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compiled by Seamas Mac Annaidh 

This Cemetery which is in the care of Fermanagh District 
Council is at the top of Rossole Road, and is not to be 
confused with that at Rossorry Parish Church (Church of 
Ireland). Both Catholics and Protestants are buried here. 
The new parish church at Rossorry was first used for 
services in April 1840 though it was more than a year later 
when the church was finally consecrated by Bishop Tottenham 
and it was 1842 before the first burial took place in the 
new cemetery. [William Johnston, of Willoughby Place, 
Portora was buried  1 February 1842 aged 30 years.]

During this visit I completed reading several stones which 
had been giving me problems and also uncovered a number of  
previously unrecorded stones. There are still a few 
inscriptions to be fully deciphered and the possibility 
remains of locating others. There are also some interesting 
crests and symbols which also should be copied.

Relevant newspaper notices have been included as well as 
several which may refer to the families of, if not the 
actual individuals named on stones.

Following a visit to the Public Record Office of Northern 
Ireland 26 October 2000 where the Church of Ireland burial 
register is available on microfilm (MIC 1/22) I have added 
many entries in italics covering the years 1799 to 1840. In 
the early years this register is impossible to read in 
places and does not appear to be complete. However after 
1824 the legibility greatly improves and I have included all 
entries except those of which were difficult to read with 


Jane Abercromby, Crown Hall, 22 October 1825


Henry Addly (or possibly Caddy?) Brook Street, 40, 11 
November 1834 



... Body of Mary Armstrong wife of John Armstrong who 
departed this life the ... of February Anno Domini 1707 
...of  age.

This is the earliest legible stone in the Cemetery . Like 
the Geddas stone, and stones from the same period at St. 
Macartin's Cathedral in Enniskillen it has raised letters. 


This tomb was erected in memory of William Armstrong of 
Drumcose deceased 7 ye 8th 1750 aged 63 years

This stone has the Armstrong crest on the lower half. 


Here lyeth ye body of Simon Armstrong who died March ye 10 
1750 aged 50 years. Also here lyeth ye body of Thomas 
Armstrong who died  ... 1750 aged 29 years. Here lyeth ye 
body of Robert Armstrong who died June ye ... 1767 aged 37 


In memory of Simon Armstrong of Drumcose and Mary his wife. 
He died December 10 1797 aged 70 years. She died December 
18th 1810 aged 70. Also their only child. William Armstrong 
and Anne his wife. She died the 7th January 1839 aged 86 
years. He died February 28th 1844 in his 86th year.

Anne Armstrong, 86, Drumcose, parish of Devenish, 5 January 

ECEP 10 January 1839 DIED: On the 7th inst. in the 87th year 
of her age, after protracted suffering borne with 
resignation to the divine will, and a humble reliance on the 
saviour of sinners, Anne Armstrong, wife of William 
Armstrong, Esq., of Drumcose etc. 

ECEP 29 February 1844 DIED: At Drumcose, on the 27th inst. 
in the 86th year of his age, William Armstrong, Esq., for 
upwards of 40 years Captain of the Magheraboy corps of 
Yeomanry. Through life he was universally esteemed, and is 
now deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.

ECEP 7 April 1814 MARRIAGE: On Friday last, Simon Armstrong 
of Drumcose Esq., to Miss Graham, daughter of John Graham of 
this town.

ECEP 24 February 1820 DIED: At Drumcose on the 17th inst. 
Miss Anne Armstrong, daughter of William Armstrong etc.

ECEP 22 February 1827 DIED: On the 20th instant at Drumcose 
in this county, Catherine, fourth daughter of William 
Armstrong, Esq., a young lady whose gentle and unobtrusive 
manners gained her the esteem of all who knew her, while her 
meek submission during an illness of protracted suffering 
excited their sympathy and fixed their regard ... etc.

ECEP 10 January 1828: Married in Belnaleck Church, on 
Tuesday last, by the Rev. Mr. Porteus, Lieutenant Frizzell, 
of the 30th regt. of Foot, to Miss Armstrong, daughter of 
William Armstrong Esq., of Drumcose near this town.

Margaret Armstrong, Drumcose aged 31, 27 February 1827. 

These Armstrongs below have not been connected with any of 
the above tombstones but may be related. 

Eleanor Armstrong, Broghas, Parish of Cleenish

Sarah Armstrong of Enniskillen, 15 September 1814

ECEP 15 September 1814 DIED: Mrs. Armstrong, relict of the 
late John Armstrong, of this town, apothecary.

ECEP 9 June 1814 DIED: Early on Monday morning. Mr. John 
Armstrong, of this town, apothecary, a man esteemed for 
integrity of character.

ECEP 23 November 1815 DIED: On his return from the Isle of 
France, Mr. John Armstrong, Asst. Surgeon to the Bourbon 
regiment, and son of the late Mr. John Armstrong, of this 
town, apothecary. He was a young man of the most amiable 
character and is sincerely lamented by all who had the 
pleasure of his acquaintance. 

Jane Armstrong, Mybrone, Parish of Cleenish 13 January 1815

Catherine Armstrong, Shanmullagh, parish of Cleenish, 19 
January 1815

Robert Armstrong, Realagh 27 January 1815

Jane Armstrong, parish of Devenish, 15 July 1819

Ann Armstrong, Letterbreen, Cleenish, 19 August 1819

Thomas Armstrong, Graystone, 20 February 1823

James Armstrong, Gigstone,10 February 1825

William Armstrong, ....ntone, 54, 16 November 1839

John Armstrong, Enniskillen, 1 March 1840, 37



Henry Arnott, Windmill Hill, 27, 17 July 1833 


Elizabeth Arthurs 17 March 1801

Mary Arthur 11 August 1801 

Edward Arthur, ?Rilinish 21 ... 1816

James Arthurs, Langandary, Cleenish 17 July 1822

Margaret Arthurs, Cleenish, 5 March 1825

Margaret Arthur, Cleenish, 55, 21 April 1826

William  Arthurs, Lurgandara, 25, 25 July 1830

Thomas Arthurs, Lurgandara, 76, 10 October 1830

Christopher Arthurs, 50, 7 March 1831

Martha Arthurs, Largandara, 30, 18 May 1831 

Barbara Arthurs, Lurgandara, 52, 5 February 1832

William Arthurs, Ashwoods, 53, 3 June 1832

Ellen Arthurs, Lurgandara, 19, 12 February 1833

Andrew Arthurs, Lurgandara, 30, 21 May 1833

Eliza Arthurs, Oakfield, Cleenish 33, 28 August 1834

Edward Arthurs, Lurgandara, 95, 9 April 1835

James Arthurs, Enniskillen, 17, 7 November 1836

Catherine Arthurs, Drumkeen, 67, 22 March 1837

Samuel Arthurs, Lurgandarragh, Parish of Cleenish, 18, 2 
October 1837

Elizabeth Arthurs, Lurgandarragh, Parish of Cleenish, 38, 9 
May 1838


John Baggott, of Portora,

a pupil of the Royal School of Enniskillen, Portora, 14, 16 
March 1838 


Calhum Balfour, Drumlion 8 November 1812


Sacred to the memory of Anne Ballintine, wife of Robert 
Ballintine of Enniskillen who died 3 February 1840 aged 56 

ECEP 31 December 1835 DIED: On Monday last, in Dublin, Mr. 
Thomas Ballentine, aged 26 years, son of  Mr. Robert 
Ballentine, of this town.


Jane Beacom, Enniskillen, 80, 2 March 1827 


George Bell, Enniskillen, 4 May 1815

Catherine Bell, Killeveen 13 September 1824, aged 56

George Bell of Bellview, 65, 31 February 1827

Alexander Bell, formerly of Bellview, late asst. surgeon 
R.N. aged 28  21 April 1835 

James Bell, Clonamullick, 67, 7 June 1838


ECEP 12 December 1816 MARRIED: Lieut. George Bell of the 
34th regiment, Clonmel, to Mrs. Fitzmaurice, relict of the 
late Capt. Fitzmaurice of the Queen's County Militia.

ECEP 11 February 1819 DIED: At Montrose, Scotland, Mrs. 
Bell, wife of George Bell, late of the 34th Regt. and son of 
George Bell of Bellview near this town.

ECEP 22 June 1820 MARRIAGE: At Montrose on the 12th inst. 
Capt. George Bell, son of George Bell of Bellview, near this 
town, Esq., to Miss Margaret Addison Dougal, daughter of 
Thomas Dougal, banker, of Montrose.

