Churches: FERMANAGH, Clones Parish Registers, Diocese of Clogher, Marriages in the Aghadumsee Div, 1836-1851
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YEAR   MONTH  DAY   MALES SURNAME  GIVEN NAME        RESIDENCE                      FEMALES SURNAME      GIVEN NAME         RESIDENCE                WITNESS					                            NOTES
1836   Nov    18    ELLIOTT        William           Rosslea, Clones                MARTIN               Eliz Jane          Ainsboyle, Drumsnatt     William Fitzgerald
1836   Dec    14    YOUNG          Francis           Killivan, Co Monaghan          ELLIOTT              Margaret           Rossbrick, Clones        John Buch

1837   Mar    17    LIPTON         Thomas            Annyannum, Clones              JOHNSTON             Frances            Clones Parish            Edward Story
1837   Apr    25    MAINES         Thomas            Parish of Dernawilt            FORSTER              Mary               Knocknabohill            John Bleakley
1837   Jun    12    WARRINGTON     Thomas            Mullivan                       WELSH                Susanna            Clincor                  Robt Burnside
1837   Jun    27    MURRAY         John              Mullivagn                      MAGWOOD              Eliza              Annahilly                William Lipton
1837   Jul    16    JEFFERS        Andrew            Middleton Parish               RUSK                 Jane               Monaghan                 Robt Little					                        Andrew of Lemon & Co, Armagh
1837   Jul    22    McCULLAGH      Thomas            Parish of Killivan             GIVENS               Jane               Parish of Killivan       Robt Leonard and Francis Little
1837   Jul    25    FERGUSON       John              Clones Parish                  DOONAN               Alice              Clones Parish            Wm Irwin and Jane Doonan
1837   Aug    11    ELLIOTT        Andrew            Rossbrick                      LESLIE alias WELSH   Sarah              Tattymorris              John Elliott and Francis Little
1837   Aug    11    WALLACE        Mark              Parish of Galloon              FERGUSSON            Margaret           Anaheel                  Robt John and Francis Little
1837   Aug    16    MOORE          John              Lisnamohill                    JOHNSTON             Jane               Clones Parish            Henry Crawford and Francis Little
1837   Sep    19    RAFFERTY       William           Parish of Galloon              RANKIN               Sarah              Clones Parish            Jane Johnston and Susan Allen (her mark)

1838   Jan    30    MALOAN         Thomas            Clones Parish                  DONALDSON            Elinore            Clones Parish            Wm Wiggins and Catherine Wiggins (her mark)
1838   Jun    29    BREADON        Christopher       Clones Parish                  FORSTER              Elianore           Parish of Galloon        John (illegible) and Jane (illegible)

1839   Feb    6     GRAYDON        James             Clones Parish                  MORRISON             Jemima             Clones Parish            Elijah Morrison and William Graydon
1839   Apr    26    JOHNSTON       William           Clones Parish                  JOHNSTON             Rachel             Clones Parish            (illegible) and Mary Anne Johnston (her mark)
1839   Dec    3     KENNEDY        John              Clones Parish                  FOSTER               Mary               Clones Parish            (illegible) and Eliza Kennedy

1840   Feb    14    COX            James             Murraggan Parish               BLEAKLEY             Mary               Drumaderrany, Monaghan   (illegible) and Wm Thompson
1840   Feb    27    ROSS           John              Clones Parish                  PRESHO or CAMPBELL   Maria              Clones Parish            Hugh Campell and Richard Ross
1840   Sep    18    PERRY          Maxwell           Clones Parish                  COPELAND             Mary               Clones Parish
1840   Sep    22    ELLIOTT        Francis           Parish of Galloon              MOORE                Mary Anne          Clones Parish            John Hogg and Anne Robinson
1840   Oct    29    PATTERSON      John              Clones Parish                  DOWNEY               Anne               Clones Parish            Thomas Lipton and Margaret Doonan (her mark)

1841   Feb    2     McMAHON        Thomas            Parish of Galloon              ALLEN                Susan              Clones Parish            Henry Hutchinson and Jane Ann (illegible) (her mark)
1841   Mar    24    McDONALD       James             Parish of Rossarry             CLARKE               Jane               Clones Prish             Sarah Clarke and Francis Little
1841   Jun    19    CARSON         William           Clones Parish                  DONALDSON            Mary               Clones Parish            Robert Thompson and Wm Thompson
1941   Dec    10    IRWIN          George            Clones Parish                  NICHOL               Margaret           Clones Parish            John Nichol and Robt Forster

