Church: FERMANAGH, Marriages recorded at Ballinamallard Methodist Church 1882-1937
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Contributed by George Armstrong *Permission To Publish Granted By Deputy Keeper of Records, PRONI

Transcribed by George Armstrong

B.M.C.  = Ballinamallard Methodist Church
S.M.C.  = Saloon (Salloon) Methodist Circuit
R.G.M.C = Relagh Gunnis (Guinness?) Meth. Circuit
T.M.C.  = Tullyrain Methodist Circuit
*Dates are Day/Month/Year

	 MARRIAGE	GROOM'S																								BRIDES										     BRIDE'S			FATHER'S	       MARRIED/
CHURCH   DATE           NAME              SURNAME      AGE STATUS  OCCUPATION             ABODE                                        GROOMS FATHER               OCCUPATION		     BRIDES NAME                SURNAME     AGE     OCCUPATION     ABODE                                             FATHERS NAME               OCCUPATION             RECORDED BY         LICENCE/BANNS       WITNESSES
B.M.C.   24/2/1882      William           FAIR         FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Saloon (Salloon?)                            Edward Fair                 Farmer		     Catherine Jane       	Hamilton    19      not listed     Drumsonnis (Drumsonnus?)                          Irvine Hamilton         	Farmer                 John Todd           Licence             Irvine Hamilton & James?? J. Armstrong
B.M.C.   18/7/1883      William           GRAHAM       FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Drumall (Drummal?), Lisnarick                William Graham              Farmer		     Elizabeth            	Armstrong   FA 	    not listed     Lara (Laragh?), Ballycassidy                      William Armstrong       	Farmer                 John Todd           Licence             George Armstrong & Joseph Ball
B.M.C.   28/11/1888     Thomas            BROWN        FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Kilmore, Parish of Devenish                  Thomas Brown                Farmer		     Ellen                	Bleakley    FA 	    not listed     Cabra (Cabragh), Parish of Kilskeery              Charles Bleakley        	Farmer                 John Coulter        licence             William Bleakley & Hannah Bleakley
B.M.C.   20/11/1889     William Henry     MEE          FA  Bach.   Merchant               3 Princess Street, Londonderry               George Mee                  Rate Collector	     Letitia Jane         	Campbell    FA 	    not listed     Ballinamallard                                    John Campbell           	Merchant               Robert Ker          Licence             John Campbell & Robert George Mee
S.M.C.   9/6/1892       Andrew Irwin      ARMSTRONG    FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Crievehill (Creevehill?), Fivemiletown       William Armstrong           Farmer		     Elizabeth            	Brien       FA 	    not listed     Saloon (Salloon?), Ballinamallard                 Edward Brien            	Farmer                 Henry Frackelton    Special Licence     Henry Hamilton & Sarah Frackelton
R.G.M.C. 14/12/1894     William           NIXON        FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Tummary?? (Tummery?), Dromore                Robert Nixon                Farmer		     Sarah Isabella       	Brien       FA 	    not listed     Relagh Gunnis (Guinness?)                         Robert Brien            	Farmer                 James Elliott       Special Licence     William Henderson & Minnie T. Campbell
B.M.C.   3/9/1896       Thomas            YOUNG        FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Gortnessy (Gortinessy?), Pettigoe            Robert Young                Farmer		     Ellie                	Spence      FA 	    not listed     Clonelly                                          William Spence          	Merchant               Gabriel Coulter     Licence             William Spence & E.J. Dundas
B.M.C.   23/12/1896     Alexander         KENNEDY      FA  Bach.   Labourer               Ballinamallard                               James Kennedy               Labourer		     Elizabeth            	Little      FA 	    not listed     Killymendon                                       John Little             	Farmer                 Gabriel Coulter     Licence             James Little & Catherine Little
B.M.C.   1/12/1897      John C.           GLENDINNING  FA  Bach.   Newspaper Proprieter   Clarendon Street, Londonderry                William Glendinning         Newspaper Proprieter	     Mary Frances         	Campbell    FA 	    not listed     Ballinamallard                                    John Campbell           	Merchant               Gabriel Coulter     Licence             ????? Dempster & Lilly Campbell