ECEP 16 March 1820 BIRTH: Mrs. Henry Nugent Bell, Adelphi 
Terrace, London, of a daughter on Friday 24th inst.

ECEP 27 April 1820 DIED: On Friday the 21st inst. in the 
91st year of his age Mr. Walter Bell of Gortadrate near this 
town. He had 67 children, grandchildren and 
great-grandchildren of which fifty are living.

ECEP 4 August 1821 DIED: At the Royal Terrace, Adelphi, 
London, Olivia Zerlina Adelaide, the infant daughter of 
Henry Nugent Bell, Esq.

ECEP 22 March 1821 BIRTH: On Sunday morning the 11th 
instant, on the Royal Terrace, Adelphi, London, the Lady of 
Henry Nugent Bell, Esq., of a daughter.

ECEP 16 September 1824 DIED: We have great regret in 
mentioning the sudden death of Mrs. Bell, wife of George 
Bell, of Bellview, near this town. Mrs. Bell had been at 
Bundoran for some time past with her family enjoying the 
benefit of sea bathing, and sat down to tea there on 
Saturday evening in perfect health, when she suddenly fell 
from her chair and expired. This unexpected calamity has 
plunged her afflicted family in deepest distress, and 
excited the sympathy of a respectable circle of friends and 
acquaintances. Her remains were met on Monday last by a 
large portion of the inhabitants of this town, and conveyed 
for interment to the family burying place at Rossorry.

ECEP 2 March 1826 BIRTH: On Thursday last at Bellview, near 
this town, Mrs Bell, wife of William Bell, Esq., of Cavan, 
was suddenly taken ill of premature labour and delivered of 
a daughter which although not within two months of maturity 
is likely to live. Mrs. B. we are happy to state is also 
doing well.

ECEP 15 February 1827 DIED On Sunday, George Bell, Esq., of 
Bellview, near this town. He was an indulgent parent, a kind 
relation and a most facetious companion, and is greatly 
regretted by all who knew him. (IR same date states that he 
died 'of a paralytic attack'.)

IR 24 January 1828 MARRIAGE: On Monday in the church of this 
town, by the Rev. Mr. Johnston, John Finlay, of Belturbet to 
Martha eldest daughter of the late George Bell of Belview, 
Esq., in this county.

ECEP 14 October 1830 MARRIAGE: At Cavan Church on the 4th 
instant by the Rev. Samuel Roberts, Andrew Bell Booth, of 
Belgrove, in the County of Cavan Esq., to Charlotte, 
daughter of the late George Bell, of Belview in the county 
of Fermanagh.

ECEP 11 August 1831 DIED: In Dublin, on the 27th July, Mr. 
David Bell, brother of the late George Bell, Esq., of 
Bellview, near this town.

IR 18 August 1831 DIED: In the 49th year of his age at No. 
2, Jervis Street, Dublin, on the 27th ult., Mr. David Bell, 
late of the Treasury, London, son of the late Mr. Walter 
Bell, of Gortadreight, near this town.

ECEP 27 October 1831 MARRIAGE: On the 14th instance at 
Kilorumferkin Church, County of Cavan, George Thomas Bell 
Booth of Drumcorbin, Esq., to Mary Jane, daughter of the 
late George Bell, of Bellview near this town.

ECEP 23 April 1835 DIED: On Saturday the 18th inst., at the 
house of his beloved friend, John Finlay Esq., of Belturbet, 
Alexander Charlton Bell, R.N., youngest son of the late 
George Bell, of Bellview, in this county Esq., ....etc.

IR 23 April 1835 DIED: On Saturday the 18th inst. at the 
house of his brother-in-law, Dr. Finlay of Belturbet 
Alexander Bell, Esq., surgeon Royal Navy, aged 28 years, son 
of the late George Bell of Bellview, Esq., near this town. 
His remains passed through Enniskillen on Tuesday for 
interment in the family place of sepulture at Rossorry, 
followed by a large concourse of the respectability of this 

ECEP 4 June 1835 MARRIAGE: May 27 in the Church of Lara, 
County Cavan, by the Rev. Henry Cottingham, Alexander J. 
Armstrong, Esq., son of Major General Alexander Armstrong, 
to Fanny, daughter of captain George Bell, of the 1st or 
Royal Regiment, and grand-daughter of the late George Bell, 
Esq., of Bellview near this town.



Andrew Bleakly February 1817 

Jane Bleakly, 22, Enniskillen, 11 April 1828

Richard Blakely, Derrygiff, 11 December 1831 

David Bleakley of Enniskillen, 51, 2 October 1833 

E 26 September 1833[check date of paper] DIED: In this town 
on Monday night last, Mr. David Bleakley, Innkeeper, for 
many years sergeant in the Fermanagh Militia. He was a man 
much esteemed by all who knew him, and sincerely regretted. 
His remains were interred on Wednesday in Rossorry 
Churchyard and were attended by the greater portion of the 
officers and non-commissioned officers of the regiment. 
(There is a much shorter notice in IR 3 October 1830) 

Ellen Bleakly, Brook Street, Windmill Hill, 29, 8 May 1835

Jane Bleakley, Brook Street, Enniskillen, 66, 25 July 1839


Mary Bowers, Enniskillen, 27 September 1840, 5 months





Jane Bradford of Rossorry Glebe, servant of the Rev. Wm. 
Ball, 76 


James Brady, Mullinacaw, 35, 3 November 1839



Sacred to the memory of John Bready who departed this life 
May  the 7th 1822 aged 52 years.

ECEP 9 May 1822 DIED: On Tuesday Mr. John Brady of this town 

ECEP 25 November 1819: MARRIED: On Saturday last Mr. 
Lambert, architect, to Miss Brady, daughter of Mr. John 
Brady of this town.

ECEP 6 December 1827 DIED: On Monday morning in the 44th 
year of his age, after a short illness, brought on by great 
exertion in the management of his business, and very much 
regretted by all his acquaintances, Mr. Lambert, of this 
town, architect and builder.

ECEP 24 January 1833 DIED: In this town on Saturday evening 
aged 63 Mrs. Brady, innkeeper, an industrious and 
respectable woman.

Danl. Bready, Rossole 26 November 1811 

John Bready, Rossole 7 April 1812 


William Breen of Windmill Hill 11 April 1817

James Breen, Beggar Street, 11 May 1817

Margaret Breen, Windmill Hill, 2 December 1824


Sacred to the memory of Capt. James Brien late of the Royal 
Tyrone Militia who died 17th of July 1818 aged 47 years.

Sacred also to the memory of his son Edward Phibbs Brien who 
died the 2nd December 1850 aged 42 years.

Sacred also to the memory of his daughter Catherine, wife of 
William Crummer, solicitor who died 7th December 1851 aged 
40 years.

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Brien who erected this 
tomb on the death of her husband Captain Brien and died 20th 
March 1857 aged 85 years. 

ECEP 23 July 1818 DIED: In this town on Friday last in the 
44th year of his age, James Brien of Gortadrate, Esq., 
sub-sheriff of this county and Captain in the Royal Tyrone 
Regiment. He has left in deep affliction a wife and three 
amiable children to lament his irreparable loss. He was a 
man of unassuming and agreeable manners, mild and humane 
disposition and philanthropic principles, a faithful 
husband, a tender parent, a kind master, a sincere friend 
and a truly honest man.

ECEP 9 September 1818 reports a case in the Court of 
Prerogative  re the will of his father John of Stralongford, 
County Tyrone against his brother John of Castletown. 
Another brother was Lowther Brien of Ardverney.

Edward Brien first son of James Brien of Gortadrate and 
Elizabeth Phibbs is listed in King's Inns Admission papers  
as being over 16 in 1819 and educated at Portarlington. 
Affidavit from Lowther Brien.

ECEP 6 May 1841 MARRIAGE: April 28 in St. Thomas' Church, 
Dublin, by the Rev. Edward Campbell, William Crummer, Esq., 
of Pettigo, in this county, solicitor, to Catherine, only 
daughter of the late Captain James Brien, Royal Tyrone 
Regiment, and niece of John Brien, Esq., of Castletown, near 


Catherine Brittain ... 1802

Rebecca Brittain 9 June 1803


Here lies the body of John Brooks who departed this life 
March 19 1774 aged 74 years.

George Brooks, Enniskillen, 28 ... 1817

Jane Brooks, Devenish 19 April 1817 


Erected by James Brown in memory of his mother Jane Brown 
who departed this life Oct. 3rd 1763 aged 37 years. Also his 
2 sons James and Chas. who died young & father John Brown 
died June 1799 aged 75 years.

