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(The greater part of these are taken from the late Earl Belmore's article on " The Old Enniskillen Vestry Book”
 where many genealogical notes are added; the remainder we extracted by-the author.
(In order to save space the days and months are omitted.)

Anderson					see Letoumall.
Andrewes					see Corry.                                                                        
Ardsell                                         John A. and Anna Clarke,                                  Mar.           1701
Auchinleck                                      James A. of Ja. and Elizth. [Corry]                       Bapt.          1701  Also of same parents John (1703),
                                                James (1704), Alexander 1705
Baker                                           Richd. B., marine, drowned,                               Bur.           1778
Ball                                            James B. and Margaret Dane,                               Mar.           1707
Beacum                                          William of John and Rebecca B.,                           Bapt.          1747
Beattie                                         James B. and Sarah Caldwell                               Mar.           1680
Bell                                            Chas. Lucas B. and Margt. Reed,                           Mar.           1771
“                                               Roger, of Rev. Chas. L. and Mary [?] B.,                  Bapt           1779
Betty                                           James B. and Jane Collum,                                 Mar.           1788
Black                                           Jason, of Jason and Lucinda B.                            Bapt.          1779
Browning                                        Jane, daugh. to Sergt. B.,                                Bur.           1666
“                                               Mary [?] of Capt.  Jas.  B., of Devenish Parish           Bur.           1697
“                                               Phil Brownin (sic),                                       Bur.           1697
“                                               Capt. Wm. Browning,                                       Bur.           1724
“                                               Allice Browning,                                          Bur.           1727
Caldwell                                         - - to James Caldwell,                                   Bapt.          1669
Also of same father, Jane (1671) 
and James (1672) the latter buried (1672)
Caldwell                                        Jddie (?) d. of Andrew C. and Mary his w.                 Bapt.          1679
“						 See Beattie.
Campbell                                        John, s. to William C.,                                   Bur.           1672
“                                               James C. and Jane Shore,                                  Mar.           1680
Cashell                                         A child of Lieut. Cashell's,                              Bur.           1700
Cathcart                                        Allan Cathcart,                                           Bur.           1720
“                                               Carleton, of Malcolm and C.,                              ? Bapt.        1733
Clarke                                          Robert, son of Robert C.,                                 Bapt,          1654
“                                               John C. and Elizabeth Daine,                              Mar.           1673
“                                               ffrances, dau. of Capt.  Robt C. and                                     1693
						Elizabeth his wife ..                                     Bapt.
“                                               Mary, of Capt.  Robt.  C. and Elizabeth -                                1695
						his w.,                                                   Bapt.
“                                               ffrances C., Capt. Robt. C's Mother.                      Bur.           1695
“						Mary C., a child of Capt. R. Clark,                       Bur.
“						See Arsdell.
Cole                                            Michael, s. of John C., bapt. In 1668, -                  Bur.           1667
“                                                                                                         Bapt.          Also of John C.-Mary (1668), Frances (Francis (1672),
“                                               Winfry C., an old woman                                   Bur.           1696
“                                               A child of William C, .                                   Bur.           1699
“                                               Elizabeth C. of William and Ann,                          Bapt.          1701
“                                               Mistress Cole                                             Bur.           1706
“                                               Florence C. Of John and Florence {Wray)                   Bapt.          1714
“                                               Mr. Wm. C. of John Cole,                                  Bur.           1715
“                                               Miss Nansie C. of John Cole, Esq.                         Bur.           1717
“                                               John C., Esq., and Mrs. Jane Sanderson,                   Mar.           1718
“                                               Mary C. of John C., Esq., and Jane,                       Bapt.          1719
“                                               Fenton C. and Dorothy Saunderson,                         Mar.           1724
                                                John Cole, Esq. [M.P. for E. and f. of                                   1726
“						Lord Mount Florence],                                     Bur.
“                                               Mrs. Cole,                                                Bur.           1726
“                                               Mr. Fenton Cole's wife,                                   Bur.           1727
“                                               The Revd. Henry Cole,                                     Bur.           1770
“                                               Lady Dowager Mount Florence,                              Bur.           1771
“                                               Mr. Thomas Cole,                                          Bur.           1772
“                                               Arthur of Lord Viscount Enniskillen                       Bapt.          1782
"						See Dane.								   [There are many " Cole " entries in St. Michan's, Dublin.]
