Misc: Examination Results, The Erasmian December 1918

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The High School Exhibition (25 a year for four years with 
privileges as to rooms in Trinity College) was won last term 
by E. W. Scales

A. R. Ellis won a Junior Exhibition, and was also awarded by 
the Governors an Erasmus Smith Exhibition.   He obtained 
First Entrance Prize for Latin Prose Composition.

H. J. L. Armstrong was awarded by the Governors an Erasmus 
Smith Exhibition.

G. K. Carpenter (Scholar) (1908-1914) has obtained First 
Senior Moderatorship and Gold Medal in Experimental Science.


Form VI
English, C. T. A. Harper;  Latin, P. Coleman;  Greek, P. 
Coleman;  French, R. E. McGuire; Mathematics, P. Coleman;  
Experimental Science, P. Coleman, C. T. A. Harper;  History 
and Geography, P. Coleman;  Drawing, H. E. Child.

Form V
English, W. C. G. Proctor;  Latin, W. C. G. Proctor;  Greek, 
W. C. G. Proctor;  French, W. C. G. Proctor;  German, A. G. 
Cowan;  Mathematics, W. C. G. Proctor;  Experimental 
Science, W. C. G. Proctor;  Drawing, D. C. Russell;  History 
and Geography, C. E. G. Digges.

Form IV (Upper)
English, R. H. Colwill;  Latin, G. I. Rush;  Greek, H. 
Montgomery;  French, G. I. Rush; German, M. Cowan;  
Mathematics, G. I. Rush;  Experimental Science, E. J. 
Montgomery; Drawing, W. R. M. Hewitt;  History and 
Geography, T. G. Squires.

Form IV (Lower)
English, E. N. Bardon;  Latin, G. E. Taylor;  French, M. 
Cowan,  R. G. Cunningham; Mathematics, W. K. Gibson;  
Experimental Science, J. H. Hanan;  History and Geography, 
E. N. Bardon.

English, D. B. W. Good;  Latin, B. T. Warren;  Greek, B. T. 
Warren;  French, D. B. W. Good, G. S. Sloan;  Mathematics, 
P. F. Rowe;  Experimental Science, G. S. Sloan;  Drawing, H. 
V. T. Henchy;  History and Geography, D. B. W. Good, H. C. 
Thompson;  Commercial Subjects, G. W. Buchanan.

English, W. E. Lewis;  Latin, L. Golding;  French, G. E. 
Abbott;  Mathematics, T. A. Costello;  Manual Instruction, 
W. H. Jolley;  Drawing, J. W. Duggan;  History and 
Geography, T. A. Costello.

English, M. F. E. Dobbin;  Latin, W. S. Glover;  French, D. 
F. G. Eyles;   Mathematics, D. F. G. Eyles;  Writing and 
Drawing, M. F. E. Dobbin;  History and Geography, W. S. 
Glover, A. L. Riley.

Form II
Scripture, M. E. Bardon;  English, G. B. Thrift;  Latin, H. 
W. Dalton;  French, H. W. Dalton;  Mathematics, L. B. 
Harris;  Writing and Drawing, A. C. Rylands;  History and 
Geography, M. E. Bardon.

Form IA
Scripture, C. G. Monson;  English, E. S. W. Forsythe;  
French, E. R. Batt;  Arithmetic, P. R. J. Toplis;  Writing 
and Drawing, D. G. M'Caully, J. H. Morton;  History and 
Geography, P. R. J. Toplis.

Form IB
Scripture, H. Burchill;  English, H. Burchill;  French, H. 
Burchill;  Arithmetic, H. Burchill;  Writing and Drawing, H. 
Burchill;   History and Geography, W. S. A. Heard.