This stone has a very fine crest but is cracked across the 

Jane Brown, Enniskillen, 5 February 1817

Margaret Brown, Mullaghy, 8 February 1827

Mary Brown, 74, 13 July 1827

John Brown of Ashwoods, 80, 4 April 1834

Mary Brown, Silverhill, Devenish, 85, 23 November 1835


In loving memory of Christopher Buchanan who died 11th May 
1884 aged 68 years and Eliza his wife who died 27th January 
1895 aged 78.

Also their children Margaret Elizabeth aged 3 years and 
James Finlay aged 9 months.

The names of the adults are on one side, the children on the 
other. There are no dates of death given for the children. 

FT 15 May 1884 DIED: We regret to have to announce the death 
of Mr. Christopher Buchanan, of Gortatole, which occurred on 
Sunday last. He had been ailing for some time, owing to a 
cold which, we believe, he got while attending the Land 
Commission Court. The remains were interred in Old Rossory, 
the family burial place, yesterday. Mr. Buchanan was much 
respected as a landlord, but he gained more influence in the 
county as being a prominent member of the Orange Society, 
which he supported very energetically at a time when it was 
sought to be abolished by the English government. The 
following gentlemen of the county and neighbourhood followed 
the remains to the churchyard - Edward Smyth, Esq; Captain 
Collum; W.R. Cooney, Esq; Thomas Elliott, Esq; W. Teele, 
Esq; Thomas Gordon, Esq; Thomas Plunkett, Esq; Thompson 
Tayler, Esq; James Bracken, Esq; William Bracken, Esq; Jas. 
Buchanan, Esq; W. Jameson, Esq: Messrs Jas. Bracken, Hugh 
Bracken, William Bracken, Richard Strawhorne, R. Strawhorne 
jun, W.H. Morrison, John Bracken,  - Wardell (son-in-law)[ 
recte James Worral] William Wilson, jun, John Hall, James 
Hall, Christopher Wilson, William Bothwell, James Price, 

The funeral cortege was of great length, the number of 
carriages being remarkable. The Rev. Mr. Jamieson, rector of 
Killesher, officiated.[these names not cross-referenced]

This is a sarcophagus-shaped tomb surrounded by railings and 
rather overgrown with ivy.

A daughter of Christopher Buchanan of Gortatole is 
commemorated in a small brass plaque in St. John's Parish 
Church, Killesher. 

In Loving memory of


Widow of James Worral

Daughter of Christopher Buchanan

of Gortatole

Born August 1st 1858 Died May 9th 1958

Buried with her family at Old Rossorry, Enniskillen

The burial of Martha Buchanan Worral must have been one of 
the last, if not indeed the last, at this cemetery.

See article by George Sheridan 'Gortatole' in A View from 
the Hanging Rock Killesher Historical Society Vol. 2 1992 p 
66-68 for further information on this family.

Richard Buchanan 23 March 1801

John Buchanan 25 May 1801

Richard Buchanan 16 October 1801

John Buchanan 12 November 1801

?Letitia Buchanan, 54, 25 January 1826

Anne Buchanan, wife of James Buchanan of Pudding Lane, aged 
60, 14 July 1832

John Buchanan of ?Derrynanny, Kinawley, 62, 10 September 

George Buchannon, Crownhall, 72, 25 August 1837

James Buchannan, Moykeel, 27 August 1839, 70

William Buchannan, Silverhill, 28, 19 November 1839

IR 21 November 1839 DIED: Suddenly on Monday last, Mr. 
William Buchanan of Silverhill, near Enniskillen.


Charles Bull, Enniskillen, 8, 20 June 1836 


Richard Burke, Crown Hall, 64, 2 April 1828 



William Byng 21 July 1802 

Anne Byng, Rossorry, 20, 17 September 1825

Archibald Byng, Drumee, 27 September 1830

Thomas Byng, Drummee, 22, 24 January 1833

Mary Byng, of Kinarlagh, 64, 20 September 1833

Anne Bing, Drumee, 23 September 1838, 60


I H S  Erected by Bryan Cadan of Capogue in memory of his 
wife Mary Cadan who departed this life February 25th 1810 
aged  63 years. 


Christiana Carron, Enniskillen, 2 February 1840, 60


This stone was erected by John and Peter Carol in memory of 
their parents. Pray for ye soul of Margaret Cassidy alias 
Carol who died February 4th 1749 aged 46 years. Also in 
memory of  William Carol who died May 15th 1759 aged 72 
years. note symbols on top of stone. 


John Carr 1 January 1803

Rebecca Carr 8 January 1803 


John Carson 22 March 1799

Allice Carson 4 May 1801

James Carson 31 May 1803 

Rebecca Carson, Roscowan, 50, 19 October 1830

Letty Carson, Roskearn, 74, 28 May 1831



Anne Clarke of Kilmalanify, Cleenish, 60, 10 November 1833 


John Cleary, Drumgallon, 13 October 1826 

James Cleary, Drumgallon, 27, 6 May 1827


Neal Collum 3 April 1806

Catherine Collum, Beggar Street, 18 March 1813

Sarah Collum, Enniskillen, November 19 1827

Anne Collum, Clinamullick, 33, 23 June 1834

ECEP 26 June 1834 DIED: On Saturday, at Ashwoods, near this 
town, Mrs. Collum, wife of Mr. D. Collum.

Robert Collum, Clonamullick, 63, 13 August 1836 


John Corbet, 2 October 1825, Enniskillen, 71 


Mary Crawford, Ashwoods, 25 September 1817 

Anne Crawford, Clonaville, Cleenish, 30, 14 July 1833

Elizabeth Crawford, Dunbar, parish of Devenish, 23, 13 March 


George Crook, Parish of Enniskillen, 26 October 1812


Rebecca Crowe 17 November 1802  



Rebecca Cunningham  ... 1804 

Ann Cunningham of Enniskillen, aged 78, 4 May 1823 

John Cunningham of Enniskillen, 93, 2 October 1825

Jane Cunningham, Killesher, 92, 13 October 1825

Eleanor Cunningham, Drumsillagh, 79, 2 March 1837


William Cusack, Garvary, Cleenish 20 December 1812 


William Devlin, Drumee, 11, 23 March 1833 

Joseph Devlin, Lenaghan, 61, 14 October 1838


IHS Here lyath the Body of  John Docherty who died Aperl ye 
7 1738 aged 63. 


Killesher C. of I. Burial Register

12 December 1809 John Donnelly, 40, parish of Rossorry. 


Erected by Edward Dowling in memory of his mother Rose 
Dowling who departed this life Decr. 16 1798 aged 56 years. 
Also his father Edward Dowling who departed February 5th 
1798 aged 62 years. 


Susannah Drennan 28 January 1812, Parish of Clenish

William Drennan 28 January 1812, Parish of Cleenish 


Here lieth the remains of Lieut. James Drummond and 
Catherine his wife who died at Enniskillen at an advanced 
age September 29 1825. Together in thought. 

William Drummond 17 March 1806 

?Jane Drummond? Jan/Feb 1815

Catherine Drummond of Enniskillen, 75, 25 September 1827

IR 27 September 1827 DIED: On Tuesday last, after a 
lingering illness, Jane, relict of the late quartermaster 
James Drummond, of this town, and mother of Mr. John 
Drummond, 1, Trinity Street, Dublin.

IR 3 November 1859 DIED: On the 30th ult., Jane, second 
daughter of the late Lieutenant James Drummond, and sister 
to John Drummond, Esq., ex-Alderman, Dublin. The deceased 
lady had long been a respectable and respected resident of 


Mary Eames, Lankhill, 45, 30 June 1837 


Margaret Eaton 29 March 1802 

son of John Eaton, Parish of Devenish 19 December 1812 


Christopher Edwards, Enniskillen, 74, 18 October 1839


Thomas Elliott, Drumlion, 85, 21 September 1837


There is a vault built in one corner of the Cemetery which 
has been sealed and there is no sign of any inscription on 
it. However the following notice suggests that it belongs to 
the Fausset (variously spelt) family.

ECEP 11 October 1832 DIED: At Lisbofin, on the 6th inst. In 
the 79th year of his age, after an active and useful life, 
Charles Fausset of Hume Street, Dublin, Esq., a gentleman of 
sound judgement and great integrity; he bore a long and 
painful sickness with the fortitude of a man and the 
resignation of a christian. The remains of this respected 
individual were interred in the family vault at Rossorry on 
Monday morning last.