Collum                                          A child of Thomas and Catherine C.,                       Bapt.          1772
“                                               Elizabeth of Hugh and Rebeeca C.                          Bapt.          1775
“                                               Thomas of Thomas and Margt. C.                            Bapt.          1780
"                                               See Betty, Graham.                                                       
Colvin                                          See Gore.                                                                
Conelley                                        Bemard C. and Alice Lavery,                               Mar.           1786
Conoley                                         Michaell C. and Ann Shore,                                Mar.           1683
“                                               Michael Conolie, of Michael,                              Bur.           1704
“                                               Anne Conoley,                                             Bur.           1712
Conolly                                         Connor O'Conolly,                                         Bur.           1695
Connoly                                         John C. of Edward and Mary,                               Bapt.          1723
Cormicke                                        Catrin, d. to Wm. C. and Marg (?) her mother,             Bapt.          1672
“                                               Margaret, w. to Wm. C.,                                   Bur.           1673
Corry                                           Sarah, dau. of Capt. James C.,                            ? Bur.         1666
“                                               Jo, s. to Capt. James C.,                                 Bapt.          1667
“                                               Martha C. of Capt. John and Sarah [Leslie]                Bapt.          1704
“															   Of same parents - Wm. (1706), John (1708), and
															   Sarah (1709) [who was m. of first Earl of Belmore],
															   Mary (1710), Lesly (1712),Elizabeth (I715). In the
															   last 3 entries it is Colonel John Corry."
Corry (of Carrowmacmea)                         James C. and Margt. Crawford,                             Mar.           1711
“                                               John C. of James and Margaret,                            Bapt.          1711
Corry						Of same parents								   Laurence (1713) [d. 1799;
															   ancestor of the American family], Robert
															   (1715), Alexander (1716), Lesly (1719), and
															   another (illegible) (1721).
Corry (prob. same family)                       John C. and Ann Andrewes                                  Bapt.          1679
                                                Margt., d. of John C. @n'd Arm his w.                     Bapt.          1681
                                                John C. of Charles and Frances,                           Bapt.          1735
                                                Alex. of John and Ann C.                                  ? Bapt.        1771
                                                Laurence, of James and Sarah C.,                          ? Bapt.        1794
Corry                                           Jane, dau. of Wm. and Margt. C                            Bapt           1679
"                                               Sydney Corry, a child,                                    Bur.           1740
"                                               Corry, a child                                            Bur.           1740
"                                               A child of Fitzwilliam Curry                              ? Bur          1772
"                                               William Curry,                                            Bur.           1773
"                                               John, of Fitzwilliam and Ann C.                           Bapt.          1774
"                                               Also another (1779), and Fitzwilliam (1781),              Bapt           1774
"                                               Ann, of John- and Arm C.,                                 Bapt           1774
"                                               Nanny Corry                                               Bur.           1774
"                                               Lydia Corry                                               Bur.           1775
"                                               George, of Samuel and Rachel C.,                          Bapt.          1776
"                                               Anne, wife of Fitzwilliam C.,                             Bur.           1796
"                                               Mary, dau. of Daniell and Mary C. of E.                   Bapt           1800
"                                               Sarah Corry, aged 22,                                     Bur.           1801
"						See Willis.
Crawford                                        David, s. of Christopher C.,                              Bapt.          1668
"                                               Sara, dau. of R- C.,                                      Bapt.          1669
"                                               Jenitt, dau. of Alexander C""                             Bapt.          1670
"                                               William, s. of John C.,                                   Bur.           1671
"                                               Mary ye daughter of Tohn Crafford                         Bur.           1678
"                                               Elizabeth C., of james and Isabel (twice),                Bapt.          1719
"                                               Robert C., of james and Isabel:                           Bapt.          1721
"                                               John C., of Henry and Ann,                                Bapt.          1723
"                                               Elizabeth C., of Laurence & Lucia,                        Bapt.          1740
"                                                - - of Wm. and Tane C.,                                  Bapt.          1774
"                                               Laurence, of Robt. & Elizabeth C.,                        Bapt.          1774
"                                               Michael Crawford and Rebecca Crawford,                    Mar            1776
"                                               James, of Wm. and Ann C"                                  Bapt.          1776
"                                               John and Anne, twins of Henry and Jane C.,                Bapt.          1777
"                                               James, of John and jane C.,                               Bapt.          1777
"                                               James C. and Mary Ann Rutledge,                           Mar.           1779
"                                               Margaret, of John and Dorcas C.,                          Bapt           1780
"                                               Elizabeth, of Wm. and Elizabeth C.                        Bapt           1781
"                                               William, of Wm. and Elizabeth C.                          Bapt           1782
"                                               Henry Crawford and Tane Somerell                          Mar.           1782
"                                               James, of James and Marian C.,                            Bapt.          1782
Crawford                                        Robt. Crawford, Qr. Master Of 31                                         1797
						Lt. Dragoons & Rebecca Crawford                           Mar.
