Will:  Rooney, Michael November 13, 1809

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: November 13, 1809
Recorded: March 27, 2018

In the Name of God Amen I Michael Rooney of the City of 
Dublin Hosier do make this my last Will and Testament never 
having before executed any Will whatsoever Whereas I am 
entitled to a certain sum of money not yet ascertained under 
the Will of Catherine Archbold now my Will is that when the 
same shall be ascertained that the part of the said fund to 
what I shall appear to be intitled shall be handed to my 
wife to enable her to support herself and her Infant child 
and Whereas I am intitled to One hundred pounds British 
Currency under the Will of Michl Barrett of Duke Street 
Westminster London Esqr my will is that when the said sum of 
One hundred pounds should be payable to me if living shall 
be also handed over to my said Wife for the above purpose 
And Whereas I am further intitled under the Will of the said 
Michl Barrett to the sum of five hundred Pounds British 
which I am led to believe will not be payable until the year 
1821 now my Will is that the said sum the interest thereof 
when the same shall become payable shall be handed over to 
my Wife during my son Michael's minority for his maintenance 
and education and upon his arrival at full age the principal 
sum shall be handed over to him by him to be disposed of as 
his own Prudence shall direct but in case my said son shall 
die a minor unmarried and without Issue I leave One hundred 
pounds of the said five hundred pounds unto Michael Rooney 
the son of my nephew Patrick Rooney to Jane Rooney the Sr of 
said Michael Rooney fifty pounds To my niece Sarah Wheeler 
one hundred Pounds British To my nephew and nieces Michael 
James and Alice Wheeler the sum of fifty pounds each And the 
remaining hundred pounds of the said fund I leave equally 
between William and Jane children of my nephew Fitzwilliam 
Rooney And my will is if that any of the children above 
named of my Sister Alice Wheeler shall die under age 
unmarried and without Issue that the sum bequeathed to the 
child so dying shall go to the surviving children of the 
said Alice above particularly named And I order and direct 
the above named children of my nephews Patrick and 
Fitzwilliam Roony shall have the same benefit of 
survivorship herein mentioned as the children of sd Alice 
Wheeler I order my just debts and funeral expences to be 
paid And as to all the rest of my property which I am now or 
may become intitled to I bequeath the same to my sd son 
Michael And in case he should die a minor unmarried and 
without Issue I leave the same to my nieces and nephews 
hereinbefore made And I hereby nominate and appoint Joseph 
Milliken of Parliament Street Patrick Roony of Clan Lane and 
my Wife Isabella Executors of this my Will In Witness 
whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal this thirteenth 
day of November One thousand eight hundred and nine Michael 
(Attestation Clause)
John Miller _ John McCormick _ James Wheeler
Proved at London 11 February 1825 to Joseph Milliken Power 
reserved to Patrick Rooney the nephew and Isabella Rooney 
PCC Prob11/1695