Mary Fausset 19 February 1802

Robert Faussett, Legnagay, parish of Boho      .... ?1816

ECEP 27 June 1816 DIED: On the 14th inst. Mr. Robert Faucett 
of Glack. 

Margaret Fausset, Lissassin 23 August 1822

Charles Faussit, Lisbofin, 78, 9 October 1832

Margaret Fausset, Danesfort,Cleenish, 90, 31 May 1833

Richard Fausset, Danesfort, Cleenish, 66, 11 August 1833

E 15 August 1833 DIED: At Dean's Fort, near the Holy-Well, 
Richard Faussett, Esq., much regretted. 

Sarah Jane Fausset of Mullaghmore, Cleenish, 26,  [early] 

Margaret Fausset, Drumcose, 87, 22 August 1835

ECEP 27 August 1835 DIED: At Drumcose, the residence of her 
brother-in-law, Capt. Armstrong, Miss Faussett, late of 
Fortrichard, in her 88th year. 

John Faussett, Granshaw, 30 November 1837, 72


Margaret Feely, Beggar Street, 15, 21 February 1828


Lucinda Fitch, 7, Enniskillen, 25 March 1832


Jane Fitzpatrick, Enniskillen, 48, 24 June 1836 


Ellen Flood, Enniskillen, 60, 4 January 1836


Charles Ford, Rossorry, 49, 20 September 1825


Michael Foy, Enniskillen, 25 April 1840, 50



Here lyeth ye body of David Gamble of Gran who departed this 
life October ye 21st 1763 aged 84 years. 


In memory of Magdalene Gamble wife to Baptist Gamble of Gran 
who died December 8th 1802 aged 80 years. Also said Baptist 
Gamble who dept. this life ... 1807 aged 83 years.  

Magdelein Gamble wife of Baptist Gamble 9 December 1802

Jane Gamble, 15 April 1825

ECEP 30 April 1825 DIED: At Glasnevin, aged 14, Jane, only 
daughter of Samuel Gamble, of Graan, near this town, a young 
lady of the most engaging manners and amicable disposition. 

Samuel Gamble of the Gran, 66, 9 June 1832

E 13 June 1832 DIED: On Thursday last at the Graan near this 
town Samuel Gamble Esq., after a short illness. This much 
lamented gentleman died regretted by all who had the 
pleasure of being acquainted with him for his unaffected 
mild and benevolent disposition. He was an affectionate 
husband, father, and a truly sincere friend. His remains 
were interred in Rossorry Churchyard on Saturday last. 

Elizabeth Gamble of Enniskillen, formerly of Gran, 71, 18 
July 1833

E 18 July 1833 DIED: in this town on Tuesday 16th inst. Miss 
Gamble, sister of the late Samuel Gamble Esq., Graan.

Catherine Gamble, Drumakin, 75, 8 July 1838

Baptist Gamble, Broughas, 61, 9 September 1839

IR 12 September 1839 reports Baptist Gamble of Brughas found 

[See TRIMBLE. W.C. History of Enniskillen Vol III. P 1124- 
1125 for further details of this family.]


Erected by Mary Gamble in memory of James her husband who 
died 18th January 1832 aged  ... years. 

ECEP 19 January 1832 DIED: Yesterday, Mr. James Gamble, of 
this town, innkeeper.

James Gamble, 29, Enniskillen, 20 January 1832


Here lyeth ye body of Josias Gamble of Ballaghmore who dept. 
this life May the 27th 1767 aged 81 years. Also his wife 
Jane Gamble alias Burnside who departed this life August 6th 
1768 aged 73 years. 


Erected in memory of Thos. Gamble of Ballaghmore who died 
March 1 1808 aged  ... years. 

Moses Gamble 23 November 1802

Jane Gamble, Ballaghmore 22 January 1815

ECEP 23 January 1815 DIED: In the 73rd year of her age, Mrs. 
Gamble, relict of the late Mr. Moses Gamble of Ballaghmore. 

Richard Gamble, 17 December 1815

James Gamble, Ballaghmore, 1 October 1817

ECEP 2 October 1817 DIED: On Monday last, Mr. Samuel Gamble 
of Ballaghmore in this neighbourhood, an honest and 
respectable man and greatly lamented by his acquaintances. 

Anne Gamble, Enniskillen, 60, 4 October 1825

ECEP 7 October 1825 DIED: On Monday the 3rd inst. In the 
57th year of her age, Mrs. Anne Gamble, relict of the late 
Mr. David Gamble of this town. She bore a painful illness 
with Christian resignation and during twenty years of 
widowhood (with a degree of fortitude and energy rarely to 
be met with in females) she surmounted not a few of the 
vicissitudes of this uncertain life, and by her exertions 
supported a family respectably, who are now left to deplore 
her loss. 

John Gamble, Ballaghmore, 60, 20 January 1828

IR 24 January 1828 DIED: On Saturday last, Mr. John Gamble 
of Ballaghmore. 

Andrew Gamble, Ballaghmore, 27, 27 November 1835

Elizabeth Gamble, Ennniskillen, 9, 5 July 1840



Thomas Gault, 13 August 1825, Killesher


Here lyath the body of Elizabeth Geddas who dyed in the 5 
year of her age in May the 17 1714

A small stone with raised letters. 

Sidney Gaddis, Drumduff, Killesher, 19 May 1823


Francis Gibson, Henry Street, 31 May 1840, 5

[possibly Francis Gibson, son of James Gibson and ... Bell 
of Windmill Hill baptised Rossorry 10 September 1835]


Mary Gott 10 October 1817

Margery Gott, Killevan, 25 December 1820

Catherine Gott, Drumackabranagher, parish of Killesher, 25 
September 1822. 

John Gott, Shendamullain, Killesher, 20 February 1823


Elizabeth Graham, Drumkeen 15 July 1814

Noble Graham, Arney Bridge, 11 September 1814 

John Graham, Drumkeen, 27, 26 October 1836

John Graham, of the town of Enniskillen,

grandfather of the above, 102, 3 November 1836 


George Graydon 9 November 1802

Mary Graydon, Repear, parish of Cleenish, 18 April 1840, 64


Susanna Greaves, 62, Lankhill, 16 January 1837 


Joseph Green 18 April 1806


Lucinda Greham, Portora House, 25 June 1840, 85. Rev. Dr. 
Greham's mother.

ECEP 25 June 1840 DIED: On the 23rd instant at portora 
House, the residence of her son, the rev. Doctor Greham, in 
the eightieth year of her age, Lucinda, relict of the late 
Peter Greham, of Dublin, Esq.


Jane Grove of Sessidy [?Sessiagh] 26 June 1823 aged 25 


This tomb was erected in memory of Nehemiah Gutteridge of 
Drumee who departed this life ... of November ...

William Gutridge 13 July 1801

William Gutridge 11 August 1801

Edward Gutridge 29 June 1803

Richard Gutridge, Drumee, 2 February 1815

ECEP 6 April 1815 DIED: On Thursday morning last at the 
advanced age of 91 Richard Guttridge of Drumee in this 
neighbourhood. [One of the months here is incorrect] 

Richard Guthridge, Drumee, 31 March 1817

ECEP 3 April 1817 DIED: On Sunday last, in the 24th year of 
his age, Richard Guttridge of Drumee, near this town, a 
dutiful son and affectionate brother. 

Alicia Guttridge, Mullaghy 7 December 1820

Richard Gutridge, Drumee, 13 December 1820

Anne Gutridge, Drumee, 63, 21 September 1825

John Guthridge,  Mullaghree, 77, 15 January 1832

Lucinda Guttridge, Drumee, 76   ... ... 1836

Catherine Guttridge, Drummee, 35, 12 April 1838

ECEP 12 April 1838 DIED: On Tuesday last, Mrs. Gutteridge, 
wife of Mr. Thomas Gutteridge of Drumee, near this town, 
leaving an affectionate husband and two young children to 
lament her premature death. shorter notice in IR same date.] 
[Catherine, second daughter of the late Joseph Thompson of 
Enniskillen. They were married in Rossorry church 5 May 

Susanna Guttridge, 84, Glenogle, parish of Killesher, 3 May 


Jane Hamilton, 68 Enniskillen,8 March 1837 


Patrick Hand, Portora, 69, 17 September 1837


This stone was erected by David Hanna in memory of his wife 
Sarah Hanna who departed this life June the 7th 1800 aged 37 
years. Also three of their children David, Anne Jane and 
Mary. Also the mortal remains of the above named David Hanna 
who died 25th August 1801 aged 34 years.