“						See Corry, Moreton, Quin, Scott.
Crook                                           Ed., son to Wm. Crooke, Margrott his his moother,         Bapt.          1672
Cue                                             Henry, son to jo. Cue, Modlen his wife                    Bapt.          1672
Dane                                            Richard D. and Debora Cole,                               Mar.           1672
“                                               Jane, dau. of Richard Deine,                              Bur.           1673
“                                               John Dean,                                                Bur.           1678
“                                               Paul Deane and Eliza S                                    Mar.           1680
“                                               Mary, d. of Paul D. and Eliza his w.                      Bapt..         1681
						Also Margt. (1683) and Christopher (1684)                 Bapt.
“                                               Richard, s. of Richard D. and Rebecca his w.,             Bapt.          1681
“                                               Wm. Dean of Parish of Rossory                             Bur.           1695
“                                               Paul Dane, son of Paul D.,                                Bur.           1707
“                                               Paul D., of Christopher and Mary [dau.                                   1709
						of Governor Gustavus Hamilton],                           Bapt.
						Also Jane (1711), James (1712, buried 1712),
						Richard (1714), Elizabeth (1716) Martha (1718),           Bapt.
“                                               Richard D., s. of Paul D.,                                Bur.           1713
“                                               Mrs. Dane,                                                Bur.           1713
“                                               Elizabeth, dau. of Christopher D.,                        Bur.           1714
“                                               Christopher D.'s sister-in-law                            Bur.           1717
“                                               Richard D., of Christopher,                               Bur.           1717
“                                               A child of Christopher D.                                 Bur.           1726
“                                               27 Sept. Mrs. Dane,                                       Bur.           1727
“                                               27 Sept. Christopher Dane,                                Bur.           1727
“                                               Sarah D. of John and Elizabeth,                           Bapt.          1735
“                                               Mrs. Dane,                                                Bur.           1772
“                                               Paul Dane, Esq.,                                          Bur.           1800
“						See Ball, Clarke, Steward.                                Bapt.
Daylye                                          Robt., s. to jo. D., his wife Jane                        Bapt           1672
Devitt                                          Rose, of Gilbert and Bridget D. ..                        Bapt.          1784
Dixson                                          An. d. to Edw.  D. and Margery her m.                     Bapt.          1672 [He and Laurence Dunberry held from John Corry
															       In 1679 two houses where the post office and part
															       of the Royal Hotel now stand.  Dixson was a " sadler.")
Dougkill					See Mitchell.
Dunbar                                          Katherine, d. to Capt. Rich. D.                           B?             1666
“                                               Catherine ye wife of Mr. Dunbar                           Bur.           1682
Dunberry                                        Laurence the sonn of Laurence D.                          Bur.           1677
“                                               Lawrence ye s. of Laurence D. and Sara his w.,            Bapt.          1678
“                                               Prudence, d. of Laurence D.,                              Bur.           1679
“                                               - s. of Laurence D.,                                      Bapt.          1682
Dunn                                            Marv, d. to Robt.  Dunn, Jane his wife                    Bapt.          1672
Elliott						see Irvine.
Enery						see Hayes.
Evatt                                           (Mary), d. to Capt. Humphry, E.                           Bur.           1666
Finlay                                          Robert Finlay,                                            Bur.           1722
Finnigan					see Gibson.
Forbe                                           John Forbes, parish clerk,                                Bur.           1695
Frith                                           W. ffrith, s. to John ffrith,                             Bapt.          1662
“                                               Elizabeth, d. Jo. frith and Allis her m.                  Bapt.          1672
“                                               Joseph Frith and Sarah Wilcox,                            Mar.           1780
“                                               William F. of the Cross, aged 99.                         Bur.           1799
Fulton                                          Lieut. Alexander ffulton,                                 Bur.           1700
Gadess						see Livingston.
Gibson                                          Eliza, dau. of David G.,                                  Bapt.          1677
“                                               Francis G. and Mary Finnigan,                             Mar.           1734
Goodfellow                                      Thos. G. and Jane Heighton                                Mar.           1671 [John Goodfellow was the owner of the barn in which were placed the prisoners who
															      surrendered to the Irish at Tully Castle in 1641.]
Goot                                            Ann, dau. of James G. and Ann his w.                      Bapt.          1685
Gore                                            Sir Ralph G. and Mrs. Elizabeth Colvin                                   1705
						[or Colvill],                                             Mar.