1842   Jan    18    JOHNSTON       John              Clones Parish                  WELSH                Jane               Clones Parish            James Buchanan and (illegible) Johnston
1842   Jan    18    MOFFITT        William           Clones Parish                  WELSH                Mary               Clones Parish            Joseph Johnston and Mary Moffitt
1842   Oct    5     DUDGEON        William Mitchell  Clones Parish                  DUDGEON              Mary Anne          Clones Parish            William (illegible) and Eliza Foster (her mark)
1842   Oct    12    DOWNEY         George            Parish of Galloon              LIVINGSTON           Susan              Clones Parish            James Downey and Rebecca Livingston

1843   Jan    24    MOFFITT        Thomas            Kinawley, Clones               CLARKE               Elizabeth Matilda  Clones Parish            John Moffitt and Louisa Clarke
1843   Feb    1     ROSS           Alexander         Clones Parish                  BLEAKLEY             Isabella           Clones Parish            Johnston Lipton and Jane Lough
1843   May    16    WIGGINS        Robert            Parish of Galloon              JOHNSTON             Sarah Anne         Clones Parish            Arthur Rennick and Elizabeth Johnston
1843   Oct    25    HICKS          Francis John      Parish of Galloon              JOHNSTON             Rachel             Clones Parish            (illegible) and (illegible) Johnston
1843   Nov    9     WELSH          William           Clones Parish                  CLARKE               Elizabeth          Monaghan Parish          James Clarke and Grace Armstrong
1843   Nov    28    DOWNEY         William           Parish of Galloon              GREAVES              Mary               Clones Parish            Henry Downey and Eliz M(illegible) (her mark)

1844   Mar    15    McCONKEY       Robert            Parish Angst, Co Cavan         HOWE                 Eliza              Clones Parish            Robt Pollock and Mary Howe (her mark)
1844   May    10    MOORE          John              Clones Parish                  HOWE                 Jane               Clones Parish            Jane Forster and William Robinson
1844   Sep    3     DOONAN         Thomas            Parish of Ahalurcher           BLEAKLEY             Jane               Clones Parish            James Henry and Mary Bleakley
1844   Nov    15    GRAHAM         Alexander         Clones Parish                  LIVINGSTONE          Hariett            Clones Parish            James (illegible) and Rebecca Livingston
1844   Dec    23    GRAHAM         Andrew            Parish of Ahalurcher           FOSTER               Jane               Clones Parish            (illegible) Graham and Ann Foster

1845   Feb    4     TURNER         James             Clones Parish                  BLAKLEY              Margaret           Clones Parish            Robert Irvin and (illegible) Bleakley
1845   Mar    11    PAISLEY        Henry             Parish of Ahalurcher           NIXON                Elizabeth          Clones Parish            witnessess names illegible

1847   Jan    8     CLINDINEN      Hamilton          Parish of Galloon              JOHNSTON             Bessy              Clones Parish            Aler Bailey, Sr and Thomas Johnston Jr

1848   Jul    28    CUNNINGHAM     Thomas            Clones Parish                  MURRAY               Margaret           Clones Parish            Robert Bleakley and John Murray
1848   Oct    24    GRAHAM         John              Parish of Ashfield, Co Cavan   JOHNSTON             Sarah              Mt Darby, Clones         Joseph (illegible) and (illegible) Johnston

1849   Mar    1     BLEAKLEY       John              Clones Parish                  GAWLEY               Ann                Clones Parish            Thomas Bleakley and Johston Gawley

1850   Feb    18    JOHNSTON       Thomas            Clones Parish                  JOHNSTON             Mary Anne          Clones Parish            Francis Little and William Elliott
1850   Jul    29    FARRELL        Benjamin Clarke   Parish of Lessett, Liverpool   CLARKE               Ellenore           Clones Parish            George Clarke and Thomas Wilson
1850   Aug    20    CHAPMAN        William           Parish of Galloon              SMITH                Mary Anne          Clones                   Isaiah Moore and Robert Reynolds

1851   Jan    20    GILLESPIE      Henry             Clones Parish                  JOHNSTON             Bessy                                       William Johnston and Samuel Magwood
1851   Jan    22    CLARKE         William           Parish of Galloon              ARMSTRONG            Jane               Parish of Galloon        William Welsh and William Johnston