This David Hanna may have been a United Irishman, and a 


Elizabeth Hargan, 30, Killee, parish of Magheracross 18 
April 1837 


Sarah Hassard, Gransha, 15 February 1822 

Jasson Hassard, 84, 7 January 1832

William Hassard, 101, Skea, Parish of Cleenish, 24 April 


?Richard/Edward Henderson ... 1804 

Rosanna Henderson 18 March 1813 

Catharine Henderson, Corralinnan, 18 February 1825

Jane Henderson, Drumanny, Cleenish, 10 April 1825

William Henderson, Enniskillen, 32, 13 April 1826

John Henderson, Cornahowal, 11 August 1830

Simon Henderson, Larkhill, 62, 23 February 1831

John Henderson, Enniskillen, 38, 17 May 1835

ECEP 21 May 1835 reports that a butcher called Henderson 
dies of excessive alcohol intake...

James Henderson, Corralinnen, 52, 27 July 1836

Mary Henderson, Clonamullick, 6 February 1840, 63

Mary Henderson, Enniskillen, 5 May 1840, 85


In memory of William Henry, Esq., late h... of police  
[?County Fermanagh] who departed this life the ...  of ...

This flat stone is cracked with some loss of text. 

ECEP 15 April 1841 DIED: On Sunday last 11th inst. at his 
residence, Willoughby Place, in this town, deservedly 
regretted by his connexions and friends, Captain William 
Henry, aged 60, County Inspector of Constabulary, and 
formerly Captain in the Donegal Militia. Captain Henry had 
been stationed in Enniskillen as county inspector for the 
last two years, during which his mild and gentlemanly 
demeanor, and his official acts were such as to meet with 
the approbation of all ranks, and render him justly esteemed 
and respected. For some time past he had been labouring 
under declining health, and had but a few weeks since been 
permitted to retire from the service in consequence. His 
funeral on Tuesday morning was attended by a large number of 
the respectable inhabitants. 


Jane Heslup, Enniskillen, 67, 23 January 1828 


Thomas Howe, 59, Enniskillen, 25 January 1839 


Erected by Henry Hughs in memory of his wife Mary who 
departed this life July the 11th 1823. Also the above named 
Hery. Hughes husband to Mary Hughes who departed this life 
September 29 1823 aged 57 years. 

ECEP 17 July 1823 DIED: On Friday last Mrs. Hughes, wife of 
Mr. Henry Hughes, of this town, tanner.

ECEP 25 September 1823[check date] DIED: In this town on 
Friday last, Mr. Henry Hughes, tanner. 


John Hume, aged seven months, 8 August 1823 


John Jervis, Drumgallon, 60, 26 April 1826 


These two stones are the property of by John Johnston who 
departed this life March ye 13th 1770 aged 77 years of 


Here lieth ye body of Catherine Johnston who departed this 
life ye 16th ...

These two small stones stand side by side and are of similar 


Erected by William Johnston in memory of his father Thomas 
Johnston who departed this life August the 3rd 1783 aged 65 
years. Also Elizebeth, wife to the above named Thomas who 
departed this life March 4th 1795 aged 66 years.  


This stone was erected by John Johnston ... [is this the 
same stone as above?] 

John Johnston 17 November 1799 

Margaret Johnston 7 February 1801

Jane Johnston 11 February 1802

Christopher Johnston 6 June 1802

Adam Johnston 26 March 1806

James Johnstone 14 October 1812

... Johnstone, Ducarry 3 June 1815

John Johnston, Lurgandarg 21 December 1816

William Johnston, Lurgandarg 21 September 1820

... Johnston, Duederney, 31 September 1820

Margaret Johnston, Devenish, 25, 7 September 1825

Anne Johnston, Gleceny, 99, 23 February 1826

IR 23 March 1826 DIED: At Goblusk, on Tuesday last, the 
Widow Johnston aged 78 (corrected to 98 the following week. 

Alice Johnston, Mullaghin, 86, 20 October 1826

Margaret Johnston of ... 93, 27 April 1827

Mary Johnston, Mullagh...  41, 28 April 1828

Alexander Johnston, Crownhall, 60, 18 September 1830

Andrew Johnston, Mullaghree, 24, 26 September 1830

William Johnston, Cloghernagh, 20 January 1831

James Johnston of Enniskillen, 19, 22 August 1832

William Johnston, Beggar Street, 72, 24 November 1832

Mary Johnston, Mullaghree, 85, 7 May 1836

Margaret Johnston, Rossorry, 30, 7 November 1836

Mary Johnston, Windmill Hill, 81, 20 June 1838

Launcelot Johnston, Lankhill, 21, 24, September 1839

James Johnston, Garvery, 14 May 1840, 52


Margaret Jones of Larkhill, 11 April 1825 

Margaret Jones, Crownhall, 33, 10 March 1832


Erected by Mary Kernan in memory of her daughter Elen who 
died Decr. the 19th 1833 aged nine years.

This appears to be an upright stone which has fallen.


Here lies the body of James Kerr who died anno 1744 aged 66 
years. This was erected by his son John Kerr of Drumclous.


This tomb was erected by James Kerr to the memory of his 
father [John] Robert of Aughanhoo who [died] December 29 
1802 aged 72 years which [was the] the son of Andrew Kerr of 
Gorteen [which was the son of] James Kerr of Granshagh who 
[was in] the weighty horse under King W[illiam's command] at 
the defeating of James at the Boyne.

Gaps in this inscription have been filled from a 
transcription given in the Enniskillener of 3 April 1830. 

The John Carr buried 1 January 1803 may well be the man who 
died December 29th 1802.

Sarah Kerr, 6 November 1816

Angel [Abigail?] Kerr, Cleenish, 31 December 1820

Robert Kerr, Rossorry, 62, 14 September 1826

IR 21 September 1826 DIED:On Saturday 9th inst. Mr. Robert 
Kerr, sergeant-major of the Fermanagh Militia which 
situation he filled with great credit since the year 1801 
and to the entire satisfaction of the officers and men of 
the corps. Previous to his enrollment in the Fermanagh 
regiment into which he was attested a non-commissioned 
officer he had served for many years in the 66th regiment of 
the line. He was throughout a long life, greatly respected 
by all who knew him. Sergeant Gibson of the same regiment 
has been appointed sergeant-major vacant by his death by the 
Colonel, the Earl of Enniskillen.


James Kershaw, Enniskillen, 2 February 1828


Jeremiah Laky, Henry Street, Windmillhill, 46, 10 December 


Margaret Lally, Drumgallon, 25 June 1840, 20



William Lang, Drumkeen, 35, 9 March 1835 

[ECEP 23 July 1835 reports that Thomas and Rose Gormley were 
charged with the murder of William Lang at Windmill Hill on 
March 6th 1835. Could this be the same person?] 

LANG see also LONG 


Jane Lattimore 2 March 1801


Andrew Law of Ashfield, parish of Cleenish, 5, 22 October 


Susan Laws, Enniskillen 9 February 1815 


Anne Liddy, Rossorry, 70, 2 July 1830 

Benjamin Liddy, Enniskillen, 66, 30 March 1836 


Robert Lindsay, Colemor, Cleenish, aged 18, 15 August 1823

James Lindsay of Cullemore, Cleenish, 4 February 1825 

John Lindsay, Coolbuck, Derryvolland, 66, 8 September 1835

Anne Lindsay, Coolermoar, parish of Cleenish, 35, 14 August 


Samuel Little, Larkhill, 85, 21 September 1835 

James Little, Enniskillen, 12 July 1840, 5

LONG see also LANG

Ann Long, Drumkeen, 14 March 1813 

Margaret Long, Drumkeen 7 September 1816


Edward Luci, Mullaghree, 11 July 1823 

Anne Lucy, daughter of William Lucy, born 23 April 1832 died 
aged five months. 

Andrew  Lucy, Enniskillen, 1 year and 6 months, 1 May 1838

William Lucy, Enniskillen, 3 years and 6 months, 13 May 1838


Catherine McCollum, Beggar Street, 25 December 1830 


... McDonald 4 March 1799 

George McDonald, Enniskillen 10 August 1822

John McDonald, Enniskillen, 12 August 1825 

Sarah McDonald, Enniskillen, 90, 27 March 1834

ECEP 27 March 1834 DIED: In this town, on Tuesday night aged 
90, Mrs. M'Donald, relict of the late Mr. George M'Donald of 
this town.


