Will:  Walshe, William October 15, 1823

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: October 15, 1823
Recorded: May 12, 2018

Extracted from her Majesty's Court of Prerogative in Ireland
I William Walshe of Rutland Square in the County of Dublin 
Barrister at Law Do make this my last Will and Testament in 
manner following I give devise and bequeath all such 
freehold Estate Property and Effects of what nature or kind 
soever whereof I shall die seized or possessed or to which I 
may be in any way entitled to my dear wife Anna Walshe 
otherwise Shannon her heirs executors and administrators to 
her and their use and behoof absolutely in the fullest 
confidence that she will use and dispose of the same as to 
her Judgment shall appear best for the common benefit of 
herself and our Children as the means I thus commit to her 
management are very slender I cannot offer any advice as to 
the application of them I know her virtue her goodness of 
heart and her unbounded affection for our Children I merely 
recommend that in her general management she consult with 
those friends who took an interest in my welfare whilst 
living and who I trust will not feel indifferent to the 
concerns of my family when I am dead Dated this 15th day of 
October 1823 William Walshe
(Attestation Clause)
William Harty _ Christopher L Abbott _ John Galloway
7 June 1826 Administration with Will annexed to Anna Walshe 
otherwise Shannon the Relict
PCC Prob11/1714

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