Misc: Meeting on New Gaslight Bill. (St. Mary's), 1817

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File contributed by:  Mary Heaphy


To Samuel W. Tyndall and Alexander Montgomery, Esqrs, Church 
Wardens of St. Mary's Parish Dublin City.

We, the undersigned Parishioners, do request you will call a 
meeting of the Parish on as early a day as possible, in 
order to take into consideration the NEW GASLIGHT BILL, now 
pending in Parliament.

Slater and M'Clain or M'Glain.

Christmas B. Peter,

Brian M'Auley,

Francis Hawxford,

James Crosbie,

Charles Thorp, Jnr.

William Butler.

Issac Morgane,


Howe and Craig.

J. Runhorn, Jnr.

Richard Kelly,

William Shaw,

Thomas Sherlock,

Adam Boyd,

Thomas Stroker,

P. M'Bride.

Joseph Pasley.

John Holland,

J. Barlow.

Richard Wilkinson.

John Harford.

Geo. Meara.

James Charles.

Eugene Kelly.

Geo. Ledwith.

James Jesson.

Peter Byrne,

J. Chambers.

James Tuke.

John Hobart.

Thomas Davock.

Hugh Fitzpatrick.

John Browne,

Peter Greham,

Richard Cahill.

Richard Wright.

Wm. M'Daniel.

Joseph Gibson.

James Smith.

Thomas Mooney.

William Swift.

Henry Conle,

James A. Fyan.

Samuel M'Mahon,

John Chartes.

R. Knight,

Edward Gorman,

William White.

Henry Bunn.

William Devereux.

James Leedom.

Wm. P. Cutbert.

Edward Armstrong.

John Pemberton.

Pursuant to the above, we request a Meeting of the 
Parishioners at the Vestry Room, on Tuesday the 15th, at 2 

Samuel W. Tyndall]

Alex Montgomery ] Church Wardens.

Freeman Newspaper April 10th 1817