"                                               Dorothy G., of Dean Wm G. and Honora                      Bapt.          1721 [Dean of Down ; resided at this time in Bonnybrook, near EnniskiRen],
Graham                                          William G. and Elizabeth Collum,                          Mar.           1785
Grattan                                         William G., of Chas. G., Esq., and Mary,                  Bapt           1745
“                                               June 16. Charles Grattan, Esq.,                           Bur.           1746
Groves                                          Sarah Groves, daughter of Wm. G.                          Bur.           1709
Guthrie                                         Elizabeth G., of Wm. and Henrietta,                       Bapt           1745
Hamilton                                        Mrs. Hamilton,                                            Bur.           1668
“                                               Mary, dau. of John H. and Isobel his w.,                  Bapt.          1692
“                                               Mary H., of William and Isabel,                           Bapt.          1715
“                                               Anna Catherina H., of Gustavus                                           1722
						and Jane [Cathcart],                                      Bapt.
						Also Jane (1724), Nicholas (1725)
						buried 1726, and Lettice (1726).                          Bapt.		      [Another Nicholas, afterwards V. Donaghadee, may have
															      been entered on one of the missing pages].
“                                               Malcolm H. (baptized 1726),                               Bur.           1727
“                                               Sarah Hamilton, a child,                                  Bur.,          1740
“                                               William Hamilton,                                         Bur.           1740
“                                               - Hamilton, a child,                                      Bur.           1740
“						see Johnston.
Hassard                                         Joan H., spouse to - Thomson                              Bur.           1703
Hayes                                           Nathaniel H. and Margaret Enery,                          Mar.           1728
Heighton					see Goodfellow.
Higginbotham                                    Mrs. Dorcas H., aged 96,                                  Bur.           1778
“                                               Rev.  Mr. Higginbotham,                                   Bur.           1790
Hudson                                          Letturvell H. aged 91,                                    Bur.           1781
Irvine                                          Willoughby I. and Margaret Elliott                        Mar.           1736
,,						see Moffitt, Spear, Smyth.
Isaac                                           Simon I. and jane Mitchel [also entered 1739]             Mar.           1738
Johnston                                        John J. and Elizabeth Hamilton,                           Mar.           1668
"                                               Lieut. James J.,                                          Bur.           1699
"                                               Rev. Thos.Johnston,                                       ?              1772
Kilpatrick                                      Robert Kilpatrick, aged 95,                               Bur.           1779
Landy                                           John, of George L., a Blackmoor                           Bapt.          1776
"                                               George L., a Blackmoor                                    Bur.           1778
Lavery						see Conelly.
Leathes                                         Lanclelote, s. of Andrew L.                               Bapt.          1677
"                                               Jane, dau. of Andrew L. and Mary his w. (bur. 1679),      Bapt.          1679
Letoumall                                       Thos.  L., of Allen L. and Jane Anderson,                 Bapt.          1710
Letume                                          Mr. Thos. Letumel,                                        Bur.           1708
Livingston                                      Richard L. and Issobell Gadess,                           Mar.           1700
"                                               Ann Katharina L., of Richd. And Isobel,                   Bapt.          1700
Logan                                           James Logan,                                              Bur.           1717
"                                               James Logan's wife,                                       Bur.           1717
Lowry                                           John Lowry,                                               Bur.           1770
Magee.                                          Jane M., of Owen and Mary,     .                          Bapt           1694
"                                               Robert M., of Owen and Mary,                              Bapt.          1695
"                                               Thomas M. and Elizabeth Leech,                            Mar.           1700
"                                               John M. and Grizel Little,                                Mar.           1700
"                                               Wm. M., of Thomas and Elizabeth,                          Bapt.          1701
Martin                                          Richard, to Christopher M.                                Bapt.          1670
"                                               Wm.  M. Drummer in the Enniskillen                                       1760
						Horse and Mary McCadden,                                  Mar.
"						see Story.
McCormack                                       Susan, dau. of Will McCormack                             Bur            1676
"						Georg, s. of Will McC. and Avis his wife                  Bapt.
						Also Susan (1678), Jane (1680),
						Will (1681),Hercules (1683), and Charles (1684).