Hugh McDonnell 15 April 1817

Ann McDonnell 21 August 1817


Isabella McElkins, Windmill Hill, 28, 4 September 1839


Jane McGinley, Clanamullack, 79 20 October 1830 


George McHugh, Henry Street, Windmill Hill, 24 December 
1840, 44


Margaret McHutchin, Drumkeen 4 January 1812 


Anne McKenna, Derryholla, 27 10 February 1828 


William McKindly of Beggar Street, 28 January 1825 


1794  This belongs to Terance McManus.


... McMullan of Enniskillen ... 1816 

Bridget McMullen, Windmill Hill 11 May 1817

Alexander McMullen, Portora, 82, 21 March 1832

Alexander McMullen, Enniskillen, 5 November 1839, 18 [?98]


Thomas McNaught, 83, 27 December 1826

IR 28 December 1826 DIED: On Monday night last, Thomas 
McNaghten of Enniskillen aged 83. For about 50 years he has 
been in the employment of the earl Belmore, the greater part 
of which time he acted as sportsman. By reaon of age he was 
unable to attend to the duties of his situation for the last 
seven years, yet, notwithstanding Earl Belmore with that 
benevolence which characterises him and his whole family 
kindly continued his salary. Some time previous to his 
dissolution his lordship procured a farewell interview and 
to those  friends who were present the scene was very 


George McNight, parish of Enniskillen, 7 February 1815 


IHS Here lyeth the body of Ann McOly who died ... ye 25th 
1759 aged 25 years.

Some interesting symbols on this stone. 


Erected by Francis McTegart, Derrgif to the memory of his 
father John who departed this life the ... April 1810 aged 
67 years. And also of his mother Rosann who departed this 
life 22 nd of December 1825 aged 72 years.


William McVittie, Larkhill, 44, 1 December 1835 


To the memory of Wm. and Elizabeth Magee of Rosshilly. 
Erected by their ...  son Capt. Thos. Magee of his Majesty's 
48th Regt. Elizabeth Magee departed this life ... 1789 aged 
... Wm. Magee the ... Dec... 1790... Sacred to the memory of 
Thos. Magee late Captn. in the 48th Regt. of Foot who 
departed this life the 8th of January 1812 aged ... A loving 
and kind husband and tender  ... and much lamented by ...   
and friends.

ECEP 13 February 1812 DIED: On Friday last in this town 
Captain Magee of the 48th Regiment, sincerely and deservedly 
regretted. He has left a wife and numerous family of 
children to regret him.

ECEP 16 April 1812 BIRTH: On Monday Mrs. Magee, widow of the 
late Captain Magee of this town of two sons.

ECEP 9 June 1814 MARRIAGE: In this town on Monday last 
Thomas Alley, Fort Major of the Garrison to the widow of the 
late Capt. Magee of the 48th regiment.

ECEP 28 December 1820 REPORT: of the drowning of two cousins 
from Rossahilly called John Magee from a cot near 

ECEP 17 April 1828 DIED: In this town on Sunday last, Mrs. 
Alley, relict of the late Fort Major Ally ( sic .) 

IR 23 July 1829 REPORT: of the drowning of Lieut. John Magee 
H.P. son of the late Captain Magee 48th regt. at Bundoran. 
Buried at [?Old] Rossorry.

IR 11 July 1833 MARRIAGE: On the 3rd inst. at Castleblayney 
Church by the Rev. Mr. Hackett, Mr. R. Mitchell, Monaghan, 
to Isabella, third daughter of the late Captain Thomas Magee 
of his Majesty's 48th regiment of Foot.

ECEP 28 October 1837 MARRIAGE: In Enniskillen Church, on 
Tuesday last, by the Rev. Richard P. Cleary, Andrew Britton, 
Esq., of Ballyshannon, to Eliza Jane, eldest daughter of the 
late Captain Magee 48th  Regiment.

ECEP 12 October 1848 REPORT: It is our melancholy duty to 
record the death of Richard Murray, youngest son of the late 
Captain Thomas Magee of the 48th Regt. of  foot and brother 
of the Misses Magee of this town. The circumstances 
connected with his premature death is mentioned in a letter 
from St. John's, N.B. by his cousin bearing the date 25th 
September 1848 from which it appears that he had only been a 
few days residing at his uncle's in Washington Row, when a 
few young men proposed to take a ... the river, he was 
invited as one of the party, and melancholy to relate on 
their return home, the boat capsized, when three of the 
party were drowned, and amongst that the subject of this 
memoir. Thus plunging a wife, a young family, and a numerous 
circle of friends in the deepest sorrow. We extract the 
following from the St. John's Weekly Observer 23rd September 

DROWNED: On the 24th instant at the bend of the Long Beach 
by the upsetting of a boat, Mr. John M. Smith, formerly of 
Wiltshire, England. Also at the same time and place Mr. 
Richard Murray, youngest son of the late Capt. Thomas Magee, 
H. M. 48th regt of foot, and formerly of Dublin, Ireland 
aged 31 years. Funeral tomorrow (Wednesday) from his uncle's 
residence, Wellington Row. Also at the same time and place, 
Mr. William Fairbanks, of Somerset, England [etc.]


Thomas Magrath, Bodara, 18, 2 March 1828 


Here lieth the bodies of Mary Anne Hugh Phil. & Cather. 
Children to Const. Maguire.

Jane Maguire, Clona... 1 October 1817 

Charles Maguire, Bodara 25 September 1822

... Maguire of Ashwoods, aged 69, 14 October 1824

Jane Maguire, Bodara, 26, 28 March 1828

William Maguire, Ashwoods, 82, 22 January 1831

William Maguire, Crownhall, 19, 23 January 1831 

Jane Maguire, Bodara, 15, 24 May 1832

James Maguire, Bodara, 26, 12 January 1833

Jane Maguire, Ashwoods, 60, 27 July 1834

Mary Maguire, Clonamullick, 66. February 12 1833/4

Robert Maguire, Crownhall, 46, 21 March 1833/4

Elizabeth Maguire, Ashwoods, 72, 1 June 1835

Mary Maguire, Clonamullick, 66, 12 February 1836

Robert Maguire, Crownhall, 46, 21 March 1836

Thomas Maguire, Bodara, 55, 8, January 1838

Anne Maguire, Reillern, 78, 25 May 1839

Margaret Maguire, Enniskillen, 12 April 1840, 65

John Maguire, Ashwoods, 4 June 1840, 52

William Maguire, Bodara, 23 September 1840


Catherine Malony 12 January 1832


Sm. Marsh, Duederney 14 November 1812 


Mary Marshal 16 June 1801

William Marshal 20 June 1801 


Mary Mathers, Enniskillen, 55, 16 November 1834 


Anne Meally, Oakfield, 80, 6 November 1835 


Robert Metcalf, Clonmullick, 13, 31 January 1833 

Johnston Metcalf, Ashwoods, 21, 13 April 1836


Catherine Miller, Enniskillen, 52, 4 August 1833 

Mary Miller, Enniskillen, 32, 6 April 1839 - found dead on a 
road ..[illegible]


Margaret Mills, Beggar Street, 28 July 1822 


Erected by Mary Bracken in loving memory of her dear father 
mother and sister. Andrew Moffatt died 4th March 1868, Emily 
Moffatt died 22 July 1876 Margaret Moffatt died 25  March 
1881. The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Mary 
Bracken died 13th July 1914 aged 84.


Erected by Andrew Moffit  ....  ?Lieutenant of the ...   
memory of his grandfather who died March the 2 1769 aged 72 
years and also his father John Moffit who died February the 
8th 1815 aged 75 years.

This is a flat stone. The Moffatt stone stands at the foot 
of it. 

Jane Moffit, Cleenish, 10 August 1830

E 11 August 1830 DIED: On Sunday last, Mrs. Moffat, wife of 
Mr. Andrew Moffat, of Linamoile, Florencecourt.


Jane M'Gomery 4 December 1799 

Hugh Montgomery of ...  30 September 1812

ECEP 8 October 1812 DIED: At Tullycreevy, County Fermanagh, 
on Monday 25th September Hugh Montgomery, Esq., aged 78 

Margaret Montgomery, 21 ... 1815

Robert Montgomery, Gransha, 19, 11 July 1827


Michael Mulhollan 5 February 1799

John Milhollins 8 February 1799 


John Mullally of Bodara 3 January 1837 aged 46


Elizabeth Murphy, Windmill Hill, 24 March 1839


Here lies the body of John Nixon who departed this life ... 
March 1767 aged 66 years. 

Difficult to read this stone has a fine crest and lies 
beside the Nixon stone below. 


