisnashillidy.
Augst 26th                   Wm, son to Jno Moore, Caramore.
Oct'r 11th                   George Armstrong, Killacharnan.
Jan'y 1st 1812               Mary Crummer, Kilroot.
28th                         Eliz'th, wife of Jno Doogan, P'h of Aghalurcher.
29th                         Jas, son of Sam'l Robinson, N.T.B'r.
Feb'y 1st                    Dolly, wife of Wm Elliott, Sheeny.
6th                          Robt, son of Wm Darling, Cornobrass.
16th                         Barbary Gould, Derristetan.
28th                         Wm Hix, sen'r of Bunn.
March 1st                    Prudy, daught'r of Tom West, Clinelty.
April 9th                    Christ'r Coulson, Revenue Officer.
12                           Jane Lowry, old woman on the Poor Books.
21st                         Sally, wife of Hugh McElgun, Drumgolan.
23d                          Elinor, wife of Jno Moore, Midhill.
Jan'y 21st 1813              Anne Elliott, Lurganboy.
                             Alice, wife of Wm Beard, Lisnashillidy.
30th                         Cath'e, wife of Jas Moore, Killaghy.
Page 117
Jan'y 30 1813                Wm, son of [     ], Cornobrass.
                             Old Mr Hall that lodged at Mrs Corby's.
Feb'y 9th                    Hannah Elliott from Ballyconnel.
11th                         Francis Hudson, old Pensioner.
March 1st                    John Bushel, Kilready.
April 15th                   Thos Coulter, Legmacaffry.
17th                         Jane, daughter of Frank Hudson, N.T.B'r.
May 4th                      Widow hicks, Relict of John, Bunn.
July 1st                     Mary, wife of Jno Moore, Midhill.
Augst 5th                    Jno Courtney, son of Davy, Kilgarat.
11th                         Wm Robinson, Feugh.
Nov'r 7th                    Cath'e, wife of Jas moore, Killaghey.
25th                         John Wade, Killaghy.  (sic)
Jan'y 3d 1814                Mary, wife of Jno Daly, N.T.B'r.
4th                          Jane, daughter of Jane Beard, N.T.B'r.
13th                         Mary, wife of Jno McCardy, N.T.B'r.
24th                         Jane, wife of Wm Gould, Cormonalea.
March 13th                   Rich'd gould, old man at Wattle B'e.
May 28th                     Jas Stafford, Revenue Officer.
June 9th                     Anne, wife of Robt Madole, Leitrim.
13th                         Jas McDonnel, old man, Drumboughana.
26th                         John Teasy, old man, Agheroosky.
29th                         Wm Robinson, Feugh.
July 23d                     Jane, daughter to widow Darling, Cornabrass.
Oct'r 23d                    Mary, wife of old Jno Graham, Sandholes.
Dec'r 3d                     Jas Courtney of Clinarue.
27th                         Thos Liddle, old man on the poor Book.
March 16th 1815              Jane Beard, do.
17th                         Jane, wife of old Christy Robinson, N.T.B'r.
May 7th                      Hannah, wife of Wm Beard, Mullalchan.
Nov'r 7th                    Anne, wife of Wm Lang, Drumrallagh.
Do                           Jas Jerry, Agheroosky.