McCarmick                                       Patrick McC. and Mary Mcl.Martin,                         Mar.           1716
McCormick                                       Joan McC., of John and Grace,                             Bapt.& Bur.    1711
"                                               Bryan McCormick,                                          Bapt.          1723
McLaughlin                                      Robert McLaughlin, aged 86,                               Bur.           1779
Mitchell                                        Marjorie M., of Mr. Andrew and Eliza.                     Bapt.          1704
"                                               Do.,    do.           do.                                 Bur.           1705
"                                               Anne Mitchell,                                            Bapt.          1710
"                                               Thomas M., s. of Mr. And. & Elizbth.                      Bapt.          1714
"                                               Andrew M. and Finivill Dougkill,                          Mar.           1724
"						see Isaac, Vincent.
Moffitt                                         William.M.and Elizabeth lrvine, .                         Mar            1736
Moreton                                          Alexander M. and Jane Crawford,                          Mar.           1778
Murphy                                           Ellinor, dau. of Morgan Murphy,                          Bapt.          1666
Mussen                                           Elizabeth Mussen, of Wm. and Joan,                       ? Bapt.        1708
Nixon                                           James N. and Andrew, twins of John and Isabella,          Bapt.          1738
Noble                                           Christopher N., of Elizabeth and Wm.                      Bapt.          1724
"                                               Mungo of Jerome and Elizabeth N.                          Bapt.          1754
Peo(?)                                          Wm. S. to David P. Margrott his w.                        Bapt.          1672
Phibbs                                          Sarah of Richard and Sarah P.                             Bapt.          1772
"                                               John, of William and Margaret P.,                         Bapt.          1772
Quin                                            Bryan Q. and Sarah Crawford.                              Mar.           1795
Reed						see Bell.
Richardson                                       - Richardson, ye smith's m.                              Bur.           1666
Rosborough                                      Mary Rosborough (rest illegible)                                         1728
Ross                                            Robert, of Thomas Ross,                                   Bapt.          c.1728.
Rutledge					see Crawford.
Sanderson                                       Geo., s. to Geo. S., Ellen his wife                       Bapt.          1672
"                                               Cole                                                                     1749
Scott                                           Thos. S. to Thos. S., Mary his wife                       Bapt.          1672
"                                               William S. and Ann Crawford,                              Mar.           1749
Shore                                           Margaret, dau. of Thomas S.,                              Bapt.          1667
"                                               Mary dau. to Thos. S.                                     Bapt.          1669
"                                               Charles s. to Thos. S. (buried 1672)                      Bapt.          1671
"                                               L-----e, s. of Thos. And Mary his w.                      Bapt.          1675
"                                               Robert, s. of Thomas S. and Mary his w.                   Bapt.          1679
"                                                Mary S., of Robert and Susanna                           Bapt.          1706
"						See Campbell, Conoley                                     
Smyth                                           James, of Rev. Thos. and judith S                         Bapt.          1776
"                                               Carew, of Rev. Dr. and judith S.                          Bapt.          1778
						Also Juliana (1784), Mary Anne (1786),                    
						1780. Capt. Carew S. and Sophia Irvine,                   
"                                               Capt. Carew S. and Sophia Irvine                          Mar.           1780
"                                               James of Capt. Carew and Sophia S.                        Bapt.          1781
Soden                                           Saml., s. of Robt. S., drowned                            Bur.           1782
Somerwell                                       Wm., s. to James S. and his wife Margaret                 Bapt.          1673
"                                               Jenitt Somerwell                                          Bur.           1673
"                                               Jane, dau. Of Thomas S. and & Grizel his w.               Bapt.          1684
"						see Crawford.
Spear                                           Anne S., of Laurence and Mary                             Bapt.          1740
"                                               Geo. Spear and Jane Irvine,                               Mar.           1786
Steward                                         Andrew Steward and Ann Dean,                              Mar.           1678
Stewart                                         John Stewart Town Sergeant                                Bur.           1740
Story                                           John S. to Eliza Martin,                                  Mar.           1673
"						See Dane
Tempo                                           Margaret Tempo, a foundling,.                             Bapt.          1770
Thomson						See Hassard                                               
Tremble                                         Edward T., of Robert and Eliza,                           Bapt.          1725
Vincent                                         Rev.  Mr. Richard V. and Mrs. Anne Mitchell,              Mar.           1738
"                                               Richard V., of Richard and Anne                           Bapt.          1739
Whittaker                                       Ralph s. of Ralph W. and Mary his wife                    Bapt.          c.1691
Waterhouse                                      Samuel Waterhouse                                         Bapt.          1673
White                                           Rev. John White aged 84 (see Curates)                     Bur.           1785
Wilcox                                          Sarah Wilcox a Quaker                                     Bapt.          1780
"						See Frith
Willis                                          George W. and Ann Corry                                   Mar            1774