Here lieth the remains of [Wm?] Nixon of Gornahavel who 
departed this life January 1853 aged 63. Erected by Mary 

[Same family?] IR 28 January 1830 DIED: On Saturday morning 
last, of decline, Mr. John Nixon, of Cornahowell, near 

ECEP 16 August 1832 MARRIAGE: On Wednesday last, in 
Mullaghdun Church, by the Rev. Mr. Aims, Mr. Richard 
Bracken, High Constable of the Barony of Glenawly to Mary, 
second daughter of the late Mr. Hugh Nixon of Cornahowal.

Ann Nixon 13 February 1803 

Elizabeth Nixon 22 March 1812 Gortahawall

John Nixon, Hugh Nixon, Catherine Nixon, all of Mybrone 26 
December 1815

ECEP 28 December 1815 A poor man by the name of Nixon 
residing at Moybrone, his wife and infant child were crushed 
to death by the gable wall of the house falling in on them 
while they were in bed. 

Jane Nixon, Cornahowal, Cleenish 31 March 1817

Elizabeth Nixon, Liscally, Parish of Killesher, 5 April 
1839, 83

Edward Nixon, Cornahowell, 7 December 1839, 55


Anne Noble of Drumskew alias Belfast, 32, 19 April 1833 

ECEP 27 January 1831 MARRIAGE: Yesterday morning by the Rev. 
Ephraim Stevenson, Mr. James Noble of Belfast, merchant, to 
Anne, second daughter of Mr. David Gamble, of Drumskew, near 
this town.

E & IR 25 April 1833 DIED: On the 19th instant at Drumscue, 
in the 32nd year of her age, of decline, after a lingering 
illness, Anne, wife of Mr. James Noble, of Belfast, 
merchant, and daughter of the late David Gamble of Ratona 
near this town.

Thomas Noble, Derryharra, parish of Enniskillen, 70, 31 
October 1839


I H S  Here lieth the body of Bartholomew Noone who died May 
1st 1783 aged 38 years.

This tomb was erected by Jane Noone for her husband 
Bartholomew Noone who departed this life May 1st 1783 aged 
38 years.

There are two inscriptions here. The first is found on an 
upright headstone, the second on a flat stone covering the 


Infra conditur quod mortale est, Rev. Andrae O'Beirne, 
LL.D., Nuperrime Scholae Regiae juxta Enniskillen Rectoris, 
Qui, annum jam XVI agens Portorae, abiit die XXIX Aprilis, 
A.D. MDCCXXXVI Aetate LXV. Humillime sperans ut, Christi 
particeps per Spiritum promissionis sanctum effectus, in Die 
illa Ultima una cum iis quos hic amavit, inter hos 
recensebitur, quibus timentibus Dominum et cogitantibus 
nomen ejus coram Eo scriptus est liber monumenti.

This is the largest tomb in the Cemetery and this 
inscription is mostly legible. This is given in Dundas: 
Enniskillen Parish and Town p 127 and translated as: 

Beneath are buried the mortal remains of the Rev. Andrew 
O'Beirne, LL.D., lately principal of the Royal School near 
Enniskillen - who, when now spending his sixteenth year at 
Portora, died on the 29th April, 1836, aged 65, most humbly 
hoping that being made a partaker of Christ, through the 
Holy Spirit of promise, he shall at the Last Day, together 
with those whom he loved here be enrolled among those for 
whom, as they feared the Lord, and thought upon His name, a 
book of remembrance was written before Him. - Malachi iii, 

Psalm xlix is added in the original Hebrew.

ECEP 22 March 1821 Birth: At Portora, on Thursday last, the 
Lady of the Rev. Dr. O'Beirne of a son. [William]

ECEP 12 May 1825 Birth: At Portora House, a daughter for 
Mrs. and Rev. Dr. O'Beirne, D.D.

(have I paraphrased this one?)

E 8 March 1830 MARRIED: On Wednesday the 12th inst., at 
Rossorry Church, by the Rev. Hugh Hamilton, John Douglas 
Johnston, [recte Johnstone] Esq., Lieutenant in his 
Majesty's 3d regiment, third son of John Douglas Johnston, 
Esq., of Snowhill, to Caroline, eldest daughter of the Rev. 
Dr. O'Beirne, Portora.

E 23 March 1831 BIRTH: On the 15th inst., at the residence 
of her father, the Rev. Andrew O'Beirne DD, Portora, the 
lady of Lieut. J.D. Johnstone, 3rd Regt. of Foot of a 

E 14 March 1833 DIED: This morning in the bloom of life aged 
21 years Mr. Charles O'Beirne, son of the Rev. Dr. O'Beirne, 
of Portora, much esteemed and sincerely regretted by a 
numerous and highly respectable number of friends and 
acquaintances for his inobtrusive and amiable manners.

ECEP 14 March 1833 DIED: This morning at Portora, Charles 
O'Beirne, second son of the Rev. Dr.  O'Beirne. He was a 
promising amiable young man aged about 22 years.

ECEP 21 August 1834 DIED: Report of a yachting accident in 
Strangford Lough in which the Rev. Andrew O'Beirne, curate 
of Ardquin and eldest son of Rev. Dr. O'Beirne, Portora and 
three others were drowned.

ECEP 30 April 1835 MARRIAGE: On the 21st April, at St. 
Peter's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Clement Wolseley, 
William O'Beirne, Esq., eldest son of the Rev. Dr. O'Beirne, 
of Portora, near this town to Mary Anne, daughter of the 
late Doctor Fergusson, and sister of the Earl of Roscommon. 
[ditto in E same date.  He is described as eldest son 
because his two older brothers have died]

ECEP 14 April 1836 DIED: April 5th at his house, [of typhus 
fever E., same date] Upper Rutland Street, Dublin, of a few 
day's illness, William O'Beirne, Esq., solicitor, son of the 
Rev. Dr. O'Beirne, Portora, Enniskillen.

[He was third son of Rev. Andrew O'Beirne and Louisa 
Wolseley born 1821]

ECEP 5 May 1836 DIED: Among the numerous instances of family 
bereavement which it has been our melancholy duty recently 
to record, it is our painful task this week to register one 
of aggravated  affliction in the death of the Rev. Doctor 
Andrew O'Beirne, master of the Enniskillen School ... in the 
65th year of his age   etc. etc.

ECEP 22 November 1838 MARRIED: On the 14th inst. at Annahilt 
Church by the Rev. Charles Falloon, the Rev William Falloon, 
eldest son of the Rev. Marcus Falloon, Rector of Layde, to 
Frances, third daughter of the late Rev. Andrew O'Beirne.

ECEP 19 November 1846 MARRIAGE: November 5, at Everton, near 
Liverpool, Arthur William, second son of the Rev. A.B. 
Forde, of Mayhull, to Ada Emily, youngest daughter of the 
late Rev. A. O'Beirne of Enniskillen, County Fermanagh.

Charles O'Beirne, Portora, 23, 14 March 1833

Andrew O'Beirne, Master of Enniskillen Royal School, 65, 1 
May 1836 


Erected by James O'Flanagan in memory of his father who 
departed this life August ... 1775 aged 41 years. Also the 
body of his sister Issabella who departed this life August 
12 1798 aged 20 years.


Mary O'Hara, Gransha, 25 March 1825 


Margaret Parker, Milltate, Parish of Derryvullen, 80, 21 
November 1837


This tomb was ...   by Peter Parsons in memory of his 
daughter Eleanor Parsons ... departed this life Agust the 
20th 1799 Aged 11 years.