B.M.C.   3/1/1900       James             MEGAGHEY     FA  Widr.   Shopkeeper             Ballinamallard                               William Megaghey            Farmer		     Jane                 	Armstrong   FA 	    not listed     Ballinamallard                                    John Armstrong          	Farmer                 James Bradshaw      Licence             Bertie Crozier & W.A. Armstrong
B.M.C.   26/4/1901      John              POTTS        FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Farmhill, Ballinamallard                     John Potts                  Farmer		     Rachel               	Woods       FA 	    not listed     Farmhill, Ballinamallard                          Andrew Woods            	Farmer                 William McVitty     Licence             W. Lamont & Minnie Lamont
B.M.C.   8/8/1901       Edward            NIXON        FA  Widr,   Labourer               Magheracross                                 Robert Nixon                Farmer		     Margaret             	Woods       FA 	    not listed     Craghan                                           Thomas Woods            	Farmer                 William McVitty     Licence             Thomas Masterson & Maggie Irvine
B.M.C.   15/5/1902      James             LITTLE       FA  Widr.   Farmer                 Monolla, Kilgartnaleague (Kilgortnaleague?)  James Little                Farmer		     Bessie               	Woods       FA 	    not listed     Sydare (Sidaire?)                                 Thomas Woods            	Farmer                 William McVitty     Licence             John Woods & Catherine Walmsley
B.M.C.   16/6/1905      William           BOOTH        FA  Bach.   Labourer               Drummachilway????, Ballinamallard            w. Booth                    Labourer		     Bella                	Sproule     FA 	    not listed     Killymitten (Killymittan?)                        J. Sproule              	Farmer                 William McVitty     Licence             J. Manley & Maggie Elliott
B.M.C.   29/1/1907      Joseph            WOODS        FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Tullynevin (Tullyneevin?), Lisnaskea         James Woods                 Farmer		     Lizzie               	Masterson   FA 	    not listed     Derry, Kilskeery, Co. Tyrone                      Joseph Masterson        	Farmer                 William Moore       Licence             ???? Masterson & Margaret E. Masterson
B.M.C.   16/6/1909      Thomas            TRAYNOR      FA  Bach.   Labourer               Ballinamallard                               not listed                  Labourer		     Maggie               	Farrell     FA 	    not listed     Drumcullion                                       George Farrell          	Farmer                 W.H. Corry          Licence             William James Coalter & Mary Richards
B.M.C.   15/4/1913      William           JOHNSTON     FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Cabragh                                      Martin Johnston             Farmer		     Mary Ellen           	Elliott     FA 	    not listed     Roscor                                            John Elliott            	Farmer                 William Brownlee    Licence             Martin Johnston & Sarah A. Brian
B.M.C.   17/10/1917     Harry             JAMES        FA  Bach.   Royal Field Artillery  20 Mackintosh Terrace, Cardiff               Thomas James                Engineer		     Robina Constance     	Rea         FA 	    not listed     Drumsloe                                          Thomas Rea              	Agri. Instructor       William Moore       Special Licence     Andrew Coalter & Kathleen Maria Moore
B.M.C.   1/6/1920       Andrew Wesley     CROZIER      FA  Bach.   Merchant               Ballinamallard                               Thomas Crozier              Merchant		     Everina Adelaide     	Bolster     FA 	    not listed     Ballinamallard                                    William Bolster         	Police Constable       William Moore       Licence             Kathleen M. Moore & Lizzie R. Moore
B.M.C.   5/5/1921       Joseph            DAVIS        FA  Bach.   Shop Assistant         Ballinamallard                               Joseph Davis                Farmer		     Elizabeth Anne       	Montgomery  FA 	    not listed     Ballinamallard                                    James Montgomery        	Farmer                 W.T. Brownlee       Licence             Peter Doherty & Mary Bella Montgomery
