Will:  Pelletreau, Maryanne September 20, 1768

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File contributed by: Rosalind Dunning 
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Source: National Archives Kew
Written: September 20, 1768
Recorded: March 7, 2021

In the Name of God Amen I Mary Ann Pelletreau of the City of 
Dublin Widow willing to be prepared for death do make and 
declare this my last Will with regard to my worldly 
Substance as follows I name constitute and appoint my dear 
Son and only Child James Pelletreau my sole and universal 
Heir and sole Executor desiring he will give within a year 
after my decease ten Pounds Sterling to the French Church of 
St Patrick Dublin and if my Grandson Charles Pelletrau 
behaves to his fathers satisfaction I desire his father my 
dear Son to bequeath him five hundred pounds Sterling as a 
token of my Love M Pelletreau signed sealed and published 
this 20th of 9ber 1758 in the presence of us and of each 
other Alex: Lamilliere _ Charles Legrange
Proved at London 3 January 1760 by the oath of James 
Pelletreau Clerk
PCC Prob11/852