Anne Parsons 22 November 1799

Rebecca Parsons, Larkhill, 73, 21 August 1834


Thomas Pierce 30 May 1803 



John Porteus, Derryscobe, Cleenish 42, 7 October 1834 


Robert Presley, Derryscobe, Cleenish, 32, 17 July 1833 


John Preston, Ashwoods, 5 October 1817 


Sara Price, Garvary, 28, 27 June 1830 


Mary Purcill, Derryscobe, 23 December 1838


Robert Pursley, Derrygiff, Cleenish, 63, 6 April 1834 


(Erected) to the memory of John Rankin of Aughanaugh who 
died the 15 June 1788 in the 43rd year of his age. Also 
Margaret his wife who died 28 September 1785 aged 30 years. 
His grandson John Rankin juniar of Belview who departed this 
life on the 22 of December 1833 [55?]aged 52, and his son 
John Rankin senr. of Belview who departed this life April 
20th 1844 aged 59 years. Also his son John Clarke Rankin who 
died in the city of Dublin the 30th of November 1855 aged 18 

ECEP 25 April 1844 DIED: At his residence, Kilmalanify, Mr. 
John Rankin, at an advanced age, a man much respected 
through life, and deeply regretted by a large concourse of 


Here lies the body of John Rankin of Garndiare who departed 
this life ... of July 1778 aged ... Also Mary Rankin wife to 
John Rankin of Belview who departed this life January ... 
1812 aged 80 years. Also Joseph Rankin son of the above 
mentioned ... who departed this life December 1st 1821 aged 
16 years. Also James Rankin of Belview who departed this 
life 15 March 1816 aged 26 years son to the above mentioned 
John Rankin. [a difficult stone to read, needs to be checked 

Andrew Rankin, Derrybrusk 6 September 1819

George Rankin of Enniskillen, 65, 16 November 1831

E16 November 1831 On yesterday evening a cot laden with 
potatoes coming to this town on board of which were four 
persons, was upset in Portora stream, when we regret to say 
two of the four lost their lives, one a boy of the name of 
Wilson, servant to Mr. Wm. Lucy, was drowned, and the other, 
Mr. George Rankin, of this town, hosier, on the boat being 
upset, clung to a spinning wheel that was on board which 
floated with him to the shore, on which he was found dead, 
having perished from extreme cold. Armstrong swam to the 
shore, and a boy named M'Manus swam for some time and lastly 
got upon the bottom of the cot from which perilous situation 
he was taken in a very exhausted state. 

Mary Rankin, Kilmalanify, parish of Enniskillen, 79, 5 
January 1833.

E 3 January 1833 DIED: This morning at an advanced age, very 
sincerely regretted, Mary, the wife of James Rankin of 
Kilmalanafy, a woman who as a wife, parent and friend 
exercised all the relative duties of life in a manner 
becoming a sincere Christian and insured general esteem. 

ECEP 10 January 1833 DIED:  On Thursday last, at an advanced 
age, Mrs. Rankin, wife of  Mr. James Rankin of Kilmalanophy, 
near this town [etc.]

Joseph Rankin, of Fintona, parish of Devenish, formerly of 
the city of Dublin, 78, 8 December 1836 

ECEP 30 March 1846 DIED: Wednesday 25, Willoughby Place, 
Enniskillen, Mr. James Rankin, of Kilmalanophy at the 
advanced age of 90 years. 


Rosanna Read, Tattygar, 10 September 1820

James Read, Enniskillen, 13, 19 April 1835

Charles Reid, Clonamullick, 60, 4 March 1836


Mary Reilly, Corralinnen, 14 April 1840, 64


Alexander ?Ranic, Enniskillen, 70, 18 March 1827 


Robert Rice, 22, 2 March 1826 


Here lieth the body of Catherine Robinson who departed this 
life ...  ...


Erected by David Robinson in memory of his father James 
Robinson of Mullough who departed this life 7th of January 
1810 aged 67 years.

ECEP 7 February 1810 DIED at Mullaghey at an advanced age 
James Robinson.

Mary Robinson, Cleenish 14 February 1817

Maud Robinson, Mullaghy 9 October 1817

Elizabeth Robinson of Joysbank aged ?40/?80, 24 September 

Rosa Anne Robinson, Coolermore, Parish of Cleenish, 19 
February 1837 aged 30.

.... Robinson, Enniskillen, 16 March 1840, 64

IR 17 March 1840 DIED: On Saturday, Mr. David Robinson, of 


John Roe, 7 January 1821

Mary Catherine Roe, Ratona, 12 January 1821 

James Roe, 37, Drumee, 28 January 1833

Jane Roe, Drumlion, 22, 12 June 1835


I H S Here lyeth ye body of Bryan Rooney who died in ye year 
1727 aged 69 years. Also James Rooney died ye 10th Decembr. 
1744 aged 54. William Rooney erected this stone.


Ann Ross of Bodarra, October 1816

John Ros of Enniskillen, 17 August 1823 

Christopher Ross, 78, Bodara, 17 April 1831

Isabella Ross, Raleigh, Enniskillen, 84, 22 September 1834


John Rowe of Drumee, 14 January 1837 aged 81

Elizabeth Rowe, Drumee, 81, 26 January 1838

Robert Rowe, Enniskillen, 13 May 1839


Samuel Rowley, Corralinnen, 65, 6 May 1836

Joseph Rowley, Corralinnen, 58, 29 June 1837


William Sands, Laragh, 65, 5 March 1838


Here lie the remains of John Scollan who departed this life 
September 24 1817 aged 64 years. 


Baptist Scott, Farmhill, in the parish of Devenish, 57, 11 
May 1836 

E 12 May 1835 DIED: On the 9th inst. At Farmhill (in the 
51st year of his age) by typhus fever, Mr. Baptist Scott, 
very generally regretted by all who knew him, as an upright, 
benevolent and kind-hearted man ... he has left a wife and 
four children to sorrow for his short career in life. His 
remains were attended to the Cemetery of Rossorry ...(ECEP 
15 November 1821 reported his marriage to Miss Gamble, 
daughter of William Gamble of Duross).


Jane Shaw 1 December 1799 

also see SODEN


Sacred to the memory of Ann Sheldon, daughter to Nicholas 
Sheldon, soldier [?5th] fusiliers who departed this life 
21st August 1815 ...


Ann Smyth, Drumee 7 April 1812 


Margaret Soden, Enniskillen, 67, 1 June 1831 

Jane Soden, Enniskillen 24, 6 June 1834

James Soden, Enniskillen, 35, 27 May 1835

E 28 March 1832 MARRIAGE: On Monday last in this town, Mr. 
James Soden, painter, to Miss Jane Shaw, eldest daughter of 
Mr. William Shaw, innkeeper.

E 28 May 1835 DIED: In this town on Tuesday morning, Mr. 
James Soden, aged 38 years.

IR 28 May 1835 DIED: On Monday Mr. James Soden, of this 
town, painter and glazier.


Here lies the body of Jane Stevenson wife of Thomas 
Stevenson of Enniskillen who departed this life August 23rd 
1797 aged 32 years.

This flat stone is cracked.

Eliza Stevenson, Enniskillen, 21, 15 May 1831 


Jane Story 19 September 1802 

Susan Story, Mullaghree, 54, 3 February 1831


Phoebe Strong, Moybrone, Cleenish, 67 13 April 1834 


William Summerville, Enniskillen, 28 June 1840, 65


John Teas, Clonamullick, 75, 11 September 1837


Elizabeth Thomas, Windmill Hill 65, 28 March 1837


Elizabeth Trotter, Russian, Parish of Cleenish, 50, 12 
December 1837


Erected by Mary Wallace in memory of her husband Hugh 
Wallace who died December 1842 aged 60 years. Also six of 
their children.

Anne Wallace,  47, Boho 1 April 1828

Hugh Wallace, 16, of Enniskillen, 8 April 1833

Catherine Wallace of Enniskillen, 26, 13 June 1837 

IR 15 June 1837 DIED: On Monday last of decline, in the 27th 
year of her age, Catherine, daughter of Mr. Hugh Wallace, of 
this town.

ECEP 14 December 1837 MARRIAGE: In Enniskillen Church, 
yesterday morning by the Rev. Richard P. Cleary, Mr. John 
Bowes to Rebecca, daughter of Mr. Hugh Wallace, of this 

E 21 February 1833 MARRIAGE: On Tuesday morning in the 
church of this town, by the Revd. R.P. Cleary, Mr. Rowland 
Betty to Maria, second daughter of Mr. Hugh Wallace,

[Possibly] ECEP 2 December 1841 DIED: On Friday last in this 
town, Mr. Hugh Wallis, aged 60 years. He was a sincere and 
truely upright man, and one whose mind was long and 
seriously impressed with religious feelings.


Anne Walsh, widow, 66, 11 September 1832


... Warnock, Croaghrim 11 May 1817 


Thomas Weir, Drumaweel 17 August 1817 


Elizabeth White, Enniskillen, 53, 14 January 1840


Margaret Whitton, Brook Street, Windmillhill, 90 


George Wildgoose, Windmill Hill, 2 September 1836 aged 80. 

Cidney Wildgoose, Henry Street, Windmill Hill, 2 December 
1840 aged 70


Robert Williamson, County Infirmary, 45, 25 June 1840


Andrew Wilson 27 October 1799 

Charles Wilson, Mullacree, 48, 1 October 1831

Mary Wilson, Glencunny, 80, 11 February 1833



James Young, Lankhill, 60, 8 November 1836. 

Richard Young, Lankhill, 58, 14 January 1837

I have some other notices for Armstrong of Drumcose and 
Rankin of Kilmalanify which may prove to be useful when 
these families are further investigated.