Page 118
Nov'r 14th 1815              Anne, daughter of wm Bushel, Lurganboy.
Feb'y 1st 1816               Jas Lang, old man, Aghahinch.
20                           John Lang, old man, Drumrallagh.
May 1st                      Anne Kells, old womam in the P'h Crublen (sic).
                             Edw'd Lang of Drumrallagh, old man.
Oct'r 27th                   Fanny, wife of Arthur Jones, Cullien.
Nov'r 12th                   John Ram of Clintiveran.
14th                         Wm Bredin of Analibreden.
Jan'y 20th 1817              Mary, widow of Thos Coulter, Legmacaffrey.
23d                          Wm Adams of the Mills.  X
Feb'y 7th                    Jane Madoole, N.T.B'r, old woman.
9th                          Jane Allen, Clintiveran.
March 5th                    Wm Liddle, Gortien, old man.
7th                          Joseph Welsh of Corlat.
10th                         Wm Moore, Clinkee, old man.
20th                         Wm West of Clinelty.
May 28th                     Sandy Robinson, Derryginnidy.
June 27th                    Jane Darling from Stone Bridge.
July 5th                     Isabella Smyth, Derracorby, old woman.
24th                         Margt Little, Kilronan.
29th                         Jane West, Clinelty, old woman.
Augst 7th                    John Allen of Clintiveran.
19th                         Grace, wife of Wm Fossett, Kilnacran.
24th                         Jane, wife of Arthur Forbes, N.T.B'r.
Dec'r 16th                   Wm Bruster, Legmacaffrey.
Jan'y 10th 1818              John Moore, Kilronan,
Feb'y 6th                    Jane, wife of Jas Daly, Ballyho.
11th                         John Elliott of N.T.B'r, old man.
17th                         Wm Dixon of L.K. Green.
April 10th                   Widow Elliott, Co. Cavan.
May 2d                       Miss Dawson, d'r Thos, Kilturk  (sic).

Page 119
May 10th 1818                Widow Jones, Mullen[     ].
20th                         Cath'e Birds, Mullabredin.
June 7th                     Peggy Jones, Ballyho.
May 10th                     Mary McCahery, poor woman.
24th                         Wm, son of G'e Fossett, Agheroosky.
29th                         Jane, d'r of Jack McConnell's, N.T.B'r.
July 10th                    Sally Armstrong, Kilnacran.
18th                         Sam'l Graham, Cornavrea.
Augst 16th                   Mrs Hylmer, Corsaul.
20th                         Jas Elliott, Co. Cavan.
21st                         Wm Beard, Mullalehan.
Sept'r 29th                  Cath'e Elliott, Drumboughana.
Oct'r 9th                    Wm Teaug, Clintiveran.
Nov'r 22d                    Mary Allen, Do.
Dec'r 29th                   Jane Elliott, Co. Cavan.
Jan'y 4th 1819               Mary, d'r of Wm Hix, Killalahard.
Feb'y 3d                     Leddy Liddle.
7th                          Eliz'th Mackey, Wattle B'e.
8th                          Mary Doogan, old woman, Knockadur.
15th                         Christ'r Robinson, old man, N.T.B'r.
March 13th                   Jane Coulter, Legmacaffrey.  X.
Do 28th                      The Hon'ble Mrs King of Mirengrove.  X
29th                         John Moore of Lislarris, old man.
April 9th                    John Smyth of Derramona, Co. Cavan.
19th                         Jane Ormston, wife of Thos, Bohora.
                             Anne Armstrong, Feugh.
22d                          Anne Armstrong, Derrahoolahan.
29th                         Cath'e Hix, Bunn.
May 20th                     Robt Madole of Leitrim.
28                           Pat Blakely, Gortgommon.
July 2d                      David Courtney, Kilgarra.
Augst 9th                    James Jones of Cullien.