B.M.C.   5/7/1922       Thomas            BLACK        FA  Bach.   Special constable      Enniskillen                                  John Black                  Farmer		     Hope                 	Elliott     FA 	    not listed     Killymendon                                       Robert Elliott          	Farmer                 William Moore       Licence             William James Armstrong & Faith Elliott
B.M.C.   20/9/1922      Arthur Frederick  MCILPATRICK  25  Bach.   Railway Employee       Drumcullion                                  William McIlpatrick         Scripture Reader	     Frances Mary         	Woods       FA 	    not listed     Ballinamallard                                    Arthur Woods            	Carpenter              William Moore       Licence             William John McIlpatrick & Elizabeth Woods
B.M.C.   25/10/1922     James             LITTLE       FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Killymendon                                  John Little                 Farmer		     Emily                	Megahey     FA 	    not listed     Ferney                                            William Megahey         	Farmer                 William Moore       Licence             Archie Stutt & Faith Elliott
B.M.C.   25/12/1922     Robert            AIKEN        FA  Bach.   Blacksmith             Craghan                                      John Aiken                  Labourer		     Rebecca Jane         	Armstrong   FA 	    not listed     Main Street, Ballinamallard                       James Armstrong         	General Dealer         William Moore       Licence             Arthur Armstrong & Kathleen M. Moore
B.M.C.   23/2/1923      James             FUNSTON      FA  Widr.   Farmer                 Bara (Baragh?)                               John Funston                Farmer		     Mary Anne            	Girvan      FA 	    not listed     Summerhill, Larne                                 Hugh Girvan             	Contractor             William Moore       Licence             Andrew Coalter & Kathleen M. Moore
B.M.C.   6/3/1923       William James     ARMSTRONG    FA  Bach.   Special constable      Constabulary Barracks, Enniskillen           Henry George Armstrong      Farmer		     Faith                	Elliott     FA 	    not listed     Killymendon                                       Robert Elliott          	Farmer                 William Moore       Licence             Francis Dunne & Lucy Armstrong
B.M.C.   28/8/1924      John              GLASS        FA  Bach.   Clergyman              36 Fitzwilliam Street, Belfast               John Glass                  Farmer		     Murial Florence      	Caldwell    FA 	    not listed     Methodist Manse, Ballinamallard                   William Caldwell        	Clergyman              William Caldwell    Licence             Samuel Robert Glass & E. Marguerite  Caldwell
B.M.C.   11/8/1925      David Wesley      MORROW       31  Bach.   Methodist Minister     Trillick, Co. Tyrone                         Francis morrow              Farmer		     Sarah Ann            	Pollock     21      Farmer's Dau   Knockmanoul                                       Robert Pollock          	Farmer                 R. Cody??           Licence             Samuel John Johnston & Gretta E Pollock
B.M.C.   14/4/1926      Oliver            EVANS        FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Stranahone                                   William James Evans         Farmer		     Emily Rebecca        	Phair       20      Farmer's Dau   Saloon (Salloon?)                                 Andrew Phair            	Farmer                 William Caldwell    Licence             Robert Wilson & Maggie Phair
T.M.C.   9/7/1926       George James      HENDERSON    FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Springhill????, Trillick                     James Henderson             Farmer		     Anna Lucinda         	Sommerville FA 	    Farmer's Dau   Tullyrain                                         John G. Somerville      	Farmer                 William Caldwell    Special Licence     Edward W. Brien & Minnie Henderson
B.M.C.   28/7/1926      Charles           WALSH        FA  Bach.   Clerk  G.N.R.I.        102 Great Victoria Street, Belfast           William Charles Walsh       Engineer (Retired)	     Gladys Dorothea      	Campbell    FA 	    Merchants Dau  Ballinamallard                                    William Campbell        	Merchant               James Ritchie       Licence             E. Walsh & Audrey Campbell
