Will:  Mullen, William November 28, 1741

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File contributed by: Rosalind Dunning 
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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: November 28, 1741
Recorded: February 24, 2019

In the Name of God Amen I William Mullen Marriner now 
belonging to his Majesty's Ship Oxford now at sea being in 
Bodily health and of  Sound and Disposeing mind and Memory 
and considering the Perils and dangers of the Seas and other 
uncertainties of this Transitory life do for avoiding 
controversies after my Decease make Publish and declare this 
my last Will and Testament in manner following first first I 
recommend my Soul to God that gave it and my Body I commit 
to the Earth or Sea as it shall please God to order and as 
for and concerning all my Worldly Estate I Give bequeath and 
dispose thereof as followeth that is to say All and Singular 
Such Sallaries wages Goods Wares Merchandizes freights 
Profits Rents Arrears of Rents Debts Dues Duties Claims and 
Denlands whatsoever or wheresoever and all other Sum and 
Sums of Money Lands Tenements Goods Chattels and Estates 
Whatsoever as Shall any ways be Due or belonging unto me I 
Do Give Devise and bequeath the Same unto my beloved Mother 
Elinor Tarlton of the Parish of Saint Andrews or unto Sarah 
Mullen of the same Parish In Dublin I Do hereby Nominate and 
Appoint Patrick Nowland to be my Executor of this my last 
Will and Testament and deeds of Gifts here by revoking all 
found by me at any time heretofore and I Do order and ratify 
these presents to Stand as and for my only last Will and 
Testament Allowing my only Executor Patrick Nowland five 
Pounds Sterling for Witness whereof to this my last Will I 
have Set my hand and Seal this Twenty Eighth day of November 
Anno Dom 1741 and in the fifteenth Year of the Reign of his 
Majesty King George the Second Over Great Britain William 
Mullen and in the Presence of Patrick Nowland John Warren 
his Mark Daniel Kelly Arthur Shea 
31 January 1744 Administration with Will annexed to Euphen 
Hunter Widow Lawful Attorney of Patrick Nowland
PCC Prob11/737