Page 120
Augst 19 1819                James Formby, Clinelty.
October 2d                   Elin'r Duggan of Mulnacorthy.
Nov'r 4th                    John Graham of Sandholes, old man.
14                           Widow Elliott of Clinowla.
Dec'r 23d                    Wm Elliott of Sheeny.
24                           John West of Lurganboy, old man.
[1820] Feb'y 11th            Anne Armstrong, Co. Cavan.
Dec'r 20th                   Francis Grave, [     ]ittycom.
Jan'y 19th                   Mary Armstrong of LoghKillagreen.
                             Eastere Armstrong of KillaKarnan.
25th                         Jane Ellen Mayne, Cornobrass.
Feb'y 10                     Elizabeth Little.
20                           Catharine Darragh near Wattle Bridge.
16-Mar                       Anne Hamilton of Newtown Butler.
23                           Richard Goold of Wattle Bridge.
25                           William Fauscett of Drummully parish.
12-Apr                       Anne Courtney of the parish of Galloon.
Do 17                        George Carr, Feugh.
Do Do                        John Jones, Cullien.
24-May                       Elizabeth Gold, Corminalay.
                             Vistation June 14, 15.
August 28th                  James Buchanan of Newtown Butler, late Lieut of 4th King's Own Regt of Jock, aged 30 yrs, 
                             by William Ball, Curate of the parish of Clones.
14-Oct                       Elizabeth Ridick.
Dec. 16                      Anne Crawford of Cullian.
26                           Elizabeth Early.
Jan. 6                       Jane Darling of Newtown Butler.
7                            Francis Ebbitt of Bunn.
20-Feb                       Mrs Elizabeth Robinson.
21                           Thos Bushell of Newtown Butler.
26                           Robert Beatty of Do.
March 9th                    Mary West.
21                           William Elliott of Corrishmore.
                             Wm Vandeleur, Curate.
Page 121
1822 Aug September 1st       Jane McDonald near the County [     ] dividing Cava[n     ].
18                           John Coulter of Legmacaffry.
30th                         Mrs Margt Armstrong of Derrahoolahan.
Nov. 19                      Mrs Alice Clindining.
Dec. 31                      Elizabeth McVetty of the parish of Clones.
1823 January 7th             William Morrison of Muln[      ] Lisnashellidy.
6-Feb                        Jane Smith of Sheeny.
20th                         Jane Elliott of the parish of Carin.
26                           Edward Hudson of N.T. Butler.
March 18th                   Henry Courtney of Monaghan p'h of Curran.
30th                         Thos Black of Clones.
April 4th                    Sarah Armstrong of Kilnacran.
15                           Francis Bird.
25                           William West of Clonnilty.
27                           James Little of Derryhoolahan.
May 18th                     Frances Armstrong.
June 12th                    Robert Robinson of Feaugh.
                             Visitation August 16th
August 23d                   Margaret, daughter of Clunmin, an old woma[n].  (sic)
Nov. 5                       Lydia Walsh of N.T. Butler, age 16 years.
Dec'r 14                     Anne Scarlett, aged 65 of LoghKillygreen Lislarris.
1824 Jan'y 3d                Bell Dickson, 98 years of age, of Lough Killagreen.
6th                          Anne Gold, 18 years of age.
7                            Prudence Scarlett, 98 years of age of Lislarris.
26th                         Anne Suttle, 49 years of age of Derrycorby.
Feb'y 22d                    Thomas West, 67 years of age, of Clonnilty.
March 15th                   William goold, aged 48 years, of Corlatt.
April 9th                    Jane Armstrong, aged 80, of Wattle [Bridge].
                             Wm Vandeleur, Curate.
Page 122
1824 April 27th              William Lang, 98 years of age of Drummully.
1-May                        Robert Goold, aged 22 years of Lough Killag[reen].
June 4th                     William Winford, aged 70 years of Cornibras.
14                           Edward Sharry, aged 64 years of N.T. Butler.
20                           Stephen Bird.
Sept. 11                     William Morrison, aged 21 years of Lisneshelledin.
12-Dec                       Jane Hall died at Drumcru, aged 72.
13                           William Elliot, County Cavan, aged 69.
14                           Esther Sherry, Ports, aged 90.
March 4th                    Anna Elliott of Lettergreen, aged 39.
N.B. 27th                    Mrs Clindinen, aged 36 of Parsons Green.
April 6th                    Robert Pogue, aged 58 years of the Co. Cavan.
May 6th                      Thomas Bushell, 63 years, of Knock McKiggan.
July 2d                      Robert Jones, aged 58 of Wattle Bridge.
November 15th                Mrs Racheal McCorry, aged 71 of Newtown Butler.
Nov. 16th                    William Morrison of LoughKillygreen.
1826 Jan'y 10th              James Shearson, Par'sh of Clones.
Jan'y 19th                   Alexander Allen, aged 77 years of N.T.B.
February 24th                Sarah Atwell of Derrystatten.
Do 27th                      Anne Jones, aged 27 of Sheeny.
March 18th                   Edward Allen, aged 22 years of Killaghy.
20-Mar                       George Robinson, aged 54 of Newtown Butler.
May 18th                     Francis Irvine, aged 70 years of Feaugh.
                             Returned to Consistorial Court
- 26th                       Mary Gold, aged 3 years of Derrystatin.
July 16th                    James Moore, aged 57 years of Mullydinnady.
Augst 5th                    James Elliott, aged 21 years, p. Drumlane, Diocese Kilmore.
September 3d                 Sarah Shaw, aged 29 years, Mullaghduff.
October 18th                 James Armstrong, 11 years, Clinnumphry.