B.M.C.   16/5/1927      Robert John       GORMLEY      FA  Bach.   Railway Porter         Doogary, Irvinestown                         Thomas Gormley              Farmer		     Alice Mary Elizabeth 	Watson      FA 	    not listed     Drumconnis                                        Thomas Watson           	Farmer                 William Moore       Licence             Thomas Gormley & Gretta Watson
B.M.C.   3/7/1928       Mathew Henry      DARRAGH      2   Bach.   Farmer                 Cavanalough                                  Mathew Darragh              Farmer		     Elizabeth Hilliard   	Edwards     25      not listed     Ballinamallard                                    Robert Edwards          	Farmer                 William Moore       Licence             John J. Darrah & Doris M. Stewart
B.M.C.   29/4/1931      Thomas Cluff      HURST        FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Saloon (Salloon?)                            Rowland Hurst               Farmer		     Isabella Florence    	Crawford    FA 	    Farmer's Dau   Gortaloughan, Enniskillen                         Thomas Crawford         	Farmer                 William Moore       Licence             George B. Hurst & Gretta Pollock
B.M.C.   7/1/1932       John Robert       EDWARDS      FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Cavantillycormick                            John Edwards                Farmer		     Elsie Isabella       	Brien       FA 	    Farmer's Dau   Woodhill, Relagh Gunnis (Guinness?), Co. Tyrone   Edward Brien            	Farmer                 William Moore       Licence             John J. McFarland & Henrietta Brien
B.M.C.   12/10/1932     CharlesJohnston   IRWIN        FA  Bach.   Farmer                 Carrowbeg, Eglish, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone     Johnston Stevenson Irwin    Farmer		     Beryl Louisa Elizabeth	Coalter     FA 	    Teacher        Ballinamallard                                    George John Coalter     	Teacher                G.A. Joynt          Licence             John Knipe, Miriam G. Coalter & Laura E. Irwin
B.M.C.   5/9/1934       Joseph Alexander  HAMILTON     FA  Bach.   Merchant               Main Street, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone          Andrew Hamilton             Farmer		     Mary Eliza           	Irvine      FA 	    not listed     Main Street, Ballinamallard                       James Christopher Irvine	Retired Farmer         G.A. Joynt          Licence             Andrew Guyon Hamilton & Florence Mildred Irvine
B.M.C.   25/9/1934      William Crawford  WALKER       FA  Bach.   Railway Porter         Makeny (Makenny?), Irvinestown               Thomas Walker               Farmer		     Mary Catherine       	Wilson      FA 	    not listed     Drumharvey, Irvinestown                           Robert Wilson           	Carpenter              Albert John Patton  Licence             Thomas Cecil Walker & Gladys Irene Wilson
B.M.C.   25/7/1935      James             MCALISTER    FA  Bach.   Engineer               25 New Street, Donaghadee                    Robert McAlister            Retired Teacher	     Miriam Georgina      	Coalter     FA 	    Teacher        The Residence, Ballinamallard                     George J. Coalter       	Teacher                G.A. Joynt          Licence             (illegible) & Ida Miriam Mills
B.M.C.   7/11/1935      William John      HAMILL       FA  Bach.   Motor Agent            Causeway Street, Portrush                    Harry Hamill                Professional Golfer	     Violet Edith Kathleen	Brien       FA 	    not listed     Woodhill, Relagh Gunnis (Guinness?), Co. Tyrone   Edward A. Brien         	Farmer                 G.A. Joynt          Licence             James Ekin & Beatrice Thompson
B.M.C.   30/9/1936      William Edward    THOMPSON     FA  Bach.   Motor Driver           Corkhill, Kilskeery                          William Edward Thompson     Chaffeur		     Kathleen             	Creighton   FA 	    not listed     Makeny (Makenny?), Ballinamallard                 Francis Creighton       	Labourer               James Ritchie       Licence             Richard John Thompson & E. Mae Thompson
B.M.C.   15/6/1937      John Donald       HUMPHRIES    FA  Bach.   Merchant               Pettigoe, Co. Donegal                        John Humphries              Merchant		     Olive Maud           	Woods       FA 	    not listed     Ballinamallard                                    Arthur Woods            	Farmer                 James Ritchie       Licence             Walter Woods & Gladys Elizabeth Bishop