Misc: Notes On Old Boys, The Erasmian December 1918

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The Magazine Of The High School, Dublin

The following Old Boys have lately obtained war 

Bernard D'Olier Darley (1890-98) Executive Engineer, Tarai, 
United Provinces, India, has been awarded the C.I.E. 
(Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire).

Charles F. Draper (1891-95), Territorial Captain, Acting 
Major Royal Engineers, has been awarded the O.B.E. (Officer 
of the Order of the British Empire), Military Division, for 
services in Egypt.

Lt.-Col. R. G. D. Small (1902-05), Royal Air Force, has 
again been specially mentioned for services in connection 
with the Air Force in France.

L. M. Bayly (1895-1902), Captain, Royal Irish Rifles,
G. H. McElnay (1910-12), Lieut., Royal Dublin Fusiliers
G. H. Noblett (1912-1913), Captain, Royal Dublin Fusiliers,
Have all won the Military Cross.

D. M. Killingley (1914-17), left in December for Wellington 
in India, having obtained a Commission in the Indian Army.

A. S. Larkin (1902-13), Captain, A.S.C., has been successful 
in his application for a Commission in the Indian Army.

G. E. Larkin (1905-15), Lieut., Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 
expects to get a Commission in the Regular Army.

E. W. Scales (1912-15), after winning the High School 
Exhibition, joined the North Irish Horse.

John Bell (1909-15), Lt., R.D.F.
T. E. Flewett (1911-16) Lt., R.F.A.
H. T. Bird (1909-16), Lt., R.F.A.
Have all been wounded.

H. R. Ardill (1896-1904), Lt., R.F.A.
R. J. Charters (1910-15), Lt., R.I.R.
F. S. Marchant (1911-15), Lt., R. Inniskillings
D. G. Lawson (1908-12), S. I. Horse
R. N. Montgomery (1893-99), R.A.M.C.,
Have all returned home safe from Germany

Prof. H. H. Jeffcott (1892-95), of the Royal College of 
Science, has been appointed Hon. Sec. to the Scientific 
Committee of Reconstruction for Ireland.

W. R. M'Caw (1890-99) has been appointed a member of the 
Dublin Stock Exchange.

Sir A. Callaghan (1876-79) stood as Liberal candidate for 
the Eastbourne Division of Sussex at the recent General 
Election, but was not successful.

There was some mention of Mr. S. W. Maddock, D.L. 
(1879-1885) standing for the St. Patrick's Division of 
Dublin in the Unionist interest, but it did not mature.

T. V. Harris (1912-17) obtained his Rugby colours at 
Sandhurst last term, playing centre threequarter against 

(Transcriber's note:  The years in brackets would appear to 
be the years that each person attended The High School,