Will:  Rooney, Luke March 26, 1810

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: March 26, 1810
Recorded: March 28, 2018

In the Name of God Amen I Luke Roony of Prussia Street in 
the County of the City of Dublin and second Son living of 
the late Elizabeth Roony otherwise Barrett weak in body but 
of sound mind memory and understanding Do make this as my 
last Will and testament And first I beg of my Great God 
thro' the merits of my blessed Redeemer Christ Jesus to 
forgive me my Sins and to receive my Soul into Eternal 
happiness And Whereas Michael Barrett late of Westminster in 
the City of London Gentleman deceased and who was my 
Maternal Uncle duly made and published his last Will and 
Testament in Writing bearing date about the year One 
thousand Eight hundred and five and appointed George Ellis 
of the said City of London Esquire and (Blank) Executors 
thereof and did thereby leave devise and bequeath among 
other legacies the sum of One hundred pounds to me as the 
nephew and one of his next of kin to be paid as soon as said 
Executors would settle said Testator's affairs and five 
hundred pounds other part of said Legacy to be paid to me on 
or before the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred 
and twenty one And Whereas the said Exors of the said 
Michael Barrett deceased have promised and agreed that as 
soon as the Affairs of the said testator should be properly 
arranged and settled that they would pay off and discharge 
said legacies in manner and form as by said Will is directed 
Now My Will is that as soon as the said Exors of my said 
deceased Uncle Michael Barrett shall settle and pay off to 
the several legatees thereunto justly and fairly entitled 
the one hundred pounds before mentioned to be paid to me 
immediately or my Executors hereinafter named after my 
decease and supposing the Lord shall please to call on me 
before I receive either the said Sum of One hundred pounds 
or five hundred pounds that then my Executors that then my 
said Executors shall pay over and dispose of the said Sum of 
five hundred pounds in manner and form following that is to 
say I give and bequeath unto my Cousin Patrick Roony of No 2 
Clare Lane in the City or the County of the City of Dublin 
the said Sum of five hundred pounds as soon as the said 
Executors of my said Uncle shall pay over the same his the 
said Patrick Roony's receipt to be in full discharge to said 
Executors for the same In trust that he the said Patrick 
Roony shall pay over said Sum of five hundred pounds to his 
children lawfully begotten or to be begotten as soon as he 
shall think most convenient and advantageous for them in 
such shares and proportions as he may think fit but my Will 
is if the said Patrick shall die before said legacy is 
distributed in manner aforesaid or before his said children 
shall attain their respective ages of twenty one years or 
days of marriage which ever shall first happen that previous 
thereto said Patrick shall appoint two Executors and vest 
the said five hundred pounds in them In trust for his said 
children as he shall by his Will in writing direct and 
appoint And as to the said Sum of One hundred pounds which I 
expect to receive immediately the same being intended by me 
for some private use of my own I defer making any bequest of 
it as yet And Lastly I appoint the said Patrick Roony and 
Patrick Moran Executors of this my last Will and testament 
hereby revoking all former Wills or bequests by me 
heretofore made In Witness whereof I have hereunto signed my 
named and affixed my seal this 26th day of March 1810 Luke 
(Attestation Clause)
Silvester Begg (seal) Mathew Synam (seal)
(Codicil directing sum of £100 to be handed to Wife 
Catherine Rooney) Proved at London 4 May 1829 to Patrick 
Rooney power reserved to other Executor
PCC Prob11/1756