Page 123
1826 November 7th            Robert Allen, 40 years, Newtownbutler.
December 11th                Mary Johnston, 15 years, Legamacaffry.
Do 12th                      Mary Elliott, 60 years, p. Frumlane, Dioceses Kilmore.
Do 29th                      Mary Anne Allen, aged 11, Kilgarret.
1827 January 17th            Robert Hicks, aged 76, Bunn.
February 9th                 Robert Moore, aged 14, Mullidinnady.
22d                          Elisabeth Bussel, aged 81, Corsinshin.
March 19th                   Richard Darling, aged 67, Killylard.
                             Returned to Consistorial Court.
May 2d                       Jane Elliott, aged 90, Corrishmore.
August 22d                   Isabella Allen, aged 88, Kilgarret.
October 16th                 Jane Coulter, aged 67, Legmacaffry.
Do Do                        Margaret Liddle, aged 4, Derrylee.
21st                         Sarah West, aged 80, Clonelty.
December 5th                 Edward Bussell, aged 71, Knockmaciggan.
12th                         Prudentia Bussell, aged 71, Derrystaten.
17th                         Arthur Bride, aged 53, Derrycorby.
30th                         Mary West, aged 76, Feaugh.
January 1828, 26th           John Lanktree, 88, Newtown Butler.
4 February 1828              Ellen Ormston, 25, Cavancara.
March 9th                    John McClean, 42, Kilroot.
15th                         Margaret Smyth, 85, Newtown Butler.
23d April                    Anne Winford, 74, Cornabrass.
10th June                    Isabella Hague, 80, parish Castleane, Diocese Kilmore.
22d                          Elisabeth Beatty, 35, Town Sligo, County Sligo.
19th July                    William Bride, 19, Derrycorby.
24th Do                      Anne Dixon, 20, LoughKillygreen.
September 4th                William Ker, 27, Clinmalan.

Page 124
September 14th               Anne Jones, aged 78, Cullion South.
19th                         John Creighton, Earl of Erne, aged 98, deposited Vault, Newtown Butler, Crum Castle.  
                             John M. Graydon, Curate.
November 9th                 Elizabeth Jones, 67, Cullion South.
December 14th                Mary Jones, 68, Cullion Do.
24th                         Peter Devitt, 34, Newtown Butler.
February 1829, 13th          Jane Wedsworth, 71, Ratole.
                             Returned to Consistorial Court.
March 30th                   Jane Smith, 46, Derryvone, p. Drumland, D'se Kilmor.
April 20th                   William Hicks, 62, Killylard.
May 28th                     John Beatty, 75, Corrysaul bog.
30th                         John McConnell, 76, Newtown Butler.
June 3d                      Jane Clarke, 2 years, Newtown Butler.
16th                         Mary Anne Brooks, 11 years, Sandholes.
July 8th                     Anne Buchanan, 67 years, Newtown Butler.
13th                         John Clarke, 8 years, ewtown Butler.
August 22d                   Mary Robinson, 63 years, Newtown Butler.
October 19th                 Elisabeth Courtney, 80 years, Kilgarra, Drummully.
20th                         Fanny Armstrong, 63 years, Killycornans.

Page 125
November 1829, 20th          Elisabeth Best, aged 36, Clinagh.
January 1830, 11th           Elisabeth Hicks, aged 76, Bunn.
24th                         Mary Doogan, aged 97, Drumclay.
February 6th                 John Elliott, aged 79, Lettergreen.
8                            Anne Armstrong, aged 66, Knockmaciggan.
9th                          Anne Johnston, aged 46, Sheeny.
15th                         Andrew Irvine, aged 79, Corrishmore.

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                             [Pages 128 to 139 Baptisms]

GENERAL REGISTER 1798-1830 (Church of Ireland)